American Bulldog vs. American Pitbull Terrier: Breed Comparison

American Bulldogs and Pitbull Terriers are two distinct breeds. The American Bulldog is often bigger, weighing up to 130 lbs and standing up to 27 inches tall. Pitbull Terriers, on the other hand, typically weigh between 30 to 85 lbs and stand 18 to 21 inches tall.

While both breeds can be gentle and devoted pets, American Bulldogs are usually more reserved and protective, often used as working dogs or guard dogs. Pitbull Terriers, in contrast, are recognized for their energy level, tenacity, and agility, and they may require more exercise and mental stimulation.

Regarding health, both breeds are prone to certain genetic conditions. The American Bulldog may experience hip dysplasia, certain skin disorders, and problems with their eyes. The Pitbull Terrier might have hip dysplasia, heart conditions, and hereditary cataracts.

Ultimately, the best breed between American Bulldogs and Pitbull Terriers depends on the potential owner’s lifestyle, environment, and personal preference. It is advisable to meet a potential pet, understand their unique temperament, and consult with breed-specific rescue agencies or reputable breeders.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Are you considering comparing between the American Bulldog vs. Pitbull to find your next dog companion? If you’re not familiar with these breeds, the dogs can appear similar to one and the similar. They’re in reality very different and have different stories size, personalities, and sizes. What is the difference between these two breeds?

There are many misconceptions regarding the word “Pitbull.” Many people employ the term loosely to mean the breeds that were employed for dogfighting in rings. “Pitbull” is a term used to describe “Pitbull” may be used to refer to American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and american Pitbull Terriers, or any dog that has a slight resemblance to the breeds mentioned above.

Let’s discuss our discussion of American Bulldog vs Pitbull and the similarities and distinctions. This article will use the term Pitbull to refer to Pitbull, also known as the American Pitbull Terrier (APBT), and we will be discussing Pitbull as the American Bulldog. It is not to confuse with the “American Bully” which is an entirely distinct breed of dog.

American Bulldog vs. American Pitbull Terrier

Breed History

It is believed that the American Bulldog and the APBT are both created by America by dogs used to bait bulls in England prior to its ban in 1835. This is where their similarities in background end, so let’s examine the two.

American Bulldog

The working-class migrants brought Old English Bulldog to America and further developed the breed to be used on farms. The dogs were employed to help with farm chores all over the world however they were particularly adept at managing cattle and hunting wild pigs that were invasive to the area. They were also adept at hunting wild pigs. Popularity of the American Bulldog began to decrease during the first half in the second decade of 20th century, and almost went extinct at the close in World War II.

Fortunately, a few breeders have saved the breed and developed them to be pets for families instead of farm dogs. They are now less devoted to work and more used to the joys of the family. They are also more relaxed. American Kennel Club (AKC) admitted them to the Foundation Stock Service program in 2019 to let him grow as an breed.

American Pitbull Terrier

The APBT was imported in England to be utilized for dogfighting rings, or for rats that took place in pits. Ratting was a gambling game in which people bet on which dog would kill the most rats in the fastest time. The pit was a way to keep rats contained and gave its name to the breed. Unfortunately, this is the source of their fierce reputation from.

In the end the dogfighting and ratting were less well-known as Pitbulls were transformed into farm dogs as well as family friends. They possess a stunning bite-control against humans due to their past as fighting dogs, because their owners had to get their pets out of pits for ratting or dog fighting rings. They’re also a popular dog that is mix with different breeds such as that of the Labrador. The AKC doesn’t recognize the Pittie however it is the United Kennel Club does.


The main difference between the two breeds is the dimensions. They are both larger. American Bulldog is much bigger and stands between 22 and 27 inches tall , including the shoulders and weighing between 60 and 120 weight or greater.

The smaller of two breeds, the APBT is 17 to 21 inches tall at the shoulder, and weighs between 30 and 60 pounds. This means that you can be able to have four Pitties for one Bulldog in regards to weight. If you are looking for a size that isn’t right for you, then the Pittie will likely to be the best fit.

Another distinction between breeds is the color. American Bulldogs are usually white with brown, black or red patches. They usually wear the black “eyeliner.” Pitbulls, however are almost every color. The only color that’s not recognized in Pitbull’s Pitbull spectrum is the color merle, as it’s not a genuine Pitbull color.

It is the American Bulldog, having English Bulldog genes, is a more square and flatter skull. The size of his head is greater than that of the Pittie and is something that a lot of Bulldog owners love. The flatter look of his face may affect the airways of his pet, and this is something we’ll be talking about in the section on health. The Pittie is more athletic as compared to the Bulldog.


The two dogs have very similar temperaments. They are both affectionate towards people and aren’t happy in a secluded area for extended durations of time. Both breeds are able to trust children more than you’d expect but you shouldn’t let any dog be left alone with children under the age of. This is why they are called Nanny Dogs, especially the Pittie.

The main distinction in temperament between the two breeds is the way they are with other animals. Pitties, due to their more recent lineage of dogfighting are more aggressive towards cats or other dogs and any small animals that they consider prey. This isn’t to say they aren’t American Bulldogs automatically get along with other animals. They can also attack other animals, but they’re more able to interact with in their early years so that they are less likely to be their trying to kill other animals.

The dogs aren’t the most often barkers. They can bark when they are stressed or bored however they aren’t well-known as being chronic barkers like other breeds of dogs. However, Pitbulls do like to “talk” a lot. They use an diverse range of vocalizations in an effort to talk to their human. If you find this type of behavior cute, then the APBT might be the best option for you. If whining or other odd dog noises bother you, then you should likely choose the more tranquil American Bulldog instead.

Many people take their dogs home believing that they’ll be excellent guard dogs. Although both breeds look scary (especially those that are larger like the American Bulldog), they tend to be far too friendly to make good security dogs. They might decide to guard your family from threats however, they’re equally likely to let burglars into your home and let them know the place you store your valuables. However their appearance alone could be enough to frighten any intruder.

They are both wonderful family petsand are both incredibly fun and loving. They are both very affectionate and loving. American Bulldog takes the job of a dog clown seriously. He is also very clumsy and dopey, just as the English cousin. However, they’re both ready for playing in the backyard or just relaxing with their families. In essence, whatever they’re required for, you can count on them.


The two breeds are bred to be active throughout the day, and both breeds are full of energy. They require at least one hour of physical activity each day and should be in an area with a big backyard with a large fence. They are great jogging partners however American Bulldogs may be prone to heat exhaustion, particularly when they have a shorter muzzle. Make sure to vary the exercises they do to keep their minds entertained and their bodies.

It is commonly believed that Pitbulls have jaws that lock, which make it nearly impossible to open their jaws. Actually, their jaw structure is the same from any other breed of dog, and their jaws don’t stop locking into place. But, Pitbulls can be tenacious and stubborn , and can be more able to hold on to things than other breeds. That means you’ll have to ensure that you have a variety of durable toys that can withstand their chewing capacity during outdoor workouts.

Both breeds have high fitness demands, and may not be able to enjoy playing in the dog park. If you decide to keep one or the other breed in your apartment, you must commit to spending at least an hour each day running or walking with them on leash. Both breeds thrive in houses with big, well-fenced areas.


Both dogs are smart However, they are both smart, but the American Bulldog can be stubborn as well. Both require an owner who is comfortable being firm in their training. However, they both need a stable and experienced owner. American Bulldog needs an experienced owner to help him get the most out of his stubborn nature.

If handled properly they can both be taught to perform various kinds of dog-related work. If handled incorrectly however, these dogs could be a nuisance at best, and aggressive at the worst.

It is vital to get your dog to socialize, however, it is especially important for dogs like these who are likely be able to coexist well with animals. Mix them both with the most animals and humans as you can as they’re young. The ideal time for socialization of puppies is between 3 and 12 weeks. You’ll reap the work you put into!

Since both of them are apprehensive about being left alone and especially the Pittie It’s a good idea to Crate-train them both. Separation anxiety is a problem that’s already a big one however, when a strong dog is stressed and stressed, it could lead to catastrophe! Animals naturally seek shelter and a crate will provide them a secure area to provide comfort in the event that you have to go away. It is essential to purchase an extremely sturdy and durable cage for these tough dogs.


Both breeds suffer from similar health issues and also some health issues that one breed is more likely to be suffering from.

The conditions that breeds and dogs are susceptible to include:

  • The elbow or hip dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Demodectic mange

Furthermore, American Bulldogs are susceptible to breathing issues and cataracts and cataracts, while the APBT breed is prone to skin allergies. The breathing issues of the American Bulldog aren’t as serious as those of the English Bulldog, however, it could still impact the way he lives his life. If he struggles to breathe, you should take steps to help him breathe, such as wearing harnesses during exercise, and exercising during cool times during the summer.

American Bulldogs are averaging lifespan of between 10 and 12 years. Pitbulls are a less hefty and more healthy breed, enjoy a higher life expectancy of between 12 and 16 years. Although there is no guarantee for life’s events, the most effective methods to ensure that your dog has the longest healthy and longest life you can imagine is to purchase them from an established breeder and provide them with a nutritious diet, and brush their teeth frequently and keep them from becoming overweight.


It is believed that the American Bulldog tends to eat more than the Pittie and this is mainly due to his larger and more muscular body. The Bulldog consumes about four cups of food per day, as opposed to the Pittie which consumes about two cups a day. When you’ve got a dog that weighs 120 pounds in your possession, he’s likely to require a lot more food. This means that the cost of food for the Bulldog will likely be quite a bit higher.

The most effective way to figure out the amount of food your dog requires is to examine the package instructions. It is contingent upon things like size, age of the dog, its lifestyle, and the kibble brand. If you Bulldog weighs more than 50 pounds and is overweight, he’ll require an dog food that is specifically designed for big breeds. The joints and frame of his dog require extra support due to the optimized and controlled nutrition.

Both both are susceptible to bloat and this is an extremely dangerous condition that has to be treated with care and treated promptly. Do not feed your dog right away prior to or after exercising and divide the food allowance in at least two separate meals. Make sure you research the condition thoroughly and know what signs to watch out for.


The grooming requirements for both pups are similar. Both have shorter hair and moderate to heavy shedders. Clean them every week using a rubber brush to help disperse their oils and get rid of hair that is loose. A few times a week, bathing using shampoo specifically designed for dogs can help keep them fresh, shiny, and fresh.

A lot of Pitties as well as Bulldogs are believed to have skin issues. Particularly the Pittie. If he has need to talk with your vet to determine whether they can recommend which shampoo for dogs (if there is any) will help ease the skin issue. If not, make certain to use a shampoo specifically designed for dogs with sensitive skin.

Although no breed of dog is 100% hypoallergenic however, certain breeds with a coat that grows constantly (like Poodles, Maltese, or Bichons) have less dust around the home to irritate allergy sufferers. Both of them are not an animal breed that could be suitable for people suffering from allergies.

Puppy Prices

Pitbulls as well as other “bully breeds” are often the most sought-after dog breed at shelters. It is possible to begin looking for new pet there. Adopting a pet is a great option and is extremely rewarding as well! The cost of adoption is typically less than purchasing an entire puppy.

If you’re looking to have a puppy, you’ll need to do some time to research breeders who are more focused on the well-being and happiness of their pups instead of just making money. To improve your chances of finding a reliable breeder, you should avoid:

  • A dog can be purchased from an animal store (most of their puppies are directly from puppy mills)
  • Breeders who won’t permit you to see their puppies on the premises
  • Locations where you won’t be able to get to meet at least one of the puppy’s parents.
  • Breeders who transport their pups
  • Puppy puppies younger that 8 weeks of age
  • Breeders who do not ask you questions to make sure that you’re a suitable match to their pups
  • Breeding facilities that provide more than two or three breeds of puppies
  • Pups that cost less that the typical Pittie or Bulldog cost

The price for the Pittie puppy from a breeder is typically around $800, as opposed to $1,500 for a Bulldog. The primary reason is the fact that the number of Pitties at the shelters for rescue than other breed, which means there is less of a demand for these breeds. If you are looking for a puppy from a well-known or reputable breeder, you could expect to spend more than this amount absolutely.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous similarities and distinctions in American Bulldogs as well as America Pitbulls. Be sure to conduct your research before choosing the breed most suitable for your family’s life. The main distinction between these two breeds is the size, it is important to think about how many dogs you’d like to take care of. The larger dogs eat more cost more, are more expensive to buy, and are more likely to poop. However, they are also great pet for families and huge lap dogs. It’s all about the size of dog you’d like or are able to handle within your own life!

Another factor to be considered is the breed-specific laws (BSL). The majority of BSL prohibits Pitbulls as well as other breeds from being allowed to live in certain regions. Bulldogs might or might not be part of BSL depending on where you live or are planning to travel, so be sure to check local laws and details about housing prior to bringing home any breed of dog. Don’t do it until you’ve committed to him, as it will only result with tears.

If you’re able to train and exercise your dog, one of these breeds can be a great ambassador for your community for frightening-looking and misunderstood bullies. We hope we’ve provided you with the necessary information to determine which one of these amazing breeds is the best fit for you and your family.

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