23 Corgi Butts!

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Quick Summary: Certain Corgis have tails, while others do not (which conforms to breed standards). However, regardless of how their tails appear, their tiny behinds are always hilarious! Below is a list of lovely Corgi butts for all of us to enjoy and admire. Of course, we don’t just love their butts, as these dogs are in themselves very lovable creatures!

Corgis are one of the 15th most loved breeds within the US, and for great reason! Labradors are the most popular in the first place, followed by German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Bulldogs, and Beagles. However, it is true that the Corgi is an excellent pet if you want an equidistant dog. The Cardigan and the Pembroke variants are renowned because of their adorable behinds.

The two dogs with smaller sizes that are above the Corgi include those of the French Bulldog and the Dachshund in terms of small dogs’ popularity. It is possible to claim that Beagles are in the similar size category; however, are they as cute and furry? It’s up to you to decide with these adorable fluffy butts!

Corgi Butts

A Walking Fluffy Butt

Another red Corgi with a tail that was probably docked (you can tell by the cute tiny stub). Short-tailed Corgis are genetically bred and make up a tiny portion of the breed normal. A few more fluffy butts to brighten up your day!

Mr. Corgi’s Adorable Paws

This Corgi shares the same concept as his pal on linoleum tiles. Their butt is more adorable than the floor that they’re currently sitting on. It’s true that it will make us want to go up to give it a gentle back rub to show him that we love how cute he is. And take a look at how cute the paws look! Keep on doing you, Mr. Corgi, keep on doing you.

Pair of Corgis Playing With a Ball

Nothing is more charming than a couple of Corgis playing with a ball. This is a typical red Corgi and the black tricolored dog with his tail in good condition. We’d like to be there to watch these two have a bit rowdy with the ball! What do you think?

Simply Adorable

More puppies! It’s difficult enough not to be a lover of every puppy. But it’s nearly impossible to love enough of every Corgi puppy. They’re so small and alive. They’re also very intelligent dogs that can master tricks quickly, particularly when you begin training correctly from a young age.

Some Mischief in the Snow

Mischief! Who wouldn’t want to be around when this adorable dog is outside in the snow, having a blast and playing around? There are many dogs who absolutely enjoy the snow, so it’s crucial to be aware that you shouldn’t let your dog out in cold temperatures for long periods of time. It’s now illegal in certain States, and your dog could be afflicted with frostbite or other injuries caused by cold. It the end, playing in the snow is an excellent way to burn your energy levels up!

Fluffy and All Dressed Up for Show

Okay, who really wears their dog’s clothes? There are certain dogs who are thinking, “what the heck” when they’re dressed; however, this photo was so cute that we couldn’t resist sharing it! The adorable little Red Corgi appears to be enjoying a great time walking around the neighborhood and is wearing something that will keep her warm on her walk!

Puppies in Cowboy Boots

Corgi puppy tucks into cowboy boots! Who would not love a puppy really? This puppy is adorable and is probably not more than a few months old. I’m pretty sure he’s close to fitting completely inside one of those boots if the choice was to get into some trouble!

Just Hanging

The adorable dog appears to have the best time with his pet owners! This is a typical red corgi, and the color is simply adorable. Corgis’ personalities are funny, particularly when they lay on their backs with their legs spread out as they do! This makes them extra cute!

Cuteness Overload

This is a cute red Corgi on old flooring made of linoleum. If Corgis weren’t cute enough. This one needed to show its owner that they could make better use of flooring space than the present flooring that their owner chose to put for their kitchen. We hear you, pup!

Fluffy Guy Just Loves the Road

What’s not to love about the cute Corgi sitting on a dirt path from behind? This adorable dog has the classic Corgi color and does not have any tail. It’s possible that the tail wasn’t there at the time of birth or could have been docked while the Corgi was young. Corgis are available in five colors and typically have white mixed in with their color coat. The Corgi described as “red” Corgi, does not have any obvious black hairs.

Walking Across the Water

The little dog decided to give it a go in walking across the water! This adorable pup discovered a piece of land to play on in the lake nearby; however, this is a lot cuter than the dog who decided to cause some trouble on the frozen ground!

Fascinated and Curious

The dog is clearly attracted by something happening from the other side of the walkway. A red Corgi with gorgeous color split across the head, with a mix of white and black. We would love to meet this cute little dog in person!

Just Plain Adorable Sleeping Corgi

From a certain angle, they look like rabbit tails! This is a very common way of Corgis sleep. Do you lay in the same way and feel more comfortable? Although mastiffs lie in odd postures, lying on their legs sprawled out across the floor is not one of their top choices!

Hanging With a Best Friend

Who said that just because you’re not alike does not mean you aren’t close? They are best friends and show it when out walking together. The adorable tri-colored puppy is still wearing his tail and appears to head off to take a sheep.

In Trouble and Adorable

Do you prefer Corgis with their tails docked or with longer tails? The long tail makes the little red Corgi appear like an elk! We’re sure that the expression he’s showing us suggests he’s going to be in a lot of trouble, and it is adorable when he does it! The tail is adorable and makes us want to get out and get one entire tail and begin telling people that it’s a Fox!

Welshie in the Park

Again, we have another adorable dog that appears to be doing something wrong! It’s still adorable and another great illustration of an adorable red Corgi showing off his back. The adorable dog is too happy to be a part of the crowd and make lots of new friends to cause trouble in the park!

Fluffy Butt Snow Play

The little dog has a perfectly intact tail and plays alongside his toy. Playing in the snow can be enormous fun if played in moderate amounts. Corgis excel in catching and fetching, and they love the game. They are shepherding dogs, and such activities reduce any reckless energy they could carry.

Tri-Colored Pup in the Summer

The adorable tri-colored dog enjoys a much-needed nap and relaxation on real summer grass. The dog is referred to as tri-color due to the presence of black in its red fur you can observe across its back. It’s a gorgeous colored Corgi!

More Fun at the Park

What a cute adorable backside fur! It’s another red Corgi, which is evident by the absence of any black fur, despite the color of his back. This is a very well-behaved dog who will just lie at the playground and play with her owner for the entire afternoon after having fun with the other dogs at the park!

Three Little Corgi Butts

What about not just three but one or two gorgeous backsides? Three red Corgis are out in the fields, just where most of us would like to be at now! The three adorable dogs have some of the cutest teeth we’ve ever seen, showing that sometimes one puppy just isn’t enough!

Pretty Tri-Color Corgi

This adorable tri-colored Corgi is just out doing his thing. The three-colored dogs are extremely unique. This one is truly distinctive, with the usual soft and white Corgi backside we’ve all been accustomed to love and adore.

More Adorable Corgi Butts

What better way to end this thread than with a few more adorable puppy snouts? This puppy is simply adorable, and it’s not surprising how many people love pint-sized dogs. The coloring of this dog is nearly full-on red with a tiny bit of black and white on the snout. This is a great example that Corgis are adorable from the time they are born!


Corgis are among the most adorable dogs around, and these photos show that! If you’re not looking for a Corgi then we’re pretty sure you’ll be considering one in the near future!

Corgis are great as household dogs and even retirement dogs. They’re the perfect mix of cuteness and sass.

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