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Welcome to our dog breeds hub page. Through the acquisition of we will be building out a directory of the most popular dog breeds, complete with nutritional requirements and even reviews from people that own specific breeds.

Italian Greyhound vs. Whippet

It is believed that the Italian Greyhound and the Whippet are two very similar dogs which is due to the fact that they’re both direct

Jack Russell Terrier vs. Beagle

*.Comparing the Jack Russell Terrier with the Beagle to find your next dog companion. These are the two most sought-after medium-small dogs. These dogs are

Poodle vs. Goldendoodle

*. Shopping for a dog can be exciting, but it can also be very difficult and overwhelming. It is important to understand the benefits of

Australian Shepherd vs. Sheltie

Do you want to compare the characteristics of an Australian Shepherd vs. Shetland Sheepdog to be your next dog partner? At first glance, both two

15 Bichon Frise Mixes

Are you thinking of adding an Bichon Frise cross for your household? It’s not a problem! It’s not just you! Bichon Frise has become a

23 Russian Dog Breeds

. Russia is most well-known because of its harsh winters, frozen tundra and a large portion that runs across Asia. It can be hard to

Border Collie vs. Australian Shepherd

. Curious about the similarities and differences between the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd? Although they look similar, these active breeds are quite distinct.

Akita vs. Siberian Husky

*. The Akita is very different from the Siberian Husky, and there are only a few commonalities between them. Although they may appear very similar,

Labradoodle vs. Goldendoodle

Although their names that sound silly might suggest that they are identical, Goldendoodles and Labradoodles are quite distinct breeds of dogs. They share a lot

17 Pomeranian Mixes

. The Pomeranian , an adorable and strong toy breed, has quickly become a favorite choice for those who are looking for a companion that

17 Dalmatian Mixes

We don’t have a lot of information about the background of the Dalmatian. However, as an animal parent of it is a great dog to

9 Belgian Malinois Mixes

. The Belgian Malinis has played many roles over the course of the history of their breed. Many of them still have this job today

Welsh Corgi vs. Dachshund

Do you want to compare the Dachshund with. The Corgi to find your next canine friend of a pint? Both breeds might appear like they

English Mastiff vs. Cane Corso

Compare the English Mastiff to the Cane Corso for your next pet or home guardian. Although the Mastiff and Cane Corso are very similar breeds,

Labrador Retriever vs. Pug

. It is an important decision in your life. The Labrador Retriever and the Pug are two of the most important family pets. They do

13 Best Family Dogs

The decision to adopt a puppy or dog to your family is a major decision and you should ensure you choose the correct breed prior

17 Corgi Mixes

As as if the Corgi could not get any more adorable, he mix with adorable doggies that, together, produce a variety of unique Corgi mixed

11 Japanese Dog Breeds

Japan is well-known for its delicious Sushi and stunning Cherry Blossom trees to name only a few. However, Japan isn’t that popular in the field

9 Old English Sheepdog Mixes

. The oldest breed of English Sheepdogs is the also called the Bobtail ,. They’ve been around for hundreds of years . They aren’t the

Boxer vs. American Pit Bull Terrier

*. Although they may look very different, the Boxer and American Pitbull Terrier are very similar in temperament. These energetic dogs are a joy to

17 Shepherd Dog Breeds

*. Shepherd dogs have been companions throughout history .. They are trained to herd cattle and sheep, and they ensure that no animals are left

Pitbull vs. Labrador Retriever

Are you considering comparing between the American Pitbull Terrier vs. Labrador Retriever to find your next pet? Both breeds are famous for their own reasons,

23 Police Dog Breed

In almost every country Police are everywhere to ensure safety. Police are there for well-being of the people, and the military is there to safeguard

17 Whippet Mixes

*The Whippet, a fast and friendly dog, is rapidly gaining popularity among dog lovers around the globe. The American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2020, have

Irish Setter Dog Breed Traits & Facts

The Irish Setter is an Irish gun dog. With their elegant, flame-colored fur and general elegance, Setters are immediately recognizable. Although they aren’t the most

17 Australian Shepherd Mixes

It is believed that the Australian Shepherd is an extremely popular breed with 17 of 193 as a favorite according to the American Kennel Club.

Beagle vs. Boston Terrier

Quick Summary: The Beagle’s origins are not known. It is still a matter of debate where the name Beagle came from. Farmers in England, Ireland, and

Westie Vs. Miniature Schnauzer

Quick Summary: The Miniature Schnauzer (Mini Schnauzer) is the small version of the Standard Schnauzer. The West Highland Terrier (Westie) is shorter than the Mini

17 Shiba Inu Mixes

Quick Summary: Shiba Inu is a Japanese name that means “brushwood dog” and refers to the distinctive red color of this breed. As designer breeds are

23 Corgi Butts!

Quick Summary: Certain Corgis have tails, while others do not (which conforms to breed standards). However, regardless of how their tails appear, their tiny behinds are

Labrador Retriever vs. Irish Setter

Quick Summary: Many families choose between Labrador Retrievers and Irish Setters because of the differences in their appearance. Some owners prefer the Irish Setter’s graceful appearance

Saint Bernard vs. Labrador Retriever

Quick Summary: Both the Saint Bernard and Labrador Retriever are massive dogs. Although their size may seem daunting, spending time with the Saint Bernard will show

15 Catahoula Leopard Dog Mixes

Quick Summary: The Catahoula Leopard Dog (also known as the Catahoula) is one of the first North American breeds. These dogs are likely descendants of Native American breeds

English Mastiff vs. Great Pyrenees

Quick Summary: The Great Pyrenees share many traits with English Mastiffs. When discussing these breeds’ appearances, it is difficult to ignore their size and weight –

17 English Bulldog Mixes

Quick Summary: The Bulldog is an adorable dog and can be a great pet for families looking for a calm, easy-going companion who doesn’t require much

19 Schnauzer Mixes

Quick Summary: The Schnauzer’s quirky characteristics have made them a popular dog amongst families for many years. Your Schnauzer mix will inherit some traits from each

18 Boxer Mixes

Quick Summary: The Boxer is recognized as a fun-loving and jolly breed, which is why it has captured the hearts of many families. This dog ranks

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