Border Collie vs. Golden Retriever

Are you considering comparing between the Border Collie vs. Golden Retriever for your new pet? It is true that the Border Collie and the Golden Retriever are two very distinct breeds. They are also very well-known dogs the majority of people are able to recognize them.

If you don’t know the two breeds in detail You may not be aware of the difference in their personalities grooming requirements, grooming needs, and much more. However, we’re going to guide you through all you need to be aware of. Both breeds are friendly and are great with children However, both also have some distinct distinctions.

If you’re interested in their differences or you’re looking to refine your options for your next pet, you’re in the right spot. Both breeds are great choices for families pets But let’s go into the details and discover the things you’ll be able to expect when you decide to welcome either breed to your home.

Border Collie vs. Golden Retriever

Breed History

Let’s go back to the very beginning of their journey, where these two guys started. Reviewing their history will reveal a lot about their lives as dogs, and, more important, what they will be like as pets for the family.

Border Collie

The Border Collie is a breed that comes from the harsh and wet lands in Wales as well as Scotland. It was the result of Roman and Vikings dog breeds that herded. Following their wars it was the Viking’s Icelandic Sheepdog was the most important component of this Border Collie breed. Since his blood is herding He was destined for the herding life style. In contrast to many working dogs, He is used as an active dog as much as he’s an animal companion for the family.

According to canine behaviorists and veterinarians they are regarded as one of the most intelligent breed of dog around the globe. In the film ‘Babe,’ which was immortalized He is the shepherd’s dream dog absolutely. It is said that he could be the best herder dog, too. In the year 2020, he was the 35 most popular. He is also America’s 35 most populardog, and is more well-known within the United Kingdom. Their stunning good appearance and charming personality often are Border Collies mixed with other breeds as parents to create a distinctive designer dog without health problems.

Golden Retriever

It is the Golden Retriever is also originated from Scotland however, it is a more recent breed. It was developed in the hands of Lord Tweedmouth during the late 19 century. Lord Tweedmouth created the breed in the 19 century in his search to develop the ideal firearm dog. His dog’s makeup is comprised of the now extinct Yellow Retriever, Tweed Water Spaniel, Irish Setter and the Bloodhound. He is renowned for his soft mouth and his calming manner, which was perfect when hunting with his master.

It was not until 1908 that the first time he visited America. American sports hunters were struck with their ability that they started employing them in the United States too. It didn’t take long before people realized how affectionate and enjoyable he was an animal companion. Today and for a long time it is one of the 3 3rd most loved dog breed across America. It has been featured in too many films to count There isn’t a single individual living in America (probably!) who hasn’t met an Golden Retriever. They’re also well-known as crossbreeding parents due to their popularity as a family-friendly breed.


In contrast to the other Border Collie doppelgangers, Border Collies and Golden Retrievers are easily distinguished. They are easy to distinguish. Border Collie is a medium-sized dog, while it is a medium-sized dog, while the Golden Retriever is a large-sized dog. The biggest of Borders is about the identical size of the smaller Golden. Also, Borders are smaller in a couple of inches too. This could be the reason to deciding among the breeds of certain families.

It is the Golden Retriever has a medium-length coat and comes in various Golden shades. From light white from light white to deep red There is an option to fit any taste. The most popular color for Borders is white and black. However, he could be blue, black and sable, merle, Lilac, brindle, red and gold, each with different designs. If you’re looking for some color to brighten your day The Border is the most vibrant of them as well as. Additionally it is also possible to inherit multiple-colored eye or blue that are rarer.

The Border’s coat could be tight and short or long and medium similar to the coat of the Golden Retriever. Although they have flowing locks, both breeds look nice dogs, each one elegant in their appearance. In their coats, they are athletic and muscular.


Breed temperaments are typically the main reasons for why a family may select one breed over another. Let’s look at the similarities first. Both are overflowing of love for their families. It can be sweet at times, and even too to be too much for those who would prefer more secluded pets. However, it’s all part of their sociable appeal. You can expect to get pet cuddles when you’re part of the human pack.

They also are kind to their families and are excellent canine companions to children. They are a lot of fun and you can be sure of them for endless hours of fun in the backyard. Always enthusiastic and ready to a good laughter, they can make anyone smile. Despite their energy demands they’re fairly at peace in their home.

In relation to other pets in the home They are both very well-behaved and tolerant. As they’ve been well-socialized as puppies. The main concern for the Border Collie is that he may try to herd animals. And sometimes even smaller children.

Another major difference between Border and Standard breeds is that Borders are more reserved. Border can be in a secluded manner from people outside of the family group. Even after being exposed to them the breed, he is often cautious. Then there’s that Golden Retriever, who is the golden boy of all people. He’s extremely friendly and never suspicious. He believes that everyone is a friend. Even when he has a sack of robbers in his hand!

If your family is always throwing events and gatherings, the Golden boy is better for your social and lively life style. Border Collie Border Collie much prefers peace and quiet out in nature with his family. If you have an extremely active family then the Border can be the more active dog of both. If you’re looking for an animal that is a farmer, then there’s no doubt about which dog is the best option.


The Golden Retriever and the Border Collie are energetic dogs. They both require intense exercise to stay happy and healthy. Both will be troublesome and unhappy when you don’t fulfill their fitness needs. If you don’t have enough time to dedicate to their busy schedules Please don’t put either one of them on.

This is especially true of the Border Collie and is the reason they are frequently compared with other breeds with high energy. They are a breed of farm dog and herder, and can be quite content working all day, and even more. This means that Border is the most active among the two. The Golden boy requires an hour of vigorous training The Border requires between 60 and 90 minutes, while the Border will require between 60 and 90 minutes or even more.

Both are intelligent dogs, and clearly Border Collie is the most intelligent. Border Collie is the most smart. Both breeds require an array of toys for dogs to play with when they require to entertain themselves for a short period of time. This will not only keep them entertained and healthy, but it can also protect your furniture and possessions from getting destroyed. Think of high-end and challenging toys.


The Golden Retriever and the Border Collie are very easy to train. They are one of the most simple for dogs to teach in the dog world and are extremely well-behaved. This is the reason they are ideal for first-time dog owners since they don’t require a lot of time to learn how to get them performing tricks. Use the positive reinforcement approach, and it’s an easy task.

Both are great for the crate-training process if you begin from an early age. We suggest looking into an intermediate or large-sized dog crate suitable for Golden Retrievers as well as an average-sized crate will do well to use for your Border. Be aware that you’ll have to make sure you have enough space for both and take that into consideration when you decide to train your dog in crate.

However there is a huge but the fact is that neither dog can be trained to behave in a polite manner with your help. Many pet owners make this error believing that their dogs are able to train themselves. However, they both require the early training in obedience and socialization in order to become nice and polite dogs. Let them be exposed to as many as you can while they are still young including dogs and other animals, various surroundings, and even people.


The Golden Retriever and the Border Collie are both relatively healthy breeds of dogs. They are both healthy. Border Collie has the distinction of being most healthy among the two and has an extended health span as well. The secret to these dogs being healthy is high-quality diet, regular exercise and having screened and healthy parents.

Like the other purebred breeds, Border Collie are more prone to certain health issues than other breeds. Border Collie Border Collie needs to be examined to detect hip dysplasia. Along with a range of eye diseases like the progressive atrophy of retinas cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, as well as collie eyes.

It is known that the Golden Retriever is also prone to hip dysplasia. However, it is also susceptible to elbow dysplasia. Also, he should be examined for various eye issues like the ones mentioned previously mentioned, and also heart conditions. Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis is rare health issue that affects the nervous system.

In addition Golden Retrievers are also known as having the most cancer-prone breed in the canine world. While there isn’t much you can do to prevent cancer by partnering with breeders who are reputable will reduce the chance of your dog getting it. They will test for cancer in their families, and they won’t breed people who have had cancer.


Despite their distinct characteristics in appearance, both breeds consume almost the same amount of food each day. For instance, the Border Collie will eat approximately two and one-half cups of food while The Golden Retriever consumes approximately three cups. It may seem like they are quite similar, despite the differences however it’s not. The Border Collie burns much more caloriesthan the Golden.

Both dogs require high-quality food that will give them the energy they require to stay energized throughout the day. Good quality food items can also give them an adequate diet. For instance, the Golden Retriever would do much better with a kibble that is designed specifically for larger breeds. While the Border is able to eat any breed-specific food items.


The grooming regimens of their pets are dictated by the length of their coats. They are the Golden Retriever has a medium-length coat that requires brushing twice to three times per week to ensure that he is healthy. In addition, it helps to avoid matting. The same applies to Border Collies who have a medium-length coat. If your Border chooses to have a shorter coat, you’ll have to groom him at least every two weeks. Both breeds are covered with long or medium-length fluffy coats and, regardless of the breed you choose Be prepared for a long grooming regimen.

Both are medium to large shedders and will both shed their coats in the time of shedding. It might seem that it’s the case that Golden Retriever sheds more than the Border Collie sheds more than the Border Collie however this is mostly due to the sizes of the dogs, as well as the coat colors. Therefore, it’s possible to conclude that if you don’t like hairy dog hair on your sofa or clothes it is best to steer away from the two.

It is recommended to bathe both breeds every 8-12 weeks. We suggest gentle and conditioning shampoo for both breeds to reduce the chance of fur mats. Other grooming procedures like the cleaning of teeth and ear, are similar to other dog. Make sure you keep an watch on their eyes due to their eyesight.


The cost of puppies from a reliable breeder is nearly identical in both breeds. It is true that the Border Collie price is slightly less that those of the Golden Retriever just because he is not as popular and is in high demand. It is important to be aware of breeders who are backstreet particularly in relation with the Golden Retriever and his long list of health issues.

Final Thoughts

That’s the end of it, people and that’s The Border Collie against the Golden Retriever in all of their splendor. There’s no doubt that both are great pets for families, but they each prefer a different kind of family. The only thing you have to do is figure out which breed fits your needs and lifestyle.

It is the Border Collie has the distinction of being the most active of them all and prefers to have his entire family to himself. It is the Golden Retriever is the sociable butterfly of the two. It is more likely to take pleasure in an afternoon nap. Perhaps this makes him the best Netflix and chill companion. In the end, as you are able to satisfy their requirements, they will both exceed your expectations as a dog and more!

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