Bichon Frise Poodle Mix: Bichpoo Breed Information, Traits & Facts

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It is the Bichon Frise and Poodle mixed dog is more popularly referred to as the Bichpoo is a cute tiny teddy bear that has captured the hearts of dog owners all over the globe. In all that flimsiness an extremely intelligent dog can be discovered, so don’t get fooled by his adorable teddy cuteness. Actually, both breeds are very well-liked by pet owner and frequently compared to each other by prospective pet owners.

Are the Bichon Frise cross the perfect pet for you and your family? If you’re looking for an older breed or one that is likely to play catch frequently and chase, then the Bichpoo might not be the best dog for you. If a dog that is noisy isn’t on your list, that is also a sign that the Bichpoo isn’t on your list. If you’re looking for a compact cuddle companion who will never be able to leave your side, can be great with children, and can tell you that you’re missing him and your family, then the Bichpoo could be the perfect dog for you!

He can outwit you if you don’t keep ahead of him, so it is essential to have a home that will keep him alert as this isn’t your typical pet toy! If you are awestruck by the appearance of him and think you’re up to the challenge, read this comprehensive guide to the Bichpoo to determine whether he is a good fit for your life and that of your family.

Bichon Frise Poodle Mix

Parent Breeds

Designer dogs are currently popular and the Bichpoo is among the most popular models. It’s not a brand new style, but it is one that has received lots of critique from purebred lovers. Don’t be deterred by this, as this method has numerous advantages such as the combination with the Poodle’s as well as the Bichon Frise’s looks, and also their ability to think. This also expands the genetic pool of their pet and this process is known as hybrid vigor makes them more robust against illnesses as well as genetic changes.

For all dogs that are designer and especially first-generation dogs There is an wide range of traits that are inherited from each of the breeds, including Poodle as well as the Bichon Frise, and as therefore, you must be open to the ideas they’ll inherit. There is a tendency that the pup will look more similar to one parent, with a some of the other, however Bichpoo pups will be distinct even within one litter. In this article, we’re going to describe the typical Bichpoo but be aware that there could be minor variations.

To understand his personality a bit more, it’s important to know a bit regarding his family.

Bichon Frise

It was said that the Bichon Frise used to be a favorite pet with the wealthy and noble, but this lifestyle quickly came in abrupt halt. The Bichon Frise was soon in the cold streets because of wartime World Wars and families not having enough money to meet their dog’s requirements.

Because of Bichon Frise fans who brought together all the homeless Bichon’s, they soon saw that their numbers were increasing. The Bichon Frise then made his way to America and in 1964, in 1964, the Bichon Frise Breed Club was established.

While in street corners, he was able to find work as an entertainer in the circus because of his ability to be smart and quick to recognize commands. This is the place where the Bichpoo is able to draw his fast-learning characteristic from. Bichon Frise is a breed of dog that has been praised for its intelligence and Bichon Frise is described as an charming enthusiastic, curious, and jolly character and makes an excellent pet for families with children. In the year 2019, The American Kennel Club (AKC) has placed the Bichon Frise at 46 the most loved pet in America.


The Poodle is an elegant dog that is renowned for its extravagant hairstyles and beautiful ribbons, but beneath all the prettiness is an extremely intelligent dog that has its roots in Germany in which the dog was typically utilized as a hunting dog.

Toy Poodles were developed through the efforts of the French bourgeoisie, who bred the tiniest of litters to produce smaller lapdogs, and it’s these toy and miniature Poodles that are mated to the Bichon Frise to form the Bichpoo however they’re just as smart and active as regular Poodles. They are that toy breeds have gave the Poodle the nickname as the’sleeve pet’ as they were frequently worn inside the sleeves of nobles.

It is said that the Poodle can be described as being an energetic, proud and extremely intelligent dog with a brain that is often undervalued This is where the Bichpoo is able to get its energy and curiosity from. In the year 2019, the AKC classified his dog as 7 7th most loved breed in America. Poodles are a popular breed. Poodle is a well-known designer dog breed, and others popular Poodle breeds are those of the Berner Poodle mixture, as well as that of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Poodle mix.


The Bichpoo was developed by the people of Australia in the early 1990s to make an adorable, small dog for families that can be good with children. He certainly is a dog of small size with a huge personality!

Despite the origins of his parents however, he’s not your typical lap dog. the dog is a lively small rocket who isn’t content for long periods of time as his toys Don’t count on that he will be the cute and peaceful hot water bottle, as it’s possible that he’ll only be like this only for a tiny portion of the time.

They are known by a variety of names, including the Poochon or and the Frisepoo and the Bichdoodle, as well as the Bichoodle. If you’re still curious and want to learn more about this dog, take a seat, relax and continue reading to learn more about the dog that has the name that sounds like a wacky doodle.


The Bichpoo is an charming little dog who is lively and active like many other Doodle Mixes. He’ll keep you entertained and is a fan of playing a few games in the backyard, or since there isn’t much space it is a joy to play around the house with no problems.

He must have a family who can, and is content enough to be with him for just a few hours per day. They also are famous for their bursts of enthusiasm and are well-known in their zoomies. If you’re not sure the meaning of this, just enter it on YouTube and believe our word that that you will not be disappointed.

He’s a very barky guy, and surprisingly is a great watchdog since he’ll always inform you of anyone around, whether it be a friend or foe. They might not be the most frightening of guard dogs, however they certainly are worth their worth in terms of the ability to bark and making all the people within the vicinity aware of an intruder around. If it’s an adorable little watchdog you’re looking for Look at the Bichpoo.

In addition to his exuberant bursts of energy, he’s an extremely happy dog that is gentle and patient. He does enjoy a nap on his owner’s lap and you’ll take a break. He is loved by those who are elderly and able to enjoy and release their energy at home, just taking short walks.

Size & Appearance

Male Bichpoo will be between 11 and fifteen inches in height, from shoulder to paw, while women’s Bichpoo will be between 9 and 11 inches. Male Bichpoo is expected to weigh in the range of 10 and 18 pounds and females weigh less, at 6-12 pounds. They are thought to be tiny dogs that won’t be a nuisance within your home.

The Bichpoo is a dog with an elegant coat that is similar to the Teddy bear. He is sporting dark-colored button eyes with adorable button noses to be matched. The Bichpoo is well-balanced with ears, however that are rather long for his face and typically fall to the opposite the side until they extend to the jawline.

Coat & Colors

The Bichpoo is a curly and wispy hair that’s hypoallergenic as it doesn’t shed any dust, which can cause reactions in those with dog allergies The Bichpoo is ideal for those who suffer from allergies to dogs who truly want to have a pet! It looks like he’s just come from the salon with that flawless hairstyle!

His coat can be the hue that is brown, amber, white, black blue, cream, red, gray or silver. Basically, he will take any color his parents have. If you want to get a clearer idea of the color he will end up being, it’s recommended to examine your parents, but be aware that it’s not always certain that because your parents have a certain color , he will be as well. If he is an unicolor, it is common to see white spots on his body.

Exercise & Living Conditions

Due to the Bichpoo’s small dimensions, he can be adapted to smaller or larger houses, as well as apartments. It is also not necessary to have the space of a backyard since the majority of his energy inside the home without causing chaos. The dog is flexible dog that will fit in any family or home.

Because he’s kind and gentle, he’s suitable for living with children of all age groups. Although toy dogs generally aren’t suitable for children younger than due to how fragile they are, and kids not being able to handle small dogs however, the Bichpoo is a bit more sturdy than the typical toy, so it is suitable for being around children. Like any dog it is important to keep an eye on the dog when he’s around children to ensure that you are sure you are safe.

Because as the Bichpoo can be so gentle,, he is also well-suited to being part of an animal-friendly householdas as long as he’s been properly socialized as a puppy. The most important thing to take into consideration in this case is how loud the dog is, as when he’s too loud, then the other pets, particularly other dogs, might not be a fan.

If he is raised with other animals, he’s unlikely to be able to keep a grudge against them, however when other pets are brought to the family, ensure an appropriate pre-meeting to ensure that the dog you are introducing isn’t averse to his possible behavior. However, his barking could be tamed and that is one of the main reasons why we recommend this.

He needs about thirty minutes physical activity every day which means that three walks or more throughout the day is enough to take advantage of his bathroom breaks away from the backyard and let him breathe in fresh air. In addition, he is content to play during his workouts.


The Bichpoo is an extremely quick learner due to the intellectual capacity of both his parents, and his eagerness to impress his master, he is relatively simple to train if you stick to it. Training with positive reinforcement is the most effective method to train the Bichpoo and a some praise in the form of a verbal remark and lots of hugs can go a long way.

It is crucial to get your Bichpoo at an early age to ensure that he’s at ease with dogs of all sizes and shapes This is especially crucial considering how tiny the dog is, and how vast the world can seem to him. Since he is the dog that is yappy It is crucial to stop the habit of screaming towards other dog because not only can this unintentional behavior make him feel stressed and cause stress, but it can cause stress to other dogs that may not be as compassionate as you are.


The Bichpoo is a generally healthy breed of dog, with a lifespan that ranges from between 12 and 15 years. Since he’s not a purebred dog , he is not yet granted an official breed standard so the best method to determine the health problems he may have is to examine the genetic predisposition of his parents to.

As a Poodle parent It is probable that he is susceptible to progressive retina Atrophy and a myriad of eye diseases that are common to parents both, and as the result, he must be subject to a regular Ophthalmologist exam to make sure the eyes of his are top health.

Both the Poodle as well as the Bichon Frise suffer from Patella Luxation that is when the kneecap isn’t properly formed and is dislocated, which causes severe pain. frequently, it causes the dog to become disabled in the leg affected, so make sure you look for signs of this. If it is not treated, it may require surgery, and will not heal by itself, so make certain to bring him to the Veterinarian immediately you spot it.

It is important to note that the Bichon Frise parent also has to be examined for hip Dysplasia This is a condition where the joint affected is not properly formed and can cause discomfort and lameness.


The Bichpoo can only eat around one cup food per day. This is a great benefit for the pocket strings of a prospective owner because he’s not that expensive to feed when compared to the majority of other breeds of dogs.

If you’re Bichpoo is small, then you might need to buy foods that are specifically designed for toy breeds because the food could be too large for his small mouth. Make sure you follow the directions on the food packet. If you have any questions make sure you speak with your veterinarian.


The Bichpoo is a dog with curls and, as such it is essential to brush it regularly to make sure that it doesn’t get matted or tangled, especially around the places where the harness and collar are put. Like any other doodle dog it is recommended to use the Slicker brush that is rectangular with bristles made of fine wire, is the ideal brush to ensure that his coat is in good state. The dog is not likely to shed and regular brushing can remove all hairs from his body , preventing it from getting onto your sofa or clothes.

A bathing session every six weeks or so can ensure that he is not smelling fresh. Just make certain to wash and dry him thoroughly since this could be more harmful to his skin than getting filthy. Hair growth can also happen very quickly, which is why it is recommended to clip your hair every two months or visit an expert dog groomer if you prefer.

Since the Bichpoo is smaller and has smaller mouths and a small mouth, his teeth must be cleaned at least every week using doggy toothpaste since the Bichpoo is more susceptible to developing periodontal problems more than a typical-sized dog.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

If you believe that the Bichpoo is the perfect pet for your family, then your next task is to spend time searching for a reliable Bichpoo breeder. Entering Bichpoo breeders in any online search engine will yield results, however you have to make sure you go through reviews of the breeders and find out exactly what you should look for when choosing a reliable breeder. Always insist to meet them in person, as well as the puppy as well as his parents prior to any agreement or deposit is signed, and make certain to check the health certificate of their parents to confirm that they are healthy.

Alternately, join social media networks like ‘ Bichoodles, Poochons, Bichpoos, and Bichipoos are full of people who are also passionate about this breed. You can always inquire about recommendations from reliable breeders.

The typical Bichpoo pup from a trusted breeder can cost around $1000. If you’re looking for an average Bichpoo but aren’t so keen on the thought of participating in the lottery for genes make sure you look for breeders with second and third generation puppies which are referred to as F2 and F3 pups in the world of canines. Although they are more expensive, they are more likely to get an unpredictability pup however, you must be certain to ask the breeder for certificates as well as the lineage of their parents to prove that they are of the second generation or above.

Rescue & Shelters

As a designer breed that is still relatively new, there aren’t many rescue facilities specifically to help the Bichpoo. But, as a well-known breed, there’s a good chance to be an doodle dog or a doodle dog at your neighborhood rescue centre. If you’re interested in saving the life of a Bichpoo contact the local rescue organizations and keep your eyes on their websites for any new dogs. It might take a bit of time but it will be worth it once you discover him!

As Family Pets

  • Bichpoo is a sweet dog. Bichpoo is a lovely dog that is playful, and extremely affectionate to his loved ones.
  • He’ll need a loving family who can offer him hugs and pampering as well as give him fun and games that are interactive.
  • He must be placed in an individual who will give him at least 30 minutes of exercise per day.
  • This breed isn’t an easy lap dog So be ready for this if you decide to bring the dog into your home.
  • The Bichpoo is notorious for being very barky and he might not be the best fit for apartment.
  • He is a dog with a lot of friends who doesn’t like being left to himself for extended periods of time.
  • Bichpoo is the perfect size for children. Bichpoo is the ideal size for children who are just starting out.
  • He’s not too large, but not too fragile for children to play with him.
  • If he’s well-socialized, he’ll be suitable for an animal-friendly family.
  • The Bichpoo is a dog that can be adapted that is suitable for living in an apartment, or the large house.
  • He’s a healthy dogand will be with you for 13 1/2 years, on average.
  • It is believed that the Bichpoo can be described as hypoallergenic and, as such, he is ideal for dogs with allergies in the family.
  • He’s a dog with a lot of bark that can be the ideal cute watchdog or a grumpy neighbor dog.

Final Thoughts

The Bichpoo is a cute puppy that is well-suited to most homes with families. If you’ve conducted your research on the breed and are aware of what you can expect from his parents, then you’re sure to not be disappointed by him.

If you don’t anticipate him to be a quiet lap dog and that you are able to spend time with him in a relaxed manner and keep his mind engaged, he’ll be a good fit in your new family perfectly. It is a fact that this tiny curly teddy bear will take your family’s heart right from the beginning!

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