16 Akita Mixes

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

*. The Akita is an fiercely loyal breed who became quite popular due to the amazing story of Hachiko, the most famous Akita in the world. He waited every day for his owner’s train for nine years after his owner died unexpectedly. The Akita’s popularity has grown with this story of loyalty and their adorable expressions.

While the breed of designer dogs is growing, the Akita is a popular choice for mixing with other breeds. Designer dogs are the children of two purebred parents. In today’s article, we are going to look at 20 different designer breeds that have been produced from mixing an Akita with another breed.

You will need to be careful about the Akita parent to make sure they aren’t overly protective of your pups. The Akita can be paired as a designer dog if mixed correctly.

Akita Mixes

The Akita Mix

The Akita is not a dog breed that’s suitable for all .. This particular parent breed pup is very loyal and protective of its family. They are naturally guard dogs and were specifically bred for that purpose.

Their appearance and loyalty are two reasons people crossbreed them with other breeds. Over the years they have been a popular breed and there are many popular Akita mixes. Below, we will discuss our top picks.


Breeds: Akita and Australian Shepherd

The unique Aussiekita isn’t a mix that suits everyone. This breed is best if it is combined with the Akita and tireless Australian Shepherd. The Aussiekita is a loyal and committed member of your family if you provide the right environment, training, exercise, and stimulation. The Aussiekita can become destructive, disobedient and aggressive if you fail to meet your obligations.

The Aussiekita thrives in an environment that allows them to stretch their legs and explore the surroundings. They are more at home in a rural setting with a large yard. You should certainly never keep an Aussiekita in an apartment or tiny home setting. You should be an active family who enjoys long bouts of exercise and is willing to take your Aussiekita on outdoor adventures.


Breeds: Akita and Siberian Husky

These two breeds are often compared , so why mix them? A Huskita, a faithful and active dog, is an excellent choice for families who have the space and heart for this large breed. This mix between a Siberian Husky and an Akita generally weighs between 50 to 75 pounds. They are known for their independence and can display detached or distant personalities. This makes them a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want a dog that is too affectionate. Don’t let their independence discourage you. The Huskita is devoted to their family, even though they may not show it constantly.

*Huskys are natural hunters and Akitas are protective by nature. Inexperienced Huskita owners are not recommended. Huskitas require a strong leader to provide consistent and firm training. Huskitas who are well-adjusted will be playful and energetic. Huskitas aren’t considered aggressive, but they can be great watchdogs. They should be socialized so that they can tell the difference between friendly visitors and potential intruders.

Akita Chow

Breeds: Akita and Chow Chow

The Akita Chow, a mixed breed, is a dog whose parents are from Asia. The Chow Chow from China and the Akita from Japan were both bred to serve their owners as fiercely loyal protectors. The Akita Chow is their offspring. This breed will likely have a similar temperament. We can expect a large dog as a result of this mix, they generally weigh anywhere from 88 to 145 pounds! Akita Chow owners should be prepared for a large breed and have enough space to house a puppy of this size.

The Akita Chow is a high-maintenance breed. Their thick coat requires regular grooming. They can also be stubborn and need to be trained early on. We recommend socializing and training this loyal and beautiful breed as soon as possible in order to raise a happy, well-behaved puppy.


Breeds: Akita and Poodle

The poodle is a popular breed to mix with other breeds due to its non-shedding coat. In an effort to make a dog more allergy-friendly, breeders often cross a particular breed with a Poodle. Although the Akipoo is not considered allergy-free, they are likely to shed less than their Akita mix counterparts. They are a highly intelligent and active breed that can weigh between 45 and 120 pounds!

*The Akipoo is a mix of friendly and stubborn. Although they are a wonderful companion for children due to their friendly nature, the Akipoo is also a loyal pet who needs consistent training and clear boundaries. The Akipoo needs to be stimulated and exercised, as well as being surrounded by their loved ones. The Akipoo is not able to be left alone for too long.

Akita Newfoundland

Breeds: Akita and Newfoundland

The large Akita Newfoundland can weigh up to an impressive 145 pounds! The gentle giant is very friendly and likely inherited this trait from their Newfoundland parent. If the Akita side of this mix is dominant, it can lead to a more independent and dominant temperament. We do not recommend this breed for inexperienced owners.

While most Akita Newfoundland puppies get along well with other pets in the home, some can be aggressive towards dogs of the exact same sex. When introducing an Akita Newfoundland puppy to a household with other pets, it is important to do so slowly and carefully. A well-adjusted Akita Newfoundland will love and be loyal, with a huge heart that matches their enormous stature.


Breeds: Akita and Dalmatian

The Dalmakita can be described as a mix of an Akita, and a Dalmatian. This striking breed can have the distinctive black spot markings of a Dalmatian, making it quite unique. Many people will stop you and ask, “What breed of dog are you?” !” They are a large-to-giant breed which can weigh between 50 to 100 pounds. You should expect lots of hair from them all year. This breed will be loyal to their owners, and they should be socialized early to avoid aggression towards strangers.

Distrust in strangers is a trait that both parents share. It is important to take steps to stop this behavior with this breed. Congenital Deafness is a condition that can affect Dalmakitas. This is usually inherited from their Dalmatian parents. You should ensure that you have checked your dog’s medical records before you adopt or buy a Dalmakita. You can also adopt a Dalmakita who is deaf from a shelter. These wonderful pets need loving homes, even though special needs dogs may have some challenges.

Golden Akita

Breeds: Akita and Golden Retriever

The lovable, outgoing Golden Retriever adds so much warmth and love to any mix of breeds. The Golden Akita is a perfect example. This hybrid is one of many Golden Retriever mixes, and receives the Golden Retriever’s relaxed and affectionate nature, which can help offset some of the Akita’s more serious and intense disposition. This result is a delightfully friendly pup that still displays the fierce loyalty and affection for which the Akita is well-loved. This breed is more attractive than the average Golden Retriever and will favor Akitas in appearances.

This large-to-giant dog usually weighs between 65 to 120 pounds. They also shed quite a bit! The Golden Akita is adorable, and they are! While the Golden Akita sounds adorable, it is also very shedgy. Any potential adopter must consider this when deciding whether they are a good match. The Golden Akita is a mix of both their parent breeds, which makes them a unique combination. The combination will likely give you the best of both, making them a great family pet.


Breeds: Akita and Lab

The Labrakita is a charming mix between a loveable Labrador and an Akita. Be aware of pet hair allergies and aversions. The mix has a thick double-coated coat, a trait shared by both parents breeds. It sheds all year and then increases in shedding season. Before you adopt this hybrid, it is worth investing in a good pet-hair vacuum. The Labrakita is a combination of two working breeds that have produced a lively and agile breed. The Labrakita is a great family dog but they are not recommended to be used by families with young children because of their size and energy.

*This pup is not recommended for households with cats or small animals. You should not allow them to run off-leash as they may become agitated and chase you down for hours. For active Labrakitas, exercise is essential. They are more comfortable in a yard with a fence. The Labrakita breed is more than just physically demanding. They are intelligent and love to be challenged. A healthy diet that includes both mental and physical activity is essential for a happy and healthy Labrakita.

Akita Pit

Breeds: Akita and American Pit Bull Terrier

Meet the loyal and protective Akita Pit! The offspring of an Akita and an American Pit Bull Terrier, this mix can make an excellent watch and guard dog due to the deeply ingrained protective instincts of both parent breeds. This medium-to-large pup generally weighs in between 30 to 70 pounds with a coat that tends to resemble that of a Pit Bull. Although both the Pit Bull and Akita have a reputation for being aggressive, properly socialized Akita Pits will be gentle with other animals and people, especially children. However, this socialization period is exceptionally important to have this outcome and should not be taken lightly or ignored.

This is an easy-to-train breed that is obedient. This is true, but we don’t recommend this mix for first-time pet owners. Akita Pits are a dominant breed. Without a strong leader to set up a respectable hierarchy, it can be difficult for owners to manage them. An Akita Pit can be a happy family dog if it is trained well and given consistent, firm, and kind training.


Breeds: Akita and Bernese Mountain Dog

This mix of an Akita and Bernese Mountain dogs, also known as an Akitabern is a sweet, friendly, giant dog breed. Despite their large stature (this pup usually weighs between 70 to 130 pounds) they do very well with children due to their patience and gentle nature. The Akitabern sheds a lot, just like other Akita mix dogs.

Due their thick coats, this breed is able to adjust well to colder climates. They also love playing in the snow! The American Kennel Club has placed both of the Akitaberns’ parents in the working canine group. Their mix will be driven to do their jobs and work hard. They thrive when they are given a task to complete. At the very least, they should be required to exercise regularly and for long periods of durations.


Breeds: Akita and Corgi Mix

The adorable Corgita is a cross between an Akita (or Corgi) and Corgi. This playful and energetic Corgi mix makes a wonderful family dog who gets along well with children and animals alike. This is one of our most affectionate dogs. They love to spend time with their loved ones and don’t like being left alone.

The Corgita is a powerful predator and should not be left alone. This Akita mix is easy to train, and could be a good choice for novice owners.


Breeds: Akita and American Bulldog

The Bullkita is an Akita-American Bulldog hybrid. This impressive canine is quite large, averaging between 70 to 90 pounds and usually resembling a short-haired Akita. This pup can inherit the best traits of their parents: affectionate and faithful like a Bulldog, and affectionate as an Akita.

The Bullkita is eager for their owner to be happy, which makes them much easier to train than other options. They need moderate exercise and a regular routine. They can be sensitive to changes in their routine and may act out aggressively due the anxiety they experience. Bullkitas thrive in families that have a consistent schedule and can provide stability for their loving family.


Akita Bernard: Akita and Saint Bernard

The Akita Bernard is the last giant Akita mix on our list. A cross between an Akita and Saint Bernard. This well-built mix usually weighs over 100 pounds. An experienced, spacious owner who is familiar with working with similar breeds will be the best for the Akita Bernard.

*The Akita Bernard is a breed known for its intelligence, courage, and unwavering devotion. They are a capable guard dog and form close bonds with their owners. They thrive when they are surrounded by their pack, and will not be left alone for too long. The Akita Bernard is a great choice if you live in colder climates, have an active lifestyle, and have the space and time to care for this loving and gentle breed.

Akita Mastiff

Breeds: Akita and Mastiff

The Akita Mastiff Mix is a powerful canine. It can be a loyal companion for owners who have experience with dominant breeds. The Akita Mastiff can weigh up to 160 pounds! We do not recommend this mix for novice owners due to their size and strength. We actually don’t recommend most mastiff mixes to newer dog owners due to their size and stubborn streak.

This hybrid, like others, has a high prey drive, but they are generally good around other animals if socialized properly and trained from a young age. It is best to keep an Akita Mastiff with small children, because of its size.

Akita Collie

Breeds: Akita and Border Collie

The Border Collie’s gentle and friendly disposition is a great compliment to the Akita’s reserved and aggressive nature. They tend to be more friendly than purebred Akitas. The Aussiekita will probably be the mix. Both parents love to work so an Akita Collie will be an active dog that requires a lot of exercise.

The intelligence of the Border Collie is a hallmark of Akita Collie, so they are likely to be equally bright. To keep them happy and healthy, they will need to be challenged mentally every day through training exercises and interactive games. This breed can be destructive if they are left untrained and over-stimulated. This breed is large and should be exercised regularly with a responsible owner to avoid this behavior.


Breeds: Akita and Shar Pei

The Sharpita is a mix of an Akita, Shar-Pei and a Sharpita. They are likely to inherit the distinct skin wrinkles from their Shar-Pei parents. Sharpitas are a large breed and can be aggressive and headstrong. Sharpitas should not be considered by people who are familiar with dominant breeds and can provide the discipline and structure that this breed needs to thrive.

While the Sharpita can be a loyal companion and a true friend, they can also display many challenges, including defiant personalities, high exercise requirements, territorial behavior, and demanding exercise. Before you buy this mix, please consider all of these issues and work with your Sharpita on overcoming them.


Breeds: Akita and Samoyed

The Samkita is a cross between an Akita Samoyed and an Akita Samoyed. This pup is certain to have a thick double coat and lots of fur! The fur may lean towards the Samoyed’s fluffy white fur or may blend with the colors of the Akita (which includes dark, tan and even a brindle shade) when mixed. This makes the Samkita attractive and fluffy, but it can also make them more susceptible to heat and overheating. To keep their beautiful coats from becoming matted, they will need to be groomed and combed frequently. The Samkita is therefore not considered a low-maintenance dog breed.

The Samoyed is known for its cheerful disposition. This can offset the Akita’s reserved nature. Samoyeds can also be dependent and needy. A mix of them with Akitas can result in a bolder, more confident pup. This mix really gives you the best of both worlds!

Final Thoughts

These mixes are a great mix of the Akita and Akita. The Akita is a powerful, protective, and perceptive dog. They aren’t the right fit for everyone because of their stubborn nature and size. *Some hybrids will have the same traits as their parents, but others may be mixed with breeds that can help to lessen these difficult traits. The mixes on this list could be an excellent alternative to adopting an Akita and help you find the right pet.

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