17 Corgi Mixes

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

As as if the Corgi could not get any more adorable, he mix with adorable doggies that, together, produce a variety of unique Corgi mixed pups, and this post is dedicated to these adorable guys. We are obsessed with everything miniature, and with Corgis’ short and stumpy legs, as well as adorable derrieres All of the listed below Corgi mix breeds are cute!

If you’re not aware that there are two kinds of Corgi, the Cardigan Welsh, as well as Pembroke Welsh. Pembroke Welsh, and the breeds in this article are typically mixed breeds of both as they are very similar, it doesn’t matter if the dog is either a Cardigan or a Pembroke.

Corgis were initially breed in Wales to herd dogs due to their extremely agile and nimble, courageous, and their small height meant that when the cattle attempted to attack them, they were too small to strike. At the end of an exhausting day’s work He devoted his last energy to his family and master who he would cuddle until the sun went down.

Corgi Mixes

Corgi Mixed Breeds

They are renowned because they are Queen of England’s most beloved pet. her royal stamp of approval has prompted numerous dog owners around the globe to accept these beloved dogs to their homes as well. With the popularity of the trend for designer dogs it’s no surprise that Corgi breeds are becoming more well-known all over the world.

Like any mixed breed dog it is likely that your pup will have a mix of traits from both parents. In no particular order, let’s take a look at 20 of our top Corgi mix breeds!


Breeds: Corgi & Dalmatian

Another memorable Corgi mix with spots that could cause Cruella de Vil envious. The coat is longer than that of the Dalmatian and, while it isn’t as smooth to the touch, he’s equally beautiful. He is obviously smaller and bulkier than the Dalmatian however, he is somewhat more agile than the bulky Corgi.

The Dalgi is a fantastic companion, and he’s got an energy level and a personality that can keep any dog owner on their toes. The Dalmatian is known for being an excellent watchdog. because of the Corgi’s passion for barking , you’ll soon be able to tell if there’s someone intruding on your property and if it’s an animal that you’re watching looking for, the Dalgi gets paws down. Once he is sure that he’s watched all off, you’ll locate him in your lap to take a cuddle.

Corman Shepherd

Breeds: Corgi & German Shepherd

This is an animal that looks like an average-sized German Shepherd. He has the larger heads that of that of the German Shepherd, the small legs of the Corgi and appears to have taken both their ears, resulting in bat ears that are double the size and seem to last forever! He’s a little bigger in stature than the Corgi however, with his fluffy coat, the two are just as adorable.

He is a vivacious dog with lots of energy and an innate sense of security that comes through the bloodline of his German Shepherd parent, so you can anticipate a faithful dog that will protect his family and master. He may be a bit shy around strangers initially however once he realises that they’re a friend and is able to get to know them. His new most beloved companion is playing with his stomach in a matter of time. If he isn’t a fan of someone, then be prepared for him to bark quite often, and try to pull the individual away from his master.


Breeds: Corgi & Husky

The Corgi mix has several names which include the Siborgi and the Horgski and the Corgski however whatever you prefer to call him, be aware that he’s an adorable little boy with a big personality! He is prone to inheriting his Husky parents’ sociable nature and that you are likely to have some hilarious conversations with him, and he’ll be able to pull a few sirens or musical instrument sounds up his sleeves. He is also playful If your home is quiet, you should check out what he’s doing!

He’s a lot smaller and less squatter than the Husky however, he is stronger than the Corgi and, due to the Husky parent being among the most active dogs it is recommended to give him approximately an hour of exercise each day.

Also, he has a long and shiny double coat that keeps him warm and encase your head with his hair, so you should anticipate spending a lot of time rubbing him. For more details on this particular guy, please refer to our full description of the Horgi.


Breeds: Corgi x Beagle

The Beagie who shares his parents’ passion of food is believed to be as hungry, if not even twice as hungry, which means that he’ll always be looking for food and leftovers. That means that the family members must monitor their food intake with care and make sure that he doesn’t become excessively fatty, as he could easily gain weight when left on his own.

In addition to his gastronomy and tummy, he’s a wonderful pet for the family that everyone enjoys. He is affectionate, friendly and enjoyable to be around. is the perfect mix of energetic energy and the desire for a relaxing time, which is another reason why he is the perfect companion for any family. Like the Horgi the Beagle is known for his loudness as well, and since Beagles are known to howl, you can expect him to be very loud!

The Beagle is famous for its ears that are droopy, similar to Snoopy while the Corgi is famous for its big ears that are erect, so it’s a mystery which ears he’ll inherit! The coat of his will be silky smooth and he’ll most likely be inherited the earthy tone of both of his parents. For more details, go to our full description of Beagies. Beargie .

Golden Corgi

Breeds: Corgi & Golden Retriever

It’s the Golden Corgi simply looks like the Golden Retriever with super short legs! The Golden Corgi is a breed that has the golden shine of the Retriever and has the occasional white Corgi splash everywhere. His fur, like the fur of his parents is medium-length and he is often seen blowing and shed his coat as and expect to be moderate shedders who give a hint of gold to your furniture.

Golden Retrievers are renowned for their friendly and family-friendly nature as well as being among the most gentle dogs , so when you add a bit of the Corgi’s clownish personality and you’ll get an adorable and humorous canine companion. If you’re looking for an Golden Retriever, but you aren’t convinced about his size and weight, you should consider you should consider the Golden Corgi makes the perfect small alternative. For more details, head over to our comprehensive guide to this breed of dog. Golden Corgi.


Breeds: Corgi & Rottweiler

He’s often referred to as the Corgweiler however we like the Rottgi. The Corgi mix is among the most rare on the list, but he’s much less adorable! In general, he has the shape and ears that are typical of the Corgi but has the head and color markings that are typical of the Rottweiler. His head may appear rather oddly shaped in comparison to his small body, but it allows for a larger smile that only adds charm to his appearance.

He’s an excellent watchdog, considering the background of the Rottweiler and his work as a guard dog, and the Corgi’s tendency to bark. He may be a bit shy around strangers initially however, once the master of the Rottgi has welcomed the newcomer into his family and he is the first one to leap onto his lap! He’ll require some moderate exercise in comparison to the other smaller Corgi breeds, but He still enjoys a after-dinner nap, or even two.


Breeds: Corgi & Greyhound

Like a number of the other large breeds on this list The Greygi is essentially an Greyhound but with a half amount of legs. His parents’ totally different appearance has resulted in an odd-looking dog, but their personalities are showing to be very compatible.

His parents are so loving that the Greygi will make you smile quickly! Contrary to what many believe while the Greyhound is believed to be extremely energetic due to his athleticism in racing however, he actually is attracted to a nap in the afternoon or three.

There are only short bursts of energy, which suggests that the Greygi’s small legs will be able to manage his small outbursts. The face of the Greygi is bug-like that is both long and pointed with Corgis’ big eyes and a smile. While his quirky appearance may not appeal to all people, he’ll certainly be the center of interest.


Breeds: Corgi & Spitz

The Spitzgi is essentially an even smaller Corgi with a soft exterior. He’s such a cute dog that you won’t ever want to let him go or even the people passing by in any case! The color of his fur is dependent on the shade that he has from his Spitz parent, however typically the dog is either a brown or golden color.

The Spitzgi is a different rare Corgi mix due to the fact that it is the German Spitz is among the breeds that are less well-known in this country and for no other reason. People who are familiar with the breed know that it is a wagging and lively dog that likes to inform people that he’s around. If you’re not an animal lover then you might want to look into some of these Corgi mixes available, however If it’s a watchdog you’re looking for, then this is among the top breeds!

Corgi Pit

Breeds: Corgi & American Pit Bull Terrier

If you find Pitbull terrifying (even even though they’re not!) are likely to discover that the Corgi Pit slightly less intimidating. It is likely that the Corgi Pit inherits his Pitbull’s temperamental side, which means you can expect to find a dog that is sensitive and knows when to show his master a cheer and he also inherits both of his parents’ energy and joy-seeking side and will provide twice the fun. This is why Corgi Pit is a great therapy dog! Corgi Pit would make a excellent therapy dog!

He is known to have smoother coat due because of the Pitbull genes and this means it is easy to groom. It is true that the Corgi Pit will probably be more susceptible to skin allergies, however with the help of ointments and medications available, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

On the other side, he is able to last longer than the purebred Corgi due to the longevity of the Pitbull, which means you’ll likely keep him with you for a while longer! For more details on his characteristics, check out our comprehensive guide to Corgi Pit. Corgi Pit.


Breeds: Corgi & Labrador Retriever

The Corgidor is a great pet for the family, and is becoming among the top sought-after Corgi breeds, mostly due to the fact that the Labrador parent of his is the most sought-after canine breed of America! The sweet and loving nature of his coupled with his unending loyalty and a spirited spirit makes him a balanced dog that is suitable for all family members. When you add the Corgi’s enthusiasm and sweetness The Corgidor is among one of the best canine recipes ever created!

The one of Corgidors most notable characteristics are his ears. And boy can you spot the ears from miles away! The Labrador has ears that are large and fall down. However, when you combine the ears of the Corgi they will create one of the largest canine bat ears you’ll experience. For more details on the Corgidor, read our entire guide to The Corgidor.


Breeds: Corgi & Chow Chow

If you’re looking for an active ball of fluff and a bouncy, lively ball of fur for this Chorgi is the perfect pet for you! The most fluffy of all, you are sure to see the same amount of his fur on you as you do on him! If that’s something that you are able to overlook and you are not sure, then he’s definitely worth the cost of a lint roll.

The parents of the Chorgi differ greatly in their personalities, with being the Corgi being a happy, go-lucky dog as well as Chow Chow Chow Chow being a serious and shrewd gentleman who doesn’t take in a manner that is kindly. Therefore, the personality of the dog is dependent on the person he follows after the most.

If you’re expecting that he’ll be older than fun Corgi and a more comfortable version of the more cautious Chow Chow, then you aren’t going to be disappointed. In Cantonese the word “Chow is a reference to food, which is why Chow is a word that means edible. Chorgi is so adorable that you could easily devour him!


Breeds: Corgi & Pug

It’s a great dog! Porgi can be described as an outgoing and courageous little dog who has set the designer small-dog world on fire! With his slim and muscular size, goofy eyes and large ears, he is a wacky dog that is sure to make heads turn!

He is well-known for his rage however, he also has a love for a good snooze. If you inherit the flat face of his Pug parents, then you can expect him to be a snuffler during the day, and a snorer at night. So you can anticipate some loudness throughout the day while some may consider this behavior adorable, it is definitely not suitable for everyone.

The Corgi’s seal of approval from Queen Elizabeth II of England as well as the Chinese Emperor’s love for the Pug The Porgi will surely be a hit with anyone who meets him, and he is sure to be a perfect fit for any Queen or King. For more details, please go through our entire description of the Pug.


Breeds: Corgi & Chihuahua

It is not to be mistaken for the Chorgi This little dog is among the smallest dogs on this list. In most cases, he inherits his smaller heads of Chihuahua however, he will have the ears and eyes of the corgi, making a bat-like dog. The Corgi also has his big ears and smile that add to his adorable charm.

If the Chihuahua isn’t socialized appropriately, it can become extremely barky and , with the Corgi’s tendencies to bark If you decide to invite one of them to your home, ensure that you socialize him effectively with other dogs and humans. This is especially important in the event that he has inherited the Chihuahua’s impulsive nature! In addition, the Chigi is a wonderful pet that everybody will love. For more details, read our entire description of Chigi. Chigi.


Breeds: Corgi & Samoyed

It is the Corgoyed is another fluffy animal who’s coat keeps your engaged with your vacuum cleaner. The fluffy coat isn’t only cute, but also helps keep him warm. His Samoyed parent hails from the harsh and cold lands of Russia If you reside in a warm environment, he might not perform very well. We’d suggest you choose an animal that has less fur. If you live in a place that is cold , this dog is a perfect fit for you.

His gentle temperament is ideal for an equilibrist and calm family , however due to his vivacious personality, you can expect regular energy bursts all day long.


Breeds: Corgi & Poodle

If you suffer from mild allergies to dogs, but absolutely require an Corgi to be part of your family, this one is the best option (but it’s important to keep in mind that unlike most Doodle mixes , he’s not 100% allergy-free!). In general, it is probable that he’ll be more tolerant of allergies than the majority of Corgi breeds. The Corgipoo can take any color from the Poodle as well as Corgi parents, which means there are plenty of options in this category!

He’ll have a great family equilibrium of excitement and rest mode. This flexible dog will fit into your home life effortlessly. For more details, please refer to our entire guide to Corgipoo. Corgipoo.

Corgi Pom

Breeds: Corgi & Pomeranian

It is believed that the Corgi Pom is a common mixed breed because the two pint-sized dogs are alike in height, which makes them a perfect to match with a crossbreed designer dog. The corgi is known for its energetic aspect and the Pomeranian has all the yaps.

The little dog can lead an extended life span however if you don’t like dogs that bark frequently, it’s probably not the dog for you. The little dogs are often known as barkers and you should prepare accordingly when your home is in cramped area, or have neighbors who do not like loud dogs.


Breeds: Corgi & Doberman Pinscher

The Dobergi is a little like the Rottgi is an unlikely pair however, it seems to work very well. Like his parents, he’s extremely social and is very loved by his family members. If he’s well-socialized when he is a puppy, it is likely that he will be friendly with strangers. If otherwise, he’ll take on the shyness of his Doberman parents.

The Doberman Pinscher will appear similar to the Corgi however, with the colors that are typical of Doberman Pinscher. Doberman Pinscher. As with the majority of the breeds in this article are, the Dobergi will have the big ears that are characteristic of Corgi however, they’ll generally be longer and thinner , much like Doberman’s ears. They are slightly smaller, so you’ll need to ensure you have an appropriate size harness ( on the smaller side) in order to properly fit them.

Final Thoughts

With the many Corgi options available, all of which are distinct in their own way, there’s an Corgi mix for all. They are quickly becoming one of the most popular “designer dogs” out there which mix well with other breeds.

Of of course the list above isn’t comprehensive, but it offers a wide range of Corgi options We hope we’ve helped you along your quest to find the ideal Corgi prince Charming! If you think there’s a breed we didn’t mention you can send us a message in the comments section of this article!

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