Doberman Pinscher vs. Rottweiler

Doberman Pinschers and Rottweilers are both highly intelligent and strong breeds with their unique traits. They both serve as excellent working dogs and are often used in police and military roles due to their intelligence and strength.

Doberman Pinschers are known for being fast, energetic, and extremely loyal. They possess a high energy level and require ample exercise and mental stimulation. Dobermans are also known for their loyalty and are incredibly protective of their families.

Rottweilers, on the other hand, are typically more calm and reserved. They are reliable, obedient, and often used as guard dogs. Rottweilers are also known for their strength and endurance, but they require a lot of training and socialization from an early age.

The choice between a Doberman Pinscher and a Rottweiler depends on your lifestyle, living situation, and what you expect from a pet. Both breeds require active, engaged owners who can provide plenty of exercise, training, and socialization.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

*There are many similarities and differences between the Doberman and the the Rottweiler .. Both breeds are great family pets. However, each one has its own unique characteristics in terms of how they work and what they were bred.

Both breeds are fearless, obedient, and can be aloof to strangers. Both were bred for different purposes and each one is more suited to working dogs.

When you welcome either breed into your home, you are making a 7 to 10-year commitment with a dog, so it’s important to know what you can expect from the new addition to your family. We will be exploring the similarities and differences between these two powerful breeds in this article.

Doberman Pinscher vs. Rottweiler

Breed History

While these dogs look very different, the Doberman was bred out of the Rottweiler. They share the same DN.A HTML1. Although their histories are different, they share a similar history and are both excellent guardians and protectors.

It is important to look at their stories and learn more about them.

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher was bred by Tax Collector, Louis Dobermann, in Germany around 1890. During the 19th Century, certain areas were unsafe in Germany due to civil war, and the residents of those areas were particularly hostile towards the Tax Man. Louis Dobermann also had experience in dog breeding and sought to breed an imposing dog to accompany him while he worked in these hostile precincts.

He took the Rottweiler and the Black and Tan Terrier and Old Shorthaired Shepherd to create the Doberman we love today. The Doberman was officially recognized as a breed in his own right in 1900. It’s a working-class breed, it is often compared with the German shepherd ..

This ‘Tax Collectors Dog’ is a popular family dog today, ranking 17 out of 193 breeds by the American Kennel Club (AKC), but he is also one of the most popular working dogs used in military and protection services. He has excelled in this area, but he is also a great therapy and assistance dog because of his loyal and caring nature. There are also many popular Doberman mixes.


The Rottweiler, descends from Mastiffs that date back to the Roman Empire, is one of the oldest known breeds. The lack of refrigeration meant soldiers had to bring live animals along with them during the Roman Invasion of Europe. The Rottweiler was used as a herder to protect the animals from wild animals and to keep them safe.

His herding and guarding skills impressed so many that the Rottweiler was entrusted to traveling butchers from Rottweil, to guard the Butcher’s hard earned cash. Rottweiler is “from Rottweil Rottweil is where he got his nickname Rottweiler Metzgerhund. This in English means “Rottweil butcher dog. ” This is because he helped the local butchers rather than being a vicious killing machine that killed towns. This is a significant difference!

When the need to protect cattle ended due to the use of cattle cars, he found new employment as a police dog, and other protection services, as well as being used for his sheer power in shifting large heavy objects on farms and power stations.

His personality and traits have not changed despite his many roles. He is now considered to be a great family pet and currently ranked by the AKC as the 8th most popular dog in America, out of 193 recognized breeds.


The most notable differences between the two breeds is their appearance. The Doberman is slightly taller and more slender in appearance, being up to 28 inches, compared to the Rottweiler who is up to 27 inches and stockier.

The biggest difference between the two breeds is their weight. The Doberman is much lighter weighing up to 100 pounds, whereas the Rottweiler is the heaviest at 135 pounds. To put that in perspective, 35 pounds is the equivalent of your average microwave, so that is a significant amount of extra weight compared to the Doberman.

The two most popular colors in both breeds in terms of coloring are black and rust colors at various places on their bodies. The Rottweiler’s main color is black, while the Doberman can be found in Fawn, Blue, and Red.

You may also have seen descriptions or photos of a Doberman who is ‘white’. However, this dog is an Albino or genetic mutation and not a color. Both breeds have rust coloring above their eyebrows, snouts, chests, legs, and legs. Both breeds have a short hair ,, but the Doberman has a smoother coat.

Another difference in their appearances is that the Doberman typically has smaller and more pointed ears. This is due to ear-cropping practices. The Rottweiler doesn’t usually have to go through this procedure so his ears are more large. Ear cropping is a controversial practice.


Both breeds share similar work backgrounds and are well-known for their guarding and protection abilities. They can guard their home, protect their family and even predict danger . Both breeds are guarding and must be socialized properly as puppies to avoid over-protectiveness.

Another similarity is that they both have an unfair reputation. A study on the perceptions of dogs by the public revealed that both the Rottweiler and the Doberman were the most aggressive canines.

An example of this misrepresentation of the Doberman can be clearly seen in the Award-Winning Film ‘Up,’ the ringleader of the bad dogs is a Doberman, and his character is inherently mean and stupid, whereas in reality he is the complete opposite; they are loving and intelligent.

The Rottweiler is often misrepresented in films like “The Omen,” where the Rottweiler dog plays the Devil. Both breeds are loving towards each other. Although their knowledge and perceptions have improved with better education, it is clear that there is still much to be done.

One of the biggest personality differences between the two breeds is that while the Doberman is affectionate with his family, the Rottweiler is said to be more aloof and independent. This is a trait that the German Shepherd carries, which is why the Rottie is also often compared to the German shepherd as well.

The Doberman is very affectionate with his family. He will jump up on the couch for a cuddle after a hard day of patrolling. Although the Rottweiler is still affectionate with his family, the Doberman needs companionship more so than the Rottweiler does.

As a result, the Doberman can also suffer from separation anxious, although it is less severe than other dogs. You should be aware that there is a possibility that he won’t be left alone for more than a few hours.


Again, because they are both working dogs they require significant exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Around 60 minutes a day is what you should expect to give them both at a minimum.

The Doberman is the more energetic and intelligent dog, and therefore he needs more mental stimulation than the Rottweiler. You can achieve this by engaging in more intense activities such as tug-of war, agility courses or using puzzle toys that are filled with treats.

Both breeds tend to be highly destructive if they are left to their own devices. These dogs can do a lot of damage due to their size and power. If you don’t have the time to exercise them every day, these dogs may not be for you. Unless you are willing to pay weekly repairs. These guys will give you the exercise you need and reward you with entertainment, protection, love, and affection.


Both breeds have similar training needs. They both enjoy being put to work and using their intelligence. They love to be trained by their masters and are eager to please. This makes training quite simple. Both will enjoy obedience training. However, be sure to be the dominant packs leader ; or they will dismiss you completely.

Due to their protective nature, it is key to socialize these guys at a very early age, to make sure that they are comfortable and confident in many different environments, both inside and outside of the home. They should feel at ease with people of all ages as well as animals of all sizes.

Positive reinforcement training is the best for all dogs, but is especially important for guarding dogs like these. Positive reinforcement training is the best type of training for any dog. Otherwise, it’s possible that your dog will become aggressive and react negatively to negative training.


The Doberman and Rottweiler are both healthy dogs for their size. However, they can be affected by Elbow or Hip Dysplasia ,, which is an abnormal formation of the elbow and hip sockets that can lead to painful arthritis.

They are both at high risk for Gastric Torsion . This is when the dog eats a large amount of food or exercises immediately after eating. This can be a very serious life-threatening condition.

Also, the Doberman is at greater risk of developing Von Willebrand’s disease ,. This is caused by a reduction in certain platelets in his blood. His blood cannot clot. This is a serious condition. If he sustains an injury that causes his body to stop clotting, it could lead to him losing significant amounts of blood.

Rottweilers are also frequently known to suffer from Dilated Cardiomyopathy, this is a disease whereby the heart walls are thin and dilated, and therefore the heart does not function as it should, and can result in heart failure.

The Doberman is more likely to live for a few more years than the Rottweiler. But it must be noted that both dogs have a life expectancy that is below that of the average pooch.

Keep your dog healthy by taking him to the vet for regular check-ups and keeping up with his vaccinations. You should research the symptoms and major diseases before you buy a Rottweiler or Doberman.


The Doberman requires around four cups of food per day, and the Rottweiler requires a similar amount. Both will depend on metabolisms and lifestyles. However, the Rottweiler is susceptible to weight gain and obesity more so than the Doberman, so this is something to watch out for.


Both the Rottweiler and Doberman have short hair. They are moderate shedders and require little grooming in comparison to other dogs. Brushing your dog’s skin once or twice per week will keep it looking healthy and shiny. Dobermans shed less than their Rottweiler cousins.

Puppy Price

If you buy a Doberman or a Rottweiler from a reputable breeder then they are similar in price at around $1,500. If you buy a puppy Doberman from an unreputable breeder then you can pay around $1,000, and a Rottweiler at around $850. If you want either breed that is of show-quality then you can expect to pay up to $4,000 for your pup.

It is not recommended to buy a puppy from anyone other than a recognized breeding ,. Otherwise, you could be liable for serious health problems and expensive vet bills.

As we mentioned, don’t buy a Doberman who is trying to sell you a ‘white Doberman’. This ‘white’ is not a color, but albinism, which is a severe genetic mutation, and the canine is likely to suffer serious health complications.

Final Thoughts

The Rottweiler and the Doberman are very similar dogs. They both excel at protecting and guarding people and property. In fact, the Doberman was bred from the Rottweiler. These breeds are perfect for protecting your home and family.

The main difference between the two is their size, the Doberman is more athletic and slender in appearance, with the Rottweiler being bulkier and up to 35 pounds heavier than the Doberman.

The Doberman’s intelligence and agility make him more intelligent than the Rottweiler. He doesn’t like being left alone for extended periods of time and is not a fan of being left at home alone. If you are looking for a more active dog, the Doberman might be a good choice.

While the health of the Rottweiler and the Doberman are very similar, they share some health risks. However, each breed has its own risks. On average, the Doberman has the longest life expectancy.

No matter which breed you choose, they are both wonderful, loyal, and fun dogs that will love and protect you and your family for many years!

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