Corgi Beagle Mix: Beagi Breed Information, Traits, Temperament & More

The Corgi Beagle mix, also known as the Beagi, is a cross between a Beagle and a Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh corgi. This breed combines the spunky and energetic nature of the Beagle with the bold and friendly character of the Corgi, making it an excellent family pet.

As for their physical characteristics, Beagis often inherit the short stature of Corgis and the color patterns of Beagles. Adults can weigh anywhere between 10 to 30 pounds. They have high energy levels and require moderate to high daily exercise.

An essential aspect of their care includes a well-balanced diet, regular vet visits, and mental stimulation. Their lifespan is typically 10-15 years. As with all breeds, the Beagi’s overall health and longevity are heavily influenced by their upbringing, including their diet, their level of exercise, and their access to vet care.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

With the increasing demand towards ‘designer’ breeds There are increasingly more puppies available that mix two different breeds. Although there are some issues caused by the increase in popularity of this kind of crossbreeding, it will be a good thing and result in beautiful, loving pets for families.

One of these mixes is one that is a Corgi cross with one of the most loved breeds of the family, the beagle. It is also called the Beagi. We want to dispel some of the myths about this breed and give you advice so that you can make an informed decision about whether this is the best dog for your family and you.

Corgi Beagle Mix

Beagi Personality

Certain traits of personality are attributed to certain breeds, but of course each dog is a unique individual and a large part of the dog’s personality will be influenced by the way they were raised during the crucial puppy years and how their continuing socialization and training is conducted at their new home.

If you are two breeds mixed together it is possible that your dog will adopt traits that are common to both. Based on the characteristics of Beagle and Corgi Corgi as well as the Beagle however, certain theories could be drawn regarding the kind of temperament your dog will exhibit.

Beagles are renowned for their fun-loving, active, social and outgoing. This is why they are frequently considered to be a great family dog. They are recognized as a well-known breed with a strong personality, however they require regular training and plenty of stimulation in order to flourish. They are often called ‘Houdini’. They love digging and are master escape artists. Your garden should be secured.

Two official Corgi breeds. Both originate in Wales within the United Kingdom, one is called The Pembroke Welsh Corgi (the more popular one of both) while the other one is called known as the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. The Pembroke is a little smaller in size and features a an elongated, bobbed tail instead of an entire tail, and their ears are more sharp and pointed.

It’s the Pembroke which has gained the most recognition, mainly due to their connection to Queen Elizabeth II. They are the queen’s favorite breed.

They were both bred to herd livestock, and as a result, they’re an active and intelligent breed and enjoy being with their human companions. If they don’t receive the right training and stimulation problems with behavior could develop.

They are also known as dogs who like to keep an eye on their family members and their territory, and are loud when strangers enter their territory.

A careful, positive introduction to new acquaintances can be crucial to prevent fearful behavior from developing.

Although Corgis generally do well with dogs they are acquainted with, they may be reserved with dogs they don’t know, which means the interaction with other dogs needs to be handled with care. Do not allow unsupervised roughhousing at your dog’s park!

The Pembroke is thought to be the most energetic of the two, and prefers to be active, while the Cardigan tends to be more relaxed and quieter.

At Home

This kind of corgi-dog mix is ideal for an environment where they can have plenty of companionship throughout the daytime. Beagles can be associated with having separation anxiety issues as both dogs are very social and bonded with their family members.

Both breeds are that are athletic and energetic and living in families that are able to enjoy the outdoors and active life would be advantageous.

Both breeds be wonderful pets for families The herding instinct of the Corgi could mean that with the proper guidance they may end up herding small children, and it’s not uncommon to see them nipping at ankles of children while they run. If you live in a home with no children, or a clearly defined program of training to prevent the behavior of this kind is a good idea.

Also, care should be taken when introducing them into an environment with other furry companions. The hunter and chase instincts of both breeds can be activated if they are excessively agitated.

Training The Corgi Beagle Mix

Both breeds are renowned as extremely intelligent. Beagles, like the other breeds are also strong, so constant patience, consistent, regular and rewarding training must be implemented right from the beginning.

Corgis are renowned for being dogs who love to learnand are excellent dogs for dog sports. Beagles are frequently seen playing Canicross (running together with your pet) because it taps into their instinctual urge to run in front of the house.

Coat, Colors & Looks

Like any dog that is mixed breed, you won’t be able to predict what the dog will look like. Since both dogs are medium-sized and are medium in size, you can be sure that you’re not likely to get a huge or small dog.

Corgis have ears that are pointed and Beagles have floppy ears So who is sure about that aspect. They may end up having the Bobtail of Beagles, the Pembroke Corgi or the full tail of a Beagle. If they adopt an even more Corgi shape it is likely that they will be larger and more squatter inside the body too.

Grooming Requirements

At least, you know that you’re not likely to find one that needs a lot of grooming or regular trimming, or has a long hair that needs lots of care to keep it matte and free of tangles.

It is likely that you will get an animal that sheds quite a bit because the two breeds are famous for their sheds.

Corgis have a thicker double coat, while Beagle coats are much thinner and thicker. Beagle coat is more sleek and shorter.

If they develop an edgier coat it will need more frequent brushing to pull off dead hairs and maintain an excellent coat condition. It is possible to purchase a quality de-shedding device such as the Furminator. Be aware that dogs with double coats shouldn’t be clipped down. It can alter the texture of their coat, and also cause it to lose its ability to regulate temperature.

If your dog has the floppy ears typical of the Beagle and is prone to ear infections, extra attention to hygiene of the ear could be necessary, particularly when they love swimming. Utilizing a gentle and safe ear cleanser to wash off any traces of dirt on the ear’s surface will aid in reducing the build-up of yeasty bacteria that could cause an ear infection. Don’t be enticed to insert an ear-cleaning Q-tip in the canal. This can not only cause the debris to move further into the earcanal, there’s the possibility that the eardrum will be perforated.


Beagles as well as Corgis have a genetic predisposition to various health issues. Of course, the likelihood that a dog is likely to suffer from these ailments is contingent upon the overall health condition of their parents, their genetic lineage, and chance of winning the genetic lottery as well.

A few of the ailments that are most commonly observed among Beagles include Epilepsy problems with thyroid glands that are not functioning properly, and disc issues in the spinal region.

Corgis may also suffer from back issues due to their large, stocky bodies. Corgis are known to have an increased risk of hip dysplasia. They are also prone to, similar to Beagles, can also suffer from Beagle, Progressive Retinal Atrophy and this genetic disorder can cause blindness in the future.

Both breeds are extremely food-focused. Beagles are known to be scavengers, and Corgis are prone to gain weight quickly. It is essential to consume a high-quality balanced diet and to have a proper limit your portions.

You might be shocked to find out that there’s an epidemic of obesity in canines in the United States. A lot of people aren’t aware that their pets are overweight since it is accepted due to the large number of dogs who have excess weight.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention conducted an investigation in 2018 that revealed that more than five-quarters of all dogs are considered overweight according to their veterinarian!

Obesity can cause numerous health issues that include heart and joint problems. It could also result in dogs being depressed, sweating more frequently, and showing problems with their behavior due to their inability to exercise and be enriched.

Backyard Breeders And Puppy Mills

The most common reason for buying one of these dogs is that since they’re a mixture of two breeds, they are more likely to live longer and healthier. This is in line with the widely debated theory of hybrid vigor that is based by assuming that a more diverse genetic pool can result in healthier dogs.

A large-scale study carried out by the University of California Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital over fifteen years and released within the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association in 2013. Although the study proved that certain conditions tend to occur in purebred dogs, it also proved that there is a huge variety of hereditary diseases that mixed breed dogs could be vulnerable to. Therefore, having an animal that is mixed breed isn’t a guarantee for an unhealthier pet.

The issue with the increasing trend of hybrids, or breeds that are ‘designer’ is that their popularity means breeders who are not responsible profit from this trend. The arbitrary breeding methods they employ can increase the likelihood of resulting in unhealthy puppies that could be prone to behavioral issues as a due to improper early socialization.

These backyard breeders and puppy mills often breeding without regard to the health of the parents and their lineage. With no formal breeding program, it is possible that they could actually promote an illness of the genetic code within their breeds.

This issue is most evident in breeds with designer names which have gained popularity, such as the numerous Poodle breeds, and it is also evident in a few teacup breeds. These are the breeds where the smallest breeds are being developed to create tiny puppies. And it is usually associated with a variety of health issues that are concerning, including the swelling of the brain and heart.

It is true that the Corgi Beagle Mix is not so popular however it is important that if you are buying a puppy you choose breeders who are accountable.

Since they aren’t recognized breeds, you may not be able to locate an official breeder. However should you decide to pursue this option it is essential to ensure you’ve met parents and children and that mom is with her pups in a loving home environment. The puppies must be exposed to a safe handling and have undergone all health tests and shouldn’t be separated from mom before they are weaned.

If the puppies and mum were separated before they reach 8 weeks old and and you do not get to meet the parents, or are taking the puppies out in a home-like environment and alarm bells must be sounding.

Not only do poor breeders increase the likelihood of having a sick dog, which could lead to behavior issues, but you’re further causing the issue by financing their business. The breeding dogs are often kept in horrifically cruel conditions, with no treatment for ailments, and without any adequate interaction and enrichment.

Always do your research!

Consider A Rescue

Don’t overlook the abundance of amazing mixed breed dogs that are in shelters across the country which are deserving of a loving forever home.

If you’re worried about the background of your dog, you can consider an animal rescue organization that evaluates dogs living in foster homes. This allows you to learn more about how your dog is getting settled to a new home.

Final Thoughts

The Corgi Beagle Mix could make an excellent pet for the family. They are likely to be a good fit for an active, outdoor-loving family who are willing to work hard in the form of training. They won’t require much grooming, and they are likely to be a great companion if you’re looking to venture in the realm of competitive dog sports.

Do not forget to complete your research. It is crucial to make sure that your puppy comes through a responsible breeding facility, and that you’re not contributing to further perpetuate the problem that puppy mills are not properly run. This can also help ensure that you get an enlightened and healthy new addition to your family.

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