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Welcome to our dog breeds hub page. Through the acquisition of we will be building out a directory of the most popular dog breeds, complete with nutritional requirements and even reviews from people that own specific breeds.

23 Corgi Butts!

Quick Summary: Certain Corgis have tails, while others do not (which conforms to breed standards). However, regardless of how their tails appear, their tiny behinds are

Boxer vs. American Pit Bull Terrier

*. Although they may look very different, the Boxer and American Pitbull Terrier are very similar in temperament. These energetic dogs are a joy to

17 Scariest Dog Breeds

. Are you searching for the scariest dog breed that will keep criminals away? These “scary” dog breeds are often gentle giants. In reality, some

Huntaway Traits & Facts

The Huntaway dog is at the top of the All About Cats list, with the highest increase in U.S. internet searches over the past two-years.

15 Bichon Frise Mixes

Are you thinking of adding an Bichon Frise cross for your household? It’s not a problem! It’s not just you! Bichon Frise has become a

Poodle vs. Goldendoodle

*. Shopping for a dog can be exciting, but it can also be very difficult and overwhelming. It is important to understand the benefits of

Labrador Retriever vs. Dalmatian

Quick Summary: Labrador Retrievers are slightly larger than Dalmatians. Labs can weigh between 55 and 80 pounds, while Dals usually weigh around 45 to 70

Westie Vs. Maltese

It is said that the West Highland White Terrier and the Maltese have a similar appearance however one of them has silky smooth locks and

28 White Dog Breeds

Are you looking for the ideal White dog to add your pet’s name into the family? There are a variety of white dogs available and

Welsh Corgi vs. Dachshund

Do you want to compare the Dachshund with. The Corgi to find your next canine friend of a pint? Both breeds might appear like they

Rottweiler vs. German Shepherd

If you’re in search of an animal for your family or a dog that will protect the business you run, then might have thought about

Akita vs. Siberian Husky

*. The Akita is very different from the Siberian Husky, and there are only a few commonalities between them. Although they may appear very similar,

Poodle Breed Traits & Facts

Originally Poodles were Duck retrievers. Poodles would leap into the water to swim to the ducks they wanted to retrieve. They are very strong swimmers

17 Doberman Pinscher Mixes

Quick Summary: The Doberman Pinscher is among the most sought-after working dogs used in protection and military services around the globe. Those familiar with the

13 Chinese Dog Breeds

*. Looking for a list Chinese Dog Breeds that will help you choose the right one to be your next dog companion? This breed list

Borzoi Traits & Facts

Quick Summary: The Borzoi, which used to be known as the Russian Wolfhound, is a dog breed that originated in Russia. It is linked to the

Doberman Pinscher vs. Rottweiler

*There are many similarities and differences between the Doberman and the the Rottweiler .. Both breeds are great family pets. However, each one has its

19 Spotted Dog Breeds

Quick Summary: The Dalmatian quickly comes to mind when you think about spotted dog breeds. However, it’s not the only one. In this post, you’ll

Presa Canario vs. Cane Corso

Both the Presa Canario (and the Cane Corso) are dreamy, big-hearted pups. They have a poor reputation due to their size and power as well

Mountain Cur Dog Breed Traits & Facts

The Mountain Cur is an energetic and fun-loving dog. He’s a hard-working dog who enjoys chasing small animals, particularly squirrels and Raccoons. He requires at

Labrador Retriever vs. Pug

. It is an important decision in your life. The Labrador Retriever and the Pug are two of the most important family pets. They do

23 Russian Dog Breeds

. Russia is most well-known because of its harsh winters, frozen tundra and a large portion that runs across Asia. It can be hard to

17 Shepherd Dog Breeds

*. Shepherd dogs have been companions throughout history .. They are trained to herd cattle and sheep, and they ensure that no animals are left

Biewer Terrier Traits & Facts

. The Biewer Terrier, which sounds like the word “beaver”, is a cute toy dog breed that makes a great furry friend. These adorable dogs

Irish Setter Dog Breed Traits & Facts

The Irish Setter is an Irish gun dog. With their elegant, flame-colored fur and general elegance, Setters are immediately recognizable. Although they aren’t the most

Dachshund vs. Beagle

Are you looking for a companion canine that is smaller than the Dachshund? They are a great choice for families because of their affectionate nature,

Labradoodle vs. Goldendoodle

Although their names that sound silly might suggest that they are identical, Goldendoodles and Labradoodles are quite distinct breeds of dogs. They share a lot

17 Australian Shepherd Mixes

It is believed that the Australian Shepherd is an extremely popular breed with 17 of 193 as a favorite according to the American Kennel Club.

Great Dane

How Big Is A Great Dane?

Quick Summary: The Great Dane really is mighty in size, and you will witness their rapid growth from puppyhood to adulthood. They can weigh 15

15 Wolf Like Dog Breeds

*. Are you looking for a wolf-like breed of dog but aren’t sure which one would be best for your family? We humans have been

English Mastiff vs. Great Pyrenees

Quick Summary: The Great Pyrenees share many traits with English Mastiffs. When discussing these breeds’ appearances, it is difficult to ignore their size and weight –

Cocker Spaniel Breed Traits & Facts

The friendly and cheerful Cocker Spaniel, with his big, bright eyes and cheeky personality is one of America’s most beloved dog breeds. Although originally used

17 Weimaraner Mixes

Are you looking for an Weimaraner that isn’t the expense of purebred dogs? A Weimaraner mix is less expensive to budget and is often healthier

Pomeranian vs. Yorkshire Terrier

The Pomeranian and the Yorkshire Terrier are quite similar to a great extent, and therefore, there are just few things that distinguish them from each

17 Jack Russell Terrier Mixes

It is believed that the Jack Russell is a extremely energetic and lively breed who loves to chase other animals, particularly the cats and mice

11 Japanese Dog Breeds

Japan is well-known for its delicious Sushi and stunning Cherry Blossom trees to name only a few. However, Japan isn’t that popular in the field

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