Bernese Mountain Dog German Shepherd Mix: Breed Information

The Bernese Mountain Dog German Shepherd mix is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a German Shepherd. This mixed breed combines the best traits of both parent breeds, resulting in a large, powerful dog that is intelligent and loyal.

They typically weigh between 70 to 115 pounds and stand 23 to 28 inches tall at the shoulder, making them a large-sized breed. They have a lifespan of around 10 to 12 years, which is fairly typical for a dog of their size.

Their coat is usually thick and dense, requiring regular grooming to keep it healthy. They can vary in colors but often inherit the distinctive tricolored coat of the Bernese Mountain Dog, combined with the black and tan pattern of the German Shepherd.

In terms of personality, they are known to be confident, eager to please, and protective, making them excellent family dogs and good for homes with children. However, due to their size and energy, they do require plenty of exercise and space to play.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

What is the puppy of the Bernese Mountain Dog and a German Shepherd, well a Bernese Shepherd of course! He’s often referred to by the name of German Mountain or the Euro Mountain Sheparnese however we prefer calling his name the Bernese Shepherd.

A well-balanced dog that is a source of love and affection as well as hard work and security! As long as you give him sufficient training for an infant, and plenty of daily exercise, you will have a wonderful and joyful dog to have in the home of your family.

Although every breed of dog differs, it’s essential to take a deeper study of the breeds that are the parents of this breed. Let’s look at each one, and an extensive and thorough analysis on this breed, the Bernese Shepherd, including puppy costs, rescues and more.

Bernese Mountain Dog German Shepherd Mix

Parent Breeds

Designer dogs are the pup from two dogs that are purebred. In fact, all dogs were designed at one point in time, but after a few generations, they develop breeders. This is what’s known as breeding true, meaning which means that all puppies appear the same and exhibit the same temperament and traits.

It is important to note that the Bernese Shepherd is a relatively new breed of dog. consequently, since he’s not breeding and therefore isn’t considered as a true breed dog at the moment, and it could take sometime before he’s. It is important to note that Bernese Shepherd pups can significantly differ even in the same litter, so their appearance and temperament are not guaranteed.

This is why, if you’re thinking of inviting one of these dogs to your home, you should ensure that you are a fan that both Bernese Mountain Dog and the German Shepherd. Therefore, it is essential to learn a more about each of his parents.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The belief is that the Bernese Mountain Dog, along with the other three Swiss Mountain dogs were the result of a mix of local Swiss farmers’ dogs and Mastiff breed that were brought over by the Romans brought in when they conquered the Swiss Alps hundreds many years back. Since that time, Berners have been Berner is helping Swiss farmers by protecting their livestock, pulling diary-laden carts, and accompanying their masters and their families at the end of a long day’s work.

The Bernese Mountain Dog made his journey to America just after the start of the First World War, and since the time he’s been a popular dog at home as well as in cattle ranches. In 2019, the American Kennel Club (AKC) place the Bernese Mountain Dog in the top 22 2nd most popular breed of dog in America. If you’ve never seen the Bernese Mountain Dog take a look the Instagram pagecalled ‘ BerneseDaily‘ to get an everyday dose of Swiss mountain sassy. The Bernese Dog is described as gentle, calm and sturdy, and that is where you can see where the Bernese Shepherd gets his gentle and loving aspect from.

German Shepherd

It is believed that the German Shepherd also originally was employed at farms across Germany as herding dogs, however when the German Shepherd was created, his abilities to protect and serve were immediately acknowledged. The German Shepherd was quickly put to serve as a messenger, rescuer, personal protection dog as well as a supply carrier as well as a Red Cross dog. Despite his hard-working and serious side it’s true that Strider is a fun-loving German Shepherd can be quite amusing, take a look at Strider’s profile on Instagram If you doubt our claims!

In the year 2019 the AKC has ranked his dog as 2 2nd most loved dog breed in America. The breed is described as brave, confident and intelligent and that is the place where is where the Bernese Shepherd gets his guarding skills and courage from. Border Shepherd: Border Shepherd is another popular German Shepherd dog mix and so is an Rottie Shepherd mix.

Bernese Shepherd

The Bernese Shepherd was bred from his parents ‘ work ethic and he loves the idea of having work to perform to serve his master. He is able to use his capability and the skepticism to protect his familybut in the meantime, he can, be welcoming enough to allow visitors into the house and make them appear as if they never were concerned about them at all. This balance has proven to be a great fit for families all over the globe.

If you’re impressed by the parents of both his parents and you are unable to decide which one you should choose take a look at this article to learn everything you must learn about their puppy and whether he’ll be a good fit for your lifestyle and home. It is the Bernese Mountain Dog is a popular designer dog breed and is often mix with different breeds such as Poodles. Poodle Bernese Mountain Dog mix, as well as The Golden Mountain Dog.


It is said that the Bernese Shepherd is a tough animal,so if you can offer him an assignment to complete. It doesn’t matter if it’s herding cattle or guarding the estate, when he believes that he’s a valuable contributor to the home of his family, then you will be able to feel very appreciated. If he is able to feel valued, his love for you and your entire family will be unending and you can expect lots of cuddles and dog kisses.

He is a sweet soul with the members of his family. The sociability extends to strangers after he has examined them and they’ve cleared his stranger risk checks. A first bark or suspicious smell will soon turn into belly scratching as well as games of fetch. If you fail the stranger danger test, the dog will be able to go into guard mode to protect his family.

Since he is an amiable person, who is the family guardian, he does not want to be alone. It could be because the fear is that you’re not secure from his presence, or because he is missing you, he could be quite a nightmare. The anxiety of separation can lead to an aggressive behavior. So make certain to never let him go in a long period of time. Take a look at our suggestions for XXL containers to make sure that he doesn’t chew the walls of your home if you have to leave , but it will also provide him with a secure area where he can feel at ease.

His friendship and love for his family can make him one of the most hilarious goofballs around! If you’ve not yet looked at the Instagram accounts listed above, you must, as there are no words to describe the adorable and hilarious his parents are. So you can imagine how much fun he has! This is a great characteristic for dogs and he can provide endless entertainment however, he’s not so insufferable that he’s a joke all day long, since there is an active side. This is a further excellent balanced temperamentof his.

Size & Appearance

His parents, both of them are large dogs, so you should anticipate him to be as large, if not little bit more. Male and female Bernese Shepherds are somewhere between between 23-28 inchesin the height from shoulder to paw, and weigh between 75 to 110 pounds. Of course, the females are smaller than males, and If he follows the example of the example of his Bernese Mountain Dog parent more than the German Shepherd, then he is on the upper portion of the spectrum.

It is said that the Bernese Shepherd varies wildlywhen it comes to his appearance, and there is no way to be certain which parent he’ll look like. In general, he is half-and-half, which means it is more wild and wolfish as compared to the Bernese Mountain Dog, but more cuddly and fluffy as compared to those of the German Shepherd.

In general, he inherits the triangular ears that are characteristic that are characteristic of German Shepherd that will tend to be erect when he’s excited or alert. He’ll have a round and fleshy nose with dark, large eyes. The standard Bernese Shepherd is also often confused with the Rottweiler, due to the size and color of his breed.

Coat & Colors

The only thing that is sure about him is he’ll be an enormous fluffer! His parents both have thick double coats which is medium-long length and his Bernese Shepherd will have the similar. His coat under is usually very thick to protect him from cold, similar to the coat of his Bernese Mountain Dog parent, and his hair will always remain straight.

It’s not yet known the color or shades he’ll inherit from any parents. Nearly all of Bernese Mountain Dogs are black white, tan, and black in the color spectrum, with specific markings. The typical German Shepherd is black and tan in hue, with the typical markings. However, there are many different colors that can be found in the German Shepherd may be such as white, black, or blue, as well as blue with tan, to just a few. If you’re looking for a specific color or marking, it is recommended to talk with breeders after the puppies are born. However, whatever color and markings they have the puppies are as cute as the others.

Exercise Requirements and Living Conditions

It is said that the Bernese Shepherd is a high energy dog that requires approximately sixty minutes exercise each day in order to keep him both mentally and physically stimulated. Since both of his parents are herders, he will certainly make a fantastic herder dog if you wanted him to become one. If he’s not working in the day, then his workout should be vigorous instead of a simple stroll through the neighborhood. A long and strenuous walk through mountains as well as games like fetch will be a great way to satisfy his playful and adventurous character. He could also be adept in agility classes for dogs in case you want to test your ability to run.

He’s a big guy and requires plenty of space to live in and that’s why it is essential to be housed in an expansive house that has access to a huge and well-constructed backyard where allows him to play and explore to the fullest. He’s not the best fit for apartments, or houses with limited space.

He’s such a kind soul that he’s a perfect fit for families that have children. But, due to his energy level and exuberant temperament, he is better suitable for homes with more mature children that he isn’t able to accidently hit. While he might have the tendency to be cautious If he has been well-socialized as a puppy and is well-socialized, he shouldn’t have any problem being raised as an infant in a household with multiple pets. If you are planning to bring pets into your home once you are an adult, it is fine provided he’s socialized, however, you must conduct a pre-meeting that is controlled before making a final decision in order to ensure that he is willing to accept them as part of the family.


It is said that the Bernese Shepherd is a extremely intelligent and trainable dog. Not only is an intelligent dog who is able to grasp commands quickly and quickly, but he’s also determined to be a good dog to his master, and so the Bernese Shepherd will do everything is necessary to earn the ‘who’s a great boy’ adulations.

Socialization early is crucial for this particular dog due to his possible tendency to be a guardian, so make certain to expose him to a variety of dogs, humans and animals, as well as sounds to let him know that it’s not always necessary to be in a protective mode.

It’s a good idea to teach him to walk from an early ageto make sure he doesn’t pull the leash. The AKC provides guidelines for training leashes and also the best way to handle dogs that are prone to pulling on leashes. Due to his sheer strength and power, it’s an ideal idea to begin leash training as soon that you are able to. Be sure you have the strength to manage him,and until he’s fully taught, don’t let kids or people who are weaker take the leash. If you can get him to pull hundreds of dairy liters and knock you off your feet.

It is probable to be that your Bernese Shepherd’s primary motivation is mixed with reward and food from the master and you must be sure to utilize each in your favor. Reward-based training is the most effective method of training any dog, and since the Bernese Shepherd will be a fan of both treats and verbal praise, it will be the easiest, and effective approach to employ with this particular dog. Bernese Shepherds, as their Bernese Mountain Dog parent, are a bit sweet, which can lead to obesity, therefore, be sure to keep track of the amount of treats he eats!


It is believed that the Bernese Shepherd is a generally healthy dog that can be around 9 and 12 years. Although this might not sound to be a lot, both his parents live a life span of 7-10 years, and the genetic combination, which is known as hybrid vigor which means that the Bernese Shepherd has a slightly higher overall health and resistance to illness.

Both of his parents are suffering with hip and elbow Dysplasia So, when you work with a reliable breeder, ask for his hip and elbow scores to make sure that the parents have healthy hips and elbows. Both of his parents are also more susceptible to Von Willebrand’s Disease than other dogs and therefore, his parents must be tested using DNA tests. It is an indication of a blood clotting disorder that could be an extremely dangerous disease in the event of an injury, as he may be a victim of a fatal bleeding. It is believed that the Bernese Mountain Dog is also predisposed to various cardiac problems and eye diseases Also, request to see your parent’s Ophthalmologist and cardiac certificates.

A healthy diet and regular exercise is the most effective, and most often the easiest, way to make sure you’re Bernese Shepherd is as healthy as he is able to be. Regular veterinarian checks can also guarantee that any health issues or conditions that are not visible to eyes of humans, like the heart issues of your dog are identified and treated effectively.


The Bernese Shepherd is expected to consume approximately four to five cups premium daily kibble. Of of course, this is contingent on the size of his dog and energy levels. If you are larger and highly active, he will require more food than a smaller , less energetic Bernese Shepherd.

The German Shepherd parent is prone to allergic stomachs and sensitive stomachs,so if you find your Bernese Shepherd is suffering with the food you’re feeding him, it is best to change to a kibble targeted at large dogs that have an irritable stomach. Kibbles that are rich in carbohydrates, protein minerals, vitamins and minerals are highly recommended. If you have any doubt, consult your veterinarian.


As we’ve already discussed that as we have mentioned, the Bernese Shepherd has a fluffy coat, which means that grooming requirements are demanding. He should be groomed at least three times per every week at least most of the time, to ensure his coat remains as easy as is possible for your family and your own sanity. In the time of shedding it is essential to be groomed daily to remove hair and improve blood flow to ensure that his coat is healthy. A deshedding device such as Furminator Furminator is ideal to accomplish this.

He will require bathing at least once every 6-8 months. It is important to keep in mind that after washing his dog with pet products, it is essential to wash and dry him completely. Because the coat underneath is so thick, the leftover moisture and soap can cause skin irritation , and possibly mold, which can be very harmful to the coat and skin.

It’s also a good idea to make him accustomed to the grooming process at an early age,for if this big boy is not a fan of bathing, it will be a challenge to let him bathe against his wishes.


The median price for the Bernese Shepherd is $700, and if a breeder is offering less than $400, or is charging more than $1,000, then it is a warning indication.

As Family Pets

  • The Bernese Shepherd is a large dog breed that requires plenty of space to rest and run around.
  • You’ll require a big home with access to the backyard.
  • He’s a very active boy who requires at least 60 minutes of physical activity.
  • This breed is ideal for an energetic family.
  • This breed of mixed breed is a loving family and is fond of cuddling.
  • He is initially wary of strangers but he will soon warm to them.
  • He’s a very playful dog that is somewhat of a nerd So expect plenty of hilarious memories.
  • He is a tough dog, so he should be trained on leash and using a harness.
  • He’s a floppy boy and requires a lot of grooming. He is known to spread lots of hair all over the house.
  • He can be a good fit for families with children who are older and animals, in the event that he’s well-socialized.

Finding A Bernese Shepherd Breeder

If you decide to search for your breeder on the internet, or you search for one via the word of mouth, make certain to conduct a thorough research to confirm that they are able to provide all the necessary documentsto show the fact that they’re a reliable breeder. Make sure that both his parents are certified as purebred certification as well as have the appropriate health checks. Check out reviews and make certain to visit the litter, parents and the home, and be sure to trust your guts about whether they’re ethical or not.

Rescue & Shelters

Bernese Shepherds are a very rare breed, so it is highly unlikely to find one in a shelter for rescue. If you’re interested in saving one of these dogs (and believe us when we claim that it’s an incredible idea!) then be certain to go to the most shelters you can to increase the chances of finding one. However, when you do locate him, it will be worthwhile!

Final Thoughts

It is said that the Bernese Shepherd is a fantastic dog, with plenty to give his owners. If you have room for himand have a family that is active and can spare time for training, grooming and exercise and grooming, then he’ll fit your needs perfectly. Give this unique boy a shot and we’ll guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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