Beagle English Bulldog Mix: Beabull Breed Information

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

It is believed that the Beagle as well as Bulldog mixed dog is commonly referred to by the name of Beabull or short for its name, has a fantastic combination of calm and energy and is gentle with young youngsters and elderly family members and all the rest. His parents, both of them are very well-known, and it was just an issue of time before someone thought of an idea to mix them together.

Although some might not agree with the Beagle mix as a favourite however, the Beabull has been gaining popularity in recent years and has developed quite a fan base. When you mix with the English Bulldog’s relaxed nature and the affectionate nature that is characteristic of the Beagle and the Beagle, you get an interesting mix based on the parentage your dog follows.

If you decide to adopt one of these rare pups We always suggest to introduce them before introducing them to other people or pets you might have within your home. However they are quite laid-back and are able to get along with everyone. Let’s get into it and explore an in-depth study of the Beabull.

Beagle English Bulldog Mix

Parent Breeds

The dog’s history and function can give you an insights into the way he behaves, his trainability and levels of energy are likely to be. So, before you accept one of these dogs to your home, it’s crucial to know his family to gain an understanding of what you can be expecting from your Beabull.


The Beagle was born in England during the 16 the century in the 16th Century to catch rabbits, as well as other predators. He has always been regarded as one of the top hunting dogs on earth and was frequently selected by those who couldn’t have a horse because they could hunt by the foot. While the Beagle has been a popular dog since the time he arrived in America however, he came in the spotlight after the 36 year old president, Lyndon Johnson, often was seen in the spotlight with his two Beagles One was named Him and the other named Her.

In the year 2019, The American Kennel Club (AKC) has ranked the Beagle as the sixth 6th most popular and most loved breed of dog in America. Beagles are becoming increasingly an extremely popular pet for families due to his smile and gentle nature. He’s also hilarious and adorable, and not an unkind word can be spoken about this beloved family pet. As a hound, this dog can be determined however, with regular training, this can be over come. Other Beagle Mixes that are popular include Beagle Pitbull, the Beagle Pitbull mix as well as Puggle. Puggle.

English Bulldog

The Bulldog is also a product of England however it is a very different background. He was born in the 13 the century for the intention of baiting bulls, and his ancestors were bigger than the dogs of nowadays, and they were brave with their strong and savage jaws. They also did not seem to be in pain when they were in the arena. The dog with the tenacity to fight thankfully resigned as a bullfighter after the brutal sport was banned in the late 19th century, and they can be typically found sleeping for the majority of the day in their owner’s couch.

In the year 2019 in 2019, the English Bulldog is ranked just one spot ahead that of Beagle in the ranking of 5 5th most loved dog breed in America. The breed can be described as calm, friendly and peaceful and is extremely calm and docile at home, and has a an element of playful play that keeps your and your family members engaged for hours on end. The affectionate nature of his personality is more than enough to make up for the insanity and his smug attitude it isn’t the most trainable dog however his sour disposition and humorous personality make up the difference.


Beabulls are the Beabull is the amazing mix of two breeds which, while distinct from each other, they have produced a cute dog that is turning out to be an extremely loved pet for the family. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of getting to meet the Beabull prior to now, take a look at Beabulls of Instagram. Beabulls on Instagram because there are many adorable photos of Beabulls all over the globe.


While there isn’t much that can be guaranteed with designer dogs , you can be certain that the Beabull is social with everyone and anyone and therefore, don’t think that you will have the best of guard dogs from this dog. He is affectionate and loving with his family members and is happy to participate in games and play with friends, family and strangers alike. it is a social butterfly. This is why the Beabull is not a fan of being left on his own, and therefore must be placed in an owner who can ensure that someone will be home for the majority of the day with him or else you’ll find your furniture destroyed by his grumpy and destructive jaws.

He is kind and gentle with young children and his small body size compared to the Bulldog is among the most appealing aspects for families with children who are younger. However due to that the Bulldogs size and their clumsiness it is important to keep him closely monitored with children in the event of an accident bump. It is also a common trait that he inherits certain traits that Bulldogs affection for relaxing and relaxed and often see him in a afternoon dog coma, snoozing to anyone who is around.

It is also known that the Beabull also is a bit wild and is known entertaining his loved ones members, therefore if you’re looking for the next big thing on the internet, the Beabull could be the best option! With his Beagles hilarious howling habits and playful nature, high bursts of energycan be expected during the course of the day. They also make an excellent companion for park walks and foraging in the forest All in all, the Beabull is a gorgeous, balanced personality that will fit in with the majority of families.

Size & Appearance

Like most designer dogs There is the aspect of surprise in his appearance, especially when the two breeds he comes from differ in appearance. The Beabull can range from 13 to fifteen inches in height. the weight ranges from 20 and 50 pounds.

Some Beabulls appear to be a 50/50 split between their parents, while some appear closer to one more than the other. The Beabull is likely to inherit a more square jaw and a powerful head however, they are more slim and athletic than the shorter and small Bulldog.

The face of his dog could be flat, and along with this comes the possibility of Brachycephalic disorder and short tails whether long or curly. He is likely to have a few of well-known rolls however, probably not as numerous like the Bulldog. His paws are likely to be huge and he’ll likely be the bearer of large eyes that are big enough to melt the most hard of hearts.

Coat & Colors

The Beabull will sport a stiff and short double coat that will be laid near to the body, and will be similar to his parents. The coat of his will consist of white and the typical hunting colors of black, brown and white and brindles, fawns, and reds mixed in.

Exercise & Living Conditions

Based on the parent he is most closely following likely you will require between 45 to 60 minutes of exercise each daily. If he is more than the Bulldog then he may require less exercise, but if you are more similar to those of the Beagle the odds are probable that he’ll require an hour of exercise each day. Whatever parent he follows, you should not let him loose in public areas due to his prey-seeking instinct, since it is probable that he will not come back to you when you spot squirrels. Due to his tendency for Brachycephalic syndrome, it’s essential to monitor the Beabull when exercising.

It is an adaptable dog and is suitable for houses and apartments, so long as he gets sufficient exercise and isn’t left to himself all day. Don’t mistake the periods of slumber as lazy because Beabull has plenty of mental and physical energy which will have to be sucked out in some manner If you don’t give him a suitable outlet, he’ll destroy your possessions in the home when he starts feeling uneasy.


It is crucial to establish a bond with the Beabull at an early age and expose him to different species of animals and people of all sizes and shapes to ensure that he develops to be a confident adult in various situations. It is also advisable to take him on obedience classesas the Beabull is a very stubborn dog, to give you an early start on establishing the boundaries. However, be aware that this will take a lot of patience and perseverance for your side.

Many Beabull parents have commented that in the puppy stage the dog is known for his play-bitingwhich is a result of his Bulldog parents, and it is crucial to educate the puppy that it is not acceptable. There are a variety of methods to stop biting at a young age. If you notice that your child exhibits this behavior often, you should invest in a chew toy since it is possible that he is also teething.


Beabull Beabull is a healthy dog that has the best health of the Beagle and its average life span is between 10 and 13 years. While this list isn’t comprehensive, the most frequent health issues that you should be mindful of include:

hip Dysplasia This is caused by an abnormal growth in the joint of the hip, which may eventually result in painful arthritis that will limit the mobility of the patient.

Eye problems The Beabull is susceptible to suffering from various eye diseases however the most frequent are cataracts and progressive retinal Atrophy as well as Cherry Eye. While there aren’t any standards for breeds that are recognized by the Beabull Breeders who are reputable are willing to submit their dogs to an Ophthalmologist assessment.

Canine Disc Disease This is when the disc of a dog’s spine breaks and fluid in the spinal canal leaks. This results in extreme pain and inflammation and over time, the spine becomes in a position to not support the body’s weight.

Hypothyroidism This can be described as an inactive thyroid that could cause weight gain, fatigue, dullness of the mind and hair loss as well as other signs.

Brachycephalic syndrome While this may not be as serious as the Bulldog however, it will inherit a part of a flat face, and the associated signs like breathing problems and issues with control of heat, which is why it is important to keep him in check when exercising and during periods that are extremely hot.


The Beabull consumes approximately 1 1/2 to two cups of food each day however, every Beabull will differ and will be completely dependent on his size and the level of energy. The Beabull needs a premium dry kibble and due to his strong frame, he will benefit from an extremely protein-rich dietto maintain his muscles lean and in good condition. If your dog is a model after the example of its English Bulldog parent, you’ll need to choose a top quality food designed specifically to be suitable for English Bulldogs.

Be certain not to feed the dog since both parents are healthy eaters, you can be sure that he’ll have one at least twice as more. The amount of food and treats consumed must be monitored because when you leave him to his own devices, he will quickly get overweight.


The Beabull is fairly easy to groom due to his short, tightly trimmed coat that is smooth and shiny. A quick brushing every once or twice per weekwill suffice to get rid of any dead hair and create an attractive and sleek coat. The groomer will only require bathing once each two months, or that’s unless he gets extremely dirty while working out.

If he is a descendant of the coat of a Bulldog and is susceptible to suffering from skin irritation and, as such, it is advised to only use gentle products that won’t irritate the skin further. Additionally should he have any skin folds or rolls then it is recommended to clean them regularly using special dog wrinkle products and cotton wool buds.


In general, a Beabull puppy can cost between $500 and $1,000. This is a little more than the typical designer dog, primarily due to the fact that they are becoming well-known and thus more sought-after, and also because the Bulldog is prone to a range of issues during birth which is why the procedure is often a surgical one and is more difficult and thus more costly. This is only because of the shape that the Bulldogs pelvic anatomy and, once the pup is born, there’s nothing to worry about and don’t let this discourage you from getting one.

As Family Pets

  • The Beabull is a sweet and affectionate dog that is suitable for families that have children or not.
  • This breed is compatible with other pets in the household, and is extremely adaptable.
  • He is a balanced and well-balanced dog and is a pleasure to be around. walks in the morning and cuddles in the afternoon.
  • He is extremely social and, as such, is not one to be isolated for prolonged durations of time.
  • The jaw of his powerful is extremely destructive when he is anxious or unfocused.
  • The Beabull must be kept in an active family with moderate activity.
  • Typically, 30-45 minutes of daily exercise is sufficient to meet the requirements of Beabull.
  • The Beabull isn’t the most loyal dog which is why he needs an owner who is patient.
  • Training in obedience and socialization are crucial to this combination, just as it is the case for most.
  • He should be brushing his coat every 1 or 2 times per every week in order to maintain his hair looking good.
  • The skin folds of his face will require regular cleaning using specific wrinkle products.
  • The Beabulls consumption of food should be monitored regularly to ensure that he doesn’t get overweight.

Finding a Beabull Breeder

Since the Beabull is a very popular dog, it’s relatively easy to locate breeders on the internet The only challenge is finding one that is both trustworthy and ethical, and one that you feel at ease working with. Talk to others Beabull fans as well, and they’ll be able to suggest breeders they worked with, and more importantly, the breeders to stay clear of. Make sure you join social media forums like Beabulls Facebook group. Beabulls facebook group which is packed with Beabull enthusiasts and is an excellent way to seek advice however, you must remember to conduct your own studytoo.

Rescue & Shelters

While Beagles are popular, the Beabull is currently a hugely well-known, he’s not as popular in rescue shelters, which means finding your Beabull love in shelters could take a little longer. Go to your local shelters for rescue and talk to the staff there, but be sure to visit the Beagle Rescue website or the Bulldog Rescue Network for more information about specific breed rescue shelters, where mixed breeds are often destined to end up being as well.

Final Thoughts

The well-balanced dog has everything for all ages whether it’s cuddles with a blanket or energetic bursts of energy or long, adventurous walks. He is extremely social and friendly and is able to get along with all kinds of people and you don’t have anything to be concerned about in this regard. If he gets enough exercise and is engaged by chew toys and brain-training games, he’ll return his affection with doggy kisses, and will be the most adorable four-legged friend you could ever imagine.

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