17 Australian Shepherd Mixes

Australian Shepherd mixes refer to a breed of dog which are a result of cross breeding an Australian Shepherd with another purebred dog. These mixed breeds are known for their energetic and friendly nature, often inherited from the Australian Shepherd parent.

The exact traits can vary depending on the other breed involved in the mix. Some popular Australian Shepherd mixes include the Aussie Pom (Australian Shepherd + Pomeranian), Australian Retriever (Australian Shepherd + Golden Retriever), and the Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd + Poodle).

These mixes often make great family pets and are well-loved for their intelligence, agility, and friendly temperament. However, potential owners should remember that these dogs can be high-energy and require lots of exercise and mental stimulation.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

It is believed that the Australian Shepherd is an extremely popular breed with 17 of 193 as a favorite according to the American Kennel Club. The energetic and lively dog is stunning with stunning multicolored coat markings as well as eyes that are a variety of shades. Their jolly and loyal personalities and impressive appearance have been a desired breed to mix with purebred dogs.

The Aussie is a loving, friendly, family-oriented and very social. They’re also energetic and require an active family. If your dog is a follower of the Aussie parent then you’ll need to be prepared to take on the energy gusher and everything else that it brings. The pups typically have gorgeous blue eyes and come with a range of coats that include black, white, merle, and Tan. If you mix them together with different breeds, they’ll also have the opportunity to pick various other colors, including brindle.

The practice of deliberately mixing two breeds is referred to as dog breed breeding that is known to be designer. In this article, we’re going to take a look at 20 distinct design breeds that were created by mixing the Australian Shepherd with another popular breed to create a new breed of adorableness!

Australian Shepherd Mixes

Australian Shepherd Mixes

Aussies are among the most loved dogs in all of the United States. Due to their wonderful manner of being they’ve gained a lot of popularity among those in the “Designer dog” crowd. There’s anything including the Aussie mixed with an German Shepherd, to an Aussie combined with an Pomeranian. The main reason for mixing is because owners want a “unique” mixed breed pup and can help alleviate certain health issues that come with buying a purebred dog. Let’s take a take a look at the top 20 Aussie mixes!


Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Boston Terrier

A dog named the Australian Shepherd and Boston Terrier mix, also known as a Baussie, is a playful and energetic dog that demands plenty of attention and enthusiasm from their families. A lot of the breeds listed that are listed on this list will be similar to the Baussie particularly is one who is happy if the playtime didn’t end. This is a less well-known breed of Boston Terrier mix however it’s becoming increasingly well-known as people appreciate what each breed has to provide.

This breed is a fan of attention and wants to feel as if they are an integral part of the household. They aren’t happy being alone and could consider this to be a sign of abandonment. They are the perfect adventure partner to an active and committed pet owner who is eager to take their pet along with them everywhere they go.

Aussie German

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd

Aussie German Aussie German is the amazing product from the Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd mix. The agile and powerful dog is best suited to homes with a huge backyard that is fenced and an owner who is dedicated to meeting the breed’s demanding grooming and exercise needs. The Aussie German as well as the other breeds we encounter on this list, is a dog with a lot of energy with a strong desire to be always working and moving.

This isn’t an animal that is kept in a secluded area for long periods of time or in tiny spaces. When you leave the Aussie German is left to be on their own, without providing the opportunity to exercise, this huge powerful breed will likely become angry and then take revenge on furniture and your home with destructive methods. If you’re determined to keep engaging this breed mentally and physically, they’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of affection and loyalty.


Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Doberman Pincher

The graceful and protective Auberman will be sure to be a hit with people. The son of the dedicated and active Australian Shepherd and the regal and faithful Doberman Pincher. This combination is expected to be exceptionally athletic and incredibly loyal. These characteristics are what make an Auberman the perfect guard dog , and this puppy will certainly not be hesitant when it comes to protecting their family.

But, it is crucial that these instincts are cultivated and controlled by an solid leader to ensure that the Auberman isn’t prone to acting in a hostile manner to strangers or visitors. A lot of socialization, introductions to various environments and burning off the extra energy, and gentle but disciplined training can result in a calm and properly-behaved Auberman.


Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Husky

The Ausky is an independent Ausky can be described as a cross of the strong Siberian Husky and playful Australian Shepherd. It is a dog that can howl, sing and whine. It is a charming characteristic that is inherited directly from Husky. Although this is amusing, it is important to be aware of the negative consequences of encouraging this behavior because it is difficult to control when it is established that the Australian Shepherd gets used to singing. Since they aren’t considered as a peaceful breed and also require a lot of exercise We do not suggest keeping this dog in an apartment setting.

Ausky is a strong dog. Ausky is a powerful performer and a skilled and confident handler is advised for training them. The medium-sized dog has two coats that could look like either parent. Anyone who is considering becoming an Ausky adopter must be aware of their endless endurance and curious nature and be prepared to provide enough stimulation for this lively breed.


Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees

If you’re looking for security and intelligence in your dog’s next companion then look no further than you can find the Shepnees. Equal parts loyal guard dog and gentle pet for the family This Aussie Great Pyrenees mix inherits many wonderful traits from their beloved parents breeds. Although this dog’s protection abilities are better than most dogs, socialization is crucial to creating a balanced dog that is able to adapt quickly to new environments and people.

The Shepnees has a gorgeous coat that requires quite labor-intensive to keep. They require regular brushing and grooming. Although this may help lessen how much hair a Shepnees sheds however, they will continue to shed a lot. They’re generally an love-filled hybrid that wants to be with youwherever you may be.


Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Beagle

A Australian Shepherd mixed with a Beagle is called Sheagle. Sheagle. The mix is as energetic as they are intelligent, as well as extremely intelligent. Due to their high intelligence and a high level of intelligence, the Sheagle is prone to getting into some trouble when not given plenty of mental exercises and boundaries. If you are able to maintain this lively and fun mix, they’re sure to keep you entertained!

The Sheagle is a great pet for families, particularly those with children who are young. The Sheagle is determined to be an endless playmate and partner, which is a great combination for kids who seem to be bursting with the same amount of energy. The Sheagle puppy is likely to possess an intense prey drive due to their Beagle genetics. So it is recommended that a Sheagle must be watched over small animals and kept in a leash when going for walks.

Bull Aussie

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and English Bulldog

The devoted Bull Aussie is the result of a cross between the Australian Shepherd and an English Bulldog. The mix is likely to be energetic, similar to the Aussie. But, Bulldogs tend to be more laid-back and can assist in balancing these active urges, resulting in an easier-going and low-maintenance breed.

The hybrid is huge in size and extremely strong. They require a knowledgeable and powerful leader to ensure the kind and consistent training. The intelligent dog thrives on plenty of stimulation for the mind that can take the form of games that are interactive or exercises for training. One thing is certain that Bull Aussies are a lot of fun! Bull Aussie loves their family and loves being around all the time playing games, being active, and smiling!


Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Corgi

The adorable and small Augi is the ideal combination between Aussie as well as Corgi. The medium-sized dog will typically weigh between 20-30 pounds and is described as active and loving. This breed is great with other pets and children which makes them a great option for families with active children.

The Augi is a lover of running and is a fantastic dog breed for those who have large areas of land or farms. Both breeds are herding which makes this breed an ideal choice for those seeking a dog to help with tasks on farms or ranches. If their owner is determined to provide them with the time, love and enthusiasm Augi will be able to thrive. Augi will likely to adapt easily to suburban life in a smaller area.


Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Boxer

The highly intelligent medium-sized breed, also is referred to as the Australia Boxherd is a lively and dedicated hybrid of the breeds of a Boxer as well as the Australian Shepherd. The mix is derived from tough-working parents breeds. The Australian Shepherds, who are herding dogs and Boxers are guardians and hunters. Their children are enthusiastic to learn, eager to please, and eager to go to work! This mix is an extremely popular boxer mix which has become more popular in recent years.

It is an extremely energetic breed that requires a lot of exercise in order to stay happy and healthy. Anyone considering acquiring one should take into consideration the physical requirements before acquiring the Australian Boxherd. If they are not stimulated properly the intelligent dog will discover ways to keep them entertained and, in the end, cause some destruction. They’re best at home in an urban or rural home that allows room to wander and explore.


Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Poodle

The next on our list is the renowned Aussiedoodle which is also called the Aussiepoo also known as an Aussiepoodle. The energetic and affectionate breed is a fan of attention and will always delight you with their cheerful and energetic disposition. The Aussiedoodle could be a great pet dog for a variety of kinds of families, and can fit perfectly with children and other dogs.

Like many other Aussie breeds, will require intense levels of stimulation and exercise. If the environment is conducive However, this amazing hybrid will likely excel in both obedience and intelligence. This makes them a trained and well-behaved dog.


Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever

Aussiedor Aussiedor can be described as an extremely loving and affectionate pet that is sure to win the hearts of the whole family. The medium-sized dog typically weighs between 40 to 80 pounds, and is brimming with intelligence , and a bigger heart. As with many Labradors The Aussiedor isn’t quick to grow up, which means you could have a lively and playful dog that is well into adulthood.

After maturation, the Lab’s ease of mind can help to soften the high-strung Aussie personality. But, you’ll still be likely to have an active dog. The Aussiedor needs to be regularly exercised and loves games that involve interaction, such as playing with their families.


Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Dalmatian

The Dalmatian as well as an Aussie mix, also known as Dalshep, or Dalshep is a pet-friendly dog that requires plenty of attention and exercise. They’re a stunning breed with a coat that can be adorned with the distinctive characteristics of one parent or a combination of both! Whatever you choose to get will likely result in an amazing coat and canine.

The dog should not be left to itself for extended periods of time . They require plenty of love in order to be the dog they were meant to be. Be aware of your timetable and other commitments before deciding to adopt one of the Dalshep. Although they are beautiful breeds but that shouldn’t be the sole reason to adopt one. They also require a lot of maintenance and require a home that is committed to meeting their requirements.


Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Cocker Spaniel

What happens by mixing two extremely loved breeds? It’s the Aussiel Of course! A mix of the popular Cocker Spaniel and the Aussie This vivacious dog will surely delight and amaze anyone they meet. Training is crucial for this breed. They need lots of stimulation, and they have natural tendency to herd human companions and jump at visitors. A well-trained leader can steer an Australian fox away from these behaviours.

It is a medium-sized dog that weighs between 13 and 17 pounds. Their small size makes them flexible and designed to run long distances and not getting tired. They are extremely fun and curious, and are ready for any kind of outdoor activities, making them a great companion for hiking or camping.

Australian Retriever

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever

The friendly Aussie Retriever is a dog with the most desirable traits that are shared by the golden Retriever as well as their Australian Shepherd parents. As one of the top sought-after breeds of dogs, that is a huge compliment! There’s a lot to love about them easy to train, great when with children, sociable and outgoing, and an perfect family pet.

A Australia Retriever loves the great outdoors and likes to run around or exploring, as well as swimming in the ocean. Be sure to satisfy these needs when you’re deciding whether you think an Australian Retriever is the right dog for you. They are at their best when they are with their loved ones and want to spend time with. and give them the chance to do so!

Aussie Pit

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Pitbull

Medium-sized Aussie Pit is an active and loyal breed, but it may not be appropriate for all. Due to the Pit Bull’s dominant nature and Aussie’s energy level the mix should be placed with an experienced owner who will provide the structure they need. Pitbulls are well-known parents of mixed breeds so long as you are able to handle their high energy levels.

They will likely do well with children, but they may not be able to get along well with dogs of other breeds, particularly dogs of the same gender. Training and socialization from an early age may help create a calm, non-aggressive dog that is well-mannered and respectful. A lot of exercise can also aid to keep this dog happy and in good spirits!

Chow Shepherd

Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Chow Chow

Chow Shepherds Chow Shepherd is a stunning medium-sized dog that has Aussie as well as Chow Chow parents. The hybrid could be prone to guarding and , due the Chow Chow genes, this may turn into aggressive. Due to this aggression along with their high level of energy, the breed is best to be avoided if you’ve never had a dog before.

A seasoned handler who is committed to education and plenty of room is the best option for this particular hybrid. Expect frequent grooming and brushing. It’s a beautiful dog however it requires some effort to keep their coats supple. Chow Shepherds are very active and need to be kept in a clean environment. Chow Shepherd should not be kept in a kennel for prolonged periods of time. They need ample occasions to burn off extra energy to ensure they don’t behave with aggression or in destructive manners.


Breeds: Australian Shepherd and Border Collie

This gorgeous mix of two highly sought-after herding dogs is not surprisingly one of the most popular and well-known breeds in this list. The hybrid is fun active, energetic, and filled with life and love. You can give Border-Aussie Border-Aussie an assignment and they will surely amaze you!

They are most comfortable in a farm, or an apartment with a huge backyard , where they can play around as they were raised for. Try to keep Border-Aussie in a cage and they’ll be irritated and destructive. If you create an environment that is healthy, balanced and energetic environment the special blend is sure to be a joy for all time.

Final Thoughts

Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd does not only possess a wonderful personality They also add lots of beauty in their breeds they mix with. But, those who are considering adopting the possibility of adopting an Australian Shepherd mix should be prepared and committed to giving them ample amount of stimulation for their minds and physical exercise. Particularly if they’re combined with different breeds of herding. This means they might not be the right dog for all. But, if you’re committed, active and trustworthy and responsible, you could get a spot within one of the incredible Aussie hybrids’ hearts!

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