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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Are you thinking about the possibility of a Chinese Crested for your next adorable pet? The adorable little creatures are smart, fun companions. Find out more about this hairless and unique breed to determine whether they’re the best option for your family.

It is believed that the Chinese Crested, or “Crestie,” is a unique breed that has a long tradition of living alongside humans. The tiny creatures traveled around across the globe and are documented in the history books of the explorers of many different cultures.

The guide to our breed discusses important information regarding the Crestie and the best ways to care for them. This guide is general in nature and should not be used to replace professional advice. Always discuss your dog’s specific requirements with your veterinarian.

Chinese Crested

Breed History

This breed is a relic of the past.

Although there isn’t a concrete way to pinpoint to the exact source however, it is believed that the dogs came from Africa. Hairless dogs with large heads were brought out of Africa to China and then breed to become smaller. Through many years of meticulous breeding, the small Cresties that we know are the ones we have today.

Chinese traders frequently sailed with their small dogs. These dogs earned their status as valuable crew members because of their ability to capture rodents and other vermin on ships. “Chinese Ship Dogs “Chinese Ship Dogs” dogs were highly traded between ports around the world.

The breed spread from seaport to seaport The crested dogs traveled across Europe, Asia, Egypt, Turkey, South and Central America. The dogs gained a lot of attention throughout Europe during the 1800s, and made their way into America in the United States in the 1880s.

It took nearly 100 years for the breed to be officially acknowledged as a breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in the year 1991. The breed has been a part of numerous competitions and often in the most ugly Dog category due to their distinctive appearance.

There are two types that Chinese Crested Dogs are currently in the world today: the hairless one and the Powderpuff. The Powderpuff is a long and fluffy fur. The powderpuff with no hair only has hair on her tail, head and feet.

The two breeds are exactly the identical breed of dog. The primary distinction is that one breed has hairy fur that is long and fluffy, while the other is completely hairless with tiny hair tufts on their tails, paws and their heads. There can be an amalgamation of both varieties, also known as a “hairy-hairless,” ranging from tiny hair to a completely mature coat.


Cresties are playful, curious and alert. They are loving, caring, and sensitive.

This dog is a fantastic lap dog and is at her best in homes with a family member willing to be there for her all day long. This breed is described as a clingy breed. They love their family members and like to be the center of attention for 100 times a day.

This breed of dog is famous for its sensitiveness and is not a good receptive to loud or harsh phrases. She is more responsive to gentle, loving direction. A peaceful, secure and calm space is where she performs best. Cresties are excellent therapy dogs if they are trained properly. They are known to be extremely affectionate and gentle the majority times.

If you’re warm and cozy she’ll do extremely comfortably with family members. But, she could become nervous, nippy or even a bit aggressive with those she doesn’t know. Training in obedience and socialization can aid in this.

Size & Appearance

This breed of dog is usually described as a royal and classy dog because of its exquisite bone structure and distinctive appearance. Cresties have delicate bones . They are small, with adults weighing 8-12 weight when fully mature. Females and males are approximately the same size , and are between 11 and 13 inches tall.

Chinese Crested dogs are large pointed ears, wide-set eyes that look almost almond-shaped. The color of their eyes will typically be a combination of the light or dark coat. Dark coats mean dark eyes , and the reverse is true. The dog with flat cheeks and a nose that is narrow, and an extended head. Hairless Crestie is a smooth, fine hair tufts on their paws, often referred by their name as socks. They also have a hair tuft of hair that is known as a plume on their tails, and a hair crest on their heads.

Coat & Colors

Coats can be multicolored , and may even contain hints of pink.

The Crestie has coats that come in a variety of shades. White, black blue, cream, slate, chocolate red, apricot or a mixture of shades, including Palomino. It is a Powderpuff Crestie has long, silky fur, with a shorter undercoat as well as a more length in the outer coat. The hair is soft, straight and not too dense.

The skin of the hairless breed can vary in hue from black to pink and can be seen. Hair on the heads of these breeds, referred to as the crest, can be striking and adds a touch of personality and flair to the already cute species. The hairless Crestie doesn’t have the double coat.

All Cresties have the characteristic of being hare-footed, which means that their toes are larger than the majority of breeds. This makes cutting their nails difficult, because they have longer quicks than other breeds of dogs.

Living Conditions

The act of owning a pet is enjoyable and also an enormous responsibility. As the guardians of their pets, we need to make sure they receive the highest quality treatment, the best nutrition and a safe environment in which to flourish. Chinese Crested are breeds that require a greater amount of TLC than other breeds, and taking the responsibility of having one is not an easy task.

The breed is the perfect pet for families. They do well with children who are older or who are peaceful. They may develop extreme separation anxiety So doggie daycare could be a good option to consider if you have to be away from your dog for long time.

Chinese Cresties are extremely loved and enjoy receiving attention from people they trust. Although they are full of energy, they are also mellow dogs that thrive in quiet, calm surroundings.

Cresties shouldn’t be allowed to wander around unsupervised and should not be exposed to long periods of intense sunlight. These dogs do better in the indoor environment.

The Crestie is a great companion for other animals and humans and is ideal for people who already have pets, such as cats.


The training of your puppy should begin early.

She’ll need to begin making basic commands when she is young . She will require socialization with animals and people. The dog’s walk is an excellent method to improve socialization because they will meet new people, animals, new smells and also new sounds and sights.

Housebreaking this particular canine breed is quite a struggle because they are extremely sensitive. If you’re too harsh in reprimanding your dog and she becomes agitated, she could become withdrawn and difficult to train. These are dogs with intelligence who respond more easily when handled with compassion and sensitivity. She will react positively to reinforcements like sweets, belly rubs, and toys.

It is important to ensure that you keep plenty of puppy toys on hand because she is an extremely playful puppy. She may get bored quite quickly. A variety of toys that she can play with such as balls for with, chew toys and rope toys to play tug-of-war can keep her engaged. A bored puppy or dog is bound to be in troubles, so spare your pet and yourself lots of pain and stress by being well-equipped with a wide range of options for entertainment.


This breed doesn’t require much space to play in, however she will require regular exercise.

Limiting your walks to short ones that last 30-minutes or so is going to be the best option to the dog. She is a small dog that can tire quickly and you don’t need to go overboard. The breed is known for being extremely active, but not overly so.

Giving her thirty minutes of intense play time in the morning, and an hour of playtime or a walk in the evening is enough. They are very adept and truly love physical exercise. Because of their dimensions, they are easy to overload them and therefore, make sure that you have ample time to rest for your dog.


Overall, it is an extremely healthy breed of dog and can live for a period between 13 and 18 years.

The hairless breed is known to be more susceptible to illnesses as compared to Powderpuff. Smaller dogs such as these are prone to injuries and can easily slip underfoot. They also escape through tiny openings which is why you must close off any ways they could escape your yard.

The Chinese Crested has health considerations which other breeds don’t have. One main one is that the hairless breed is very susceptible to sunburn. This breed is likely to always require sunscreen when in hot climates that have lots of sun and high temperatures.

However, they also chill fast and may require coats, sweaters and coats, boots, jackets and other clothes to stay warm. They don’t like the cold. For this breed it is essential to keep warm. It’s not just an opportunity to take an amazing photo of your dog.

The Crestie may also have teeth missing. This is a common occurrence for this breed of dog. But, it’s something that pet owners must be aware of.

A regular cleaning schedule and proper dental hygiene is essential to your dog’s overall health. If you’re concerned about the health of your dog’s teeth consult your veterinarian to determine her specific condition and signs.

Chinese Crested Dogs Can Be At Risk For:

  • Dental issues Hairless pets are more susceptible to dental problems Make sure you talk with your veterinarian about dental treatment options during the course of your pet’s lifetime.
  • Eye diseases that are genetically inherited comprise the progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), primary lens luxation, as well as the glaucoma.
  • Skin issues include skin cancer, sunburn, as well as canine acne.
  • Patellar Luxation is a very common dog condition that manifests when the kneecap is popped out of its place. It can cause a slight limp, or so severe that it requires surgery.
  • Joint issues and diseases can be a problem for this breed of dog. Legg-Calve-Perthes ‘ disease and other orthopedic problems can arise and affect mobility.
  • Deafness is a problem for certain dogs of this breed.


Your dog needs premium balanced dog food that is well-balanced.

Based on the needs of your dog You may wish to offer the dog with a mixture of soft and dry foods. If your pup has lost teeth and chewing gum, soft food may be more suitable for her.

Since this is a small breed and a small amount of food, the amount smaller dogs eat is especially crucial to their health. A little more than half a pound could put them at risk of developing heart problems. Ensure that your pet is receiving the correct quantity of nutrition and no excessive sweets.

Grooming & Skincare

This breed of dog needs special care and care.

The hairless version of this breed needs sunscreen whenever they go out in the sunlight. This is especially true for days with a lot of cloud. They are very sensitive to heat and prone to sunburnthat can be extremely painful.


Hairless dogs will have to be able to maintain the various amount of hair been brushed and cleaned frequently. The only true hairless dog will not require any kind of shaving or grooming in order to maintain the hair’s level.

Powderpuff canines require regular grooming and bathing to keep their silky, soft fur. A regular bathing schedule and a daily brushing is recommended to keep their silky coats. The breed doesn’t shed often and doesn’t carry an unpleasant smell. It is suggested that you give the dog a gentle spray of water from a bottle prior to brushing, since their fur is more comfortable when brushing wet rather as opposed to dry.

There are a variety of brushes to pick from for your dog. A brush for shampoo like one like the Bohdi Dog new grooming shampoo brush is a massage brush that is used for bathing.

The Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush is a different great option. It’s a double-sided brush that has soft bristles on one side, and pin brushes on the other side. A grooming brush can be used to help remove tangles mats, debris, and mats off of the coat of your Crestie.


It is crucial to take care of your skin for semi-hairless and hairless dogs. In addition to sunblock, you will require regular application of a moisturizer to avoid excessive skin drying. Consult your vet on which brands of products you should apply, as they can be costly and could contain substances that can cause allergic reactions in dogs.

Avoid using human-derived products on your dog. It could cause an allergic reaction, or even worse. These products were designed to be used by humans and not canines. Do not use human-made products on dogs unless they have been the approval of the veterinarian you trust.

Moisturizers with oatmeal, Vitamin E as well as natural oils from plants are extremely beneficial in keeping Crestie’s skin from becoming dry. Pet MD creates an oatmeal Shampoo that is a great way to reduce itching and get dogs ready for a moisturizing. coconut oil is an excellent ingredient that keeps the skin soft and prevents drying. It can be found in moisturizers and shampoos, and is also available as an added benefit. Burt’s Bees is a well-reviewed lotion containing rosemary and olive oil that is great for dry elbows, dry noses and the paws.

A leave-in conditioner may aid in keeping your Chinese Crested’s skin moisturized and their coats healthy and smooth. Warren London Hydrating Butter Leave-in is an excellent choice.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Cresties can be expensive puppies based on pedigree. Based on the breeder and pedigree the price could cost anything between $1,000 and more than $4,000. The initial cost for Chinese Crested dogs could be as high as $5,000 after all the required equipment is bought.

Your Crestie will require an adjustable crate if you decide to to train them in crate. It is usually recommended for dogs that are toy-sized like this breed. Toys, beds, training equipment collars, leashes, food treats, and much more will be required as your puppy develops.

Along with the supplies and breeder’s fees your puppy will require regular medical attention as well as vaccinations all through her lifetime. When she is a puppy, she is likely to require an operation to have her spayed and also immunization and heartworm treatment, as well as treatments for fleas, and routine examinations.

Based on the location you reside in the dog you have chosen to keep will need registration. Microchipping is also a possibility to be a good way to ensure that your pet will return home if they get lost. All these canine cost for breeding and pet care depend the location you reside in.

Rescues & Shelters

Adopting an Crestie from an animal shelter or rescue could be a possibility and cheaper than buying an purebred.

There are a variety of groups committed to the rescue and rehoming of the breed.

As Family Pets

A Chinese Crested makes an adorable and a great pet for families. Although these dogs are affectionate, they are also sometimes referred to as “Velcro dogs,” they are a joy to be around.

Due to their small dimensions, Cresties make excellent dogs for those who live in tiny areas. They don’t require an enormous yard or outside space to play because they are small.

Fun Facts

  • Chinese Crested Chinese Crested has been given the name of “Dr. Suess Dog .” This is due to similarities to the fantasy creatures featured in the Dr. Suess’s novels. The goofy, crazy hair that covers the face of small hairless Crestie makes her appear like she’s one of the characters from the storybooks.
  • Cresties dogs release a lot of body heat, which led to the old Chinese conviction that the dogs were able to use miraculous healing abilities. They could be among the first instances of dogs being used to treat human ailments.
  • A well-known Chinese Crested dog called Sam was the reigning king of the hill as the world’s most ugly Dog for three consecutive years from 2003 until 2005. Sam was a dog that was rescued with a happy ending . He was able to make a name for himself and was featured in international media.

Final Thoughts

The Crestie is a wonderful canine pet. They are smart and affectionate, filled with affection and love, making them great lap dogs. Their distinctive appearance and distinct personality will earn them a special spot within your hearts.

A delicate breed, these dogs require special affection and attention. They come in two types hairless and Powderpuff and each is different in its needs for care. Be aware that these adorable four-legged companions do not enjoy winter weather and require extra care and attention whenever they are outside in the sun.

The Chinese Crested dog doesn’t like being left alone, and may suffer from severe separation anxiety. Be aware of this when deciding if this dog is the right choice for your life. Making sure that you have the right information and are willing to dedicate all of your energy and time to the dog is the best way to prepare yourself for the task of caring for this unique breed.

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