23 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mixes

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is also known by the name of a Cavalier or a Cavalier for short is most desirable of both worlds. They are not big enough to be included in the list of toy dogs however, they are athletic enough to be in the top sporting Spaniels, too. In addition, they are also affectionate, friendly and gentle. They are graceful, elegant, and smart. Can they get any better?

If you’re seeking an Cavalier with an added twist, you may consider it. Given how amazing the Cavalier is and how often they are used in the world of dog designer to create other Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix. There are a lot of canine choices to pick from, from the obvious match-ups to the surprisingly blended that are all worthy of the throne of King Charles Spaniel.

If you’re in the market for a stronger Cavalier mix, or you’re seeking an Cava with a strong streak of protection We’ve got a different choice to think about. Let’s take a look at the variety of options available and then decide which is the most suitable for you.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mixes

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mixes

The art of creating new breeds of dogs has been in existence for quite a long period of time. However, it has become more common over the past few years. In the case of dogs and mixes, it is important be aware that the result could be different according to the parent they follow after. It could be split 50/50, or they may follow parents more strongly than others. However, you will not know until they reach the age of maturity.

This is why it’s essential to study the breeds of dogs which will make your next mixed dog. Certain Cavalier mix breeds like the Cavapoo are so well-known that they’ve been breed for at least two to three generations meaning their traits are more solid. If you’d like this type of stability, it is important to collaborate with a breeder who is able to demonstrate multiple generations of the mixed breed.

Other Cavalier mixes, like the Cava-Mo are more recent and more scarce. This means you must be prepared for any mix of genes. Cavalier: The Cavalier is a sweet dog who loves to be with other dogs, and weighs only 13-18 pounds. Therefore, while you should be prepared for the unexpected to a certain extent however, they should not be much distinct from the Cava parents. Let’s take a review some of our top picks.

Golden Cavvy

Breeds: Cavalier Spaniel & Golden Retriever

Both their grandparents are well-loved, which makes this breed twice as sweet. Everybody knows that the Golden Retriever and the Cavalier for their love of family which means you’ll be sure of a good choice for families with children. They are also smart and gentle and eager to please and possess a remarkable balance of calm and energy.

Golden Cavvy’s tend to be lighter to golden in hue generally only one shade, however they can be found with a splash of another shade. Their hair is usually medium-length and requires some more attention to grooming than a typical Cavalier particularly when they love to play through the mud or take a dip in the local lake. They’re a bit smaller than the Cavadors that are stocker however they are still a big option that weighs up to 45 pounds.


Breeds: Cavalier & Cocker Spaniel

A Cockalier will likely be much more active than the Cavalier and is therefore to be a fitness partner for sure. However, due to their Cava influence and Cava influence, they will be more laid-back than the Cocker Spaniel. Cockaliers are affectionate, gentle and would rather only being with their beloved humans.

They are a tiny mixed dog that is between 13 to 15 inches in height and weighs between 15 and 25 pounds. Their coats usually take on the classic white and tan shades of the Cavalier and can also have the appearance of different colors that are known by both their parents. Their ear hair is curly and their round eyes are just as attractive as they are.


Breeds: Cavalier & American Eskimo

It is believed that the American Eskimo usually selected for this breed is usually a Toy or Miniature puppy rather than an Standard. However, there have been some strange things that have occurred. With a weight of between 19 and 20 pounds, with a length of as high as 14 inches They are a tiny breed that is able to accompany you in almost every adventure. They’re not well-known in the outside world, excluding US. However, their softer coat and curly tail are becoming well-known. The coats are typically white, with a few flecks of Tan.

Cava-Mos are dependable and adaptable dogs that tend to be less sensitive as purebred Cavaliers. They still are a joy to be with their beloved humans for the majority of the time. Because of their desire to please, they’re easy to train. Cava-Mos are spirited and full of a playful energy that will keep you entertained.


Breeds: Cavalier Spaniel & Poodle

The Cavapoo is among the top well-known Cavalier mixes listed on this list, as are the majority of Poodle breeds available. They’re a bit more active than a typical Cavalier which means you can count on this dog mix to engage in games and have a lot of enjoyment. They possess a strong prey drive and generally enjoy water.

Cavapoo Cavapoo will expected to be less irritant for allergy sufferers due to the Poodle genes. Don’t be too sure about being hypoallergenic since they aren’t. Cavalier isn’t. Their coats are usually curly and they can be born with any colour combination of both their parents. Cavapoos typically do not top the weight of 20 pounds. They are susceptible to anxiety about separation because both parents are extremely sensitive. Therefore, they require a family that can be at home throughout the time.


Breeds: King Charles Spaniel & Chihuahua

Due to the tiny Chihuahua influence The Chilier is among the tinier breeds that are on this list. If you’re looking for a small dog that weighs less than 12 pounds then this might be the ideal choice for you. If they’re an apple Chihuahua or a deer or an Apple Chihuahua head They have silky, soft hair that isn’t too long to take care of.

Make sure you don’t surrender to their endless eye-catching puppy eyes. They’re lively and fun puppies who are eager to have fun however they also enjoy cuddles on the couch. They’re likely to be loud pups who take the role of family protector seriously regardless of how calm they appear.

King Charles Yorkie

Breeds: Cavalier & Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkie King Charles is just as lively as their name suggests. They’re full of lively breeds of terriers that are packed in a tiny packaging. Make sure you don’t spoil the dog too often. In the event of a mishap, you could have an aggressive dog in your lap. They possess a strong prey drive as well as a flamboyant style, but are still elegant. They are also not happy to be left to themselves and will accompany them everywhere you go.

The King Charles Yorkie is another tiny mixed breed that weighs less than 10 pounds. Don’t let their small size fool you. They are loud, which makes them the perfect alarm system for homes of all kinds. The King Charles Yorkies are most likely to have a mix of tan, white, and black. They typically have a rough appearance.


Breeds: King Charles Spaniel & Bichon Frise

Cavachons Cavachon is a sociable dog that is a great choice for families with children. They can also be adapted to various living situations which makes them a great addition to the majority of families. They’re fun, smart and love to please, which is why they are ideal for new pet owners who want an easy introduction to the world of dog ownership.

They sport a curly coat with a soft, fluffy, due to their Bichon Frise family. It is common for them to be light-colored, occasionally with a hint of tan, which is part of their Cavalier family. They shed less in comparison to other breeds on this list, which allows the homeowner to maintain their house clean and tidy.


Breeds: Cavalier & Pug

With the influence of the Pug You can be certain to find dogs who love to sleep equally as they do playing. Pugaliers are a simple breed that tend to be worn out when in comparison to the pure Cavalier. They also are able to have fun and can be comical, energetic bursts that entertain the whole family. They might be anxious if they are left for too long, and will stay with your like glue once you’re at home.

Be aware of the brachycephalic disorder and health issues that can arise from the lower face. The majority of them inherit the appearance of skin rolls and may also have a curly tail. Based on their parents’ coloring, Pugaliers can be light or dark in color.


Breeds: Cavalier & Pomeranian

The Cavapom could be the most fluffy of the list. If you’re a Cavalier lover take a look at this dog. Their coat is adorned with a variety of their parents’ colors and their coats require a thorough grooming to ensure they look at their best. Similar to their counterparts in the Chilier Mix, this dog is among the top tiny designer dogs on the Cavalier list. With a weight of less than twelve pounds it is essential to teach your children to properly handle them to avoid injuries.

The Cavapom is an active and bold dog that usually shows more enthusiasm than the typical Cavalier. With their curiosity and extremely high prey drive, they’re bound to disappear in the woods when they go walking. Therefore, you must keep a an eye on the spirited dogs. This dog is a fun-loving mix which is guaranteed to make any family’s day.


Breeds: Cav & Jack Russell Terrier

Cavajack Cavajack is more refined than an Pure Jack Russell Terrier however, it is more fierce than the Cavalier Spaniel. The Cavajack is a balanced mix-breed that singles and families alike love. They possess a strong prey drive and are known to chase all objects that come into their yards. Cavajacks can be naughty and frequently encounter difficult situations. However, their more calm Cavalier nature can make for a more peaceful puppy.

Cavajacks can weigh as much as 18 pounds, and are usually have tan and white colors. Their coats are comparatively shorter, and they have a kinky wave, particularly around their ears that are long and slender. Their slender bodies provide the strength needed to chase after things, while being elegant while doing it. Charming, with a hint of stubbornness is what this dog can be described as the best.


Breeds: Cavalier & Labrador Retriever

What will you get when combine with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with America’s top dog? Of course, a Cavador. They are among the most popular mixed breeds on this list, which makes the perfect option for those who love large dogs. They’re medium-sized based upon the height of their Lab parents, but they rarely exceed 50 pounds. Their coats are usually gold-colored However, they need less grooming than the average Labrador.

They are active, and are fond of chasing smaller animals and are typically water-loving. They require more exercise than your typical Cavalier which makes them the ideal choice for active families. Cavadors are fairly easy to train when they give an early glimpse into training, which means they’re obedient dogs.


Breeds: Cavalier & Corgi

The most well-known Corgi breed The Pembroke Corgi is probably the most likely mother (not that of the Cardigan Corgi). This is a strong and confident dog with a natural instinct to help herd other pets. This dog is constantly on lookout for the next adventure therefore you must make the training fun and short to keep them engaged. They may be small, however they’re full of energy and need an outlet. The Cava Corgi is generally friendly and not overly dependent.

It is believed that the Cava Corgi is a short and long dog, however they are much less likely to be affected by IVDD as compared to purebred Corgis. Their coats are usually white, with a hint of dark or tan coloring. Based on the parent they have they could have the erect foxy ears that are characteristic of their breed, the Corgi or the big ears that are characteristic of the Cavalier. Perhaps one of them to create a unique appearance. Cute and adorable describes this dog’s personality the best.


Breeds: King Charles Spaniel & Australian Shepherd

If you’re in search of an Cavalier with a unique appearance the Aussalier could give you the ideal choice. Aussaliers generally look similar to Cavalier Spaniels, with the Australian Shepherd merle coat and additional fluffy. They typically weigh between 40 pounds, which makes them a large canine selection. They’re adorable however, their coats require regular grooming to keep it looking good and healthy.

The Aussalier is most likely to be a breed that is primarily focused on work which means they require an energetic family. They’re not lapdogs in any way by any stretch in the realm of imagination. However, they do their work with grace and elegance. The Cavalier influence is that they’re not as ferocious as purebred Aussies, which makes them suitable for more families.

King Schnauzer

Breeds: Cavalier & Schnauzer

The King Schnauzer is a majestic dog who is aware that they are entitled to the very best. Therefore, you must be able to spare the time and energy to lavish them with affection, joy and all the other things they desire. They may be a little bit bossy , but don’t let that keep you off them. If you train them regularly you will have an amiable dog on your lap. They’re vocal, but also friendly and loving dogs.

They could be the result of an Miniature Schnauzer rather than a Standard or Giant-sized Schnauzer, that is, they weigh around 20lbs or so. If the size is a major factor for you, make certain to confirm with the breeder about what size Schnauzer parents they are. If you’re in search of an Cavalier with an elongated beard and soaring eyebrows. If so the King Schnauzer could be the perfect dream of a canine paradise.


Breeds: Cavalier & Beagle

Beagles require regular exercise in order to burn off their more energy than average. However, both parents like to take a nap during the day, which means you’re in for an amazing boxset companion and the beagle. Make sure you keep your snacks in a locked and key for this spoiled dog. The words sweet and adorable describe this dog well.

Beagles typically weigh less then 25lbs. However, you must be aware of their weight since they tend to be more overweight than the majority of people due because of their excessive genes. Their coats are usually an equal mix of the two parents. It’s short, but slightly waves and is adorned with the traditional white, tan and occasionally the black hunter colors. The gorgeous eyes of these hunters will surely make you smile.

Cava Inu

Breeds: Cavalier & Shiba Inu

It is believed that the Cava Inu is among the more rare options on this list of. Shiba Inus are known for their vigilance and protection attitude, so that you could expect a touch of this in Cava Inu. Cava Inu. Ideal if you’re in search of an Cavalier with a shrewd guard dog turn. Also, they have strong prey drive , and are more likely to frighten the neighbour’s cat. They are also very fearsome of cats. Cava Inu is a more trained and loving variant of Shiba Inu, making them the perfect choice for people who have less experience with dogs.

Cava Inu puppies can be wildly differing in appearance, in the same puppy. They could appear more like spaniels or have a more fox-like appearance, and their ear shape is anybody’s guess. Their coats are typically soft and their colors tend to be lighter or brown. The mix typically weighs about 20 pounds, and is strong and quite muscular.


Breeds: Cavalier & Papillon

Cavalon Cavalon is a wonderful doggy mix of two playful breeds. If you’re looking for a dog who never loses energy then look at the Cavalon. They’re friendly and social which means you can take them wherever you want without having to worry about their behavior. They are lively, entertaining and lively mixed breeds who love cuddling time. A balanced dog for sure.

The Cavalon could inherit the gorgeous butterfly-shaped ears. However, they may be blessed with the more floppier curly ears that are characteristic of the Cavalier. Whatever the case, they’re adorable dogs. They are typically no heavier than 14 pounds. And even though they are delicate they are active as well as athletic.


Breeds: Cavalier & Japanese Chin

The Cavachin is without doubt the most rare Cavalier mixed breed in this list, given it is it is the Japanese Chin does not feature on the list of top 100 most well-known breeds of dogs. The Cavachin generally looks like the Spaniel however it has the more rounded and wider appearance that of the Chin. The Cavachin has more hair than its body, which means it has more grooming needs. They usually weigh less than 15 pounds.

The Cavachin is a different noble breed of dog that enjoys live the life of an elegant dog. Expect elegance and majesty. They’re hilarious and full of personality, but can be described as quiet and feline-like. They wash their silky hair to perfection, and you could see them leaping up to the top of shelves to find the ideal place to look out for.

French Cavalier

Breeds: Cavalier & French Bulldog

A French Cavalier a tiny dog that weighs under 23lbs. However, they are large and have a lot of power within their bodies. They are a rare breed, even though both of their parents are well-known purebreds. Like the Cavalon it is not possible to give a assurance that they will get the bat ears from their cousins the Frenchie as well as the thin ears of the Spaniel.

The French Cavalier’s character is the main draw here. They are incredibly adorable as well as hilariously humorous. They are a laidback breed that regularly burst into a burst of speedy energy. They love to join you on walks and relaxing in the backyard. So long as they’re with you, they will be happy canines.


Breeds: Cavalier & Maltese

The Cava-Malt is a lovable hybrid dog that’s always eager to bring a smile to your face. They’re bright and adorable and make friends with everyone whom they meet. They’re fearless and loud roommates due to their Maltese influences. They also quickly inform you that someone is attempting to enter the home of your family. They are well-adjusted to positive training techniques and thrive when they are spoiled by lifestyles of luxury.

Cava-Malts weigh between 10 to 15 pounds, but they can be smaller. Despite their flowing coats, they are less shedders than a purebred Cavalier. They tend to be lighter in color and have adorable eyes that poke through their gorgeous hair. When they are in motion, they look elegant and stylish mixed breeds.


Breeds: Cavalier & Dachshund

Dashalier Dashalier is among the mixed breeds that typically have the look of a set. They usually appear like sausage dogs, with gorgeous Spaniel ears, coats and adorable faces. Their coats are usually darker with black and brown hues. Since there are two sizes of Dachshund it is important to inquire with your breeder what size parent they have, and that will determine the size of their dog.

The Dashalier usually is prey driven for animals both above and below the ground, which can lead to a doubled risk. You should consider keeping these spirited dogs on leashes if you do not want them to vanish frequently, but you can be certain that they’ll make excellent walking partners. It’s good news that their Cavalier influence makes them more docile and less aggressive as purebred dogs.


Breeds: Cavalier & Pekingese

If you’re looking for an Cavalier combined with the footstool (metaphorically but not literally) Look at the Pekalier. Pekalier is a Pekalier is a stunningly distinctive Cavalier mixed breed that’s certain to draw attention in the streets. They usually look like Spaniels, but with a larger and a more streamlined frame. Their voluminous coat, particularly when they have”the “lion’s mane,” takes an amount of dedication to grooming.

Pekaliers are more sedentary than their Spaniel parents and are designed for the luxurious lapdog life. If you are unable to provide the pesky breed companionship for the majority of the time then this isn’t the dog for you. They are certainly amusing dogs however they aren’t able to afford much time to play in the roughhouse. Loyalty and affection are the most prominent traits of this breed.

King Pin

Breeds: Cavalier & Miniature Pinscher

The King Pin is an ebullient and courageous variant of the Cavalier which makes them great watchdogs that think they are able to frighten away the most obnoxious of invaders. They’re more adorable than frightening and will attempt to scare you with their big dog-like personality. They’re incredibly loving and enjoy spending time with their humans. They bring lots of joy to the table of the family with their vivacious and happy disposition.

With a weight of less than 14 pounds This is a small mixed puppy. They’re most likely to sport shorter coats, and sometimes having some of the Spaniel kink. The darker colors are more prevalent and their faces are more alert than the soft faces of the Spaniel. The most noticeable thing about these dogs are their large ears that cover their tiny heads.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve discovered the ideal Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix puppy after examining the top 25 blends we have reviewed. If you’re serious about adopting one of these puppies to your home, make sure to study each of their parents to are sure you’ll be satisfied regardless of the outcome. However, knowing the way sweet, happy, and balanced this Cavalier is, you’re certain to meet an ideal new companion.

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