18 Boxer Mixes

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Quick Summary: The Boxer is recognized as a fun-loving and jolly breed, which is why it has captured the hearts of many families. This dog ranks among the top 10 most loved breeds in the United States. With their attractive characteristics and friendly personality, the Boxer is now a sought-after option to mix with other dogs. The outcome of this method is called “Designer Dog,” which results from breeding two distinct purebred parents. This article covers 18 Boxer mixes which have resulted from crossing the Boxer with a different breed, such as the Border Collie, Chihuahua, Pitbull, and more.

Despite the popularity of hybrid breeds over the past 20 years, many deserving mixes remain in shelters across the nation. If you are a fan of the Boxer as much as we are and are interested in the concept of a Boxer mix, you’ll see a lot of these designer dogs listed below at the shelters near you.

But first, let’s get to know these adorable doggos and see if any one of them could be your next best friend!

Boxer Mixes

Boxer Mixes

There are a variety of boxer mixes available. They are the common parents of a variety of cross-bred puppies, and a lot of them are designed. These breeds of dogs are deliberate, and are they are referred to as “designer dogs.”

Boxers can also “accidentally” mate with other purebred parents, resulting in unidentified breeds as a result. This means that a lot of boxer mixes will need similar nutritional requirements as a boxer; however, some will differ because of their different sizes.

Below, we will look at 18 well-known mixed boxer breeds, along with some information on each one. Although each mix is distinct, some of them are highly sought-after designer dogs. They are also available in various boxer shelters across the globe, which is why we recommend adopting them rather than shopping for them.


Breeds: Boxer and Border Collie

This lively breed is a cross between the breeds of Border Collie and Boxer and is often called Boxollie. It is classified as a medium to large size dog. The spectrum they fall on is contingent on the breed of the parent they are modeled after. Their coats are short to medium length and have a variety of shades.

The Boxollie is renowned for their jovial temperament and love towards their families, both characteristics shared by their beloved breed parents. Because of the other traits shared by Border Collie and Boxer breeds, the Boxollie is likely to be high-energy and high-intelligence, with intense workout demands.

Both parents come from work backgrounds, and their pups will likely have the same demands, and is something to consider for anyone who is considering adopting the Boxer-Border Collie combination.

Golden Boxer

Breeds: Boxer and Golden Retriever

The Labrador and Golden Retriever have a lot in common and can also be Boxer mixes called Golden Boxers. Like the Boxador, The Golden Boxer is a popular dog for families. It excels at agility and is extremely keen to be loved by all. They are not only smart and loyal, but they also playful and are extremely social.

A Golden Boxer is considered a large dog, typically weighing between 60 and 75 pounds. Their coats can be reminiscent of either parent, whether it’s a shorter Boxer coat or even a two-tone Golden coat.

Golden Retrievers are known to be a very affectionate and are more likely to pass on this wonderful characteristic to the Golden Boxer pups. The mix will bond close to their families and love spending time with those they cherish.

Bullboxer Pit

Breeds: Boxer and American Pit Bull Terrier

The Bullboxer Pit mixed breed is also called Pixoter and American Bullboxer. Whatever you want to call this unique breed of boxer and pitbull, there is one thing for certain: they’re extremely intelligent, loyal, and lively! These faithful and healthy bullboxers are allies, protectors, and, most importantly – adored family members. They are often considered great breeds on their own, but they can create a wonderful combination.

The stunning appearance of this hybrid can differ, but it tends to be the appearance of a Pitbull. The weight ranges from 50 to 80 pounds, and have coats with a variety of different styles. Bullboxers are often seen to swoon quite often, so be ready for a few kisses!

They are active and require regular exercise. Socialization, while essential for all breeds but is especially important in creating a calm and gentle Bullboxer Pit. Because of this and their inherent physical strength and active personality, we do not suggest this breed to novice pet owners.


Breeds: Boxer and American Bulldog

Both the Boxer and American Bulldog are strong, robust breeds. Their hybrid breed, the Bulloxer is just as athletic and muscular, usually appearing more like the appearance of a Boxer with the muscular muscles of the Bulldog. They tend to be large-to-medium-sized working dogs with a very sweet disposition, despite both their parents’ histories as fighting dogs.

Despite the Bulloxer’s appearance, they are excellent pets for families and a great companion for other pets and children. They possess a calm and loving personality and can adapt to a variety of living situations which makes the Bulloxer an amiable and flexible choice for families of all kinds!

Australian Boxherd

Breeds: Boxer and Australian Shepherd

The extremely intelligent, moderate-sized Australian Boxherd is a lively and dedicated hybrid of the breeds of Boxer and the Australian Shepherd. Both of their parent breeds are hardworking dogs. The Australian Shepherd is a herding dog, and Boxers are hunter-type dogs and guards. Combine them, and you’ll have an animal that is keen to learn, eager to please, and willing to do their best!

It is an extremely active breed that has high exercise demands. Like numerous Australian Shepherd mixes, a potential owner needs to be aware of the physical demands before making the decision to adopt the Australian Boxherd.

If they are not stimulated properly, the intelligent breed will likely be in all sorts of trouble, even destructive behavior. They’re best at home in an urban or rural home that allows them to wander and explore.

Boxer Chow

Breeds: Boxer and Chow Chow

The Boxer Chow can be described as a mixture of Boxer and Chow Chow. They typically weigh between 60 and 70 pounds and have short coats in various shades, usually golden or white. The Boxer Chow is a powerful dog and extremely active, which is why it is a breed that requires regular training with a dog owner who isn’t intimidated by their power.

They are thought to be a highly adept and fun breed, which makes them an ideal choice for families that have children. However, they are cautious and may even be distrustful of strangers, which is a trait that both parents have. They must be socialized properly to reduce this risk.

This breed is not able to thrive in heat and should be taken into consideration by any potential adopter living in hot weather.


Breeds: Boxer and Chihuahua

The sassy Boxer and Chihuahua mix, popularly known as a Boxachi, is a small-to-medium-sized dog with short legs and a stocky build. It is a relatively new breed of designer and has no generations of research, predicting how they’ll look and behave is mostly a guessing game.

But, it is possible for a Boxachi to be intelligent and child-friendly, and devoted to their families. They’re likely to have an intense prey drive and are prone to being cautious toward strangers, so the right training and socialization are essential to this type of dog.

Their faces tend to favor the Chihuahua parent, while their Boxer genetics give them an extra strong and robust build.


Breeds: Boxer and Poodle

Being the progenitors of two popular breeds, the Poodle and the Boxer, the Boxerdoodle will surely possess several of the traits that made their parent breeds so well-known.

Outgoing, loyal, and hardworking are just a few words that can refer to a boxerdoodle. They could inherit the short coat of the Boxer as well as the curly coat that is characteristic of a Poodle, the result is completely dependent on chance.

They require a decent amount of exercise daily. However, they are also comfortable cuddling up with their loved ones. They can be protective and behave defensively or even aggressively when they meet strangers that they can be considered a threat. Introducing a Boxerdoodle into all kinds of situations, animals, and even people can help decrease the risk of this behavior.


Breeds: Boxer and Dalmatian

Meet the smart Boxmatian! A cross of the breeds Boxer and  Dalmatian, this adorable breed is full of character and is often amusing and playful when they are with the people they are in love with.

They are an extremely active and athletic breed that requires lots of exercise time to help alleviate certain destructive tendencies, particularly ones that are caused by boredom and separation anxiety. They require very little maintenance and grooming and can be a great companion to a busy household!

The Boxmatian typically weighs between 50-90 pounds and is thought to be a medium to a large-sized puppy. This breed has a stunning appearance, their coat is known to have a gorgeous white base with distinctive Dalmatian spots.

Dalmatians can bark and exhibit aggressive behavior, which the Boxmatian breed can inherit. Due to this, we don’t suggest this breed for adopters with children. We also emphasize socialization and training to be particularly important for this breed.

Boxer Basset

Breeds: Boxer and Basset Hound

The Boxer Basset is the perfect companion for those looking for a cuddly and sweet Netflix companion to keep them entertained. Part Basset and part Boxer Hound, this delightful combination is often content to snuggle with you during every movie marathon. They’re small and slender medium-sized dogs with distinct Basset Hound ears.

They need a responsible owner who can provide a structured and disciplined training to counter their stubborn and lazy behavior, which may cause them to be hard to handle.

The breed is extremely motivated by food and positive reinforcement. Tasty treats could be the motivation they require to create an obedient Boxer Basset. Although they might not win any obedience contests, their general disposition is affluent, friendly, and extremely family-oriented. They are great family members of any size and age.


Breeds: Boxer and Labrador Retriever

If breeders who design dog breeds are out to design the perfect dog, they may have achieved their goal by introducing the Boxador. This adorable and faithful mix of the breeds Boxer and a Labrador is among the most sought-after hybrids in the world. They make great pets for families, being gentle and playful with kids of all ages and very affectionate with all their owners.

This breed is a large breed dog that requires minimal grooming and high activity levels. You will surely be awestruck and delighted by their playful attitude. Because of their size and strength, Boxadors are a great pet to have. Boxador is best placed in an urban or rural home that has a yard in which they can play and stretch their legs.

Box Heeler

Breeds: Boxer and Blue Heeler

The Boxer and Blue Heeler mix, known as the Box Heeler, is a combination of two breeds that has distinct personality traits, which makes it an interesting choice when you are predicting the personality of the Box Heeler.

The Boxer is affectionate to its owner and playful. The Blue Heeler can be independent, active, and smart. The term “Box Heeler” can mean any combination of the aforementioned traits.

Both breeds tend to display a certain determination, and Box Heeler is likely to be just as determined. This could affect their training and requires a dog owner who has a disciplined and compassionate approach. They’re likely to be extremely energetic and will require a loving family committed to addressing their needs. A well-adjusted and well-trained Box Heeler will be a very loyal pet.

Bullboxer Staff

Breeds: Boxer and American Staffordshire Terrier

Bullboxer Staff is a daring mix of the breeds of Boxer and  American Staffordshire Terrier. They can be loyal and protective of family members who are committed to giving this gorgeous breed the attention and time they need. They love their family and are a bit defensive of strangers, which is why lots of socialization and slow introductions are essential for this breed.

It is believed that the Bullboxer Staff is a large breed that weighs between 60-80 pounds. It is often compared to a larger and more flexible American Staffordshire Terrier with a well-known Boxer face. They can be extremely aggressive towards other dogs.

They are more comfortable in a home with a seasoned owner in which they are the sole pet in the home. If properly trained and boundaries are set, the mix can be incredibly loved and affectionate. However, they require an experienced handler to manage their more stubborn and aggressive nature.


Breeds: Boxer and Mastiff

What breed that has an adorable name such as Boxmas not be able to steal your heart? They sound like something you’d find under the Christmas tree since this breed is nothing short of an amazing present!

They are known for their gentleness, the Mastiff is a dog that brings a lot of love into the mix. While their massive, muscular physique may seem difficult for the untrained eye, this breed is a gentle big.

They are active and alert and require a lot of exercise time as well as plenty of space. The Boxmas typically appears more like a Mastiff rather than an actual Boxer with a weight of between 70-100 pounds.

They are more likely to form an intense bond with one individual, so if you’d prefer a Boxmas to be a pet for your entire family, be sure to ensure that it has plenty of interaction with everyone!


Breeds: Boxer and Akita

A Boxer combined with the formidable Akita is referred to as a Boxita. They’re likely to have massive and muscular bodies with a high level of energy and intelligence. Both breeds of their parents are extremely athletic, particularly due to the Akita’s long history as a working dog.

The coat of the Akita is typically brown or white. It is also most likely to be shorter and also weather and water-resistant. This type of mix is more likely towards an Akita in appearance.

In general, this breed is fairly easily trained, but they aren’t always easy to train, and we don’t suggest them as a dog for dog owners who are not experienced. However, they get along well with other animals and children and have a generally peaceful and gentle temperament.

The breed is known for its extreme devotion to their families and is a good option for a pet owner who is seeking a loyal pet.


Breeds: Boxer and Beagle

There’s some debate on the name of this breed. Is it the Bogle or the Boxel? Whatever side you are on, it’s undisputed that this breed is a happy, lively, and energetic dog that is a wonderful companion to any household. 

As with many other breeds on the list, this Beagle-Boxer cross is a bit cautious of strangers, but they usually react well, despite their trepidations. While their calm nature makes them ideal for kids, however, they can also be quite frenzied sometimes and must be kept under the supervision of adults to avoid injuries.

They are medium-sized dogs with beautiful faces and expressive eyes, which will surely win your heart.


Breeds: Boxer and Siberian Husky

Boxsky is a huge hyperactive mix of the breeds of Boxer and the Siberian Husky. They have a powerful prey drive and are very determined. Due to this, the Boxsky is not allowed to roam off leash and should not be advised for owners with no experience. They need a confident leader who can be consistent in their training to control their impulsive nature.

Ideal for homes with a large backyard, the Boxsky is a vigorous breed and requires plenty of space to roam. If you have a family that is willing to exercise and train this breed, they make an extremely loving and friendly pet.

The Boxsky is now becoming a more popular Husky breed and is among our top choices.

Boston Boxer

Breeds: Boxer and Boston Terrier

The Boston Boxer, a hybrid of the breeds of Boxer and the Boston Terrier, is also often called the Miniature Boxer. This is because of their tendency to look like the breeder Boxer parent, but with a shorter height. This breed is a great option for families who want to adopt the breed of Boxer but do not have enough space to accommodate a larger-sized dog.

“Miniature” doesn’t necessarily mean small, but the Boston Boxer is still able to follow in the footsteps of the Boxer parents in size. It is usually regarded as a medium-sized dog, weighing between 25 and 55 pounds.

They are a fan of (and require) an adequate amount of exercise and don’t like being left to themselves for long periods of time. This breed best suits families that do not frequently travel or work long hours. They are both gentle and friendly. And, like most breeds listed, they are very successful in a household with children!


Boxers have been a long-time popular breed and for well-founded reasons. The playful breed brings lots of heart and a host of wonderful traits to any breed. These are only some of our top picks!

There are numerous others we haven’t delved into, and every purebred will benefit from the playful characteristics of the Boxer.

If you’re thinking of getting the Boxer, you might also be willing to consider the idea of a Boxer mix. This could result in an improved and unique dog that would work well as a family member. It could also open up the possibility of adopting from an animal shelter as there are plenty of mixed breed dogs looking to find a permanent home. 

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