18 Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes

The Bernese Mountain Dog can mix with multiple breeds to create adorable and unique pups. The most popular mixes include the Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with a Poodle (also known as a Bernedoodle), a Golden Retriever, a Labrador Retriever, and a Newfoundland. These mixes showcase the Bernese Mountain Dog’s majestic appearance and friendly nature while also adopting traits from the other breed.

Some other examples of Bernese Mountain Dog mixes are: the Bernese Mountain Dog mixed with a Cocker Spaniel, a Border Collie, and even a Siberian Husky. Each Bernese Mountain Dog mix brings its individual personality and physical traits into the hybrid making each one unique. Depending on the mix breed, these pets can acquire different temperaments, appearances, and health considerations.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Quick Summary: The Bernese Mountain Dog (also called Berner) is rapidly gaining recognition outside its home in the Swiss Alps. In 2019, the American Kennel Club classified the breed at number 22 among the most popular breeds of dogs in America. They are also becoming an extremely popular dog breed for designers to parent because of their loyalty and relaxed temperament. Today, we’ll look at Berner mixes to see what will come out when this breed of dog is mixed with other purebred dogs such as the Golden Retriever, Poodle, Border Collie, Akita, Great Dane, and more.

The purebred Bernese Mountain Dog is a long-standing breed of dog that is a native of Switzerland and, specifically, the region of Bern. It is one of the four Swiss Mountain breeds but definitely the most well-known and recognized.

The Berner is also a strong dog, which is the reason why it was used to pull heavily loaded carts on Swiss milk farms. The Berner first arrived in America around 1926. Since that time, his fame as an active dog as well as a family dog has steadily grown.

His reputation for being an excellent family dog has grown over the past few years, and so has his heritage in the dog-designer movement. People love his adorable fluffy coat and his stunningly distinctive coat colors, particularly when paired with different breeds. We’ll look into the details of some of the most loved Berner Hybrid dogs!

Saint Bernese

Popular Bernese Mixes

Mixed breeds, also known as designer dogs, are a mix of both their parents. They could also be a mix of one breed and half of the other. It is also possible for them to be more like just one parent, with some hints of the other. In any case, with regards to mixed breed dogs, no one knows for sure about the genes that would be dominant in the offspring.

What you can anticipate from any Berner mix is that it is likely to be a large dog. In general, they’ll be larger than their parents, even if they’re smaller.

The Berner hybrids will also possess a hint of sweetness and gentleness from the Bernese Mountain Dog. They will probably be powerful but have a slightly shy character. Therefore, with no further delay, we’ll take a look at 18 of the most adorable Bernese Mountain Dog mixes you will discover!

Golden Mountain Dog

Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever

It is said that the Golden Mountain Dog, due to its friendly Golden Retriever parent, is among the sweetest and most affectionate dogs around. He is extremely loving to his family and friends, and when he is comfortable with strangers, he’s affectionate with them too.

Golden Mountain Dogs do not want to be left on their own. They require an owner who is present all the time. Because the dog is so gentle, he’s the ideal pet for families with small children and also other pets.

He’ll weigh between 70-110 pounds and be approximately 23 to 27 inches from his paw to shoulder. This is a sign that he’s very large and must be placed in a house with ample space. He is best suited to an active family that can ensure at least 60 minutes of exercise each day.

He’ll inherit either a 1 color coat or a mix of tricolors or golden. However, regardless of the mix, the coat is medium-length and soft.

For more information about this breed, take a look at the Golden Mountain full breed profile.


Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Siberian Husky

It is said that the Bernsky is a beautiful dog, and he certainly is aware of that! With a large, fluffy coat, sparkling blue eyes that husky dogs have, and the dark brown and black color of the Berner, he’s a stunning dog.

Most often, he will inherit facial markings, whether it’s the brown eyes that are characteristic of those of the Bernese Mountain Dog or the mask of the Husky.

He will have large triangular ears. However, they may be floppy or might be upright, or a combination of both! He’ll measure between 21 and 26 inches, and he will weigh between 45 to 90 pounds.

It is said that the Bernsky is by far the most active dog on the list, which is why he has to be part of an active family that will make sure he gets a minimum of 90 minutes of exercise every day. He will not only inherit the desire for speed, but he’ll also inherit the muscle to pull carts, which is why it’s a great idea to have a sledding time for the family to spend time with this dog.

He is a lively dog who enjoys the company of his family, which is why he is not happy being left by himself. He is often smart however, he is not a focused dog, and therefore, you must keep your training sessions short and sweet.

You can expect to see a funny dog who likes being the focal point. However, he also can settle down to enjoy a cuddle.

Bernese Cattle Dog

Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Australian Cattle Dog

The Bernese Cattle Dog inherits the ability to think like their parents, which makes them smart enough to perform great work in the field. The keenness of their Aussie Cattle Dog side of the family could create a highly effective watchdog.

As pets for the home, they are gentle with children and are protective of their families. They are generally easily trained therefore, take advantage of this by training them and getting them socialized at an early age.

The Bernese Cattle Dog will need some moderate exercise. Go for walks every day for 30 minutes each session. Because they are extremely clever creatures, you’ll have to be attentive to their needs.

If you happen to own a farm, you could benefit from their natural instinct to herd as an exercise option for their mind and body.


Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Labrador Retriever

The Labernese is a very well-loved breed, especially since his Labrador parent is among the top well-known dog breeds in America. With his friendly disposition as well as his active lifestyle and ability to think, he is an ideal family pet who enjoys running or swimming with the most active members of the family. He’s also a well-behaved dog that is the ideal dog to train.

The Labernese has a short-to medium-length coat that sheds heavily during the shed season and then gradually throughout the entire year. So be prepared to dedicate yourself to regular brushing sessions with him. He can inherit any color from his parents. However, it is most likely that he’ll be pure black or black and white.

The Labernese has large ears and dark brown eyes or black, and a round, fleshy face. He will be between 22 and 26 inches with a weight of between 55 to 80 pounds. This means that the majority of Labernese will be big dogs, so be sure you have enough space to accommodate them.

Great Bernese

Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Great Pyrenees

The great Bernese is among the largest dogs that are on the list. If you have space on your farm, he could be the ideal dog for you! He is between 24 to 30 inches tall, his weight will be 90 pounds or more.

He is covered in a fluffy and thick coat that will shed a lot throughout the year So, you should get a quality vacuum cleaner as well as a large amount of lint roll! The coat is mostly white as well as brown in hue and black with marks on rare occasions. Both parents are from cold European mountain ranges, so the dog will do well in the colder climates, but not so well in hot climates.

He is affectionate and friendly with his family and friends but is a bit shy around strangers. Despite his strength, he is peaceful and quiet in the house, but it is important to exercise him for at least one hour every day to get rid of his pent-up energy. A cart for him to pull, or a herd of sheep to guard, is sure to make him the most happy of dogs!

Aussie Bernese

Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Australian Shepherd

The two breeds are frequently similar, and it is logical to look at them as the Aussie Bernese. The mix, like the Bernsky is a striking dog with its typical blue eyes contrasting with his black and white or tan and black colors and often with a mix of merle. Aussie Berners sport an extremely thick coat, just like their parents.

Their coats should be groomed regularly, so you must ensure that you have the time and the equipment to take on this task. He’ll measure between 20-25 inches tall, and he will weigh between 60 to 90 pounds.

He’s a very clever dog that will go around you when you don’t provide enough entertainment for him. He needs to be placed in an animal-friendly family that does not just have the time to spend with him but also the motivation to keep him engaged.

The dog will be content with a task to complete. However, if there’s no one, he’ll need lots of toys and activities that will keep him entertained.

The Aussie Bernese is a gorgeous dog that will make heads turn on the streets. However, it can be timid when it comes to getting attention from strangers.

Saint Bernese

Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Saint Bernard

Due to his mix with Swiss Alp genes, the Saint Bernese might just be the reigning king in the world of Swiss Mountain dogs. Between 29 and 24 inches and carrying a weight of between 90 to 140 pounds, this is one of the biggest dogs on this list and must be put in an expansive home with plenty of space to roam.

He’s smart, and has a genuine dedication to his family. He’ll never leave your side, so you must be prepared for his presence! He will be secure and affectionate with children, and is an excellent pet to be a nanny dog.

The Saint Bernese is a large breed with an incredibly thick and shiny coat that is enough to keep any person warm, so be prepared for the most luxurious canine hot water bottle you can find. The Saint Bernese will have the brown, white, and black markings that are characteristic of any Swiss breed.

Be ready because he will be sharing his doggy drool with everyone and with everything! He’s a charming dog and is very affectionate with his loved ones, therefore expect lots of fun with this huge chunk of meat.

Bernese Rottie

Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Rottweiler

The Bernese Rottie can be described as a big beautiful dog and is extremely protective of his estate and family. If you’re looking for a large hound who will protect your family and you, take a look at this dog.

Although his master has invited guests to his home and he is a bit uninterested, it would only take a while to get warm enough just for one or two strokes. And he is an extremely dopey dog that is a sucker for the comfort of a belly rub!

His parents are roughly identical in size; therefore, the Bernese Rottie is expected to measure between 23 and 27 inches in height, and he will weigh between 75 to 125 pounds. Like many mixed breeds on this list, you’ll require plenty of space for this giant.

He’ll have a soft coat similar to Berner but in the darker black and brown shades that are characteristic of Rottweiler. He is a moderate to heavy shedder and will require an annual brushing at the minimum.

Mountain Mastiff

Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and English Mastiff

Mountain Mastiff is one of the biggest of all the Mountain breeds. He can weigh between 100 to 200 pounds and is 25 inches (or more) tall. If you’re thinking of inviting one of these dogs to your home, you must have an expansive house with an expansive backyard.

He’s larger than he is and has a barrel chest, but he also has a fluffy coat that is similar to the Berner with black and brown coat shades. The breed could appear like a mastiff with long hair but with more black-colored highlights.

He is a magnificent and regal dog, who will guard his family members in the event of danger, however, you can expect plenty of belly massages and strokes in exchange for the kindness. The dog is quiet and gentle at home but would love an enjoyable walk in the yard.

Despite his reluctance to sit on the couch for the entire day, he must be active every day to keep his body in good health. He’s a drooler too, so don’t be expecting your sofa or clothes to be dry for long, but it’s absolutely worth the affection this bear can give!


Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Chow Chow

The Chownese is among the oddest pairings in this listing, yet one that works well. The temperament of these dogs is like their parents, as they are always affectionate and loyal to their human families.

They can also be aloof and sceptical of strangers, so don’t expect them to leap over all your guests! He’s an experienced dog, and thanks to his charmingly arrogant manner of speaking, you may not see him acting as silly as the Boxnese!

The Chownese is a fluffy dog with a hairstyle similar to that of the hair of his Chow Chow parent, and typically, he wears the brown or tan hues that both of his parents wear, along with the addition of a splash or a sheen of black.

Despite his hairy look, he is recognized for his pride in his appearance. He is rarely seen without a hair in the right the norm, and you’ll often see him washing himself as cats do. He’ll measure between 20 to 25 inches tall and will weigh between 55 to 90 pounds.


Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Akita

The Bernakita is among the most loyal of the dogs listed. If you’re looking for a loving, protective pet, you should look no further than the Bernakita. He is cautious of strangers and may become uncomfortable when they approach their master. But since he’s extremely obedient and in tune with his owner, he’ll let them be a part of his family if his master is willing to allow it.

He’ll measure between 23 to 28 inches in height, and the weight will be between 70 to 130 pounds, which means you can expect a large dog who will love to squash you on the couch.

The typical coat colors are black, white, and brown, and he is often seen sporting the triangular ears that are erect with a curly tail. This is among the most unusual Akita mixes available; however, they’re a fascinating mix!

Bernese Shepherd

Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and German Shepherd

The Bernese Shepherd is a very faithful dog, one who will adore his master forever and give him close companionship. He is extremely secure of his family and will notify you when there is something or someone that is not right within the boundaries of your house.

The ability to think and a desire to please his master is a sign that you have a loyal dog as your partner, but you have to keep his energy levels up as well, or else he’ll be bored, restless, and destructive.

The appearance of the Bernese Shepherd will be like that of the German Shepherd, but much larger. The coat of the Bernese Shepherd will be soft and thick. It isn’t known what color the dog will adopt, but it is likely to blend the black, white, and tan colors of both parents.

He can measure between 23 to 28 inches in height and weigh between 75 to 110 pounds. As long as you have the space and the appropriate tools for his shedding, this adorable dog would be perfect for your needs.

Read this comprehensive review of Bernese Shepherd to get more details.


Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Beagle

The Bergle is a sweet and gentle dog. Be aware of his nose, as it could trick you into thinking that he’s the most effective off-leash dog. However, when he takes an odor of food, he’ll go off faster than you can say Bergle!

He’s a happy go lucky guy who is happy with any activity his master decides to do for the day. He is prone to inheriting the Beagle’s characteristic of howling and is a loud guy who could be troublesome when you live in an apartment with a sound-proofed block!

The coat is thick, but it will be less than that of his Bernese parent, so you can expect to see him moderately shedding all throughout the year. In general, he has the brown and white colors of the Beagle, but he will have some black in his coat.

His ears are loose, and he also has the most adorable dark button eyes. He is approximately 15 to 23 inches tall, with a weight of 30 to 70 pounds. He is among the tiniest dogs on this list and is an excellent choice if you want a small Swiss sidekick.

Swiss Bernese Mountain Dog

Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

The breeds are frequently compared to each other, and naturally, these two breeds could be able to create a unique hybrid dog. It’s a great idea to mix them.

Swiss Bernese Mountain Dog may appear to be a strange mix to consider, but believe us when we say that once you’ve met these adorable dogs, you’ll want to be with them. They’re among the most adorable dogs you’ll ever meet due to their parents’ gentle, affectionate nature.

They are gentle companions that are eager to play with you and also meet other animals and people. They excel in training because they want to delight their masters. You’ll discover the Swiss Bernese is an extremely smart dog, yet without any arrogance.

They are more relaxed than the other dogs on this list. Because of this, they will require about 30 minutes of exercise each day. You’ll have plenty of fun at parks with this breed because they are affectionate dogs that love to socialize but without being overly excited or difficult to manage.

Great Bernese

Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Great Dane

This hybrid creates a huge first impression, and it’s probably due to their size! It’s no surprise that the Bernese Dane has huge parents and consequently develops into their own big stature. Due to their active nature, you’ll have to socialize and train them at an early age to avoid any accidents. It is not a good idea to let them knock people off when they try to meet them.

A trained Bernese Dane is a great and loyal pet that will always be happy to be with you. They can be very affectionate and need to be kept in a safe place.

It is believed that the Bernese Dane requires a large home with a large yard that they can play in. They require a lot of exercise, a minimum of 60 minutes every day. Their energy needs can cause them to be a bit high maintenance but they’ll compensate for this by telling you how happy they are when they’re with you, and that’s what makes it worth it.


Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Border Collie

Most of the time, the Bordernese will appear similar to that of the Border Collie parent but slightly larger by virtue of the tri-colors and markings that are characteristic of Bernese Mountain Dog. Both his parents sport an incredibly thick coat of medium length, and you will see the same fluffy dog within the Bordernese.

He’ll have big ears that are floppy and large brown eyes. He’ll measure between 20-25 inches, and he will weigh between 45 to 85 pounds. Based on the parent this breed is based on, it is likely to be to be a large dog, but it is possible to get a moderate-sized Bordernese too.

The Bordernese is extremely affectionate with his family members. However, if he can inherit the herding instincts of a Border Collie and you’ll see him in the vicinity of children. He’s often distant from strangers, however, he can become more comfortable with them after a few minutes.

Both of his parents are smart, and if he can inherit his Border Collie’s number 1 intelligence, you’ll get a very clever brain that’s going to require a lot of entertainment.

Mountain Bulldog

Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and American Bulldog

Don’t be deceived by their intimidating looks; Mountain Bulldogs are some of the most adorable dogs you can find! The Mountain Bulldog is outgoing and affectionate, which makes them excellent pets for those who have pets of their own.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put off the training them. However, they will benefit the most from their trainer teaching them the proper manners. A proper socialization program from an early age can bring out the best in the dog you love. With the Mountain Bulldog, you will be able to see how loving and affectionate they are.

Your Mountain Bulldog has a thick coat that’s best for colder temperatures. This means you’ll notice that they’re active in the winter months. They require moderate amounts of exercise, and therefore, you must go for walks two times a day for about 30 minutes. Be sure to ensure they are hydrated so that they don’t overheat!


Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle

The Bernedoodle usually has hair that is similar to the curlier hair of the Poodle. However, it will have the markings and colors that are characteristic of those of the Bernese Mountain Dog parent.

The Poodle parent is hypoallergenic, and while the Bernedoodle could inherit the coat that is characteristic of the Poodle, it is not likely to be a hypoallergenic breed because of the Bernese Mountain Dog influence.

Of course, his size will depend on the size of the Poodle the breeder bred him from; however, he is typically bred with a similar size normal poodle. This means he’ll be between 17 to 25 inches tall and weigh between 50 and 100 pounds.

He is energetic and requires at least 60 minutes of vigorous training every day. And thanks to his keen sense of smell, it is probable that the Bernedoodle will possess an acute scent. It is also a very sweet dog who loves his owners greatly, and you’ll always be able to see him lying all over your sofa.

Visit the Bernedoodle dog profile page to find more information about this breed.


The Bernese Mountain Dog has not only enthralled us with his gorgeous appearance but his adorable mixed pups. as well. Each has distinct personalities due to their other parents, but with the Bernese Mountain Dog, you will always have a lovable pet that enjoys spending time with his family.

Although his size may be quite a challenge for some people, this breed is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after breeds of the trend for designer dogs. If you’ve got enough time for your dog, the space to provide him with, and the motivation to keep him active, then any of the mixed breeds in this article would surely make a perfect match for you.

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