Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix: Traits, Size & Breed Overview

An Australian Shepherd Beagle mix is a hybrid dog breed that combines traits from both the Beagle and the Australian Shepherd. These dogs are typically medium-sized with high energy levels and an independent streak.

They are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and high trainability. The coat colors can vary depending on the parent breeds, generally including a mix of colors commonly seen in both Beagles and Shepherds.

This hybrid dog’s personality and temperament can be a mix of the parent breeds as well, typically resulting in a friendly and curious dog that loves to be around its people. They are usually good with children and other pets, but early socialization is necessary.

Training and exercise are vital for this breed, given its high energy level. They require a proper diet, regular veterinary check-ups, and love and care to keep them happy and healthy.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

If you’re considering buying a pet then you’ll likely have an concept of the type of dog that will best suit your family. It’s a lot of different breeds available that making the right choice isn’t easy.

Have you thought about mixed breed dogs? In this thorough guide we look at a mixed breed that is rapidly growing in popularity that’s called The Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix.

It is true that the Australian shepherd and the beagle are both beautiful dogs on their own. What if the cross between the two breeds a union that is made in heaven? Let’s discover!

Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix

Designer Dogs

The union between two dogs that are purebred results in the mixed breed. Mix breeds can also be known as “designer dogs.”

A crucial thing to keep in mind when you’re considering adopting an animal that is mixed breed is that each puppy in the litter is somewhat different in appearance and character. The pups of mixed breed parents may inherit breed-specific and genetic health issues.

Most puppies tend to be more influenced by the characteristics of one parent over the other. As they grow and mature, it’s impossible to know what you’ll end up having once your puppy has reached the age of full-grown.

Therefore, purchasing a mixed breed puppy is like an opportunity!

To choose the best breed of mixed breeds it is necessary be able to examine every parent.

Australian Shepherds

It is believed that the Australian shepherd is part of the herding group. The breed is currently ranked 17th in the American Kennel Club’s breed popularity chart.

Australians, or Aussies as they’re affectionately called, are extremely smart and affectionate to their family. But don’t expect the dog to spend their nights with you watching the TV!

It is said that the Australian shepherd is an active, energetic dog who excels at a variety of canine sports, including flyball and agility. Therefore, you’ll have to be able to walk or run and be ready to dedicate some time each day for exercising your Aussie.

The Aussie is a medium-sized dog who requires ample outdoor space so that it can burn off its excessive energy. A Australian Shepherd is therefore not an ideal dog for an living in an apartment.

Be aware that a crossbreed puppy could carry some issues from their Australian shepherd dog’s parent. This is why it’s essential to ask the breeder of your puppy to provide the documentary proof of health screening for both dogs’ parents. Aussies are often crossed to produce different breeds of designer dogs like Aussiedoodle. Aussiedoodle.


The beagle is a tiny dog that is compact and has an easy-to-maintain coat and generally jovial personality.

Beagles are hunting dogs traditionally. They are still used beagles employed as scent detection dogs at airports. In reality the breed is classified as an ” scent hound.” Due to their sweetness they are frequently crossed with purebreds, like the Corgi-Beagle mix.

Beagles are also wonderful pets for families, but their desire to hunt is a powerful one. Therefore, you must be aware that if your family pet spots an intriguing scent while out strolling in the park, he’ll follow the scent and your pleas for him to “come here” will most likely be ignored!

A healthy dog has an average life expectancy of 13-16 years. Beagles are dogs that work which is why they require a good amount of exercise each day. Therefore, you’ll have to be able to walk with pleasure when you adopt one of these dogs.

Beagles can be trained, however they are prone to being difficult to train and can be easily distracted. Utilize positive reinforcement methods to train your beagle. Also, ensure that you keep your dog on leash during walks until you are sure that your dog will be there when you call him!

Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix

It is the Australian shepherd beagle mix is a delightful cross between two completely distinct personality types.

But, one thing both breeds share is the need to be active and work. They are both active and energetic. Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix is also an extremely intelligent breed which is a natural at learning and new challenges.

Australian beagles are jolly and cheerful dogs that are able to be a good companion for children and other pets which makes them the ideal companion for any home with a family.


The success of your training with your Australian shepherd dog will depend on the pet’s parentage your dog follows the most.

Australian Shepherds from Australia are extremely trained and extremely smart. They love learning! But, they are extremely easily distracted and gets bored fast, particularly if they smell.

Whatever breed of parent is dominant in your puppy the early introduction to socialization and training are essential if you want to have a happy balanced, healthy adult dog. If you are planning to teach your dog to walk in the harness, ensure you choose the appropriate harness for your dog.

Exercise & Living Conditions

A mature Australian shepherd beagle mix requires at least two hoursof daily exercise. This exercise can take the form of running with you, taking you on hikes or agility classes or a visit into the park for dogs, or even some obedience training.

The interaction between your dog and you is essential, and having a regular playtime time is essential as well. It is the Australian shepherd beagle mix enjoys the company of an obedient dog.

While, theoretically both Australian shepherd and the beagle mix breeds can live outdoors, the crossbreed is a dog for families that prefers spending the time of his owner “pack.”

An unhappy, bored Australian Shepherd beagle could be a frequent barker or escape artist, therefore the ideal environment to raise this dog is inside with his family.

Size & Health

Australian Shepherd beagle mixes differ in size, based on the breed of parent that is dominant. On average you can anticipate your dog to grow to be between 13 and 23 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 20 and 65 pounds.

In general, dogs that are crossbred are more healthy than purebreds as is they are healthier than purebreds. Aussie blend is typically an extremely healthy breed that has a lifespan that ranges from sixteen years.

There are however some hereditary diseases and health problems that could be passed down by parents on their children.

Hip dysplasia is a frequent problem that affects Australian shepherd dogs and beagle mix dogs. It causes discomfort and lameness that eventually leading to arthritis in the hip joint. When you are looking at Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix puppies you should inquire from the breeder that both parents of your puppy have had a health checkup to detect hip dysplasia.

Additionally, both breeds of parents are susceptible to becoming susceptible to epilepsy and epilepsy, so ensure that the parents of your puppy have been tested for this risky health issue.


When you get your brand-new Australian shepherd beagle mix puppy Ask the breeder about the is the food that your new pet is eating. Keep that food in place for the initial six months of the puppy’s life. Then, switch him to a premium adult diet.

Since the breed is very active and is likely to get lots of exercise so you shouldn’t have any issues in your dog getting overweight. But, make sure to give your dog the recommended diet of the manufacturer, which is listed on the packaging of the product.

There’s a wide selection of brands for dog food to pick from. If you’re unsure of which you should pick, consult your veterinarian or the breeder of your dog for advice.

Color Combinations

It is believed that the Australian shepherd beagle breed is available in a variety of amazing colors, mostly due to the Aussie parents’ influence on their coat colors. pups.

You could also see puppies sporting coats of merle that are caramel, black, grey and white, which are influenced by the Aussie parent. If the look of their parents are the most popular the puppy may be any of the following colours:

  • White
  • Tan
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Fawn
  • Lemon
  • Red tick
  • Blue tick

There is also the possibility of finding an Australian shepherd beagle mix that has eyes that are not in harmony or blue eyes when you are the Aussie dominates the parent breed.


Both Australian shepherds shed, as do beagles, so it’s fairly safe to assume that your crossbreed dog sheds too.

The process of shedding continues throughout the year, with two major shed periods during autumn and spring. Therefore, it is necessary to take care to groom the coat of your Australian shepherd beagle every few days, and even more often during peak shed time!

In general, Aussie beagle mix dogs are medium-length dogs with a double coat. In this regard it is recommended to purchase a Slicker brush as well as a Furminator shed blade are vital tools for your grooming kit.

However, their tendency to shed makes they are Australian shepherd-beagle cross breed isn’t an ideal choice for families with allergies.

As Family Pets

Let’s take a look at our review of the Australian shepherd beagle mix to determine in a snap if this breed is an ideal choice to your family.

  • If you are a fan of exercise and walking, or spend a lot of spending time outdoors out in the Great Outdoors, an Australian shepherd beagle could be the ideal furry companion for you.
  • Australian shepherd beagles are warm, friendly, and outgoing dogs that make a wonderful choice for families with children as well as other pets.
  • It is believed that the Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix may not be the ideal option for new pet owners, since this breed can be demanding in terms of grooming and exercising. Training can also be difficult if the beagle owner is domineering.
  • The breed is able to be quite big. This, along with the Australian shepherd beagle mix’s energetic temperament, makes them not suitable for living in apartments. It is recommended to have an apartment with plenty of outdoor space, too.

Do you think you think that the Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix sound like your ideal dog companion for your family? Great! Now, let’s get the look for that ideal dog!

Finding an Aussie Beagle Mix Breeder

The cost for an Australian shepherd beagle mix puppy is $400 to $1000. The more unique the color of the coat and eyes is, the more costly the puppy will cost.

It is believed that the Australian shepherd beagle mix is an enigma, and it could take some time. Ask about the local Australian beagle and shepherd clubs in order to find useful contacts. Additionally, you can use social media to spread the word.

Be sure to ask the puppy’s breeder to provide written proof that the parents of the puppy have been screened for hereditary health issues to which breed is most vulnerable.

Adopting a Rescue

The raising of a puppy can be an exhausting job!

If you’d prefer to skip all the hard work and are happy to provide a warm place to an adult dog, you might consider taking the Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix from an animal rescue centre or shelter.

While it is true that the Aussie beagle cross isn’t the most popular cross breed, you could be lucky enough to find one in need of a new home. Look for local rescues in your region or bigger rescue foundation websites.

Certain shelters give you the opportunity to adopt dogs on an experimental basis for about a month. This way, you will determine if the dog is the right match for your family with the security net of returning the dog back to the shelter in case things don’t go as planned for you.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a cheerful dog with a lively and lively personality, you might be interested in adopting the Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix.

They are wonderful pets for families However, you need to be able to devote plenty of time and energy to train and exercise to train an Aussie dog mix. Additionally, this breed can shed, which makes these dogs not suitable for homes with pets hair allergies.

With the information we’ve shared with you, you’re now able to start your search for that ideal pet!

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