Best Dog Car Seat Belts - Comparison and Reviews

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If you’re serious about your dog’s safety, you need to have some form of restraint system in your car. Car accidents happen all too often, and being prepared will help avoid serious injuries to you and your dog. Not only is it illegal in some areas to drive without a dog seat belt, but the consequences of doing so can also be disastrous for both you and your best friend.

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You may have had the experience where even a light touch of the brakes sends your dog flying off the backseat. Imagine what would happen in a full-on accident. The chances of your dog flying through the windscreen and killing you, your passengers and itself are very high.

By making sure your dog is safely buckled in, you protect everybody in the car.

What type of restraint you use will depend on the type of dog you own and how often you drive them in your car. There are many different types of safety devices, from hammocks to dog booster car seats, but if you’re only making short trips, you may want something a bit easier to use. A good compromise between safety and convenience is a dog seat belt which will keep your dog secure while still allowing them to move comfortably in the backseat.

These simple restraints attach to your dog’s harness, keeping them confined to the back seat and protecting them from sudden stops.

Car dog seat belts are restraints designed to allow your dog to move around a bit but will prevent them from going flying when the car stops. One end attaches to the harness or collar while the other end attaches securely to the vehicle.

While it’s tempting to try rig a handy DIY solution, this may end up causing more harm than good. So rather stick to commercial dog car seat belts that have been proven to be safe and effective instead.

Best Dog Car Seat Belts 2024 - Reviews

1. EzyDog Universal Dog Car Restraint

Usually, the most straightforward solutions are the best. The EzyDog universal car restraint is a budget option that fits all cars and all dogs. It’s a bridge between your car’s seat belt and your dog’s harness. It’s best suited to medium or large dogs, but can be used for small dogs as well.

The restraint is made from traditional seat belt webbing and can handle 2400 pounds of force before snapping. The loop is attached to your normal passenger seat belt while the electroplated swivel snap hook is attached to your dog’s harness.

The EzyDog universal restraint system allows your dog to still move around the backseat but will prevent them from going through the windscreen in the event of a collision. However, as this seat belt is just a connector between your seat belt and the dog’s harness, you need to be extra sure that your harness is up to safety standards. Also, never use this seat belt with a collar, as you risk snapping your dog’s neck during a collision.

A poor harness will also present a safety risk, so make sure to buy a harness that can withstand the force of an accident, while distributing this force in a way that isn’t dangerous to your dog.

Another consideration is that because this restraint relies on your backseat passenger seat belt remaining locked in position; an enterprising pooch can escape by pressing the seat belt release. If your dog is a known escape artist, make sure to check that they don’t get this bright idea before buying the car restraint.

EzyDog Universal Dog Car Restraint - Dog Seat Belt Safety Lead - Abrasion-Resistant Vehicle Seatbelt Harness Attachment with Superior Strength and Nylon Webbing - Easy-to-Use Click It and Go Design


  • Strong and durable, rated for up to 2400 pounds of force before breaking
  • Easy to use and can be conveniently stored in the car
  • Affordable, especially if you already own an excellent dog harness


  • Not chew-proof
  • Is useless without a corresponding harness

2. EzyDog CLICK Seat Belt

If you find that the EzyDog Universal Dog Car Restraint is a bit too restrictive for your dog, consider the EzyDog CLICK dog seat belt attachment instead. Instead of attaching to the seat belt, this doggy restraint clicks directly into the seat belt latch. You can adjust the length of the restraint to suit your dog, giving them a bit more freedom of motion.

The EzyDog CLICK restraint is made from durable seat belt webbing and can handle tons of force without snapping. The heavy-duty snap hook attaches to your dog’s harness while the other end is attached directly into your seat belt latch, providing excellent security and keeping your dog in the backseat.

It’s a very simple system that’s effective and easy to use and can be adapted to any dog, no matter how large or small. The tensile strength of the restraint is strong enough to handle even the largest and heaviest dog without any issue.

The main drawback of this product is that it relies on you owning a high-quality harness already. You definitely shouldn’t use this product with a collar, since that won’t protect your dog and may cause your beloved pet serious harm.

Cheap harnesses can also pose a threat if they distribute weight unevenly over the dog’s body. The manufacturers recommend buying one of their harnesses together with this product, as these fittings have been safety-tested and are most effective. This recommendation raises the final price of this product significantly.

Another drawback is that while the ‘click’ mechanism is designed to work with most cars, some Volvo owners reported that it doesn’t work in their seat belt latches. You may find yourself struggling to get the seat belt properly fitted and then to get it released, especially if you own a car that’s not compatible with the system.

EzyDog CLICK - Best Dog Seat Belt Car Harness Attachment for Dogs - Adjustable Dog Restraints Seatbelts for Cars (17.5in - 26in)


  • Easy to use and store in your car
  • Adjustable to suit any car and any dog


  • You need to own a safety harness already
  • Is more expensive than similar products on the market
  • Some vehicles are incompatible with the ‘click’ system.

3. Mighty Paw Dog Safety Belt

One of the dangers of most dog seat belts is that they use the passenger seat belt as an attachment point to the car. Some dogs, particularly restless or enterprising dogs, quickly figure out that they can step on the seat belt button to release the seat belt and free themselves. This feature may not be a problem for your dog, but if you have a Houdini on your hands, this will be a constant concern that will bug you whenever you take your dog for a drive.

The Mighty Paw Safety Belt takes advantage of a much more solid attachment option, the latch bar that is found in the crease of the passenger seat. The latch bar is the attachment point for baby seats and is legally required to be in every car sold on the market. This bar provides you with a reliable attachment that your dog can’t weasel his way out of easily.

The rest of the Mighty Paw Dog Safety Belt design is similar to other seat belts. A hook attaches securely onto the latch bar, and a mountaineering-grade carabiner attaches to your dog’s harness. It has a slightly less impressive breaking strength than the EzyDog products, but will still only break at over 400 kg of pressure. The strap is made from high-quality nylon webbing that is strong, tough, and will last for years.

The seat belt is adjustable to any length and can be used for dogs of any size. It also has a tangle-prevention mechanism which can be a vital feature if you have a restless dog in the back seat. Overall it’s an easy product to use and feels more secure than other seat belt products on the market. Again, you will have to provide your own dog harness to ensure your dog’s maximum safety during car trips.


Mighty Paw Dog Seat Belt - Latch Bar Attachment Like A Child's Car Seat - Strong and Durable with 850+ LBS Force Tension - All Metal for Strength and Durability - Keeps Your Dog Restrained and Calm


  • Attaches to the latch bar in the backseat as opposed to the passenger seat belt mechanism
  • Can be used in any car and on any dog
  • Is strong and resilient
  • Has a tangle-free mechanism to prevent your dog from getting tangled when they move around in the backseat


  • Requires a safety harness to use
  • Isn’t chew-proof and chew tears may weaken the tensile strength of the nylon fabric
  • Dogs can accidentally release the seat belt during your trip

4. Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash-Tested Dog Harness with Seat Belt

If you don’t already own a safety harness for your dog, you may find all these dog seat belt products frustrating, since not only do you have to find the best seat belt, you have to shop for a harness as well. The Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash-Tested Dog Harness is here to solve all your car-related safety issues in one go.

The product comes with both a dog harness and seat belt attachment, making it the ideal safety combo for your pooch. The harness has been modeled on human rock-climbing harnesses that frequently prevent climbers from falling to their deaths. It has a padded chest panel that evenly distributes pressure and force over the chest area, ensuring comfort and safety for your companion.

The harness has also been crash-tested and been shown to be effective in preventing injury during a car crash.

The Kurgo Tru-Fit harness is designed to fit all types of dogs. It comes in five sizes depending on the weight of your dog and has adjustable shoulder, back, and stomach straps to get the perfect fit for any dog shape, even weird ones like greyhounds. The straps allow for an even distribution of force during a crash, helping to prevent traumatic injury to one specific area. It’s also incredibly easy to put on and take off, which means that you’ll never be tempted to skip putting It on for even short trips.

The harness has a carabiner attachment that allows the harness to be attached directly to your passenger seat belt. If your dog finds this to be too restrictive, you can also use the seat belt attachment that gives your dog a bit more room to move. The seat belt attachment also comes with a mountain-grade carabiner, so no matter what option you go for, you can rest assured that your dog will be comfortable, safe, and secure.

Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Harness 3055 Series, Large, Red


  • Tested for safety and effectiveness
  • Comes in many sizes and can be adjusted to fit any dog body type to ensure maximum comfort and security.
  • Reasonable price for both a harness and seat belt attachment


  • Seat belt attachment length can’t be adjusted

5. Leash Boss Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint

We’ve covered some great options, but none of them can stand up to a dog that loves to chew. While seat belt webbing is incredibly durable, it isn’t chew-proof and the more your dog chews, the less effective the dog seat belt gets. Not only can your dog break free if they’re determined enough, but you may also have the belt snap at the worst possible time.

To avoid this concern, you need a dog seat belt restraint that is chew-resistant, like the Leash Boss restraint. This restraint is made of steel rope that has been coated with heavy-duty nylon. Even if your dog manages to get through the outer nylon coating, there is no way they can compete with steel. And if they can, then there’s nothing that will hold them back anyway.

Like many other seat belt restraints, the Leash Boss restraint attaches to your dog’s harness on one end and the car’s latch bar on the other. Unlike other restraints, this one isn’t adjustable, so you need to make sure you choose the right size for your dog. You have five options ranging from 16 inches to 36 inches, so you’ll be sure to find something that works for your dog.

If you’ve tried other seat belt restraints and had your dog escape in unexpected ways, this may be the product that solves your woes. It’s incredibly robust, durable, and attaches to the latch bar so even intelligent dogs can’t set themselves free, no matter how hard they try.

Leashboss Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint - No-Chew Heavy Duty Car Seatbelt for Pets - 5 Sizes - Coated Steel Rope to Prevent Chewing for use with Dog Car Harnesses (XXL - 36 Inch, Black)


  • Combines steel rope and heavy-duty nylon for an incredibly strong and resilient product
  • Attaches to all cars and all harnesses via a latch bar attachment and steel snap hook
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for extra peace of mind


  • Choosing the right size can be tricky
  • The restraint can get tangled if it’s too long and will be ineffective at keeping your dog secure

How to Choose Dog Car Seat Belts

Dog seat belts are essentially very short dog leashes that keep your dog in the back seat of your car. They attach to the car through a variety of methods, either via the passenger seat belt or via your car’s latch bar. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and which one you choose will depend on your preference and your dog’s escape skills.

Some people find it tricky to find the latch bar in their car, especially if they’ve never had to look for it below. Other people find that their dogs are very good at pressing the passenger seat belt release button, which renders many dog seat belt restraints useless.

Dog Car Seat Belt vs. Dog Car Harness

Dog car seat belts are the first step in safety, but they are by no means effective on their own. If you attach a dog seat belt restraint to your dog’s collar, you may keep your dog from hopping into the front, but you risk serious injury if you’re involved in a car accident. Imagine what would happen if your dog were suddenly flung forward and then stopped by their neck.

man playing with dog

You may fulfill your legal obligation by using a dog seat belt restraint in this manner, but you aren’t ensuring the safety or health of your dog.

This risk is where harnesses come in. Dog harnesses are a great alternative to collars as they place more pressure on the dog’s body rather than the neck. It is excellent for when you walk your dog and offers a much safer option in the car as well.

When using a dog harness in the car, you can attach the harness directly to the car by using the passenger seat belt, or you can use a dog car seat belt attachment to form a connection between the harness and the car. This range gives your dog the freedom to move around the backseat while remaining safe and secure.

While you can use a regular harness to secure your dog in the car, you may also want to look into specialized dog car harnesses that have protective padding over the chest to minimize injury during sudden braking or accidents. These harnesses have been crash-tested to ensure that the majority of force goes into the chest and lap where it can be better absorbed and distributed, resulting in less severe injuries in most cases.

You can view dog car seat belts, and dog car harnesses as two vital parts of the same safety system. Both are essential for your dog’s comfort and safety, and one will always be less safe when used without the other. When looking for dog car seat belts, make sure that your dog already has a solid harness, otherwise, look for combo deals that offer both a harness and a seat belt attachment.

Features to Look Out For

If you want to buy the best product to ensure your dog’s safety, there are some features that you need to keep in mind while shopping around. By making sure the seat belt you buy has these features, you ensure the safety and security of your dog while in the car.

    • Attachment systems: The basic principle of a dog car seat belt is that it forms a link between the car and the dog. However, not all attachments are created equal, and you want to find ones that are both strong and secure. You have to make sure that the attachment system will attach securely to your dog’s collar and is made of a robust material that won’t bend or break.
      You should also keep in mind that some dogs can step on seat belt releases, particularly if they’re restless. This feature means that attachments that make use of the passenger seat belt aren’t viable and you should opt for one that attaches onto the latch bar instead.
    • Tensile strength: When your dog is thrown forward in a car, they can generate a huge amount of force. If you buy a cheap car seat belt, it may snap and send your dog flying forward. Good quality dog seat belts will have high tensile strength and will be made of a strong material such as seat belt webbing or even steel rope.
      Also remember, the heavier your dog, the stronger the seat belt will have to be.
    • Seat belt length: You want to choose a seat belt that is just long enough that your dog can move around but short enough that it still acts as a restraint. Most dog car seat belts are adjustable, so you can play around with different lengths to find the best one for your dog.
      There are a few on the market that aren’t adjustable, and while the manufacturers will make recommendations based on the size of your dog, you should do some experimentation before committing to a certain length.
    • Chew-proof: Nylon is a common material used in dog car seat belts, due to its high tensile strength, affordability, and durability. However, even though nylon is very strong, it can’t stand up to chewing.
      As your dog chews, they will make tiny holes (and eventually big ones) that affect the strength of the fabric. This incessant gnawing means that the seat belt can break at the worst possible time, even if there are minimal signs of wear.
      If your dog is a chronic chewer, consider buying a dog seat belt made of steel rope instead. These restraints are usually covered in nylon but have a much stronger and more resilient steel core that will keep your dog safe and sound.
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