Corgi Pug Mix: Porgi Dog Breed Information, Puppies & More

The corgi-pug mix, also known as a corgi pug, is a cross between a purebred corgi and a purebred pug. This breed is known for its small stature, adorable appearance, and friendly, playful nature.

Corgi-pug mixes typically have traits from both parents, resulting in a unique and lovable combination. They are lively and energetic, yet can be quite stubborn at times. Due to these characteristics, they require consistent training and socialization from a young age.

Corgi-pugs are usually good with children and other animals, making them great companions for all. However, they may require regular grooming due to their shedding tendencies.

In terms of health, corgi-pugs may inherit some common health issues from their parents, such as eye conditions and hip dysplasia, so regular vet check-ups are important. Despite these potential health issues, with proper care and love, corgi-pugs can live happy, healthy lives.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

In terms of designer dogs are concerned The Corgi Pug mix may seem somewhat odd. What is the result when you mix two short and a bit snarky dog?

The result from these cute breeds could be more adorable than you could ever imagine and their character has an impressive punch that is its own. Mixed breed puppies can be an eye-opener however, the majority of pups inherit traits of the breed passed from their parents.

Although it’s on the younger part of the breeding chart, the breeds it comes from have long, rich stories that contribute significantly to this mix’s Corgi Pug personality. Corgis are becoming more and more well-known as considered to be the “other half” of other breeds of designer dogs, like the Horgi and the Corgidor.

Let’s take an in deep look at these two dogs, and what to anticipate when you adopt the Porgi.

Corgi Pug Mix

The Basics

As you could probably guess from the name The Corgi Pug mix is a cross between both the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Pug. Both breeds are small, and the result of combining the two is a tiny and possibly more charming mix of fun as well as a sense of humor and friendliness.

Popular for their friendship Both breeds have distinct backgrounds, but they share they share the same goals. The short and muscular breed is a cross between two breeds that are very popular that are the Corgi ranking at 15 and the Pug at 31.

Sometimes called the Porgi of the breed, the Corgi Pug mix draws its characteristic from two breeds of parents, which is why it’s essential to know details about Corgi as well as the Pug before diving in the breed.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

It is believed that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi was born from Pembrokeshire, Wales, where it got its name. Despite their adorable corgi butts with stout bodies, tall bodies , and short legs, Corgis were working dogs frequently employed on farms to manage sheep, cattle as well as horses.

They are extremely smart and are keen to learn, and eager to delight their masters. They are very active, which is why they excelled in their herding duties. Due to their energy levels, Corgis need a lot of exercise and time to play.

Although extremely smart, Corgis do have a tendency to be stubborn. However, as other breeds, you can overcome this issue with regular and rigorous training from the beginning in the process. They can also be very vocal dogs that are known to bark at everything.

Pembrokes are great pets for families because they display an attitude of joy affection, love, and happiness. Although they are simple to teach, they can also be extremely independent and tend to make decisions for themselves. Food and treats are great tools for training Corgis because they are awestruck to consume food. Be careful about how much you feed them, however; they also are prone to overeating and obesity.

Pembroke Corgis are affectionate, however without proper socialization they may be cautious of strangers. Their skepticism makes them excellent watchdogs, however being social makes them more rounded.

It is possible for to see a Pembroke Corgi to measure between 10-12 inches tall, and not more than thirty pounds.


Pugs as well as Corgis are extremely intelligent dogs with huge hearts. They are loved by all and are part of the toy collection. Although they’re similar in size, they come from a different region of the globe. The breed was initially well-known throughout China and dates to 206 B.C. They were one of three short-nosed puppies that were bred in the hands of Chinese.

In contrast to the common Corgi they were regarded as prized possessions belonging to emperors as well as wealthy, lavish families. In their early days they were often regarded as being important enough to be able to get the security of their own.

The popularity of the breed grew across the globe and the Pug was a sought-after breed among the royals of Europe. A lot of princes, kings and queens were owners of the breed. When the breed was finally introduced to America following during the Civil War, it was extremely popular. The popularity of the breed dropped slightly but it quickly regained its popularity following the continued breeding.

Pugs are adored as as companions. They love affection and are excellent lap dogs. Although they might not be able to discover new tricks, assist in hunting, or protect your house, they’ll take your heart away and snuggle in your mattress.

It is common to be laughing with your pet, since they are usually somewhat wacky and amusing. Actually, he is quite entertaining himself. However He will want to play with you as much.

Pugs are known to retain their personality when they are puppies, which is why it is important to examine the litter carefully before you pick your puppy. When he’s an adult the puppy will weigh not more than 18 pounds, and will be between 10-14 inches tall, with shorter, double coats.

Physical Traits

Porgis are known to have the most desirable of the two physical characteristics. They are a great combination due to their dimensions, which makes it simpler to estimate the size of the mix. Like the Beagi The Beagi Corgi Pug mix will typically range between 10 to 13 inches tall.

The difference in weight between parents breeds is significantly different than their heightdifference, which means that there is a distinct characteristic between mixed puppies. Adult Porgis could weigh anywhere from 18-30 pounds.

In terms of physical appearance, the majority of Porgis adopt the light, fawn-colored coloring of the Pug and a muzzle that is dark. The size of the head and muzzle is likely to be somewhere in within the range of both breeds, and there is a possibility for having a straight face. However, the body is more reminiscent of the shape of a Corgi.

A cute plus as a cute bonus, Porgis ears are more likely to roll over instead of standing straight. They also tend to flaunt their curly tails like the Pug however with the flint of the Corgi.

The mixed breeds will have a short , straight , yet thick coat. The color of these dogs can range from black, fawn, red and brown.


Although they are short-haired, Porgis are known to shed a lot. Brushing regularly helps get rid of loose hair, as well as any dirt or other debris that is present. The most effective brushes for this mix breed include pin brush, slicker brushes and de-shedders.

While regular grooming is recommended for puppies They generally don’t have a tendency to develop unpleasant odors, therefore bathing should be limited to a minimum.

Other grooming routines include cleaning out their ears, and keeping their nails neat. Don’t expect a lot of salivation from a Porgi also.


Porgis are breeds with low energy levels. Although they require daily physical exercise and stimulation for their minds, they’re not as demanding as more active dogs. If they are able to leave the house for a walk or play in the backyard every day, they’ll be content.

It’s possible to get by exercising indoors in the event that the weather isn’t ideal or you do not have time to go for a walk. If they can are able to get some movement the morning, they’ll be ready to go. If they don’t get enough focus and exercise and attention, your Porgi could develop bad behavior habits.


Because both the Corgi as well as the Pug are loved for their love of food, it’s not surprising that the hybrid dog loves food equally. This is why it is crucial to keep track of the diet of your pet and adhere to a strict eating schedule.

Corgis are also prone to obesity, and this characteristic could be an important role in the health of your dog’s mix. If food is available in the open, your Porgi will devour it. Some pet owners prefer to keep food on the table throughout the day for their dogs but this should not be the routine for your Corgi Pug mix.

If their diet is in line with their exercise routine There shouldn’t be many concerns.


Concerning health risks the most effective thing to do with the hybrid breed is to take an examination of the dangers associated with the breeds they are derived from.

Corgis are thought to have an elevated risk in hip dysplasia. In addition, because of their short legs and large body, the animals are susceptible to spinal and back issues. They also tend to overeat and, consequently, deal with weight gain.

Pugs are often afflicted with breathing issues. They may also be at risk of developing eye problems.

Although breeding two dogs reduces the risk of health problems for your Porgi, it’s important to conduct your own study, get the complete health records for the parents, and bring your dog for testing and routine vet visits.


Porgis are affectionate, extremely committed, and extremely loyal dogs. They are great companions that always want to be at you. Although this is definitely an excellent trait however, it does have negatives.

It is possible that you’re Porgi is anxious about separation. This is why it is essential for families with Porgis to stay home often and be with their beloved pet. A Porgi is likely to not fare well in a house which is not occupied for long periods at an time.

Due to the Corgi heritage, Corgi Pug mixes can occasionally exhibit characteristics of herding instincts. This can lead to the dog feeling like they have to protect their family members as a group. When it comes to loyalty this is a great thing. But, it could cause problems with young youngsters and the tendency to snap at them.

If you are well-trained, you will definitely avoid this problem, though it is best to place this dog in homes with older children.

Porgis are extremely friendly. They can be extremely friendly to strangers, but will not allow them to approach without a few warning barks. Socialization early can ease any anxiety or stress the mix breed might develop naturally.


Although both parents of the Porgi are extremely intelligent, affectionate, and eager to please, your mixed dog might have picked up characteristics of independence and stubbornness in the half Corgi, as well as playfulness of that of the Pug half.

These traits of personality could make training more challenging than you expected. But, it’s not impossible, particularly given the Porgi’s inherent desire to please and love towards its master.

The best method to train the pups is to begin early, be constant, and show them lots of affection. Because they are affectionate and love to be loved, they will react well to your praise , and plenty of animals when they are doing the right thing and are taught the new commands.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s common for both new as well as experienced dog owners to ask a few questions regarding breeds that they’re interested in. Actually most of these questions are asked for the majority of people. Visit our FAQ section for some common questions regarding Corgi Pugs and their answers.

Q What is the length of time Corgi Pugs have to live?

A: If you take care of them properly of food, exercise, and nutrition and exercise, your Porgi will live an extended, healthy life that can last up to 15 years. This is the typical lifespan of both the Corgi as well as the Pug and, so long as you care for them there’s no reason to think that they shouldn’t be part of your life for the same amount of time as their parent breeds.

Q: How much do Corgi Pugs cost?

A: The cost of the cost of a Corgi Pug will typically be between $700 and $1,000. Although that might seem expensive, you should keep in mind the fact that neither of the breeds’ parents very well-known, but a reliable breeder will make sure that the puppy has been well-bred and is healthy.

The price, however, will vary based the purpose of the breeder creating these pups. Breeding to compete or show could cost upwards of $1,000.

Q: Do Corgi Pugs bark a lot?

A: No! Corgi Pugs actually have a extremely low propensity to bark. The only time you’ll usually hear them speak is when they are prompted to alarm. It could happen the case when someone approaches your home or they are worried about something. However, on a daily basis the Corgi Pug will usually be quite calm.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a sucker for small, stout, adorable pups and kittens, then the Corgi Pug mix might be just the dog you’ve been looking for to have in your home. If you are the owner of this breed, you must remember to be tough, but also affectionate throughout the process of training. With a lot of work and plenty of love and affection you will be an enduring, but slightly silly pet for a long period of time.

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