Boxer Mastiff Mix: Boxmas Breed Information, Traits, Pictures & More

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Are you looking for a dog who is a bit less energetic than the Boxer however, with a bit more in weight? We’ll introduce you to the Boxmas! Boxmas is a mixed breed dog. Boxmas can be described as an equine mix that is also known by the name of Boxer Mastiff Mix. The handsome dog isn’t officially recognized yet as a breed by The American Kennel Club. However, even though it’s a relatively new mixed breed, it’s becoming quite well-known in the circuits for designer dogs.

Boxers are the favorite of many people across America. United States. They are lively, affectionate and are great with children and pets. They are great pets for the family, but they also make excellent watchdogs because of their genes.

It is also known as the English Mastiff is popular, due to the gentle giants they are. Mastiffs are a favorite breed because of their gentle nature. is also used in mixed breeds due to their regular temperament and sensitivity with children. Therefore, with no further delay we’ll get right into the specifics of the Boxmas!

Boxer Mastiff Mix

Parent Breeds

Since Boxmas is relatively new , his background isn’t easily recorded. The year of his birth isn’t documented in any official way as well. The Boxer as well as the British Mastiff are a part of Europe However, there is a belief that the Boxmas hybrid is actually from America. United States. However, this is also disputed by those who believe it was actually Europe. The bottom line is that no one is sure! The only thing we can be aware of is the parent breeds. Before we get into what to anticipate in Boxmas ownership, it’s crucial to examine the parents.


The Boxer was first introduced within Germany in 1895. It is believed to have been crossed with the extinct Bullenbeisser. It is believed that the Bullenbeisser was a strong and larger dog that was used to hunt bull and wild boar. In English it literally means “Bull Biter”. The Germans were aware of his strong and formidable protection abilities however they wanted the dog to become more agile as well as slimmer in his frame.

The Boxer as we see as he is a strong dog with a strong determination to succeed, he’s smart and loyal and also affectionate and has an irreverent streak! The Boxer is currently ranked in the top 12 12th most popular breed of dog across America as per the American Kennel Club.

It is believed it is believed that Boxer is named because of the manner in which the front limbs of his body are used to defend and play similar to what the boxer. They are very popular as the mother of many various mix of boxers. Boxer is a popular mix Boxer is also very popular when combined with the laboratory, bringing the humor and friendliness that Labs are known for.

English Mastiff

The English Mastiff is a breed that originated in England and is among the oldest dog breeds known to. Julias Caesar wrote about the Mastiff during the time of the invasion of Britain in 55 B.C. as formidable protectors of the country who were able to fight with their masters. Julias Caesar brought animals from the English Mastiff back to Rome and employed as gladiators against lions, men and other animals on the battlefield.

It is said that the English Mastiff is more gentle and friendly than his predecessors, however, he’s brave and secure for his loved ones and the estate they have. Like the Bullmastiff and often compared to Bullmastiff and the Bullmastiff, the English Mastiff can be described as a lovable gentle giant , and makes an excellent family pet regardless of their looks.

It is the English Mastiff is renowned for its role as an absolute couch-dog and is a lover of nothing more than snuggling on the couch with his owner, but be aware that he’s not concerned about being the biggest dog on earth and, if he’s comfortable, the space, he will sit!


A mix of Boxer and the English Mastiff and the Boxer The Boxmas is a truly pet that is family-friendly, but has some of a strong streak in the area of paying attention. Boxmas are unsuitable for new pet owners because of their determination.

They tend to be more hefty and it’s recommended that you have a bit of room to run around and stretch in your backyard. If you are able to manage these requirements and more, the Boxmas could be an amazing pet for families. However, is it the right dog for you? Let’s get started and find out something more about the Boxmas!


The Boxmas parents have an amazing background filled with fighting and guarding stories, but they are now known for making wonderful family pets that are more loving and affectionate than their predecessors. Both of his parents have a similar characteristics, which is the reason they make an amazing dog!

The Boxmas is a lively and fun-loving, and is known for being amusing and jolly sometimes. He’s quite the entertainer and will give hours of entertainment for you and your entire family. From falling on his big feet to jumping around on the trampoline for the family He is the class clown, and everyone will be enthralled by him!

If he’s not playing in the park, he is in guard duty, and even though the guard is not terribly barky but he will notify you when he believes it’s necessary. When he has figured out who is allowed at his house and who isn’t and he is affectionate and fun with everyone that have the master’s blessing!

Because of his protective, yet patient nature, the Boxmas is known for being excellent for children. This is why they are loved by families with children. If you’re lucky enough to wear this dog out, he’s extremely affectionate. You’ll be able to witness the loving side that he passed down from his Mastiff mother.

Size & Appearance

The Boxmas is tall and can increase to thirty inches. His paws are particularly large at birth and then he grows to the size of them (kind kind of!) He’s muscular and bulky and weighs anywhere from 70-100 pounds. Since they’re relatively new to the scene, the distinction between males and female isn’t examined and analysed to give an exact description however, generally speaking, females tend to be on the bottom of the spectrum, with males on the upper end.

Expect your Boxmas to range from between 23 and 30 inches tall. It is crucial to remember that when you have a mixed breed, the dog can be a representation of the appearance of either his parents However, the puppy is recognized to have the Mastiff body with the Boxer facial features..

Coat & Colors

The coat of the Boxmas is short, thick and water-resistant. It is available in black, brown or brindle shades with white streaks all over his body. The Boxmas is classified as a high shedder which means you’ll need groom your dog on a regular basis.

The hair of his short length is extremely thick and dense . It will adhere to every surface in your home, however, according to the old saying that no outfit is complete without a bit of dog hair! Regular brushing not only helps keep his skin and hair healthy and clean, but it also eliminates dead hair cells and improves blood circulation.

Exercise & Living Conditions

The Boxmas is exuberant and energetic. This is why he requires a lot of exercise. If you aren’t able to give him this, then the Boxmas will probably not be suitable the right gift for you. He’ll require at least sixty minutes of physical activity every day otherwise, you will see him become bored and destructive quickly.

In addition to general exercise He will also require intense playtime and interaction with his human. It could be via games like frisbee, or attending dog agility classes for him to let out all the steam. Perhaps you can even take your hand at a little of boxing! The English Mastiff parents might be somewhat of a sofa potato but the little’ Boxmas pupper certainly is not!

In addition to his exercise due to his intelligent dog, he’ll also require to be stimulated mentally in his “down time’. Puzzle toys that have treats inside are excellent for stimulating the mind and entertain him for hours. He also will enjoy walking around the yard and will remain on the spot for hours. So allow him to do this and he’ll be delighted.

Because of their size, it is crucial not to over-train your dog in the early years because it puts stress on his joints that are growing rapidly. It is also essential to make sure that he doesn’t jump off any height, like from the bed or on a garden wall, as he is vulnerable to injuries.


The Boxmas parents share protection and guarding traits. It is crucial to ensure that the Boxmas is socialized at a young age. The process of socialization is the method of exposing your puppy to various situations. This is done in order to make sure that your puppy is comfortable in his surroundings at home as well as outside. This can be accomplished by sending your puppy to classes for training. It is also suggested to have play dates with dogs of different sizes and shapes. The most important thing is to make sure that every new experience is enjoyable and then praise him accordingly.

Due to the Boxmas protection nature of the holiday It is crucial for your dog to interact regularly with animals and humans apart from your family. It is important to ensure that your dog isn’t too protective or hostile. Also, you should make sure that the Boxmas puppy doesn’t get attached to only one member of the family. This could lead to over-protection and create hostility in the home. In order to ensure your dog is well-behaved, training needs to be constant. The training should continue after the desired behavior is learned.

Since he is an intelligent dog who constantly wants to be praised by his owner, he’s fairly simple to teach. Make sure that you keep the training sessions brief and enjoyable however, because the dog can become bored and easily distracted.


Since this dog has a mix breed dog, it is possible that he will inherit health issues from both parents, however Boxmas Boxmas is a general well-behaved dog. The Boxmas lifespan is believed to be between 10 and thirteen years. Here’s a list of health concerns to watch out for during the Boxmas:

hip Dysplasia It is a condition that affects joints that can cause crippling lameness of the joints and painful arthritis especially for larger dogs. Like his parents, hip dysplasia can be a frequent problem in later life , especially around Boxmas. A diet with low calcium levels which has a low calorie intake is among the prevention steps to take to reduce the risk of developing hip dysplasia.

gastric torsion The gastric torsion in simple terms, is the bloat that occurs. It occurs when the stomach gets expanded by gas or air and then it twists. The twisting typically occurs when the person eats a large daily meal or eats fast, either prior to or after exercise. The signs include retching but not vomiting excessive drooling or an increased heart rate, to mention some. If your dog exhibits any of these signs, then it is time to take your pet in your Veterinarian immediately.

Brachycephaly: It is the description of dog breeds with flat faces, and the Boxmas likely to inherit this through the Boxer parent. It can lead to a variety of issues like breathing issues as well as dental issues, problems with the heart and heat. Make sure you conduct your own research about this to get a comprehensive list of symptoms and problems because it is probable that this illness will impact the Boxmas and you’ll need to be aware of how to manage it.


The big dog needs about four cup of food every day that’s a greater quantity of food that the average breed of boxer. Be aware that the dog will eat whatever possible, so keep food items under the lock and key! Limit your treats when they’re not utilized for training purposes, because at 100lbs this additional weight the man and his joints can do without!

A high-quality diet is essential to keeping your dog well-nourished, whether you are growing him and also in the later years. A calorific and calcium-free diet is essential to avoid the health problems discussed in the following paragraph.


The Boxmas offers the chance to be a double- or single-coated dog. Mastiffs are double-coated, and Boxers wear single coats. Therefore, depending on the parent your dog is modeled after you could end up with an Boxmas that resembles or. In general, they look after their Boxer parents coat a little more, which means one coat. Single coats need less grooming since they do not shed much during winter or summer seasons.

You should groom your Boxmas around the same amount throughout the throughout the year. The Boxmas may have skin that is sensitive So we advise against using soaps or shampoos that contain harsh chemicals.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Boxmas Boxmas is a brand new designer dog, however there are breeders available. You’ll have to conduct your search to find reliable breeders on the internet. Expect to pay about 800 dollars for an Boxmas puppy when you adopt from breeders. It is common to check certain that the parents’ have had examined for health. It’s recommended to request the necessary AKC documents to verify the lineage of your dog. Boxmas is a unique breed. Boxmas is a distinct breed and therefore, it is important to conduct your research and speak to local breeders and online information groups to identify the perfect puppy.

Rescues & Shelters

Since Boxmas Boxmas is a mixed breed and a mix, you’ll be lucky enough to discover one in an animal shelter or rescue in your area. As breeders are experimenting with breeding Boxmas is becoming more and more popular to do, you’ll discover pups that be from litters that were not wanted. They are most likely to end up at the Mastiff Rescue center, strictly due to their size. You could also find them in an Boxer rescue center, however certain facilities might shy away from the dimensions that comes with Boxmas. We encourage you to adopt prior to shopping!

As Family Pets

As pets for families, the Boxmas contains a few aspects that we would like to sum up. Each prospective Boxmas owner must be informed of these before accepting a Boxmas into their home:

  • The Boxmas is a very dog that is vocal. Both breeds of parents like being heard.
  • You can expect that your Boxmas to be more peaceful than the typical Boxer and more active than Mastiffs.
  • They can grow very large, particularly when they have a big Mastiff parent.
  • They usually do well with dogs, if they are socialized in the early days.
  • People who aren’t socialized could develop dog-selective.
  • The Boxmas will help protect their lawn as well as their lawn.
  • This means that you’ll need be introducing new individuals to your dog gradually.
  • The Boxmas loves to wander around. They are happier in larger yards with lots of space.
  • Children are loved by parents, as long as they’re socialized at an early age.
  • Since their Boxer parent is a lover of jumping and jump, you should be ready to teach this behaviour out.
  • Be patient when it comes to your Boxmas. Once they’ve been trained, they’re wonderful family members.

If you’re completely aware of the commitment that each one of these points demands, you will be successful with Boxmas ownership. Unaware of the breed could lead to an unwanted trip to the animal shelter. This is the last thing you’d wish for your pet.

Final Thoughts

The exuberant, but affectionate Boxmas will cause a stir for all the good reasons! The Boxmas can appear intimidating when you aren’t familiar with the breed. If you are familiar with the breed, they’ll be aware that they are playful and soft.

He is a lively person and requires continuous stimulation. The Boxmas seldom has a downtime mode, so you need to be ready for this. The man will take the position of guardian to the family seriously and earn his living by ensuring your safety throughout the day. If he’s not in a position to guard you, he will be a kid, and boy does this guy have the ability to be a good player! Engaging playtime like tug-of-war frisbee, frisbee, or even doggy agility classes can make you feel exhausted and the use of puzzle toys are a big hit with the dog when it is left to his own devices.

Make sure you teach him in the manner he’s from a guard dog and working background, since you will need to teach the aggressive or overprotective traits out of him at an early age. When he has transformed into a calm and well-behaved young dog, the benefits for both of you are endless!

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