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Last Updated: July 2024​

Dogs can be man’s best friend, but they can also pose a serious threat to you and your family. When a dog isn’t properly trained or given the care it needs, it can devolve to its animal instincts and lash out at those around it. 🐕

That’s why dog repellent is a safe and useful tool to defend yourself from canine attacks.

boxer dog open mouth attack

When it comes to finding the best dog repellents, you should carefully consider your choices. You no longer have to rely on painful and harmful pepper spray.

If you act too hastily and grab a brand you aren’t sure about, it can mean the difference between escaping safely and ending up seriously injured. Many times, weak sprays just won’t do. That’s why it’s important to research the best ingredients and products on the market today.

There are also dog repellents, or dog deterrents, that serve a more innocent purpose. They can be handy tools to keep your pets from causing any trouble or laying on the furniture.

While there are many different kinds, they generally work by gently showing your pets what not to do. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best products to keep you safe and out of harm’s way, without seriously injuring the dog. 🙂

Best Dog Repellent 2024 - Reviews

1. Grannicks Bitter Apple Taste Deterrent for Dogs

This bitter dog repellent is perfect for getting dogs away from your bushes or shrubbery. It is designed to disinterest dogs and deter them from certain areas due to its bitter sour apple taste. It is also designed to keep them from scratching and biting problem areas on their bodies, such as areas where they may have recently gotten stitches or may have a wound.

Luckily, the formula also deters them from your valued possessions. If you find that a dog has been going to the bathroom on a particular spot on your lawn time and time again, this deterrent will keep them far away from the area. As it comes with a gross apple taste that dogs hate, it may not be the best scent to spray directly on your person to keep them away. In the event of an attack, it can help dissuade them from biting any further because they are naturally opposed to the taste.

Grannick's Bitter Apple Taste Deterrent Spray Bottle for Dogs, 8 Ounces, Single


  • Sour taste makes dogs want to stay away from the scent
  • Helps with training dogs
  • Helps deter them from going to the bathroom on your property
  •  Keeps them from biting themselves on problem areas
  • Does not contain pepper spray


  • Smells bad if sprayed on your person
  • Is not naturally designed to deter dogs from attacks
  • Does not hurt the dog in a way that would make them stop biting you in the event of an attack (in the sense that it does not sting their eyes or make them naturally want to retreat). It is more of a deterrent for bad behaviors.

2. High Tech Sofa Scram Sonic Dog Deterrent Repellent Mat

This mat is the perfect addition to your home if you have dogs that love to jump on your furniture. Long-term exposure to pet hair and smells can leave your sofa in terrible shape. That’s why many people send their pets outside to curb their inclination to hang out on the furniture. This mat works for either dogs or cats and can be a useful tool to deter them from your relaxing sofa.

Even better, this high-tech innovation does not hurt your pet. It comes with a non-shock design that keeps your furry friends happy, while still keeping them far away from your furniture. Its innovative design works by emitting a loud beep at 85 decimals when it is activated by the touch of a pet. When your dog hears it, it naturally wants to get away from the noise which will gradually train them to leave the sofa to the humans of the house.

High Tech Pet Sofa Scram Sonic Dog & Cat Deterrent Repellent Mat


  • Effective in keeping pets off furniture
  • Can train pets to keep off the furniture in the future
  • Sets off a high-decibel sound when pets touch the mat that deters them from surfaces
  • Can be used not only on sofas, but counters, beds, trash, and wherever you need
  • Does not contain pepper spray


  • Only works if animals weigh more than 5 pounds
  • The sound can be startling if you’re not used to it
  • Batteries not included: it takes one 9-volt alkaline battery to work

3. PetSafe SSSCAT Motion Activated Pet Proofing Repellent for Dogs

This can of pet deterrent is useful for letting your dogs know where not to go. If you buy the full system, it works as a motion-activated deterrent that sprays when it detects motion from your pet. Don’t worry, it is environmentally conscious and does not cause any ill-effects on your furry friends. This is the perfect way to let your pet know that certain areas are a no-go zone.

As opposed to a shock collar or harsh chemical alternative, this spray gently lets your dog know that what he/she is doing is wrong. After a while, they can even become trained to no longer go there! With the full system, you will have increased peace of mind knowing that your dog won’t be rooting around in areas where it’s not supposed to. It is great for around trash cans, pantries, and couches. The smell won’t stink up your house and it won’t leave stains. This can also be used in the event of an animal attack, although it is less powerful than some other alternatives.

PetSafe SSSCAT Spray Replacement Can Only Use with SSSCAT Spray, Dog and Cat Deterrent System - Keeps Areas Pet Proof Environmentally Friendly Training Repellent - Protect Your Pets and Furniture


  • A safe way to deter pets from going to certain areas
  • Does not stink up the house
  • Does not hurt the animal
  • Does not contain pepper spray
  • Can be washed off the animal with water
  • Safely keeps dogs off your lawn


  • The can is most effective if you buy the whole system, which is pricier than the can itself
  • Is not the strongest repellant in the event of an attack

4. Handheld Ultrasonic Infrared Dog Repellent

This handheld unit is great for keeping aggressive dogs away from you and your family. As opposed to other products that are best for deterring your pets from problem-areas in your home or yard, this is best utilized as a defense mechanism if a dog gets aggressive. This is a humane way to keep dogs away without putting them in harm’s way.

Not to be ignored, it can also be utilized for training purposes. The ultrasonic infrared rays are unpleasant for the dog but do not cause any damage. That is what makes it an incredible tool for showing dogs that what they are doing is wrong. The high-pitched tone that is emitted disturbs dogs and sends them away from you and your family, keeping you safe from an otherwise potentially dangerous situation.

Handheld Dog Repellent, Ultrasonic Infrared Dog Deterrent, Bark Stopper + Good Behavior Dog Training


  • Does not cause any harm to the dog
  • Environmentally friendly and does not cause any pollution
  • The noise is not remotely disturbing to human ears
  • Effective in deterring dog attacks
  • Does not contain pepper spray
  • No need to worry about where it is aimed, it will work either way


  • Needs a 9v carbon battery
  • Can scare your dogs during the training process, as they do not care for the noise. (Some dogs may be more sensitive than others)

5. Emmy’s Best Stop the Chew Bitter Spray 

This is one of the best repellent sprays on the market for getting dogs to stay away from problem areas. Dogs are naturally curious; that’s why it can be hard to make them stay away from certain areas like wounds, private parts, and spots where you put medicine. That’s just the animal in them. Luckily, this Emmy’s Best spray can help keep them away from the area for good.

This bitter spray has a nasty taste that dogs will not want to experience twice. It does not stink up the house. The secret lies in its flavoring. When dogs decide to brave the elements and chew on an area that has been sprayed with Emmy’s Best, they will quickly think twice about what they’ve done. As such, it can be a useful tool for training your dog in the future. After a few instances of the bitter taste, they will become accustomed to staying away from the problem area.

EBPP Stop The Chew 3X Strength Anti Chew Spray for Dogs - No Chew Spray for Puppies - Alcohol Free Dog Deterrent Spray - Bitter Spray for Dogs to Stop Chewing - Powerful No Chew Spray for Dogs - 8oz


  • Comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 1-year manufacturer promise to refund your purchase
  • Alcohol-free formula
  • Comes with a 14-day online training manual
  • The most powerful bitter spray on the market for premium results
  • Does not cause messes
  • Does not contain pepper spray
  • Can be washed off with water


  • Is not the strongest repellant against dog bite attacks
  • Is primarily used to deter chewing, which doesn’t help if you have larger issues

6. POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar

Shock collars have been a popular tool against rowdy dogs for years now, but POP VIEW takes a calmer approach to the idea of a training collar. This business cares about keeping your dog safe and as comfortable as possible. Rather than punishing the dog with shocks that are strong enough to hurt a human, this collar uses only sound and vibration to let the dog know that it is acting out. With this collar, you’ll be getting a humane method of diversion for even the most aggressive of dogs.

The collar has a unique training level program, which increases through seven levels to adequately train your furry friend. Each new threshold has a new level of sound and vibration to gauge how much you’ll need to put a stop to the behavior on a consistent basis. This collar is progressive in that it is bark-activated. When your dog begins barking, it will send the wave of sound and vibration to help stifle it. The big difference is that you can control how much barking it takes to activate it. This way, happy barks won’t be met with punishment. Sometimes you have to let a dog be a dog.

POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar for Small, Medium, Large Dogs, Anti Bark Collar with Sound and Vibration, No Shock, Harmless & Humane


  • A safe method of stifling barking
  • Offers a tiered program that allows you to know exactly how much it takes to stop the behavior
  • Allows you to adjust the sounds and vibrations so it is not activated with small levels of barking, or you can ban barking altogether
  • Offer customer service that promises to answer any questions or issues within 48 hours
  • Product does not contain pepper spray
  • Does not electrocute the dog if placed in water


  • Is not effective in the event of a dog attack
  • Can make your dog have slightly unpleasant feelings

7. Particular Paws Anti-Chew Bitter Spray for Dogs

This bitter spray is carefully made with tea tree oil to deter your dog from chewing. Dogs naturally want to chew, but it can cause hair loss and injections if they do it too much. That is where this handy tool from Particular Paws comes into play. This spray is just as effective for training as it is for deterring chewing.

It packs a punch of bitter apple taste that keeps dogs away from problem areas. Don’t worry; it does not produce a smell that will get around the house. Once the dog gets a mouthful of the spray, they will slowly become used to the idea of not going to the affected area anymore. It is made with natural ingredients that do not harm your dog and they are environmentally friendly. The company also offers a great 100% satisfaction program where they will refund your money if you are not satisfied with this bitter spray.

Particular Paws Anti-Chew Bitter Spray for Dogs - Tea Tree Oil to Help Soothe - 8oz


  • Is made from all-natural ingredients that do not harm the dog, including tea tree oil which naturally deters dogs from the taste
  • Can be useful for training your dog to stay away from areas and not bite on themselves
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with how this product works
  • Teaches your dog the right way to do things, which can help it be more well-behaved
  • Product does not contain or use pepper spray
  • Can be washed off with water


  • Does not work well for dissuading dog attacks

8. The Company of Animals Pet Corrector

This dog repellent takes a different approach to dog training. It is a viable deterrent method for bad behaviors, and it has been proven to be quite effective. It was rated 4 out of 5 stars with nearly 2,500 customer ratings on Amazon and the magic is in its simple design. The can looks a bit like an air horn, without causing shrill noises that scare your dog. Instead, it simply emits a harmless stream of air that dissuades a dog from committing their behaviors any further. This stream of air mimics the hisses heard in nature that serve as warning from other animals, which will kick in your dog’s instincts to stop what they’re doing.

When training a dog, you need a base indicator to harmlessly let them know that they are doing the wrong thing. This pet corrector can do just that. Each can has the capacity to be used roughly 50 times and begins working immediately in most cases. The best part is, it does no harm to your beloved pet. It is useful for stopping dogs from unnecessary barking and other bad behaviors you don’t want around the house. It is important to note that you should probably keep this can away from puppies, as it is safest for use on older dogs.

PET CORRECTOR Dog Trainer, 50ml. 2 Pack- Stops Barking, Jumping Up, Place Avoidance, Food Stealing, Dog Fights & Attacks. Help stop unwanted dog behaviour. Easy to use, safe, humane and effective.


  • Shouldn’t take long to train your dog and your dog will quickly grow to fear the sound
  • Could be useful in the event of a dog attack, although it may not be as effective as other methods
  • Stops barking and jumping behaviors
  • Helps train your dog to behave better
  • Does not use pepper spray


  • Should only be used by adults as it is a can of pressurized air that could pop if misused
  • Cannot and should not be used on puppies or smaller animals
  • Can make your dog fearful of the noise and give them anxiety
  • Each can only has 50 sprays, which can go quite quickly if you have a difficult dog

9. FurryFido Dog Whistle

This may be one of the more traditional deterrent methods for a dog. For anyone that has seen their fair share of movies and TV, they will be familiar with the idea of a dog whistle. This shrill whistle is a great tool for training your dog and making it obey your commands, lest you blow the whistle again. This method has been used to decades as a reliable tool to keep your dog away from poor behaviors.

This dog whistle is a helping hand when you have a dog that loves to bark. It features an easy-to-use and easy-to-transport design as it is lightweight and is only about 3 inches long. It comes standard with a string to wrap around your neck so you don’t lose it, which may become an issue with an object so small. Don’t worry either, this whistle will not hurt your dog’s ears; it will simply provide them with a small amount of discomfort so they can begin to be trained easier.

FurryFido Dog toys ball and treat dispensing for dogs,cat and small animals. Funny Dog Puzzle and Dog Toys for Boredom and Thinking (UFO)


  • Easy and trusted tool for training
  • One of the simplest deterrent methods on the market
  • Does not hurt your dog’s ears
  • Easy to carry and use, it is small, and it comes standard with a lanyard included
  • Helps deter dogs from barking
  • Does not use pepper spray that hurts the animal


  • Does not fend off aggressive behaviors by dogs well
  • Can become easy to lose if it gets taken away from its lanyard

10. HALT Dog Repellant Spray

This non-toxic spray combines a unique blend of peppers that safely drives away aggressive dogs. This spray is your last line of defense when you’re being attacked. No matter how aggressive the dog is, this HALT spray will do the trick, temporarily causing them pain, then you’ll be able to safely escape.

This effective repellant has been used by the US Postal service since 1966 and they swear by the results. No matter how you feel about pepper spray, you cannot deny that it works. Make sure to exercise caution with this, as the spray can easily affect its user as well if there is a gust of wind or if you get it on your skin. Use as a last resort.

HALT 91427 Dog Repellent, Red


  • Accurate aim up to 10 feet
  • Repels even the most aggressive dogs
  • Trusted by the US Postal Service for decades


  • Hurts the dog, although only temporarily
  • Has the potential to hurt those around you, including yourself, as the pepper spray is quite powerful
  • Can cause significant damage if too much spray is released

How to choose the best Dog Repellent

The best dog repellant needs to meet your unique set of circumstances. When it comes to training, you know your dog better than anyone. Even if your dog is new to your home, it shouldn’t take more than one type of repellent to effectively train your dog to stop its behavior. However, if it has multiple bad habits, such as barking and chewing on the furniture, then you may need to lookup multiple types of repellent to dissuade your dog from continuing these types of behavior. With this behavior, even strong chew proof dog beds won’t stand the aggression. 

Dogs are great animals in that most of them can be trained quite easily. With a simple repellant tool like a bitter spray or vibrating collar, for example, they should learn to stop doing their behaviors in a relatively short period of time. Even so, you should always do your research before deciding to purchase a product. You should look up and read reviews from previous customers to see if the company is able to deliver what they promise.

amstaff pitbull

Further, you’ll likely want to go with an option that is eco-friendly and non-toxic so you can do your part in keeping your environment as safe as possible. When it comes to sprays to repel dog attacks, you should also consider how much it will hurt the dog. Dogs are animals and they act instinctively. Many people don’t want to hurt the aggressive dog; they just want the behavior to stop in the safest way possible so they can protect themselves (and their loved ones). That’s why you should look up the ingredients and see what kind of short-term and long-term effects they can have on dogs. This is important for both dog deterrents and more straightforward dog repellants that are useful when you feel threatened. Just make sure you’re looking at the right factors for each type of repellant.

Dog Repellent Spray 

  • It can be useful to spray to set boundaries at home, while also protecting your furniture and your garden. This will help keep your dogs from chewing on your stuff or ruining your expensive sofas.
  • It can be viewed as a form of dog behavior control which can help train them in the future. If your dog is acting out, repellent sprays can help deter this behavior both in the short-term and long-term. These sprays are also useful if a dog gets aggressive with you.
  • Make sure you’re researching the active ingredients in the spray. This can be done easily if you read the label. Just to be safe, you’ll want to check if it contains any toxic ingredients. This way, you know that the product isn’t going to bring any harm to your dog or any other animals (or humans) in the general vicinity.
  • Check to see what type of volume capacity the spray bottle contains. Some bottles may seem like a good deal until you realize that there are similar products that will give you much more longevity due to the amount of the liquid or air inside.
  • You do not need to use a product that contains pepper spray; there are safer alternatives if you want to use them.
  • Look for a spray that can be washed off with water and won’t harm your plants or lawn
  • Citronella can be a useful all-natural ingredient in these types of sprays. It’s also used in dog flea collars to treat flick and tick in dogs.

Sonic Repellents

  • Make sure to see how much money it will take to upkeep these devices. If it uses a lot of energy, then you may be finding yourself buying new batteries quite frequently. Also, check to see if the unit is known to break, as you don’t want to be forced to buy a new one right after you already spent good money on it.
  • Always see what kind of return or refund policy the seller has on the product, just to be safe.
  • Make sure it does not do any serious damage to your dog’s ears, as this can worsen over time and make it hard for them to hear.
  • Look into its effects on the environment. If a sound is high-pitched enough, its frequencies can disturb both your dog and the wildlife around you.
  • Shop and compare prices with similar products in its decibel range. Many times, you will be able to find a product that is just as good while being cheaper than a popular brand.
  • Look for one that does not get hot.

Repellent Mats

  • Make sure that these do not cause any harm to your dog or your furniture.
  • Check product reviews to see if they actually work.
  • Shop and compare prices to see if there is a similar product at a lower price.
  • Keep your dog’s best interest in mind. You don’t want to hurt it by purchasing a dangerous repellant mat. You’ll need to see how the mat works to determine if it poses any risks, such as toxic chemicals or dangerous frequencies


Do ultrasonic dog repellants hurt dogs?

Typically, ultrasonic repellants are designed with the dog in mind. They are specially crafted so that they will not hurt your dog. In today’s modern age, science has caught up to the dog repellent world. Most ultrasonic repellants will not be sold if they have any potential to harm your dog’s ears.

Is there a spray to keep dogs off furniture?

Yes, there are many useful bitter sprays on the market today. These include models that do not stink or cause any harm to your dog. In fact, the smell can be quite pleasant in some cases.

What can I spray on plants to keep dogs away?

There are many types of bitter sprays that will deter dogs from coming too close to your plants. The best ones have all-natural ingredients, so they are safe for both your dog and the environment around you. The dog will be naturally repelled by these sprays, so it will learn not to go near the plant even after the spray has worn off.


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