Welsh Corgi vs. Dachshund

Do you want to compare the Dachshund with. The Corgi to find your next canine friend of a pint? Both breeds might appear like they do in appearance however they’re very different from each other! Although both breeds are small and adorable, they possess distinct personality traits and temperaments.

The two breeds are both tiny in dimensions, but they are huge in terms of their personalities. Both breeds have a working dog background and provide plenty of fun, affection and, of course, amazing companionship. They may be adorable however they’re not for all, particularly potential pet owners who aren’t experienced in training dogs that are stubborn.

In this guide to comparing breeds We will provide you with all the information you’ll require to make a decision on which dog is your ideal pet companion in the family. We will compare their personalities, levels of exercise grooming requirements, and much more. Let’s dive into all the details of a short-dog.

Welsh Corgi vs. Dachshund


The best way to comprehend the doggo breed’s and what it is all about is to know their history as well as their genetics. This will provide you with an understanding of why they were created. What does that mean to personality as well as training requirements and the level of obedience, among other aspects.

Pembroke & Cardigan Corgi

The Corgi’s breed is believed to be among the oldest, going back to around 1200 B.C. His forefathers came across England from Europe along with their masters who moved to Wales within Wales in the United Kingdom. In time, they developed the Corgi by breeding short-legged herding dogs, which are believed to have been the Finnish Spitz and local dogs. In the end, the Corgi was born, and the rest is history.

Traditionally an animal that herded He is used as an animal herding dog. However, he is more often seen in homes with families, entertaining all. Two distinct Corgi breeds: that of the Pembroke as well as the Cardigan. It is the Pembroke is the more recent one of them and they’re quite alike. It is also known as the Cardigan Corgi. Cardigan Corgi is older, but is less well-known. There are some subtle distinctions between the two. It’s not clear the date they arrived in America however, the fact that they are loved by us is very greatly.


The Dachshund originated in Germany. When translated into their native language their name translates to “badger dog. They were designed for the purpose of catch badgers as well as other small vermin. Their large bodies, pointed muzzle, and long pointed, shovel-like paws indicated they were perfect for digging into burrows. One of the top exterminators in the world and you can be assured that you will not have a rat issue with this guy.

A badger is an incredibly powerful combat dog, so it is easy to imagine how strong this dog’s slinky can be. Due to anti-German sentiments the dog was called”the” Liberty Houndfor a short time. Since he joined the American Kennel studbook, he has become extremely popular. He is still hunter however, he is more often used as a pet for the family.


With their big, pointed ears and fluffy butts the Corgi is a breed that’s easy to identify. The long and thick boy is a floppy ball of canine joy. The Dachshund is also easy to recognize and is known under the name of sausage dog for obvious reasons. It’s safe to say they’re quite different in appearance however they are equally adorable.

Both have coats that are double-layered. The coat of the Corgi is thicker and more fluffy. The Dachshund can choose between smooth, wire-haired, or a long-haired coat. In terms of color the official colors of Corgis are Corgi are red and fawn. Other colors include sable, fawn black and tan, and without or with white marks. The Dachshund can also be found in a variety of colors, such as black, red cream, blue, and red. The Dachshund also likes a mix of different patterns and colors like brindle, dapple, sable and piebald to mention some.


While both the Dachshund as well as the Corgi are occasionally employed as work dogs, they are not the most popular breeds to work with. They are more often chosen as pets for families due to their loving, happy and smart nature. In addition, their most well-known characteristic is their affection for humans. Their most favorite activity is cuddle their family – whether children or adults and they don’t mind being snubbed. If it involves warmth or scritches, strokes, or snuffles they’re all for it.

Both Dachshunds as well as Corgis have proven themselves to be humorous and entertaining dogs, as well as being fierce and secure. Both have an ebullient bark and are excellent watchdogs. Be it family members or strangers, they’ll inform you.

A Dachshund is the more secure among the breeds, and will even jump in to play if his human companions may be in peril. Dachshunds are prone to becoming aggressive when they are they are not properly trained. Their aggressive behavior is often unchecked due to their size.

It is true that the Corgi and Dachshund both like to think about themselves, which could cause them a bit stubborn at times. That means if you’re looking for a completely obedience-oriented dog, neither of them is suitable ideal for you. However, it’s all part of their appeal. The Dachshund is thought to be much more of a woman, and could be a bit sullen if he doesn’t have his own way.

The Dachshund has a strong prey drive, which means it is not a good fit for rodentsor other animals that are smaller than him. It is possible that he can live with cats, but that isn’t a guarantee. The Corgi is not a dog with an inclination to hunt however, he does possess an innate desire to herd. Therefore, he might attempt to help other animals around the house.


Their requirements for exercise are different and this is one of the most important aspects when families decide one of the. Dachshunds are an excellent option for those who reside in apartments or have an uninspiring lifestyle. They don’t require huge quantities of physical activity to stay fit and healthy. He has only moderate levels of energy to contend with. Between 45 and 60 minutes of physical activity each day is plenty.

However, Corgis are described as being ‘born busy’ and have high energy levels for tiny dogs. Breed to herd cattle, Corgis require at least 60 minutes a day of vigorous workout. If you’re active, he’ll join you on an exercise session or a long hike. If you’re not then he’ll become a problem and will likely begin herding your family and you because of anger.

The Dachshund is a favorite among urban dwellers because his compact dimensions mean there is no requirement for a yard. He is well-suited to living in apartments and prefers an intimate lifestyle. Although they differ in their fitness and physical activity, they are extremely boisterous in their play and can be seen launching themselves at great heights. Be careful not to do this as it could cause spinal injuries.


The breed is derived from working stock. both these breeds have a desire to delight their owners. The majority of the time! They’re both extremely intelligent and are able to absorb training quickly. It’s just a matter of convincing them that learning will benefit them. If they aren’t willing to take action, they won’t. They’re each independently Therefore, you should to begin their education in the earliest possible time.

The Dachshund can be somewhat of a princess when his manners are not in place. This can lead to him becoming a single-person dog that is very protective. This can lead to a snarling behavior, so you must be a fair and firm master of this dog. Much more so than the Corgi. Socialization early is crucial for both dogs particularly the more spirited Dachshund.

Training with positive reinforcement is the most effective method to go. Find out what drives them We are aware that treats are a hit for both breeds based on our experiences. Be careful not to overdo it with the food items, however, they’ll both become a bit big if they aren’t controlled.

When it comes to teaching their dogs for walking, the two breeds are better with a harness rather as opposed to a collar and leash due to their long body size. The harness of a Corgi might require slightly larger than a Dachshund’s harness, because of their higher size, plus their additional fur and a larger chest circumference.


Both of these dogs are generally healthy, however they are healthier in the Dachshund has an extended lifespan. Like all purebreds, there is a higher risk of certain diseases because of their genetics. Both suffer from hip dysplasia as well as common eye diseases like progressive retinal atrophy, retinal dysplasia and persisting pupillary membranes.

Dachshund and Corgis are alike in size. Short legs and long bodies make them both susceptible to back pain, particularly when they are overweight. Intervertebral Disc Disease is similar to discs that have slipped in humans. It can be painful and cause paralysis if not treated. Lean and long is the best. Dogs with a banana-shaped shape should be kept away from. It is advisable for all breeds to purchase ramps for the sofa to stop them from jumping up and damaging their backs.


Without going into detail the amount of the amount of dog food your Dachshund Corgi consumes is due to a variety of aspects. Size and age, body structure as well as activity and metabolism. Different breeds of dogs of the same breed will need the exact amount of nutrition. A very active Dachshund is likely to consume much more than a more relaxed one. In the end, they each consume about 1 1/2 cups of food each day. If you own an adorable Dachshund you might find him eating just a bit smaller than that.

As they age it is important to keep an eye on how much weight each dog is putting on. Both breeds tend to gain a bit of weight. In the later years, you might be required for you to give your corgis or Dachshund an calorie-reduced dog food in order to keep an enviable body.

No matter what pup you’re looking after, nutrient-dense food is vital to their development and growth. Particularly during the puppy phase. The best method to accomplish this is to purchase the highest quality food made from the finest ingredients you can manage to afford. Find kibble for small breeds because they are more palatable for dogs to chew. Both breeds should only be fed table scraps carefully due to their tendency to obesity and related health issues.


While they both have double coats, they each have distinct coats, which means their grooming routines differ. The Corgi has an extremely thick and fluffy coat that requires brushing multiple times per week. It is necessary to brush him daily to remove dead hair in the time of shedding. Corgis shed a lot certainly They are also they are a little more demanding than Dachshunds..

A medium shedder is the Dachshund, and if you select the shorter-haired breed it will be very low maintenance. A once-a-week brush is enough for him to look at his best. However hair with long locks Dachshund requires additional brushing two or three times per week. It is essential to ensure that you do not allow the hair of your dog to get caught in.

When you’re grooming your dog it is an excellent way to build a bond with your dog. If it is done correctly at an early age, the time spent brushing can turn into an examination of your dog’s health. Examine your child’s eyes, ears, and nails for any signs of problems. They also require a weekly dental hygiene due to their small mouths and a tendency for periodontal disease.

The Corgi is recommended to be cleaned every 8-12 weeks The Corgi will likely pick up dirt more easily during his adventures in the mud. The Dachshund may be bathed less often than this in the case of a shorter-haired dog. If not, similarly each 8-12 weeks is the ideal time.


The price for a corgis with regal looks is about $1000 and upwards from a reliable breeder. Dachshund puppies are priced around the same amount, however more unusual color combinations and longer-haired puppies may command a higher cost. Make sure you choose an established breeder, even if the slightly higher price at first. They’ll produce healthier and happier puppies in comparison to backstreet breeders and puppy mills. Given how well-known both of them are and how popular they are, you can be certain that there are plenty all over. Therefore, it is important to take your time and research.

Final Thoughts

The Dachshund as well as the Corgi are excellent pets for families. We are aware that it is an extremely difficult decision to make, with every breed possessing a bigger-than-life character. In addition, they are adorable being as big as an adult dog for the duration of. If you’re still unable to decide between the two, why not mix the two and get an Dachshund that has been crossed with an Corgi that is also called the Dorgi. The Queen Elizabeth of the other side of the Atlantic is a huge fan of the Dorgi since she was unable to choose neither!

Like numerous breed comparisons The decision usually comes to the way your dog’s personality and other requirements are compatible with your lifestyle, home, and your family. If an energetic active Corgi will fit perfectly into your lifestyle, this is the dog to opt for.

If you are looking for an uninvolved cuddle companion who will still serve as a wonderful pet for your home The Dachshund might be the perfect pocket rocket. In any case they can both be great family pets for a long time when they are with the appropriate family.

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