9 Belgian Malinois Mixes

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

. The Belgian Malinis has played many roles over the course of the history of their breed. Many of them still have this job today .. They have a great work ethic and are able to do more than just work on the farm. Think security, police work and emotional support. They are great parents for many Belgian Malinois mixes and have become very popular in the Designer Dog craze.

They are intelligent and eager to learn new things. This breed is not only smart and diligent, but they are also very affectionate and love spending time with their families. They are a versatile breed !

The Belgian Malinois is a great choice for mixing with other breeds because of its intelligence, warmth, and industriousness. This results in a Belgian Malinois that is medium-sized to large in size. It also has the intelligence and responsibility that make it so special. Each mix is unique because each parent comes from another. We’ve compiled 11 of our favorite Belgian Malinois mixes, so you can see if any of these popular hybrids are suited to your lifestyle.

 Belgian Malinois Mixes


Breeds: Siberian Husky and Belgian Malinois

The Belusky is a strong, active dog that is always ready for adventure. They come from parents who both have high energy needs, so you’re in for a wild ride with this Husky mix! They require a lot of exercise and maintenance, making them difficult to handle for owners who are less experienced. If you can handle them, they will be a loyal friend like no other.

Their protective nature makes them excellent guard dogs , because they care about their family’s safety and wellbeing. Be sure to teach them obedience and socialization as soon as they can. This will help curb territorial behavior. They are a great companion for families and have a lot of love to offer to their trusted family members.

They’ll need to be active for 1.5-2 hours each day. It not only keeps them in shape, but it also prevents boredom from causing bad behavior. To supplement your daily walks, you can look into running, hiking, or playing fetch. You should provide a safe area for them to run and play in.

Malinois Greyhound

Breeds: English Greyhound and Belgian Malinois

A Malinois Greyhound is a big, strong, agile dog. Both parents are intelligent, athletic dogs. The appearance of the mix will most likely be different. The Belgian Malinois has a more muscular build, while the Greyhound has a more elegant , dog that can run at high speeds.

Expect to see variations of this behavior in your Malinois Greyhound. They make wonderful house pets and are affectionate towards their families. This mix will be intelligent so you need to train it early. The Malinois is more likely to obey than the Greyhound.

The Belgian Malinois, while energetic, is more relaxed than the Greyhound. While this mix will still enjoy strenuous exercise , their energy levels are lower than those of the Malinois so they won’t need it as often. They still require a good amount of exercise every day, at around 60 minutes or so of combined walking and playing. This mix can easily become bored which can lead to destructive behavior.


Breeds: Dutch Shepherd and Belgian Malinois

Your Mali-Dutchie is a large, well-educated dog that can work and do their job well. This is because they come from two very diligent parents who were both bred for herding. Although they make wonderful companions, particularly for emotional support, there is a lot of activity that they need to do each day.

Because of this, they will be more contents leading fast-paced lives and would need a family who can meet their needs. They are intelligent and loyal dogs. They can be guardians or watch dogs and are not aggressive. To encourage good behavior and make them friendly with other dogs, it is important to socialize and train them as soon as possible.

Their high need for activity means that you will need to spend upwards of 120 minutes each day on their exercise. This is quite a challenge, so make sure you are up for it! Mali-Dutchies enjoy long, fast walks. They enjoy running around the park and doing long training exercises. They are a product of their parents, who were both born to work. This makes them happier if they have a job. They are happy to be useful so make sure you help them learn how to manage their tasks. You can help your Mali-Dutchie live a happy life.

German Malinois

Breeds: German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois

The German Malinois is another sturdy mix, also known as the Malinois X. The dog is a result of hardworking parents who often compare each other. Both parent breeds are excellent protectors of their family; your German Malinois will no doubt be the same. They can be very affectionate and loving pets, despite their intimidating looks.

You’ll notice that they are very attentive and want to be in the middle of everything. You don’t want your German Malinois to develop separation anxiety so make sure you don’t leave them alone for too long. This breed of dog has a large personality and can be stubborn . Therefore, you need to be firm in training them and teaching them how to get along with other dogs. This will ensure that your pet is smart and well-adjusted.

Like all German Shepherd crossbreeds, the German Malinois will absolutely need tons of exercise. It can be hard to keep up with them. You will want to give them upwards of 120 minutes of exercise each day. Walking is a great idea but they will need more intense exercise. Dogs are happy to be given tasks and games. Give them toys and things to do. This helps curb destructive behavior.

Belgian Boxer

Breeds: Boxer and Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Boxer is a strong dog that can protect your home and work. They are more independent than the regular Belgian Malinois and can be left alone at night. This makes them a great choice for families that have a lot to do. Similar to other Boxer crossbreeds, these dogs are even-tempered with good tolerance for more rambunctious family members, like children or other animals.

Socializing and training them from an early age is key to their good behavior ,, so be prepared! These dogs are intelligent, but you might encounter stubbornness issues. These dogs need firm, patient owners who are able to give them the best leadership possible when they learn new things.

*Your Belgian Boxer will need to get a lot more exercise. These dogs are big and strong, so they need to be active to maintain their muscles. You might consider taking them for long walks each day. This is best for large families with a chore rotation. To keep them occupied, they need toys and games. A bored dog is not a good thing.

Akita Malinois

Breeds: Akita and Belgian Malinois

Your Akita Malinois Akita comes from working parents. They will also be larger than other dogs and have the ability to take on challenging jobs. You’ll find that this Akita crossbreed is alert and watchful, always keen as to when something is a miss. They are a good choice as a guard dog.

They are often intelligent due to their Belgian Malinois heritage. This makes them excellent at following commands and listening. This breed is likely to be easier to train than other dogs. This is a good thing, as the Akita’s natural tendency to bite can be easily trained. It is important to socialize your Akitas early so that they are more comfortable with new people.

This mix is adaptable as their parents are also. They are a great choice for any living situation, including in apartments or rural areas. Dog owners only need to ensure that their dogs get enough exercise. Your Akita Malinois is a play-loving dog. Make sure they have plenty of toys and games to entertain them. To keep their muscles strong, they need to be walked every day.


Breeds: Doberman Pinscher and Belgian Malinois

*A Dobernois is a loyal, intelligent, and alert dog. They are naturally guardians of the home due to their protective and brave nature. They can be a bit scary but they are playful, affectionate dogs that love their family and friends. This mix has a lower prey drive than your average Belgian Malinois. They are a great choice for families with smaller pets, such as birds or cats. It is important to help them become comfortable with their new housemates in the beginning stages of their lives. This will prevent any bad behavior later.

Your Dobernois will be responsive to your commands and easy to train. This is a great thing, as long training trials can help to exercise their brains and tire them. Tired dogs are more well-behaved than those who aren’t! You can take them for walks at a pace that they (or you!) can maintain. They are active dogs so don’t get too tired of your walks. Just like other Doberman crossbreeds, your Dobernois will need a lot of exercise. They will enjoy playing with other dogs in the park if they have been socialized well.

Pitbull Malinois

Breeds: American Pitbull Terrier and Belgian Malinois

Pitbulls are known for their bad reputation. We feel that this is unfair. Pitbull Malinois and many other Pitbull mix dogs are great dogs. They are affectionate, playful, and courageous. The Belgian Malinois-mix makes an excellent family pet. They will be comfortable with children and other family members if you socialize them as puppies. The Pitbull side of your mix may cause them to be jealous around other pets in the home, but this can be curbed with enough time spent together from an early age. Pitbull Malinois can easily become anxious about separation and may demand your attention.

This mix is moderately energy-intensive. It takes a little less effort to exercise them than a regular Belgian Malinois. While they should still be exercising, daily walks are a good option. However, they don’t need to go at a fast pace. A fenced-in yard with enough space for them to run and play is a sure way to make them happy. Pitbull Malinois are playful hybrids. So encourage their playtime with toys and other games. This will help reduce destructive behavior that can arise from a lack of stimulation. Boredom and frustration can be prevented by engaging in activities together.

Belgian Malamute

Breeds: Alaskan Malamute and Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malamute is a large, warm-furred dog that will make a great choice for those who live in colder areas. This dog is loyal, affectionate and watchful. They are intelligent and obedient with great obedience. You can train them so that they do the work that is most suitable for you and their needs.

They are talented in protecting their home ., just like other dogs on the list. They are quick to spot signs of trouble and protect their territory. You can often find them with your family members, even when they’re not on duty. Your Belgian Malamute will get along with small animals and children if they are socialized well. To discourage prey drives, make sure you start this socialization early.

The Belgian Malamute will be very interested in exploration . They may wander and become disoriented, so make sure you secure your yard. It is possible to quench their thirst for adventure by taking them on walks every day. A walk of up to an hour at a fast pace will satisfy them. Do your best to play with your dog. This is not only great for stimulating your brain, but it also helps to build a loving and happy relationship.

Final Thoughts

Belgian Malinois and Belgian Malinois mix dogs will be active, loving, and hardworking. They are bright and friendly and prove to be versatile , which makes them an excellent choice for the workplace as well as the home. They are easy to train and their intelligence means that even novice owners can manage their care. You’ll find the perfect dog if you pay attention to their needs for affection and play.

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