Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix: Augie Dog Breed Information

The Australian Shepherd Corgi mix is a unique blend of two popular breeds: the Australian Shepherd and the Corgi. These dogs are typically medium-sized and have inherited their parents’ energetic and intelligent attributes.

They require regular exercise and mental stimulation due to their active nature. Their fur is usually dense and they come in a variety of colors like black, white, red, and brown, often with mixed patterns.

While generally healthy, they may be prone to certain health issues common to their parent breeds like hip dysplasia and eye problems. Regular check-ups and a balanced diet will help keep them healthy.

The Australian Shepherd Corgi mix could make a great family pet given their friendly and loyal nature, paired with proper training and socialization from a young age.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

. It is the Australian Shepherd cross with a Corgi is known as”the Aussie Corgi or the Australian Shepherd Corgi Blend.. Aussie Corgi is an energetic, charismatic and fun dog that shares the same color like Australian Shepherd. Australian Shepherd. The Aussie Corgi has more to offer than his adorable appearance.

In this article we will look at his parents as well as the primary traits and characteristics of his temperament. This will help you get an understanding of what you can anticipate from the puppy. Like any designer dog that you have, the Aussie Corgi is able to adopt the traits of both parents,. Therefore, be flexible about the possibility of bringing one of these breeds into your home.

What you can count on is plenty of fun and lots of energy. Do you think he has the look? Check. Are they a good person? Check. Do you think this is the correct breed? Let’s discover!

Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix

Parent Breeds

To fully comprehend how to appreciate Aussie Corgi it is important to understand a little about their breed parents. While some Australian Shepherds appear similar to Corgis but their origins are very different. Let’s get started!

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd isn’t from Australia. He was the product of the migratory ranchers and farmers. The final destination for him and the place it is believed that he has been born was North America. The description of him is intelligent and a hard worker. He was designed to herd dogs. He is lively, smart and easy to train.

The breed is usually seen on ranches, with cowboys looking for drugs, and also acting in therapy dog roles. His versatility and energy makes him a very active dog that is unable to remain still for very long.

In 2020 in 2020, the American Kennel Club (AKC) has classified the dog breed in the top 17 17th most loved breed in America. The cowboy dog is between 18 to 23 inches tall and weighs between 45 and 60 pounds. The Aussie is now among the top sought-after breeds of parents to mix with other breeds to create unique mixed breed puppies.


The are two kinds of Corgi One is that of the Pembroke Corgi and the other being one called the Cardigan Corgi, and while they are quite similar to each other however, there are certain subtle distinctions between them. Both parents are able to adopt the Aussie Corgi.

It is evident that the temperaments of Cardigan Corgis and the Pembroke Corgis are very like. Both are English-bred dogs and are found across the water. They are herding dogs that means they are able to chase cattle using their tiny frame. The dog is described by his owners as charming, smart and alert, and is a cute dog that everyone likes.

In 2020 in 2020, in 2020, the AKC has classified this dog breed in the top 13 13th most loved canine breed of America. The short and long dog is between 10 and 12 inches tall, and weighs as much as thirty pounds. This is which is a lot less than its Australian Shepherd parent. Corgi breeds are becoming increasingly well-known, though designing designer dogs for the same breed of dog isn’t easy because of their distinctive dimensions and shapes.


Designer dogs will be around for a while regardless of whether you like the breed or not. Popularity of Aussie Corgi is , rapidly increasing and due to many good reasons. They are great for families and are distinctive in appearance. They stand out from other breeds of designer dogs because of their distinctive appearance. Let’s find out why they are so unique.


Australia’s Shepherd Corgi/Australian Shepherd pair will be an naturally excellent herder and the parents are among the best herders. The fact that they are smaller could cause them to bite their ankles. They could also keep their Aussie look and follow the cattle until the sun sets. This is a great option when you’re searching for an animal that herds with an added twist. But, it should be avoided at home when you have children under the age of.

It is said that the Aussie Shepherd is a loving dog who enjoys spending the time of his loved ones,. The Aussie Shepherd can also be extremely loving, so be prepared for an amazing cuddle after a tiring day. The Aussie Shepherd is sometimes timid when it comes to strangers. However, the Corgi family’s bubbly personalities makes him feel at ease with all. As a social animal He doesn’t want to be in solitude. If he’s anxious ensure you buy him an animal cage.

He may be territorial when you believe that you are disrupting his family or his herding abilities. It can also be quite a snarling dog which is ideal for those who are seeking to keep an eye on your dog.

It is likely that this dog to be a stodge of beans and you’ll require a method to match his enthusiasm. It is possible that the Aussie Corgi may not be the best breed If you’re looking for an ideal lap dog. It could be the best option if you like engaging games, doggy hide-and-seek agility courses, and long walks on weekends.

Size & Appearance

It is believed that the Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix will typically take on the Corgi’s long body and wear an Australian Shepherd coat. It will be slightly larger than the Corgi and will be anywhere between 12-18 inches. He’ll weigh between 25 to 45 pounds, which means he’ll be considered a medium-sized dog.

The fun Corgi parent will transmit her jolly smile. With his large eyes, round and big triangular ears, he’ll be a shrewd dog with an irresistible personality. It is possible that he’ll inherit the distinctive and gorgeous eyes that are characteristic of an Australian Shepherd.

Coat & Colors

It is the Aussie corgi’s coat can be described as dense and thick similar to his parents. It’s specifically designed to keep the dog warm as he moves his herds. The thick coat sheds gradually throughout the year ,. It is possible to expect a complete blowout during the season of shedding and you should are prepared with your vacuum!

His coat is often akin to his Aussie Shepherd parent in that it is slightly larger over the Corgi parent, and it will typically reflect his gorgeous color.

Exercise & Living Conditions

The Australian Corgi requires approximately sixty minutes of vigorous exercise each day If you don’t would like him to ruin your house and possessions it is essential to be able to assure him of this. It is necessary to alter the way he exercises since he’s a nerd and is also extremely intelligent. Be sure to include agility classes as well as fetch, running, and many other things. A content Aussie corgi is always busy , so make sure to keep him entertained.

If he is following the path of his Corgi parent with shorter legs as well as an extended spine from the pair, it’s possible that he’ll be diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disease. He may require assistance when getting up stairs or on sofas to avoid injuries. If you own any objects that are too tall for him to leap from to or over, assist him by investing in dog ramps . He’ll need a caring and caring family.

It is believed that the Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix is a great fit to homes with pets and children who are young insofar as the dog does not herd them. This is due to the fact that it deters this kind of behavior. This will be discussed in the following section. It is said that the Aussie Corgi is very affectionate and is an ally to all.


He’ll require the training of obedience to ensure that he doesn’t introduce herding methods into the house, and although anyone can accomplish this by following these guidelines but he’ll often require professional training in obedience to control his natural urges. It is much easier to control the dog if he’s familiar with the world when he is an infant,. He will be taught by other dogs that this behaviour is not acceptable and develop into a confident, courteous dog.

The Aussie Corgi might not like being away from home for extended durations of time. . Crate training is recommended . can provide your dog with an area to call home, and will make your life simpler.

positive reinforcement training is also suggested here. If he’s anything like Corgis will love some treats however lots of praise and encouragement can do great things. The Aussie Corgi might not be listening initially however it’s because of his unstoppable energy. If you keep up in your training the Corgi’s ability and determination will eventually become the dominant force.


It is believed that the Australian Shepherd Corgi mix is a healthy dog that can live from 12 to 14 years old. It is susceptible to any health problem that could impact both parents. Here are the most important issues to be aware of:

IVDD is a condition that affects dogs similar to the Corgi or a Dachshund. The dog has longer legs as well as a larger spine than dogs with more proportionate forms. This means he’s not able to climb steps or leap off of the couch. A spine that is not bending in a natural way could cause disc rupturesthat could be extremely painful and can even cause paralysis.

Hip Dysplasia is a frequent health issue that the majority of canines are susceptible to, as well the Australian Shepherd and the Corgi are susceptible to this. It is caused by an abnormal growth in the joint of the hip. It could also cause the joint becoming paralyzed and causing severe discomfort later on in life.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy is a condition which puts both parents at risk of developing due to poor health of the ophthalmologist, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy, also called PRA is quite prevalent. It is caused by the gradual loss of the retina of the patient, which could cause total blindness.


A Aussie Corgi will thrive on high-quality food with an abundance of protein. It will help help keep his muscles healthy but will provide him with the energy he requires.

The typical Australian Shepherd Corgi mix needs between 2 to two and a half cups of food each day . If he’s a dog that works and needs to be fed more, he might need more. If, as previously stated, you follow in the footsteps of your Corgi parents, he’ll constantly be begging for food So, be certain to keep track of his treats consumption to prevent him from becoming overweight.

*Aussie Corgis can be picky eaters therefore, you should only feed them what they enjoy. Your veterinarian may suggest that your dog consume dry kibbles with added fiber to support their digestive health.


The Aussie Corgi requires brushing every 2 to 3 times a week to keep neat, clean, and healthy. The dog will require baths every 6-8 weeks, based on how often he gets dirty.

The tiny mouth of his and the tight teeth need to be cleaned at least once a week to avoid periodontal disease. Since they accumulate a lot of dirt, his big ears should be cleaned each week. Utilizing the anti-shed shampoo will help to lessen the amount of pet hair shed and also dander.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

The best place to start your search for Aussie Corgi friends is researching on the internet for breeders. The Corgi is still a puppy in the world of fashion, and you may have to travel some distance for him to get there. It’s worth the effort! Before making a final choice, conduct your own research. Visit the breeding facility and the puppies in person.

A reliable breeder will breed healthy dogs, particularly when they have good hip scores and have passed an eye test. Request to see the owners’ health certificates.

A Australian Shepherd Corgi mix will typically cost around $1,000 from an established designer breeder. Be sure to investigate any breeder prior to working with them. A lot of breeders want to earn quick cash and create unhealthy puppies.

Rescue & Shelters

If you’re considering saving the Australian Shepherd Corgi instead of purchasing one from breeder or breeder, the best place to start is at breed rescue centers that are specifically designed for breeding since he’s extremely uncommon. While this breed is costly there are many who will spend more money for it. There breeders across the country who can assist you in finding the right one. There is a Corgi Aid website as well as Australian Shepherd Rescue, as well as Australian Shepherd Rescue website, lists dogs that can be adopted by state, as well as the information for the rescue representative’s contact numbers.

As Family Pets

  • It is believed that the Aussie Corgi needs at least 60 minutes of intense exercise each day.
  • He is extremely social and affectionate with friends and family.
  • The dog is naturally a herder and could make an excellent herding dog.
  • He should be with an extended family who will be present for the majority of the day.
  • They are susceptible to anxiety about separation and therefore, don’t leave them unattended for long durations.
  • This breed will be a joy to herd. To ensure a healthy and happy puppy, it is essential to begin training as soon as you can.
  • The family must be on the look out for any potential dangers from height when he’s an adult with a long and short size.

Final Thoughts

It is the Aussie Corgi, a small and affectionate dog, is a great option. It is important to ensure that he is getting enough exercise and you’ll have to be present to show him affection and love.

If you think he’s an ideal partner for your life, then you and the Aussie Corgi could be a perfect match. You can be sure that you’ll have the best companion for the rest of your the rest of your life.

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