Chow Chow Dog Breed Traits & Facts

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Chows are a breed of dog. Chow Chow, more simply called the Chow is a long-standing dog breed. The Chow is a stunning and iconic dog. like a bear in his appearance. However, his most notable characteristic is the blue tongue that he has. He is cute, and yes, he’s cuddly (sometimes) however it’s not always looking for frisky and fun.

Chow Chows are extremely independent dogs that are often described as being grumpy with other dogs and with strangers. They also describe him as being more like a cat than a dog!

He is an distinct character that is appealing to certain however, not everyone. This is the reason we’ve created this guide for breeds to help you determine if your dog and Chow are a pair that will make for a perfect hound. If you’re looking to learn more about this fascinating dog We’d love to have you! We’ll guide you through his grooming, training and nutrition needs as well as much more. Let’s take a look at everything Chow Chow.

Chow Chow Dog


It is believed that the Chow Chow is thought to be one of the most ancient dog breeds around the globe. Chow Chows have been depicted in pottery and artifacts dating from China’s Han Dynasty (around 200 B.C.). The evidence suggests that Chow Chows could go back even further back! However, regardless of how long his background is, we can affirm that this is an older breed of dog. He is today among the most sought-after breeds of China.

The dogs have played numerous tasks in their past. They are most famous for his duties as guardians for Chinese palacesand other belongings. In addition, he was responsible for transporting items to and from the estate of his master and hunt small game. Legend says that the emperor of the Tang Dynasty had a kennel with more than 5,000 Chow Chows. It sounds like a doggy paradise to us! The Chow’s affection for human beings and his cuddly body makes him a beloved dog companion.

Unfortunately, the wolf did such an excellent job of cuddling his masters and keeping them warm that humans made use of his fur for coat trimmings. The historians also reveal the story that his organs were once thought to be delight. When protein and food sources were exhausted, people were forced to resort to the popular Chow to provide their families with food. One reason Chow is referred to as the Chow is that Chow is a word that means food in Cantonese. This is why he’s nicknamed the dog that eats (literally! ).

The 1820s were when London Zoo showcased these dogs as the ‘ Wild Dogs of China. However, it wasn’t until the reigning Queen Victoria adopted one as an animal that he began to gain a lot of attention. The first time he came into America in 1890, and was enrolled in into the American Kennel Club (AKC) Studbook in 1903. With the increase in designer breeds of dogs The German Chow and the Golden Chow are among the most sought-after Chow Chow mixes today.


Chow Chows are distinctive in that they are described as feline-like dog breeds. They are independent and respectful. He is not a jolly and playful dog like the majority of dogs! He’s reserved around strangers and shows hardly any interest in the people around him. Even if they pet him and give him delicious snacks, he’ll look at them with a sour face (but nevertheless, he’ll accept the treat, clearly!). He’s a pretty dog in this sense, for sure.

If, however, the person who is intruding on his family members, the Chow will be in danger of his family. He’s extremely protective of his family unit and will ensure that everyone is aware of this. He’s calm and calm until the situation gets heated. This is why puppy socialization is so crucial and requires a dog trainer skilled in dealing with dominant breeds of dogs. Chow Chows Chow Chow in the wrong hands could become aggressive.

He isn’t a fan of being or pampered and prefers to be loved according to his own terms. Similar to cats! If he’s in the mood for to cuddle and wants to be petted, he’ll tell you however, in the rest of the time it’s just a matter of sitting on the patio and enjoy the company of his own. A lot of people appreciate his individual manners, and he’s very low-maintenance in this regard. However, for those who want an endless cuddle companion, this isn’t the ideal choice. He’s an independent dog who does not require a human or at least thinks that way.

However, he loves his family members dearly and does enjoy himself when he’s in the mood. He’s a great watchdog, which is the reason why Chinese Emperors picked him to be their guard dogs. He’s also calm and tolerant to the family dynamics of most families. If you’re an animal lover but prefer the simplicity of cats Chow, the Chow is a great choice.

Size & Appearance

The breed is regarded as a moderate to big-sized pet that weighs between 45 to 70 pounds. He weighs between 17 and 20 inches from paw to shoulder. Males tend to be larger and heavier than their female counterparts. Certain Chows differ slightly from normal sizing, however they are not admitted into the show ring.

In all the fluff his is a muscular and square body that is full of energy. There’s a reason the man was employed to pull carts. This is due to the fact that he is incredibly powerful in comparison to his height. His head is huge in relation to the size of his body. The most striking characteristics is his eye scowls. This is a nice addition to his appearance, which is often called snobby. The depth of his eyes that they can affect the peripheral view of his eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to approach the dog from the front , so that you can see him. Instead of attempting to surprise him by approaching from the side!

His slack walk and straight legs make him appear unusually low to the ground and his belly fluff contributes to his appearance of being short. The tail is positioned high and is positioned near his rear. The ears are triangular in shape which poke through the coat’s top giving him an Spitz appearance. The most notable feature of his is his blue-through-to black-colored tongue. Chinese legend says that Chow’s first mate took a bite of his blue skiesas it was being painted, which is the reason his tongue is always blue.

Coat & Colors

The breed is always covered with an extremely dense double coat. The layer underneath is always soft, thick and woolly, and it is this layer which keeps him warm and sheds a lot during the time of shedding. In terms of the outer coat, there are two coat choicesto pick from, the rough coat and the smooth coat. It is thick and straight. It is also rough in texture. The smooth coat is nevertheless thick and dense, but is softer in texture. The Chow is known for his an ruff that wraps around his neck, similar to a Lion’s mane. This is more prominent for males than for females.

The Chow comes in five colors to choose from The Chow comes in five colors: blue, black cinnamon, cream and red. The cinnamon hue is a light fawn color that can be changed to deep cinnamon, while the red hue is a mix of lighter golden, to dark mahogany. Chows can be solidly colored or the tail, ruff, and feather fur are lighter as the remainder of their fur. Purebred Chow is not available in other colors.

Chows are a breed that is rare and are exotic in appearance. Certain breeders (irresponsible ones!) have their puppies described as unique colored, usually champagne, lilac, and pure white, in ads. However, these are just variations of the usual colors. Breeders who are not responsible will cost additional fees for these rare colors So please don’t take a chance on it. Breeders who are of good quality will not be doing this!

Exercise Requirements

It’s a easy dog to maintain in terms of exercising needs! This is a great option for those who lead a hectic life and don’t have time to go for long walks. If you’re mostly a boxset type of person rather than an adventurous dog lover looking for an exercise Pawtner. The low-energy dog is content by stretching his legs and a stroll around the neighborhood or in the park. An average daily of 30 minutes of outdoor time each day is enough to meet his fitness needs.

A word of caution – the lack of energy does not mean you should skip out on walks. If you do, you’ll begin to be aware of behavior issues like anxiety, restlessness, and destructive behaviour. The cat that scowls Chow is extremely strong and determined, and can eat through your most expensive sofa in just 10 minutes. If you’re searching for a pet who doesn’t require any walks then you should go with a real cat.

Living Conditions

It’s a fact that the Chow is well-adapted to his surroundings and is happy in tiny apartments all the way to huge estates. No matter where you are the Chow is happy to be in your home with you. This is an important feature for him! He doesn’t require an outdoor space so long as he takes the daily walks. He’s best for warmer climates due to the thick layer of his coat. However, as you’re considerate regarding exercise times you can keep him in warmer climates.

The Chow is not one to take fools with a smile. Therefore, when kids are overly excited He is not a fan of being pushed and pulled. The Chow is recommended only for parents with children older than who are able to behave and handle dogs. Also, they must be able to recognize the signs that they are left to themselves. The same is true for the other animals and dogs at home. If he has a good socialization and is raised with other cats or dogs likely to be able to get along with them.


If you are expecting a completely well-behaved dog, it’s time to put down your book and get to the next breed of dog. Seriously! It’s true! Chow Chow is so independent and stubborn that he’ll never be completely obedient and is quite challenging to teach. If he isn’t willing to perform something it is a sure bet on that he will not be doing it. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned about his training. In fact, his training is an ongoing commitmentbecause it is always necessary to remind him who his boss is. In the event that he doesn’t, he could become a 24/7 diva.

Take the Chow into an obedience class for puppies to increase your chances of him growing into a well-behaved puppy. This also aids in the process of socialization. When you mix him with other people and dogs from a young age, you can teach the basics of behavior. It is also important to remember that the majority of people are friends, not enemies. This will increase his confidence and stop him from becoming overprotective and sloppy. He should be looked by a family that is familiar with dominant breeds of dogs. If he is given the proper direction the dog will develop into an intelligent and well-balanced dog.

It’s crucial to teach your dog to walk on a leash. He’s so strong and, if he’s not trained to walk with a leash at an early age walking with him, it could make walks an unpleasant experience for both of you. In my Chow dog walking experience it was a case of him being an angel walking or an utter monster. It all boils down to effort as well as early training on leash. Training with positive reinforcement is the most effective method of training your dog. He isn’t responsive to anything else than getting rewarded for his good behavior. And edible treats are very popular!


It is believed that the Chow Chow is a relatively healthy breed of dog, and the lifespan of a Chow Chow could vary between 8 and 12 years. There are a variety of things are possible to do in order to maintain your Chow well. Maintaining his fitness with regular exercise, feeding him highest quality food, and making sure he is up-to-date by having regular check-ups with the vet are the most effective methods to ensure he is healthy. A good breeder can help prevent health issues as well.

As with all breeds of dogs Like all breeds of dogs, like all breeds of dogs, the Chow is susceptible to certain health issues more than other breeds. This is a great thing to consider when you are researching the things to be aware of because it helps narrow the list of health issues down. However, keep in mind that the list isn’t complete and you shouldn’t overlook other health issues.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

The elbow and hip dysplasia are common in large and medium breed dogs. The dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints can be inherited from parents, which is why it is essential to choose an experienced breeder. It is more likely to occur to occur when puppies grow too fast and cause uneven growth of bones. In the end, it could result in arthritis and mobility issues. The stiff joints, the inability to sit or stand down comfortably, as well as exercise intolerance are typical symptoms.

Eye Conditions

It is also known that the Chow is also susceptible to various eye problems as well. Progressive retinal atrophy and aging-related cataracts are among the most frequent conditions found in the breed. Entropion is the most frequent disease among the Chow and could lead to total blindness. It’s characterized by an eyelid that rolls inwards, which causes injury to the eyeball. If you notice red eyes or heavy eye-rubbing, you need to have him examined.


This is because the adrenal gland fails to produce enough thyroid hormone to support regular bodily processes. It can also lead to various other health issues as well. The symptoms like lethargy and hair loss and dry skin, and weight gain are among the most frequent and must be treated with care. The medication prescribed for daily use is typically to allow the patient to live an ordinary life.

Patella Luxation

It’s essentially an injury to the kneecap that has dislocated it, and the cap can float between positions. It’s painful, and you’ll see that your Chow is suffering from issues with mobility. He’ll also kick out as dogs do when they walk with shoes for the very first time.


Chow Chow Chow is a forever hungry dog and can be extremely greedy. It’s your responsibility to establish limits since there is none! The average Chow consumes between two and three cups of premium food each day. The amount you give the Chow depends on their size, gender, age and energy levels. To ensure that you don’t overfeed him be sure to follow the instructions. If you find that he’s gaining the pounds, make sure to change to a weight-management diet.

Give your Chow with a kibble that is specifically designed specifically for big breeds of dogs This is particularly true in the puppyhood. Anyone who weighs more than 50 pounds at the time of maturity must be fed the kibble of a large breed dog. The kibbles are formulated to provide the optimal nutrition required to slow down the rapid growth of bone. Also, feeding him this food can reduce the chance of becoming a victim of joint dysplasia. Therefore, nothing else is needed.

Omega fatty acids that are healthy are essential for the Chow and can be a significant factor in the overall health of his. They will help maintain the cognitive function of his eyesight and heart system joints, and help maintain healthy coat and skin. The kibbles of poor quality tend to be deficient in the fats that are needed, therefore it is essential to feed him a premium food item. Be sure to look for ingredients like meat meal, fish oil, fish as well as plant oils and flaxseed.


As of now, you’ve observed how Chows are a breed that Chow Chow is a relatively low-maintenance dog. However, there is no way to achieve this with regards to the grooming schedule. Sorry, folks! However, if you look at the guy, you might not think of this at all. You’ll need expose him to his grooming routine from a young age. In the event that he is not, he may not be a fan of touching you. This stubborn dog could make a fuss. Fortunately, this dog-like cat is meticulous in self-cleaning! This is another awe-inspiring feature of his.

His voluminous coat, including the rough and the smooth coats, require to be thoroughly cleaned at minimum three times per week. With so much hair, it can take a while to go through all of it. In the seasons of shedding (spring and autumn) it is necessary to keep daily brushing if you wish to keep it in check. The most effective grooming tool for all-year-round grooming, is to use a slicker brush. For the seasons of blowouts you’ll require an slicker brush as well as deshedding tools to take on the undercoat.

The Chow requires to be bathed once each six-to-8 weeks however, never more than that. If you don’t, you could be irritation to his skin and damage to the natural oils in his coat. Make sure you use a dog shampoo made of natural ingredients like coconut oil or oatmeal. Concentrated formulas will allow to penetrate the thick coat for a thorough clean.

Its nails need to be cut whenever they become excessively long, typically once each two weeks. The rule of thumb is that you need to examine them when you feel them tap across the flooring. Make sure to clean your teeth at least two times every week using dog toothpaste (human toothpaste is poisonous) to prevent periodontal disease. When you brush him make sure to look at the eyes to see if there are signs of an entropion, which we discussed above.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Chow Chow Chow Chow is an rare appearance across America. It’s so common that you’ll see it on the streets, often! This also means that you’ll need to travel outside of the state to locate a breeder of high quality. In addition, you’ll likely be put on the waiting list. Some breeders don’t take the time to create the most healthy puppies. If you’re looking for an ideal healthy Chow it is important to conduct your own research. The best place to begin is to check out the AKC’s Chow Chow breeder page.

The most important indicators of a quality breeder is having many years of experience in breeding Chows. Also, favorable reviews by others Chow owners or from independent reviews on the internet. They’ll want to meet you in person to ensure you are having the right dog and that you are the perfect family. Be sure to meet your pups and observe them in action together with the litter. Request to see their health certificates as well.

A breeder who is not of high quality is likely to be lacking in one or each of the. If they pressure you into selling or request to meet in a parking area and then walk away, do not. If they are unable to answer your questions or seem to be unsure about anything, you could have been dealing with an animal farm. They are only interested in making money and don’t concern for the health of the puppy. It is possible to save on the initial cost of a puppy however, you’ll be sure that you will pay more for vet expenses. Beware of them at all cost!

The cost of an Chow Chow pup from a responsible breeder can be anywhere between $1500 and $2500. It is possible to spend more than $3000 if you are looking for a puppy that comes from a bloodline that has won awards. It is also important to take into account the cost of all the other things you and your Chow Chow puppy needs, like new bedding, crates, harnesses and toys, food and vet bills to mention some of the things. Being a dog’s mom and dad can be expensive!

Rescues & Shelters

The idea of welcoming the Chow Chow puppy into their life isn’t the best choice for all families. If it’s not the best choice for you, then you ought to think about adopting Chow Chow. They could be young, or perhaps a older dog, however the best thing about this is that you can pick. In addition, you’ll save a life! It’s usually less expensive when compared to purchasing a brand new puppy.

Go to the local shelter for rescue and talk to the staff regarding your desire to rehome the Chow Chow. They’ll be able to guide about the process of adoption and guide you to the proper direction. Since Chows are a rare breed and are not widely available, you may need to contact an Chow Chow rescue group instead. The best place to begin your search is Chow Rescue Society. Chow Chow Rescue Society These Chows concentrate their efforts exclusively on Chows. Chow breed.

As Family Pets

  • Chow Chow is a cat-like breed. Chow Chow is extremely cat-like and independent in its natural environment.
  • He is a balanced family dog that is suitable for families with children who are older.
  • He enjoys spending time with his friends and isn’t particularly dependent.
  • If he is in need of to cuddle, he’ll inform his family members.
  • He needs only 30 minutes of physical activity per day.
  • Chows are very low maintenance in their fitness requirements.
  • He loves his family and is extremely loyal.
  • The Chow is very protective of his family and home and barks at anyone who is near.
  • He’s aloof around strangers and has no interest in anyone else than his family.
  • The Chow is an extremely stubborn dog that requires a knowledgeable owner to lead him.
  • He requires a few times per week to keep under control the slack coat that covers his.

Final Thoughts

As you will observe it is evident that it is clear that the Chow Chow is a extremely unique breed of dog that is not suitable for everyone. He’s stubborn, independent and difficult to train. He is unfriendly, and averse to things he does not like. However, for certain dog lovers they have exactly these characteristics of dogs that they love.

For Chow Chow lovers when they first received the very first Chow into their lives was when they fell head over heels over the dog breed. If you believe that your personality and the adorable Chow Chow are a perfect match We wish you and your soon-to-be cat pet will be happy forever!

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