Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Traits & Facts

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

It is the Australian Shepherd dog is a stunning dog with interesting past. With a name as intriguing as it, you’d expect they originate from Australia would you not? No they’re not. We’ll discuss the way this breed came to their name, and where they actually originate from and the other dog breeds comprise the beautiful Australian Shepherd, also known as the Aussie.

Prior to welcoming any dog breed to your home, you need to be aware of what you’re getting from the new pet. Certain characteristics, such as energy levels, simply aren’t able to be trained in any way. A majority of Australians possess specific genetic characteristics that you should be aware of prior to choosing the right breed for your family’s requirements. Every dog is going to have a unique persona however there are some things you should be aware of in this breed.

Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd isn’t just an attractive dog. They are active and hardworking dogs that need to be housed with a lively family. If you’re in search of an easy-going dog, consider another breed. Aussies are charming, fun and are great family members. But you have to choose the best family. We will guide you to determine if you have the qualities needed to be an outstanding Aussie father or mother.

Australian Shepherd

Breed History

The story of the breed’s history begins at the border between France as well as Spain located in the Pyrenees mountain range. It is an ancient breed known as”the Pyrenean Shepherd. The breed masters moved into Australia at the turn of the 19 the 19th century to start cultivating the land in Australia. In the process it was discovered the Pyrenean Shepherd was crossed to Border Collies as well as Collies. That’s the breeding method that led to the creation of the breed.

In the absence of any time in Australia Their masters left and set sail for the next time and headed to warm California. The local ranchers were fascinated by this “Australian” breed that they soon became well-known as the dog companion for the cowboy of preference. They dubbed their dogs Australian Shepherd, and the rest according to the legend is the history of this breed. Only in America!

They can still be seen on ranches , herding cattle and working as a full-time farmer. There are also as drug service dogs as search and rescue dogs, as well as being therapy dogs. Their attractive looks and friendly personalities have gained them popularity as an ideal pet for families. They are usually among the top 20 breeds of dogs on the American Kennel Club (AKC) registry.


playful and lively canine, they make the perfect dog for those looking for a friend for adventure and long and active weekends. The breed will be able to judge you when you live a sedentary life! If you’re not extremely active, you may be better off looking into an alternative breed of dog or even using an Aussie mixed breed.

If are searching for the perfect dog to come with you at the ranch and help keep the cattle in line until they come home (literally) You can’t select the better breed. Herding instincts are natural If they’re not doing herding in fields, they’re more likely to attempt herding in other places. For example, they might try to gather other pets, birds visiting in the backyard or even children at home.

Their hard-working nature and dominating character in the field makes these powerful dogs. This is why they require a seasoned dog owner who understands their personality. If you don’t take a firm stand when it comes to them, they’ll get agitated. The first-time dog owners are likely to have a difficult time with their dog and passive owners.

Always content to be a part of the family They are fantastic to keep little ones engaged. They may be distant from strangers and guestsat initially, but with time, they’ll get used to it. They make great watchdogs and they’ll protect their family members in case of danger. If they’re barking, it’s either because they’re annoyed or are telling you that the outsiders in within your home.

If they’re not playing or protecting they’ll be sitting on the couch, their stomachs up, waiting to be noticed. This is typically after a lot of exercising. Be cautious not to overindulge your Aussie excessively as they’ll walk the distance of a mile if you give them an inch.

Size & Appearance

Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog breed. The Australian Shepherd weighs between 40 to 65 pounds and are between 18 to 23 inches high. Males tend to be at the upper side of the weight and height scale, compared to females. They’re slightly larger than tall. However, they’re still very well-proportioned dogs that are active under their soft coats. They are strong and lean their bodies are built for the demands of work.

Typically , their tails are natural bobbed or docked, and is always not more than four inches. Their ears are high on their skulls, and the triangle-shaped ears are just below the eyes. They sport an enthralling smile that is always content to see their families after a couple of hours from them.

The eyes of their almond-shaped counterparts provide a calm but alert eye. They have eyes may be blue or brown or amber. They can also can be marbled or flecked with a patterns. Aussies are among the very few breeds of dog that be born with the heterochromia gene in which they possess multiple colored eyes. Eyes with different colors are viewed as attractive and appealing. The price of these pups is higher because there is more demand for them due to their distinctiveness.

Coat & Colors

The Aussie is an average-length, water-resistant coat that requires regular grooming. It’s double-layered with the inner layer being smooth and thick, and the top layers being large with a thicker layer. Together, the layers shield their skin from dusty ranches as well as the scorching Californian sun. Additionally, it is soft and supple to the skin. Hair may be straight or curly, and male dogs have more thick hair on their chests and necks.

There are certain coif color schemes that are accepted as standard for breeds. Blue, black red, the red merle, are all recognized in an established breed standard. The coat may also feature white or tan markings, or both throughout their entire coat. The majority of dogs feature black noses as well as other features, like lips and eye rims. Some dogs may feature brown features. The nose is often pink. are often observed in merle-colored pups.

Exercise Needs

When you welcome this breed to your home, you can expect an energy level that is high. The breed was created to herd and their energy should be used to its fullest. If you don’t provide the necessary investment for their energy it can be the worst nightmare. Not only will they constantly attempt to control the entire family, but they’ll ruin the furniture as well as your belongings at home. They can be able to dig and bark and then become a monopoly.

They should get between 60-90 minutes of daily exercise. This is all they need, but they can do more if you’ve got enough time! They’ll be willing to be at work for all hours of the day when you ask them. You can trust being your most dedicated employee. The exercise they do must be rigorous to help them release their energy.

They are also extremely smart, they can be too excessive for them at times. It is important to test them regularly. This could mean making them fetch frisbees and balls, or having participants with training courses for agility or flyball contests. A long stroll through the park isn’t enough.

A visit to the dog park in your area is a fantastic chance for them to release the stress and run around and play to their hearts’ satisfied, and you don’t have to spend too much time there. It’s also a great way to ensure that they keep your dog’s socialization skills in good shape.

Living Conditions

The Aussie is ideally in a house that has an access backyard. They are known to thrive in apartment buildings, but only provided they have access an area for their yard and are well physically active. The yard must be securedas they’re protective. However, as a roamer and could be lost if left in a confined space for too long.

Their highly intelligent and active mind also require stimulation. If it is not possible to spend all day around with them an assortment of playthings is essential. They’ll play with anything you can put their hands on and puzzle-solving toys are an excellent way to keep them engaged for hours. Make sure that they have an array of assortment in Aussie pet toys for them to enjoy, and change them frequently so that they’re not bored.

Their energy and boisterous nature mean that they’re best suited for families with children of a certain age. They are prone to rough play. They are prone to bumping young children accidentally. In combination with their need to herd all things in view, indicates that they should be placed in the company of older children. If they’re and are well-socialized as pups they will be able to live comfortably alongside other dog breeds. Be sure to be on the lookout for their behavior at house and choose a suitable name.


The breed has a advanced level of intelligence due the fact that they have the Border Collie impact. However, they also have an independent personality that can make them difficult to train. This is why they’re not suggested for dog owners who are new to the breed. If you do not begin training your dog’s obedience in the beginning, they may develop into stubborn adults.

If you are able to capture his attention and energy you will see him excel in training. Apart from starting early the key to teaching self-sufficient dog is to keep the training sessions short and entertaining. If they are bored and they become bored, you’ll ruin the chance to train effectively.

Another aspect that is crucial to his needs for training involves his the process of socialization. It’s crucial for all dogs however, especially dogs who are shy around strangers, and protective of their families. It’s crucial to teach the dogs that no one is an adversary. It also teaches the children that visitors, strangers and unpredictability are normal aspects of daily life.

Crate training is recommended in the case of the Aussie. You’ll have to determine the right dimension that is appropriate for the breed. They don’t just hate being left on their own however, they could also turn destructive when they’re hyper-anxious. A crate can be comforting for your dog while you’re away and will protect them from troubles too.

Another thing to take into consideration when considering this is the herding behaviour. If you observe that your dog is herding in the home it is time to do something about it. Herding is usually accompanied by the well-known Aussie gaze and circling. It’s irritating and can lead to spats when they attempt it with pets from the house. If you notice it, change their behavior. It’s an indication that they’re not exercising enough.


It is a fairly healthy dog breed with the life span of between 12 and 15 years or more. The best method to ensure that this breed is well is to be up-to-date with wellness checks, plenty of exercise, and premium food.

The Aussie is purebred dog. It is, as any other purebreds, is prone to certain health problems. Here are the most prevalent ailments you should be aware of and it’s crucial that you recognize signs if they occur.

Hip and elbow dysplasia Dysplasia of the elbow and hip are common problems for active, medium-sized to large-sized dog breeds. This is because the joint of the elbow and hip are not properly formed and socket and bone expand in different rates. This causes strain and wear, eventually leading to the mobility and pain.

Eye problems: The breed can be affected by a range of eye problems. Most common is cataracts as well as distichiasis which is when the eyelashes grow within the eyelids, which can be extremely uncomfortable. Other eye issues include progressive retinal atrophy as well as collie eye.

DeafnessDeafness can be more prevalent in these breeds than other breeds. It is believed that it’s due to the absence of pigmentation in the ear. Children born of two parents who are merle will be more susceptible to being hearing impaired. It is recommended that a BARE test must be taken to determine if the puppy is deaf or not.


The typical Australian Shepherd will consume between two and 3 cups of meals each day. If they are active dogs, they’ll likely require much more. And if you have a dog that is exceptionally lazy then they’ll need less. They are fed a balanced dry diet which is the highest quality protein, carbohydrates and Omega fats, fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. Good quality kibbles are perfect for Aussies in particular due to their energy levels.

The breed is very active, and their joints are constantly in motion. They also have a higher risk of developing elbow and hip dysplasia. Because of this, it is essential to make sure that your food contains significant amounts of glucosamine since this can help to maintain joint health. Find ingredients such as meat, fish flaxseeds, flaxseeds, and other plant oils. It is also possible to include fish oil in their food as a supplement.


Their grooming routine is shorter than you’d imagine. Their soft coat isn’t able to stick to dirt as much as other breeds, which is why they don’t get as dirty. A regular brush to get rid of dry hair the breed needs to keep neat and clean. If your dog is in a dirty ranch throughout the day You may have to brush them a bit more often.

Australian Shepherds shed moderately through the year and significantly during the time of shedding. All through the season, a pin or slicker brush is the best choice to deal with their coats. You will require brushing frequently throughout the time of shedding if you are looking to keep the shed to an absolute minimal. We would also recommend employing the Undercoat Rake to help keep fur under control.

They must be cleaned regularly whenever they are filthy. Don’t wash them more often than once every four weeks since they will be stripped from their oils. If they are soiled at the ranch Dry doggy shampoo or wipes can be helpful to prevent overbathing.

The teeth and ear canals must be cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of bacteria. Also, to lower the chance of developing infections and periodontal disease. They will not require trimming because of the amount of work they perform. However, if you can detect them tapping their nails onto the flooring, then they’ll need to be cut. You must be extra attentive to the eyes while grooming. When you see any signs of redness, irritation, dryness or excessive tears this could indicate that they’re suffering from one or more of the eye problems.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

The breed is extremely popular across America and particularly in the west coast which is where the breed originated. If you’re in the area you live you don’t need travel far to locate an ethical and reliable breeder. It is essential to deal with a breeder who is reputable as well as only breeding healthy dog breeds. The best place to begin is to check the the AKC’s database of breeders who are registered.

If you’re looking for a breeder to adopt and a website that is professional, search for one with a good reputation and breeders who will meet with you personally. You must meet the puppies as well as at least one parent in person prior to signing an financial commitment. Ask to see the health certificates and, most importantly, go with your intuition. A reliable breeder will offer their puppies for 1000 dollars and more. It is possible to find merle-colored dogs and dogs with different color eyes to cost more.

A puppy mill is likely to advertise their puppies on websites with ads and will take you to a parking space. Pressurized sales and lower prices are also sure signs that they’re not a trusted breeder. Avoid them! Puppy mills produce sick and unhealthy dogs and seldom provide love and medical care. That results in low-quality pups as well as higher medical bills for you.

Alongside the cost of the puppy’s first year in addition, you must consider other puppy-related expenses. Things like bed, crates as well as toys and the harnesses you choose for your Aussie come with an expense. Medical insurance and vet expenses are just some of the variables to take into consideration.

Rescues & Shelters

The option of rescuing a dog is a different alternative. Unfortunately, a lot of dog owners choose Aussies because they’re gorgeous. However, they do not realize the amount of attention or training they require. So, there are many dogs at shelters for the homeless. However, this makes it an all more crucial aspect to consider.

Visit your local shelters for rescue and talk to the staff members who are more than willing to help you with your search. There are breed-specific shelters throughout the nation that are focused on rehoming the beautiful dogs If you are unsuccessful there. Australian Shepherd Rescue and the Australian Shepherd Club of America and Australian Shepherd Rescue are fantastic websites to start your search.

When you are looking at rescues, remain open to. It is possible to find an Australian hybrid breed with Aussie genetics that you will are into love. Rescue dogs are more affordable and let you save lives at the same at the same time.

As Family Pets

  • This is a very energetic pet, and you should you should plan to be prepared.
  • They should get at least 60-90 minutes of daily exercise.
  • This is a very intelligent dog that requires constant mental stimulation.
  • They are lovable pets once they’ve depleted.
  • The Aussie is apprehensive about being alone, and may suffer from separation anxiety.
  • They’re not friendly with strangers and can beg visitors to leave.
  • Their energy levels are high, which means the time spent playing with children needs to be watched closely.
  • This breed is best suited to an area to run around and play.
  • They are extremely educated and skilled, however they are they are also stubborn and independent.
  • It’s not unusual for them to attempt to pull small children out of the house.
  • Stop herding behavior in the early stages to avoid behavioral problems as they get older.

Final Thoughts

From Europe from Europe to Australia All through to America The breed is very popular. Australian Shepherds are a popular breed. Australian Shepherd is a charming breed with a big personality. They’re fun, beautiful looking dogs, and they usually are aware of that! However, this is all aspect of their charm and they are appreciated by pet owners all over the globe.

You’ve got to be in the perfect family to welcome a puppy to your home. They require company, lots of exercise and plenty of instruction and guidance for an enthralled puppy. If they don’t, they could become a nightmare. If you give the dog with this, they will ensure that you will get a great companion from this amazing breed of dog.

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