17 Beagle Mixes

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

It is said that the Beagle is one of the most well-loved pet for families and, as of 2019 is listed as the sixth 6 most popular breed of dog in America. In the past few years, he’s slowly begun to make his progress to the top of the list and there’s an excellent reason for this! He’s described as a jolly and friendly dog and brings joy to every day life. And since he’s an average-sized to small dog is a perfect pet for families who have children of a smaller size, especially because he is so kind with them.

He is also an excellent companion for a walk or an adventure as he has one of the most strong noses in the world. The curious dog is a lover of all things and does not leave a stone unturned however, you must remember that you keep him off your leash because he’s an independent dog who can choose the scent of the master’s preference every day of the week.

There are actually two different dimensions that belong to the Beagle One is 13 inches or less while the other is between 13 and 15 inches shoulder to paw. He is among the smallest in the Hound Group, and as so, he wears the classic Hound colorsof white, black and tan. He has dark brown buttons eyes and large ears that appear like they are a little too large for his head, however this is only adding to his adorable charm. His tail is usually straight, and his tiny body is very muscular. With a strong, yet compact serious hunter, and a with a soft canine We can clearly understand why this dog is getting more well-known.

Beagle Mixes

Beagle Mixes

Mixed dogs are amazing creations. Not just are they the most desirable of both worlds, but it also helps them to be healthier because it expands the gene pool. However, they are not ill-advised. Beagle can be regarded as a relatively healthy dog, with a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years.

With the increase in the popularity of designer breeds and the creation of all types of dogs and breeds, the Beagle is a long-standing popular dog breed that mixes. The only downside to the breed is it’s impossible to be certain of the genes that the puppy inherits from each parent, however so long as you love each of his parents it’s not really an issue.

We’ve found 20 of the most adorable Beagle mixed dogs and some couple of unlikely pairings that are surprisingly effective! If you are a fan of the Beagle however, you may want something little different to the popular breed, then you’re likely to find your ideal dog on this list. While this list is not all-inclusive, these breeds are becoming the most sought-after Beagle varieties around.


Breeds: Beagle & Dachshund

Doxle is a short-legged dog. Doxle can be described as another smaller dog however, it is a longer one due to his larger parents’ bodies. The Doxle can weigh between 16-30 pounds in weight and be between 15 and 15 inches tall. Based on his Dachshund parents’ coat, which could be short or long haired, or somewhere in between, the hairstyle of the Doxle is a matter of speculation however it is certain that this dog will sport the distinct shorter legs and large paddle-paws!

Since both his parents hunt and hunters, you can anticipate this larger dog to chase after everything and anything and that’s why you should ensure that he is on a leash always! If he’s not following his nose, he’ll be attempting to curl up into your armpits and laps and it’s likely that this “Velcro dog” will be among the affectionate of them all. This is why the dog is often diagnosed with anxiety about separation and it is best to be with families that are able to spend the majority of their time to him.


Breeds: Beagle & Pomeranian

The Pomeagle is among the most beloved companion dogs and, because its Pomeranian parent being smaller, the Pomeagle will definitely fit sit in your lap. However it is also an extremely curious and curious dog that will never stop wandering off when you allow him take a chance, so make sure you be on guard. Because of this, you will not have much patience with his master’s efforts to train him, and therefore it is highly unlikely that you will have a trained dog, however certain owners appreciate this independence characteristic.

It is probable that the Pomeagle is likely to be anywhere between 7 to 13 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 10 and 20 pounds. It is an extremely versatile animal and is ideal for apartment or large homes, but be sure to secure your property so that he is not able to escape. Being slightly larger than the Pomeranian makes him well-suited for households with children of a smaller size too which is good news for everyone!


Breeds: Beagle & French Bulldog

We have another dog that is small however, one that is incredibly charming and fun. The fun he has with his owners makes him an ideal candidate to be a pet for the family, and everyone from toddlers to old age will be enthralled by him. He’s also likely to be a stubborn and independent, which is why despite his tiny size, He will surely keep his master on feet, and could be quite difficult to train.

The Frengle is likely to have his flabby face characteristic of the French Bulldog, just as the Puggle however, the signs aren’t likely to be serious, which is good news. The Frengle will sport an oval face, however, he will have the cheeky smile of the Beagle and will be surrounded by people who pass by him adoring him from a distance. It is probable that he will weigh between 20 and 30 pounds and will be between 11 and 15 inches tall.

Beagle Shepherd

Breeds: Beagle & German Shepherd

It is true that the Beagle as well as German Shepherds and the German Shepherd both have specific abilities that differ from each other, however when you mix them you will have a secure and vigilant dog that is a master of smell, especially for threats. He can not only detect an intruder from miles away, but he’s also adept at quickly separating the good stuff from the criminals, which means you can meet new friends quickly too! Make sure you give this dog a lot of training and socialization to make sure that you receive the most desirable traits from both your parents.

A Beagle Shepherd will weigh anywhere between 20 to 70 pounds and will be at least 24 inches tall, from paw to shoulder which means he can become an enormous animal therefore make sure you have plenty of room for him. The Beagle Shepherd will sport shaggier coats that are dark brown in colour. Take a look at the Beagle Shepherd breed profile for more information about this amazing mix.


Breeds: Beagle & Siberian Husky

The Beaskie is an stunningly beautiful dog that is slightly larger and more wild in comparison to the Beagle however, it is smaller in comparison to the Siberian Husky. The Beagle is estimated to weigh between 25 and 50 pounds and can reach a height of 20 inches in height. He could inherit the browns or the whites of both parents, as medium-length hair, however it is more likely that he’ll inherit the dark facial hair and bright blue eyes that are characteristic of the Husky.

The dog is likely to be quite a little noisy dog and you can be prepared for lots of Husky chatter and Beagle howling. If you live in a quiet living space, you might want to shift to a different Beagle mix! If this is something you believe will be fun and unique and entertaining, then he’ll give you many hours of fun and entertainment.


Breeds: Beagle & Rottweiler

This is an quite unlikely pairing however it’s an alternative that is so effective! Similar to that of the Shepherd Beagle, this dog is a bit cautious of his family members and therefore requires early socialization to make sure that he doesn’t become excessively protective. If you are able to break the code and transform him into a calm and well-mannered dog and a loving pet, then he will be just as, if not more, loving and affectionate to his beloved family members. Therefore, you can expect a huge fluffy dog!

The Reagle is known to appear similar to the Beagle however, it has an elongated head, and the brown and black markings and colorings that are characteristic of the Rottweiler. The largest dog on the list, and it is imperative to create space for him! It is estimated that the Rottweiler weighs anywhere from 80 and 135 pounds The Beagle weighs around 30 pounds and less, which means he can be anywhere between the middle of these scales. The Rottie mixed is likely to measure between from 18-23 inches tall as well.

Beagle Point

Breeds: Beagle & Pointer

This could be among the most persistent hunter on the list and, therefore, it is necessary to place him in a family that is active that has access to vast green spaces, as this is a gentleman from the countryside and not well-suited to concrete cities! The parent of the Pointer is extremely smart and is eager to please his master. If you can teach the Beagle Point very early it is possible that he will be very loyal and obey his master’s lead over his nose, but it could be that he is stubborn, just like the Beagle parent! If his nose isn’t down, it is a delight to be able to see the Beagle Point is extremely loving with his family and this athletic and muscular boy is a lover of cuddling his masters.

The guy you’re looking at will be between 15 and 22 inches tall and will weigh between 40 and 60 pounds in weight. You can expect him to appear slim and healthy and sport sleek and short hair. He’s likely to wear the colours of the Beagle however, he will not have the spots and patches are typical of the Pointer.


Breeds: Beagle & Yorkshire Terrier

It’s the Borkie is a cute charming dog, and you may be able to squeeze into the big bag of yours. It is expected to weigh between 7 and 12 pounds (assuming that there isn’t an actual toy Yorkie) He is 8 to 12 inches tall, from the paw to the shoulder. In general, he’ll inherit the finer and longer hair of the Yorkshire Terrier and will have the brown, black and white colors that are characteristic of the Beagle.

It is the Borkie can be a different Velcro dog that is on this list, so is in need of a home where will shower him with love and love. It is likely that you will be a spirited dog who also enjoys occasional naps or even however, when you’re with him, he does not care about what’s in the schedule! He may be aggressive and guarding his master, however, this can be controlled by early socialization.


Breeds: Beagle & Labrador Retriever

It was only natural that this dog was going be on the list, that Beagles are incredibly popular. Labrador Retriever is the most loved dog in America, as well as the Beagador is becoming among the top loved Beagle breeds too. The Beagle is extremely energetic and it is probable that he’ll have an affinity to water due to the Labradors background in working and a frequent swimming in the local lake.

The Labrador Retrievers are missing the PoMC genes (the gene that informs his stomach that it is full) and the fact that Beagles enjoys snacks, it is essential to be cautious with your Beagador as if left without supervision, he’ll surely devour you outside of the your home and even the house. A healthy-sized Beagle can be anywhere from 24 to inches from shoulder to paw and weigh between 30 and 80 pounds.


Breeds: Beagle & Golden Retriever

Beago can be described as an extremely soft and sweet soul due to both of his parents’ human-loving genes therefore if it’s an animal lover you’re looking for, then you should look no further than this dog. Beago is a great fit to families with young children. young children, or an entire household with pets, making you’re not limited by the possibilities with Beago. Beago. He’s active during time with his friends, but he also takes his afternoon nap seriously as well!

The Beago is expected to measure between 18-22 inches tall, and the weight will range from 35 and 55 pounds. In general, he’ll inherit an elongated coat that is shorter than Golden Retrievers, however, it’s not as long than the Beagle. You can expect a darker golden hue that the Retriever or Beagle, whether in the form of a solid coat as well as flashes that resemble the Beagle colors to create an stunningly beautiful mix. It is also possible that he will be the inheritor of bigger Beagle ears.

Bagle Hound

Breeds: Beagle & Basset Hound

The two hunter breeds can be frequently confused with each and each other and it makes sense to have them as an extremely popular mix. The combined nose strength of his parents will be able to find him digging deep into the woods and even up into the trees for most of his walks, which means you require a little force to keep him in the back. When you aren’t out walking, it is probable that the Bagle is fond of time in the sun and will be a relaxed dog.

In general overall, it’s a good idea to know that the Bagle Hound looks like a shorter and longer version of himself due to his Beagle genetics however, he has ears that are longer and floppy like his cousin, the Basset Hound. Both his parents wear the traditional Hound colours and you’ll see them in any variant.


Breeds: Beagle & Poodle

In the past, all dogs are mixed with the Poodle. Not only does he sport beautiful curls that are unique and a beautiful bob, but it also has a one coat, which can mean less hassle for people who suffer from allergies to dogs. Be aware that the Beagle isn’t hypoallergenic, so it’s not a guarantee it will be. Poogle will be. It is likely that the Poogle is likely to be a very active dog and, with his parents both having backgrounds in hunting It is expected that he’ll require at least one hour of physical activity per day.

The size of the Poogle will depend entirely on the size of his parent dog is because they are available in three sizes: they are Standard, Miniature and Toy. The typical Poogle will be between 10 and 15 inches tall and weigh between 20 and 30 pounds. Be sure to inquire with the breeder which size his Poodle parents are. White, black and brown waves are most likely to be the coat of choice for the pooch.


Breeds: Beagle & American Pitbull Terrier

The Beaglebull is an very strong and confident dog that will inherit the powerful predatory instinct and nose that is characteristic of the Beagle however, it will have the soft and sweet temperament that is characteristic of an American Pitbull Terrier. This is why you can anticipate a wild time of chasing squirrels, followed by a long time of cuddles on the sofa! It is suggested to start socializing early with this dog to be sure that he does not inherit the Pitbull’s fear-aggression tendencies toward other dogs, but most of the time when he’s been properly raised, this is not usually an issue.

The Beaglebull is expected to measure 18 and 20 inches tall, from shoulder to paw, and weighs between 30 and 40 pounds, which means you should expect a larger and more muscular model of Beagle. The Beaglebull will sport a short and silky coat, and according to the Pitbull parents’ color he’ll inherit the white and brown colors.


Breeds: Beagle & Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you are a fan of the Beagle but prefer an more relaxed version that doesn’t have the prey drive that is so intense and the high prey drive, then the Beaglier could be the right one for you. The King Charles Spaniel gene mean that he can be a lap dog all day long and you can expect some afternoon snoozes. However, the dog still takes taking a few walks every day, which means you’ll be able to find a balance between vitality and peace.

He’ll measure between twelve to fifteen inches tall and weigh between 15 to 25 pounds. It is possible that he’ll inherit the longer and wavier coat that is characteristic of King Charles Spaniel however, he will sport the white and brown shades as well as the patterns that beagles wear. In general, the Beaglier is an easy and soft dog that is elegant and confident.


Breeds: Beagle & Cocker Spaniel

The Speagle is sometimes referred to as the Bocker is a cute small poodle who charms all with his large eyes, dark brown eyes and puppy-like ears. In general, he inherits the longer coat that the Cocker Spaniel has, as well as the spots and patches too however, he is more likely to wear brown hues due to the colors of the Beagle! Expect him to grow to the height of 12-15 inches and weigh 30 pounds or less.

This extremely clever dog could make a great hunter, however he’ll likely be a more comfortable pet for a companion due because of his Cocker Spaniels newer affection of human laps. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t let him off the leash! His parents have been described as happy and the Speagle will likely be even more so. You can expect a faithful dog who will notify you when there is something lurking in the dark.


Breeds: Beagle & Jack Russel Terrier

Last but not last, the Jackabee. The sly little guy is known as the JCB of dogs. With his Beagle parent’s eyes there will never be a stopping point when you spot a scent therefore, you must not let him off the leash. If you’re experiencing an issue with rodents in your yard, the Jackabee is the first to offer service to control pests! His brief bursts of energy and enthusiasm make him a great companion, and he has a peace and tranquility that you would expect.

He’ll measure between 11 and 14 inches from shoulder to paw He will weigh between 10 to 20 pounds. He’ll have a proportionate muscular size, and have a smooth and short coat that takes on the whites and browns of any parent. If he is a model for the style of his Jack Russell Terrier parent more than the other breeds, you can expect a very active puppy that is extremely smart.

Australian Beagle

Breeds: Beagle & Australian Shepherd

It is said that the Australian Beagle is an excellent companion dog that can grasp commands quickly, simply because he’s so smart and would love nothing more than receiving the praise of his master. The Beagle is a joyful dog who is a great companion for everyone in the family, and also other pets in the household So he’s an extremely versatile dog!

He is likely to measure between 13 and 23 inches from his paw to shoulder. He is likely to weigh between 20 and 65 pounds in weight and will likely fall somewhere in between this. He’ll have an average double length coat that is likely to shed throughout the year. He may inherit any color from his Australian parents, like the blue or lemon tick whites or fawns and the more traditional Hound colours. It is also possible to inherit eye color mismatch, as do many Aussie mixes,which makes him all the more attractive.

Final Thoughts

The Beagle is a loving and fun family pet who is loved by everyone, so when you mix his charm with other beloved pets The Beagle mixed breed was always guaranteed to be doggy awesome! Beagles are incredibly loving and affectionate. Beagle is a common family pet, with a perfect balance of calm and energy and should be able to smooth down or enhance any other pet’s personality in a positive way! Whichever Beagle mix you pick make sure you be aware of the amount of food he eats, and ensure that he is on a leash all times. You can both be happy ever after.

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