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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

It is believed that the Bouvier of Flandres a powerful dog that is renowned for its amazing herding skills and the thick, shaggy coat. However, they’re more than just multi-tasking dogs. They have a big heart and are devoted to nothing more than being they are a part of the human clan.

Don’t worry, because with this article, we’ll guide you through all the information you should be aware of. The good as well as the bad and those who are awful (not that there’s not a lot of bad, but there’s certainly no ugly here!) It’s not a problem when you’re looking for an extremely small, tidy, and completely obedient pet – since they have not!

It sounds like the doggo’s dream Doesn’t it? There are some things you should be aware of prior to welcoming them into your home. Let’s dive into it and gather all the information about this amazing cow herder.

Bouviers des Flandres


The Bouvier des Flandres comes part of the European region of Flanders. In the past, the region was a part of present-day Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. France and Belgium continue to claim that it is their national breed. Its name roughly means ‘cowherd of Flanders.‘ There were numerous breeds of these dogs, however this one is the only to be recognized in large numbers.

The Bouvier breed has been around since the medieval era and their main function was to transport cattle across the fields, and also from farm to the market. But, farmers needed to have a flexible farm dog that could do anything, except milking cows, though they’d be willing to try that too!

The 20th century witnessed an increase in popularity worldwide for this breed of dog. However, they were also a victim of the World Wars almost destroyed their homelands. Farmers were forced to relocate and the breed almost disappeared. Fortunately, Belgian soldiers employed the remaining breed in police, military, and other roles of assistance. There is a rumor that they were especially adept in locating mines and ammunition.

It’s not clear the date this dog first came to America. However, we do are aware that European expatriates contributed to stabilizing the breed in America. They also helped to stabilize the breed. American Kennel Club (AKC) included them in the Studbook of 1931, as well as in 1963, the American Bouvier des Flandres Club was founded in 1963. The Bouvier is an very rare breed in the present. They typically find themselves between the 80th and 90th most adored breed of dog out of 200.


As with many herding breeds, Bouviers des Flandres are brave and protective puppies. While they’re not averse to aggression They will defend their family with all they have. This is great if are in search of an animal guardian for your family. It’s not so good if you want a gentle dog with no protection streaks. They’re not interested in strangers and be watching them from the edges.

As with many tough dogs, these are also strong and confident characters. This is fine for people with prior doggy experiences. However, new dog owners may be a bit difficult to manage. We’ll go over tips to manage their behavior in the section on training However, be aware that this dog is charmingly stubborn.

If they are trained properly when they’re well-trained, they’re loving and affectionate dogs who are a part of their families. They love a cuddle after a hard day working! They also make great hot water bottles due to their muscular muscle mass and warm coat. This massive dog isn’t an ideal pet that is a lapdog, however they’ll take up a spot on the couch for themselves. Prepare yourself to be a bit stiff and whole lots of affection!

Despite their high-energy work dogs, they’re balanced in the house. While they’ll be incredibly exuberant and excited to meet you upon returning home but they’ll soon settle down to calm and well-behaved pets. This is ideal for those who want the most desirable of both. Exciting outdoors, but peaceful at home. They are also famous for recognizing emotions of people and providing joy when you need the most. The man’s best friend is never more loyal!

Size & Appearance

It is believed that the Bouvier Des Flandres breed is an enormous to occasionally large-sized dog breed We would like to see you with enough space! Males tend to be the largest of the two genders. The breed is expected to weigh between 70-110 pounds and should measure between 23.5 up to 27.5 inches, from shoulder to paw. In general, these fluffy dogs are described as strong-built with a rugged look.

With their strong and thick neck, they wear their heads with pride. Their ears are high on their heads and this adds to their alert appearance. They are often confused with the more famous giant Schnauzer. Their tails are typically long and they curl toward the sky, though show dogs and working dogs may have their tails tied.

In terms of show dogs If you’re planning to take your dog into the venue of show, they have to be in compliance with those Bouvier Des Flandres breed norms. However, he shouldn’t be evaluated solely based on appearance and competitions also will judge on the nature of the dog and his ability to work. If you’re seeking a pet for your family minor deviations from the rules are not a problem.

Coat & Colors

The outer coat of the Bouvier has a surface that is rough and hard to the feel The underneath coat is smooth, soft, and thick. Together, the layers help to protect them from the most extreme conditions. It is recommended that the length be approximately two inches. The beard’s hair or mustache as well as the eyebrows ought to be more long than the rest of the face.

Although it is a dog with a dark color the breed is able to have shades like black, fawn, salt and pepper, gray, as well as brindle. A tiny white star can be placed to be displayed on chests. If you wish to display your dog in the rings white, chocolate, or any other color will be punished. Also, be certain to not over-cut or ruining the rugged natural appearance, which we’ll cover in the grooming section.

Exercise Requirements

If it’s herding animals as well as pulling carts they’re not overly concerned. However, this isn’t always feasible or necessary. They’ll have to be exercising between 60 and 90 minutes each day. Be aware that a bored breed can be destructive and dangerous. Therefore, you must ensure that your lifestyle can allow you to maintain the highest level of fitness.

They also require mental stimulation throughout the day , in the way of games that are interactive and also individual brain games. Bouviers are awestruck by the ability to chase objects, and playing fetch is an excellent method to burn off energy in the backyard. They’re also a big lover of sweets, so treats-dispensing toys are an excellent method to keep their minds busy.

The dog must always be walking on a leash when out when out in public. This is not because they will never return, but because they’ll try to chase every thing in their path. If it’s a jogger who is a solo or a soccer team or a car that is speeding They’ll give it a try. For everyone’s safety and the safety of your dog ensure that they are in check.

Living Conditions

It’s not a secret that this is a massive dog. However, many are surprised to discover that they are able to live in an apartment or a tiny house. They’ll do just equally well in a bigger house, and this outdoor dog would surely be grateful to have an outdoor space. However, if you exercise regularly it’s not necessary.

The dog’s space must be a private space instead of a shared space due to the breed’s protection and reserved nature. Additionally, you must make sure he’s kept in a secure area and doesn’t wander through traffic to snare vehicles or even the delivery man.

The Bouvier would like their family members to stay in their home the majority of their time. While he’s not an excessively anxious dog, he’s more content in the company of his family. The family could be of any size or shape such as a young couple, elderly people, or families with children younger than them. The dog could be massive and there’s the possibility of an accident bump. However, with proper the right supervision, this breed can be an ideal companion for children because of their gentle nature.

They can also be a good companion for other pets in the household when they are socialized from a young age. Being with a dog an excellent method to burn off energy while the humans are working. As herding dogs are, they might attempt to herd children or pets that are smaller. This behavior needs to be removed from us, and we’ll talk about that in the next section.


Although this dog is smart however, they are also an aggressive and eager to be dominant which makes training difficult for those with no previous dog training experience. This is why only families with experience should be considered for this dog. Keep up with your instruction and don’t allow yourself to be swayed by their adorable puppy dog eyes!

To get rid of their dominant personality, it is essential to start training immediately. Everyone in the household must be involved in the process, including children. This can also aid in the prevention of herding behaviour towards them since they will see them as the leaders. Make sure you research ways to stop herding behaviour within the home. If your dog is herding, they may require more exercise and stimulation.

The most efficient method of training. It also guarantees that there’s something to your pet. toys for chasing, high squeaky praise and tasty snacks are all effective and you should make use of them in your you are training your dog.

The Bouvier des Flandres also requires early socialization to allow to turn him into an obedient dog. In the absence of this, he’ll end up being domineering, overprotective and will be a real nuisance on the back. Finding a reliable breeder is essential since they’ll begin the process. However, it’s up to you to keep up the great work. Mix them up with as many animals, people and other new people as you can to boost their confidence and improve their manners.

In the end, it is important to put in the time and effort to training your dog on leashes. Because you must always keep this massive and powerful dog on a leash it is essential to train your dog to walk in a manner that is respectful. If they are able to pull carts filled with dairy and pull you over, it is not a issue! Make use of the no-pull harness for dogs that has clips on the front to provide you with more control.


As with all purebred dogs Bouvier des Flandres are susceptible to a fair amount of health issues that are genetically inherited. Like many other breeds, from large to huge-sized they can anticipate a shorter life span than smaller breeds. Maintain them as fit as you can by keeping them in shape by exercising regularly and keeping them current with their health check-ups. Here are a few of the most frequently asked health issues to think about.

Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

Joint dysplasia is a common occurrence in large breeds of dogs. They are also at risk of inheriting a poor joints from parents. However, the rapid development of their skeletons as they grow up adds to the chance of. The signs include an uneven gait and difficulty climbing up, sit or stand. Be sure to ask the breeder for the hip scores of their parents.

Eye Conditions

There are a variety of eye diseases present in the breed you have to study. The most frequent include glaucoma, cataracts, the ectropion and entropion. All health issues require medical attention to avoid severe damage or loss of vision permanently. Alongside the obvious redness and rubbing, other signs could be a cloudy look or sensitive to light.

Cardiac Concerns

A variety of large breeds of dogs are susceptible to heart issues. The most frequent problem among the Bouvier bloodline is subvalvular Aortic narrowing. It occurs when the link to the left ventricle and Aorta is narrow, causing an increase in strain, which can lead to heart failure. The symptoms include exercise intolerance, fatigue, coughing, fast breathing, and fainting.

Hormonal Conditions

It is important to be aware of three major hormonal issues. The first one is hypothyroidism which is a condition of the thyroid gland. It can cause other health issues, such as epilepsy and Alopecia. Cushing’s disease is a different disorder in which the adrenal gland produces excessive amounts of cortisol. In addition, Addison’s disease triggers an insufficient production of hormones that regulate adrenal function. It is possible to treat it by medication once diagnosed, however it could lead to unexpected death and shock when left untreated. Be aware of signs like excessive drinking and urination, fatigue, and weight increase.


The average puppy consumes between three to five cups of premium nutrition each day. It will vary based on many aspects, including the size of their body, and their lifestyle. The breed is healthy in its appetite, so make sure not to overload them. Make sure to feed them appropriate age-specific diet to meet their nutritional requirements. This is particularly important in the development stage since it can help control the rapid growth of their bones.

As with other breeds of large dogs like the Bouvier is susceptible to an illness that is called Bloat. It isn’t known exactly the cause, however eating large meals right before or after exercise could cause it to develop. It’s an life-threatening disease that requires immediate medical care. Therefore, divide your daily allowance of food in several meals to give the stomach to fully digest.


As you may have guessed, it takes a considerable amount of elbow grease to keep your coat in top condition. Therefore, you’ll need plenty of time, and most importantly, having a shower that is walk-in or money to afford regular grooming by a professional. Whatever the case it’s not something everyone has the ability to provide.

In the past, you shouldn’t just cut the hair of Bouvier. In the event that you do, the rough feel of the coat will turn smooth over time, altering the character of this fur. A grooming method known as ‘hand stripping’ is the preferred method. The hand stripping method is the sole choice for those looking to showcase your dogs at the show, or maintain their dogs’ work in extreme conditions.

They don’t shed a lot however, any hair that is discarded is often caught in the rough outer coat. It is essential to brush your dog every week at least two times using a slicker or the pin. They’ll need bathing every six to eight weeks in order to keep their coats looking (and smells!) at its finest. In order to keep periodontal disease at bay, you’ll be required to clean your dog’s teeth at least every two weeks.

The nickname of Bouvier for the Netherlands is Vuilbaard which means “dirty beard. This is due to the fact that when they eat or drink, their long facial hair gets dirty and wet, which will require a wipe-off after each meal. In reality, it isn’t only the beard that gets dirty! The coat functions as a mop , and can retain dirt, debris and even moisture. And rumor has it that their flatulence could be different! If you’re looking for an uncluttered, clean house, this breed is not the best option.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

It is an very rare breed of dog in America however, there isn’t a single state with an official breeder. It’s not a reliable one, anyway. It’s the AKC’s Bouvier des Flandres breeder page is a good starting point for your investigation.

The typical price for the Bouvier des Flandres puppy purchased from an established breeder is about $1500. However, you could spend more money if you are looking for an award-winning breeding line or breeder. Make sure to visit the puppies in person and request the appropriate health tests. A responsible breeder will ask numerous questions regarding why they believe you’re a great puppy.

Unfortunately, breeders who aren’t responsible exist and it’s your responsibility to identify these breeders. If you don’t, you risk buying an unwell and unsocialized pet. The majority of breeders will price their dogs significantly lower in order to attract buyers. However, be aware that you’ll pay more over the long haul for medical and behavioral expenses. It’s also our obligation to ensure they stay from being in business for the well-being of our beloved four-legged country.

It’s an enormous dog and that means higher costs. Puppies are expensive due to the fact that you have the initial cost of a puppy to pay for. However, you must also provide your home with all the things your puppy requires. Larger dogs also consume more frequently, have higher medical and insurance expenses, and need products that are XXL. Make sure you’re financially capable of taking care of your pet prior to welcoming it to your home.

Rescues & Shelters

Boisterous dogs aren’t everybody’s cup of tea and there are some who prefer to adopt instead of shopping. Visit the local shelters for rescue to find out if there are any looking for a permanent home. Additionally you can contact you can contact the American Bouvier Rescue League is a tireless organization that helps rehome homeless dogs across the nation. Adopting a pet is typically lower than purchasing an infant puppy.

As Family Pets

Les Bouviers of Flandres are:

  • A huge to gigantic-sized dog that takes up some space in the home of the family and even on the couch.
  • Traditional herding dogs, meaning that they are full of mental and physical energy that requires burning. Therefore, a vigorous life style is essential! They may try to herd small children or pets in the house But don’t let them.
  • Aloof with strangers and ensure their family’s safety in case of danger.
  • They are extremely affectionate towards their human and want to participate in family activities.
  • They are known for being strong and stubborn dogs, they can be difficult to train.
  • They are well-balanced and calm at home, they make excellent companions for other animals and children.
  • A lot of amusement and love of chasing balls, which means you’ll meet a friend for life in this dog.
  • They’re messy and hairy So don’t expect that they will be a meticulous pet.

Final Thoughts

It is the Bouvier Des Flandres a powerful dog with lots of love and a positive attitude to share. The Bouvier’s owners claim that they can’t create breeds like this anymore! They’re hardworking dogs capable of completing any task that you can give them. They are also always eager to please and want to be with their favourite human. They are balanced and loving dogs that bring happiness to their families.

However, as you’ve discovered, these dogs aren’t for every family. Families who want to bring the Bouvier dog into their lives must be experienced and active as well as accepting of doggies who are messy. If you believe that you’d like a Bouvier friend is exactly the thing you’re looking for, maybe it’s time to make potential forever companions!

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