Australian Shepherd Lab Mix: Aussiedor Breed Information

An Australian Shepherd Lab mix, also known as the “Aussiedor,” is a hybrid dog breed born from mating a purebred Labrador Retriever with a purebred Australian Shepherd. They are affectionate, sociable, and highly intelligent dogs which are known for their energetic nature and eagerness to please their owners.

This breed possesses traits from both Australian Shepherd and Labrador, making it a perfect companion for active families. Aussiedor typically stands between 18 to 25 inches tall and weighs around 40 to 80 pounds, depending on the dominant genes.

The Aussiedor is a relatively easy to train breed, thanks to their intelligence and willingness to please. They are great with kids and pets, but their high energy levels mean they require regular vigorous exercise to prevent boredom and associated negative behaviours. With appropriate care and attention, an Australian Shepherd Lab Mix can make a fantastic addition to a suitable household.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

What happens by crossing the world’s most loved dog breed in the United States (the Labrador Retriever) with an Australian Shepherd? You’ll get a dog that’s fun that is full of energy and ready for anything. The mixed breed dog is gaining popularity across the United States because of its affectionate and playful nature. They make excellent pet for families with a few health problems.

Because genetics can be unpredictable and unpredictable, it’s difficult to determine the exact temperament that the Australian Shepherd Lab mix might possess. If we study both breeds separately and comparing them, we can have an idea of what we can be expecting from an Aussiedor. In the following article we’ll learn more about the breeds that are parent to them and what you can expect from you bring this breed into your home.

Although this breed may cost a bit more than other designer dogs shopping with a breeder most people believe that the price is worth it for an extremely unique looking pet for their family. We recommend that you adopt at an animal rescue prior to going to shop. Aussiedors are available in shelters throughout the US. Learn more about this breed of Australian Shepherd Lab mix to help you decide whether it’s the ideal addition to the household.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix

Parent Breeds

A hybrid dog of the first generation is precisely one-half Australian Shepherd and half Labrador Retriever isn’t it? But, it’s not quite that simple. Although the puppy that is born is technically getting exactly the same proportion of genes as both parents but you don’t know which genes are more dominant. This means that your Aussiedor could be more like the Labrador Retriever parent. They could appear much like Australian Shepherd, or one that is an perfect mix of both.

It’s impossible to determine the exact way the Australian Shepherd Lab mix will develop. However we can study the breeds that are parents to find out what traits that the Aussiedor puppy could inherit. Because that the Australian Shepherd Lab mix is an extremely new hybrid, there’s not a lot of breed background. However, we can discover the background of each breed’s parent.

Australian Shepherd

It is important to note that the Australian Shepherd doesn’t actually an Australian breed. The breed was originally an Pyrenean Shepherd in Europe and then was perfected by the American West. It was only a short visit to Australia and a few mixing with Border Collies as well as Border Collies in between.

Australian Shepherds can still be seen on farms and ranches all across North America. They can be seen in the herds of sheep and cattle. Because of their ability to think, they are often used for circus or rodeo performer as therapeutic dogs and service dogs, drug detection, as well as Search and Rescue dogs.

If you don’t want to put in the hours for with their Australian Shepherd, they are a joy to be around in dog sports such as agility as well as obedience and flyball. They’re popular dogs that are frequently combined together with different breeds to make different kinds of designer dogs.

Labrador Retriever

It is believed that the Labrador Retriever has been the most loved breed of dog across the United States for nearly three decades. The friendly and intelligent breeds were developed in Newfoundland to assist fishermen in retrieving fish from nets, and hunters to retrieve ducks.

English nobles who visited Canada in the 1800s were in love with the “Labrador dogs” (despite the fact that they actually hail originated from Newfoundland). They were later brought back to England. They continued to refine the dog to become the adorable breed that is a top of the list on popularity lists.

Labrador Retrievers are sociable with animals and people alike. They love to cuddle to their pet owners. However, they were raised to be active and possess plenty of energy, which must be sucked up with lots of physical activity.

The Aussiedor

Aussies as well as Labs are often often compared as pets for families and it is natural to see this breed appear as an upscale dog. It’s the Australian Shepherd Lab mix is an excellent mixed breed that’s perfect to “almost” any family.

We use the word “almost” because this pup is sure to have more energy than the typical Labrador. Labs are already well recognized for their energy levels. However, Bench Labs tend to be more active as Field Labs, neither will settle down until approximately three years old.

The Australian Shepherds can be described as living wires. They are energetic throughout the day. When they are paired with a Labrador and a Labrador, they can become very excited and can get into problems if they don’t have an exercise routine that is appropriate. They’re also among the most loving and affectionate breeds! Australiandors are known for their desire to cuddle in their couchs with owners at any time of the day.


As previously mentioned that the Aussiedor is an extremely active personality and is extremely concerned about their loved ones. They are incredibly affectionate to everybody around them and are extremely keen to please. They also have a sensitive nature and are not able to handle extreme or brutal training methods.

The Aussiedor is a very well-mannered pet for families, and in the majority of cases, they are not hostile. The social environment can make the most relaxed dogs turn violent and fearful. In general the Aussiedor isn’t prone to these traits within their breed. The Labrador was developed to hunt and it is the Australian Shepherd is a farm dog. Both breeds were not bred for any other purpose than working.

That being said that, you Aussiedor will require a task to complete in order to keep their mellow attitude in check. Australians are prone to becoming bored quickly and become destructive when they are left unattended for prolonged time. They require adequate exercise each day. If they aren’t getting it, they’ll tell you that they require it.

Size & Living Conditions

Labrador Retrievers range from moderate to huge in their size as are Australian Shepherds. They’re large dogs So the weight of an Australian Shepherd Lab mix can range from 40 to 80plus pounds. Females tend to be less hefty than their male counterparts however it’s impossible to know the size of the hybrid dog is going to be because you don’t be sure of the breed that they’ll be cloning after. In terms of height, you can you can expect that your Aussiedor to increase between 18 and 22 , inches in the height department.

Although the Australian Shepherd Lab mix could be a part of an apartment as long as they exercise regularly They will be better in a house with a huge yard in which they can play around and get rid of some of their insatiable energy.

Many people let their Australian Shepherds out in the open to be housed in a barn together with farm animals, however Labrador Retrievers are much more attached to their owners and would rather live inside. So, your Aussiedor will likely be happier in your home rather than being confined to the backyard.

Coat & Colors

Australian Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers have diverse coat types and colors It’s difficult to know how the fur of an Aussiedor will appear like. Labrador Retrievers have fur that is short (which sheds more fur than you’d expect) in chocolate, yellow black, or the rarer colors of silver champagne red, white, or silver.

The Australian Shepherd has medium length fur, which sheds in the course of the season. Some owners prefer to have their Australian Shepherd’s fur cut, particularly the feathers around the butt, to ensure their dog is clean. Australian Shepherd coat colors include blue, black, red Merle, red merle and tricolor. A Australian Shepherd Lab mix could be a coat type or something else, and can be almost any shade.


Whatever coat type the coat type your Australian Shepherd Lab mix inherits You can be certain that they’ll shed quite a bit. As a dog with short coats it is possible you’re thinking that you would think that the Labrador Retriever wouldn’t shed very often, but you’d be mistaken. They shed a lot throughout the year. Regular brushing using a rubber curry brush and monthly brushing using an instrument for deshedding (like a FURminator) can help to lessen the amount of shed your Aussiedor has when they have fur that is short such as a Lab.

Australian Shepherds shed a bit throughout the year, but the sheds are not as noticeable. They “blow” their undercoat twice to four times a year as the seasons change. If this occurs you’ll notice hair clumps appearing. If you don’t brush it out and the undercoat gets caught up with the topcoat and create painful mats in the coat of your dog.

A slicker brush as well as grooming rakes are ideal to remove loose hair from long, thick hair that the ones you see in the Australian Shepherd. The method you use to take care of your Aussiedor as well as the tools you’ll need differ based on whether their coat is shorter like the coat of a Lab or long as an Aussie.


Labrador Retrievers as well as Australia Shepherds are designed to be active all day long and are full of energy. You should expect to go with your Australian Shepherd on at least an hour of walking each day to ensure they are getting exercise. Making sure they have the appropriate toys designed specifically for Labradors can also keep them entertained for long hours. Based on the breed of parent they aspire to Your Aussiedor could be able to play for hours or running around in the yard.

Inability to provide an Australian Shepherd Lab mix enough exercise could result in an animal that is prone into destruction or engages in other “bad” behaviors particularly when left at home by themselves. If your dog is developing bad habits, you can increase the amount of exercise you offer your Australian Shepherd dog to determine if it helps improve the behavior of your dog.


Aussie Shepherds as well as Labrador Retrievers can be both smart and willing to please, which is why they are fairly easy to train. Positive reinforcement can help in training your Aussiedor in everything that is simple instructions to entertaining techniques and even conducting an agility training course.

Due to their level of intelligence it is possible to experience some insecurity when you train this breed. It is important to ensure you’re able to handle an aggressive dog who might want to prove that they believe “they’re the boss.” The mix is a food-motivated. One great suggestion is to identify their preferred kind of food (chicken or red meat, turkey) and make use of it to make them obey basic commands. It is best to begin training your children at a young age.


Hybrid vigor” could reduce the chances that the Australian Shepherd mix inheriting the genetic diseases of their breed’s parents. However, they could be susceptible to health issues. This is especially relevant if health issues are shared by both parents of the breeds.

The health issues the Aussiedor might be suffering from could include Hip dysplasia, Elbo dysplasia eye diseases, myopathy of the genus, heart diseases, bloat, cataracts, epilepsy, and cancer. Although these could be health issues, it’s highly unlikely that your puppy will fall in the path of these diseases when compared to the purebred breeds of every puppy.

Responsible breeders try their best to minimize the chance of their pups inheriting the diseases. This is why it is essential to thoroughly study Aussiedor breeders prior to purchasing puppies. If you’re buying from an breeder, make sure you request to see the parents’ AKC certified papers If they’re available.

As Family Pets

Are you able to determine if you consider an Australian Shepherd Lab mix be the perfect pet for you and your family? Like any breed you’re considering adopting, there are some questions to ask yourself prior to welcoming a new puppy to your home. This has been broken into a quick checklist below.

Are you a family with a lot of activity? An Aussiedor will enjoy joining you on jogging, hikes and bike rides, as well as infinite games of fetch. This isn’t the breed for those who like to chill.

What do you think about the smell of dog hair? A Australian Shepherd Lab mix is certain to shed lots. Should you not want to see fur all over your house search for a different pet’s family.

Do you love doing tricks with your dog or playing dog sports? Australian Shepherd Lab breeds are more likely to be smart and eager to learn.

Are your possessions and garbage safe? Labradors Retrievers are well-known for eating anything that they can fit into their mouths, and an Aussiedor will likely be similar. If you have children who play with toys and then they are discarded, the toys could end up becoming dog food.

Do you desire a dog that is a lover of all? Your Australian Shepherd Lab breed is likely to be a good companion with pets and people alike however they might be inclined to get in the way of children who are small when they possess an Aussie personality.

Are you looking for a reliable partner? While some dogs tend to be more reserved and content to be left alone, Australian Shepherd Lab mixes tend to enjoy the company of a human and could be depressed or suffer from separation anxiety if often left alone.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Because Australian Shepherd Lab mixes are hybrids, not an official breed of dog You must research to find an accredited breeder who’s not simply sloppy about throwing dogs together to earn a quick profit.

Find a breeder that conducts health tests for their breeders and have an an established track record of well-behaved puppies. An experienced breeder is likely to be able to ask you a lot of questions to ensure that you’re in the right place for a puppy. They will also permit you to visit their puppies and dogs at their home.

Beware from any breeder that is insistent on sending your puppy to another country or meeting you in a different location than the place where the dogs are bred. This could be a sign that they may not have the most effective breeding practices, and may be they have a puppy mill.

Costs for puppies can be wildly different dependent on whether you’re purchasing your Aussiedor from an animal breeder or rescue. Since it is one of our goals here with Love Your Dog, we recommend that you “adopt” before you shop. Aussiedors are very affectionate pets, however sometimes circumstances occur that require owners to give up their pet. Rescues are available at affordable prices, typically ranging between $100-$500 range.

If you’re buying an Aussiedor Puppy from a real breeder, you should expect to spend in the $1000 and upwards price range for this specific breed of dog that is a designer breed. They are definitely not inexpensive, and like the majority of hybrid breeds you’re paying to get the pedigree.

Rescues & Shelters

With hybrid dogs such as Australian Shepherd Lab mixes, it is usually a rescue that is the ideal place to meet your new pet. Hybrids such as Aussiedors are typically made by accident and then deposited in rescue or shelters. Although there isn’t a rescue specifically for Aussiedors, you might be able to locate the Australian Shepherd Lab mix through an Labrador Retriever or Australian Shepherd rescue group.

Shelters are a good location to locate the Australian Shepherd Lab mix. Hybrid breeds are more likely to be in shelters than purebred breeds (although there are many purebred dogs in shelters, too) So, you might be able to locate an Aussiedor at your local shelter. Although you might be concerned about the character of a dog you’ve rescued Many shelters and rescues conduct temperament tests, so you’ll have a better idea of what you can be expecting.

Final Thoughts

Although they’re not the best choice for all families, Australian Shepherd Lab mix are generally great pets for families. It is important to commit to providing them with ample exercise. It is also important to feel comfortable with having hair of your dog in your home and on your clothes.

Aussiedors are intelligent, friendly dogs that are intelligent, friendly and affectionate. They are a joy to be with their owners and have the energy to be part of every adventure. Because of their desire to please, they will be taught to manage almost any situation you might encounter with them.

If you believe that an Australian Shepherd Lab mix is the right fit for you, make sure to conduct your own research and purchase them from an established breeder. We recommend also looking into rescue or shelter organizations instead of the puppy mill. A properly bred Aussiedor pup is likely to live a long and healthy life. An Aussiedor who has been rescued will be grateful to you for helping them. A puppy from a mill is more likely to have a bad health and not well socialized.

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