English Mastiff Growth Chart: Male And Female Weight & Height

The English Mastiff, one of the heaviest breeds, grows rapidly in the first year, usually reaching up to half of their adult weight, ranging between 70-100 pounds depending on the gender. From 12-18 months, English Mastiffs will gain another 20-30% of body weight.

By the time they are two years old, they reach their adult weight, typically between 120-230 pounds again depending on gender and individual genetic variations. The biggest growth rate is usually seen between zero to six months.

Nutrition, physical activity, and health care are important factors that can affect a dog’s growth and weight. Always consult with your vet if you notice any abnormal growth in your Mastiff.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

The English Mastiff, the giant breed, is a massive dog. It’s not a secret Their size and shape are impressive. Have you ever wondered what makes them grow to this size?

They have a remarkable growth rate which means they grow in size rapidly. However, they take longer to mature than many other breeds. If you’re owners of an English Mastiff You need to ensure that your dog is healthy to be as robust as it can be. But, you’ll have to have concerns as the puppy grows larger.

Certain puppies might develop at a faster rate than other puppies. This can create some confusion for pet owners. You know they’ll grow huge and heavy, but it’s worth investigating their weight milestones to make sure they’re in the right direction. It’s always beneficial to have a few points of comparison to make sure your dog is growing correctly. There are many factors that influence English Mastiff’s growth, and we’ll explore the various aspects within this post.

Find out what you can expect from an adult Mastiff and get an idea of the way the English Mastiff puppy develops from month to month. We also provide a graph of your dog’s progress to give you a convenient and reliable source of reference. We then look at the various aspects that influence the growth of your dog. Finally, we address some of your most commonly asked questions regarding the enormous growth of this breed.

English Mastiff Dog

What To Expect

We are aware that English Mastiffs are likely to develop into large, powerful dogs. But, it is also helpful to be aware of what to anticipate. This can help us prepare for the many changes that occur as your puppy develops. While growth charts can be helpful but we must know how to best take care of our pets as they fill up their bodies. It’s also important to know about the various developmental changes that occur during the first stages of their lives. Before we dive into the average growth rate of puppies, we should take a moment and remind us that each dog is unique.


This article outlines the typical growth pattern of the English Mastiff, however the path your puppy takes may be different. It is possible that they will experience periods of growth or plateaus that exceed their capacity or slow down their growth. This is not unusual. The pup could also develop to be well past two years of age. The overall health of their body also affects their growth and growth, so make sure you ensure they are fed properly and avoid injuries. In the end, your puppy could be larger or smaller than the averages. If you are concerned about the size or absence of it, it’s recommended to speak with a vet to determine whether your puppy is healthy and growing.

Puppy Growth Timeline

Here’s a timeline of an average English Mastiff puppy’s development and what you can be expecting from them as they grow. We will also discuss the things you need to provide your puppy with throughout this period.

Birth To 2 Weeks

There’s nothing you can do starting from the time your puppy is born until they reach 2 weeks of age. In this stage, they depend on their mother since they’re blind and deaf. It is a good idea to keep an watch on your mom to ensure she’s eating properly however, in the meantime it’s best to let your puppies play on their own and suck milk until they are satisfaction. At the age of two weeks, it’s when that puppies’ eyes will start to open and the deafness will begin to disappear.

1 Month

Around one month up to five weeks old your puppy’s senses are developing significantly. They become more friendly and with other litters. In this stage, they’ve started to wean off milk from their mothers. It is possible to start giving them food that is wet at this stage. Make sure they get plenty hours to spend with siblings in order to aid in early socialization.

2 Months

This is the best time to segregate your puppy from its mother. It is recommended that they are completely removed from milk at this stage. Training in obedience should be started in this age, since it provides a solid base for their behavior throughout the remainder of their lives. Housetraining should be easy. It is also important to teach them not to bite or poke at other animals and people. In this moment we begin to see an increase in normal development.

Here’s what you will find from female and male English Mastiffs. This observation will be repeated throughout the remainder of this article.

  • Males have an average weight of 29 pounds and measure at around 13.5 inches.
  • Females are averaging of 24 pounds and measure at 12 inches.

3 Months

Three months old, the English Mastiff puppy’s education and socialization continues. It is an ideal time to begin leash training in this stage to help them get used to the feeling of the harness and leash. Be careful not to go on long walks yet because overexertion could be extremely difficult to your pup. Long distances of walking over hard surfaces may hinder bone growth. Keep exposing your pet to different animals, people locations, environments, and places to create an overall dog in the near future.

  • Males have an average weight of 45 pounds and measure at around 15.5 inches.
  • Females have an average weight of 39 pounds and measure at around 13.3 inches.

4 Months

Around the time of four months Your puppy should be settling into its new surroundings. Continue to train your dog in obedience and socialization in the same way as before. Both of you could benefit from classes that assist in your the training. Kindergarten classes for puppies are an excellent idea to teach your dog how to behave with other dogs. This will allow them to develop into confident, calm adults. Make sure that they don’t exercise regularly at this stage of their lives, since it could cause injury to them.

  • Males are averaging of 60lbs and measure at around 18 inches.
  • Females are averaging of 50 pounds and measure at 17 inches.

5 Months

When your Mastiff puppy is five months You may be amazed by how quickly they’re expanding! They could become more difficult to manage as they grow as they learn, play, and grow. We suggest that you be gentle with your child and encourage the good behavior of your child. Positive reinforcement can be the most effective in their learning. It is possible to continue with behavior training classes as needed. Start introducing more playtime this point, but we recommend that you only exercise your dog for brief periods at this point.

  • Males are averaging of 80lbs and are at around 20 inches.
  • Females are averaging of 65 pounds and measure at around 18 inches. At this point, they start to appear smaller than male dogs.

6 Months

If your puppy is six months of age it is the time for them to begin to develop their bodies well. Begin routines with your puppy to help them develop a an understanding of the structure. Being a strong, confident leader in this stage of their lives will allow them see yourself as an authority figure. They might be boisterous however, you must be patient with them. Make sure you stop the bad behavior when you notice it, but you should always promote good behavior as well.

  • Males have a weight average of 100 pounds and measure at around 21.5 inches.
  • Females are averaging of 80lbs and measure at 19 inches.

7 Months

If your puppy is seven months old They should be established in their daily routine with you. Your routines must be defined and adhered to daily. It is normal for them to be unpredictable from time to moment, but you must remain firm with them to stop unacceptable behaviour. At this point, they must be able to adjust well to their surroundings and pets that share their space. Socialization should continue with new individuals to help them overcome any anxieties.

  • Males are averaging of 125lbs and measure at around 22.5 inches.
  • Females are averaging of 90lbs and are at around 20 inches.

8 Months

As the month of August approaches and you’ll notice the fact that your English Mastiff is bonded to you very well. Due to this, they could begin to develop separation anxiety when left unattended for long enough. This could lead to an aggressive behaviour. If you can, it’s recommended to let someone else take care of your dog so that they aren’t bored and bored and lonely. Beyond the fear of separation Your dog should be growing in a steady manner. They must be exercising, eating and socializing according to a regular timetable.

  • Males have an average weight of 140 pounds and measure at around 23.3 inches.
  • Females are averaging of 100 pounds and measure at around 20.5 inches.

9 Months

It is possible for your dog to begin maturing faster about nine months. They’ll still be active, but they should be fairly well when they are able to meet their needs. Be aware that they are prone to be destructive when they are annoyed, so make sure that they are always taken care of. Toys are an excellent method to keep them physically and mentally active, so make sure to give them plenty.

  • Males have an average weight of 155 pounds and measure at around 24.5 inches.
  • Females are averaging of 110 pounds and measure at around 21.3 inches.

10 Months

After ten months at ten months, you’ll notice the growth of your dog slow. It’s normal, and a part of the process of development. It is still possible to expect endless energy, however, they’ll be more likely to listen to you after you’ve established trust and have a positive relationship.

It is at this age at which you’ll be capable of taking them on longer walks, but you should not give them more than they are capable of handling. A walk of 25 minutes every day can be a huge help in helping them burn off their energy.

  • Males are averaging of 165 pounds and measure at around 25 inches.
  • Females are averaging of 115lbs and measure at around 21.5 inches. Females are the most likely to reach a plateau in their growth.

11 Months

Your dog will be accustomed to life at home when they reach 11 months old. They’ll be a cherished part of your family and behave as an such. They begin to relax and become more relaxed however they will still require an hour of walking, split into two daily sessions. They also enjoy having fun with your in the backyard or in the park for dogs. Be sure, however, not to engage in any activity that is too strenuous to ensure they don’t be injured.

  • Males have an average weight of 170 pounds , and are at around 25.5 inches.
  • Females are averaging of 115 pounds and measure at around 21.7 inches.

1 Year

Now you’ve reached the age of one, your home life should be peaceful. It can be challenging to control them at times due to the size of their breed, however that’s the reason the early training in obedience is crucialand you can imagine what would have happened what would have happened if you didn’t do it! Keep supporting their growth by providing them with the right nutrition and attention to ensure they develop into their adult form. The Mastiff still has a lot of growth to go through even after one year!

  • Males have an average weight of 175 pounds , and are at a height of 26 inches.
  • Females are averaging of 120 pounds and measure at around 22.5 inches.

What Happens Next?

They are able to continue growing even after they’ve been five years old. Thus, after one year has gone by it’s acceptable for your pet to continue expanding. It is a good idea to monitor the growth of your dog as they get older. It is possible to compare notes with your vet to determine whether your dog is in good shape. But, what is really important is the overall health of your dog. If your pet is healthy, there’s no reason to be concerned about how large they are.

Full Grown English Mastiff

Your beautiful, loving and calm Mastiff has developed a lot in the past five years. It is possible to expect to see them grow huge in both size and weight, but also in their hearts. They are extremely affectionate and would love nothing more than to be with you.

In terms of the numbers, there’s plenty to think about. A male English Mastiff’s weight average is between 160 to 300 pounds. Females weigh less and weigh between 120 and 170 pounds in the an average. For the height, it’s more difficult. AKC standard doesn’t provide an exact height limit for Mastiffs that are fully grown. But, males are at least 30 inches tall, while female breed height standards begin with 27.5 inches tall.

Growth Charts

We’ve created two charts of growth for the English Mastiff – one to measure weight and the other to measure height. This is an easy and quick guideline when you’re considering your dog’s progress. Remember that the figures given are estimates; your dog could fall outside the guidelines.


Age Male Weight (lbs.) Female Weight (lbs.)
2 months 29 24
3 months 45 39
4 months 60 50
5 months 80 65
6 months 100 80
7 months 125 90
8 months 140 100
9 months 155 110
10 months 165 112
11 months 170 115
12 months 175 120
14 months 185 125
16 months 189 126
18 months 192 129
2 years 205 135
3 years old 220 150
4 years old 225 160
5 years old 230 170

You can clearly see that a lot of these dogs develop to be larger than humans , which could be more than just a pet! Training in obedience is essential to ensure that they don’t knock anyone over by jumping on them when they’re exuberant.


Age Male Weight (lbs.) Female Weight (lbs.)
2 months 13.5 12
3 months 15.5 13.3
4 months 18 17
5 months 20 18
6 months 21.5 19
7 months 22.5 20
8 months 23.3 20.5
9 months 24.5 21.3
10 months 25 21.5
11 months 25.5 21.7
1 year 26 22.5
Full grown 30 27.5

The chart below is smaller than the weight chart due to the AKC does not have a standard for the maximum growth of the English Mastiff. When fully grown males should stand approximately 30 inches tall, and 27.5 inches taller for females. But, there are many dogs that aren’t in the range of these figures.

Factors To Consider

It is important to think about these aspects to ensure that your dog is growing up in a healthy way. They will aid you in understanding the aspects that impact your dog’s development, which will allow you to relax, even if things aren’t going as you expected.


English Mastiffs are breed to be large breeds. It’s part of their genetic heritage however, some breeds are bigger than others. Although you can generally be able to determine the size of your dog look by looking up at their parents, it isn’t possible to be sure that the size of your dog will show. It’s just a tiny portion of the genetic picture.

Parents could have genetic markers that suggest their offspring are smaller, the similar size, or bigger than their own, but there’s no way to know until your dog is up to this point. It is possible to consult your breeder regarding previous offspring lines to determine what kind of pups the parents have had.


The food you feed your dog is the basis of your dog’s health , and it can be the determining factor for the size or how small your dog grows. It’s a popular misconception that feeding your dog too much will result in the biggest dog that you can imagine. However, it only opens the door to obesity, which could lead to many preventable illnesses.

In the initial two months of the formative years, make sure that your dog gets sufficient milk from its mother. It is essential to provide your dog with a couple of portions of the most nutritious dog food available for Mastiffs to ensure healthy and balanced nutrition. Foods should be made to be suitable for giant or large breed dogs and provide the full, balanced nutrition required to grow bodies. Providing them with vitamins and minerals could aid in ensuring growth.

Growth Spurts And Plateaus

The growth spurts and plateaus that can occur to any dog that is developing at any time. There are times when you will encounter plateaus at specific times in your dog’s lifespan. For instance, female English Mastiffs typically hit a plateau in the tenth months. Although you can’t expect the growth spurts or plateaus you see to occur exactly as you would like them to, you should be aware the fact that you dog will be doing its best to develop at their own speed. The growth spurts can be unpredictable therefore don’t worry about them excessively. Just do your best to take care of your dog, and your body will take care of the rest.

Neutering And Spaying

Neutering or spaying your pet early in its life won’t hinder the growth of your dog. As a large breed dog is, the English Mastiff’s joints could be affected. Certain studies have shown that spaying or neutering early could affect the growth plate. This can delay the closure of the plate and let dogs increase their height more than they normally would. Although this might sound great but it could lead to joint problems later on in life.

Make sure you ask your vet if it’s appropriate to neuter or spay your pet. In general females must be sterilized following the first cycle of heat, while males need to be changed at around two years of age.

Physical Health

The last thing to take into consideration the overall physical health. If your dog is sick for a prolonged period it could hinder its growth. In poor health, it is difficult for the body to develop to its fullest potential, therefore bring your pet to the vet to make sure all is well.

The overexertion of your dog is another thing to be avoided, since it could cause injury to your dog. Be careful not to over-exert the dog. English Mastiff.

In addition, due to their massive dimensions, it is essential to provide plenty of space to the Mastiff to run around. This prevents injury and lets their muscles grow through free and full movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s discuss some frequently-asked questions of English owner of a Mastiff who simply would like to have the best for their dogs.

What time will my English Mastiff cease to grow?

The giant breed is growing at a an accelerated pace. Many of them will double in size in just three months! But, they’ll attain full maturity gradually, about 2 years of age. However, they will continue to grow until they reach the age of four!

The rate of growth for your dog will slow down after the age of two and they’ll not be growing up at the same rate as they did when they were puppies. But, you can expect them to gain weight and inches, but not as dramatically as they did before. The growth stops at five years old and at that point they’ll be massive.

How fast will my Mastiff increase in size?

English Mastiffs increase at an incredible rate. But, there’s no method to determine the rate of growth for your dog, since they can be vulnerable to sudden growth spurts and plateaus.

As we did when we talked about genetics and how you can study your dog’s relatives and parents to get a rough idea of how big they could develop. But, the results you get are likely to differ. Certain dogs might start tiny, but then suddenly increase in height and weight later on in their lives. Other dogs may begin bigger than their littermates, but they will slow down in their growth when they reach a plateau.

There is many size differences between giant breeds including English Mastiffs.

My puppy is likely to experience discomforts due to its growth?

Research has shown that puppies don’t really suffer from growing pains. However, certain conditions in the orthopedic field can cause discomfort. If you notice a limp or swelling, an odd walking style, or a refusal to engage in activities that were previously enjoyable. If that’s the situation, you should bring your pet to the vet for a more thorough examination of what’s happening.

Allowing your dog to play too rough or exercising too often could cause injury and cause the dog discomfort. Be sure to allow your dog plenty of space to play and don’t let them exercise too much. This will reduce the risk of injury.

What are the common ailments with Mastiffs?

The most frequent ailments that affect the English Mastiffs in their growth include orthopaedic. Because they are a massive breed, Mastiffs might suffer from the condition of hypertrophic osteodystrophy as they get older. This is a condition that causes painful swelling of the growth plates, which is often associated with fever. The issue will resolve by itself majority of the time.

Another issue that is commonly observed in increasing Mastiffs can be hip dysplasia. This is a condition where the thigh bone doesn’t sit properly in the socket of your hip. It is extremely painful and may progress into arthritis, and surgery is suggested to fix the problem. Fortunately, the majority of reliable breeders test for hip dysplasia, and don’t permit parents suffering from this disease to breed.

What happens if what if my English Mastiff doesn’t have the right weight?

If you suspect that your English Mastiff isn’t the right weight There are a number of methods to determine the most appropriate option. The weight of a Mastiff is likely depend on how big they’ve become in terms of size. It is normal for them to become more chunky as they get older. One way to determine whether your dog is over or insufficiently weighted is to check their ribs. If you gently press the ribs of your dog, you will be able to feel them even though you shouldn’t be able to discern them.

A high level of fat requires an appropriate diet and additional exercise. A lack of fat may require assistance from a veterinarian. An underweight dog may need deworming for internal parasites. In the end, it’s recommended to consult your vet to determine the best solution for overweight or obese dogs.

Final Thoughts

English Mastiffs are massive and heavy dogs that have lots of growing to complete. As they get older they require attention to their needs as they depend on you to give them the highest quality of care.

We hope that you’ve gained an understanding of the growth of your Mastiff. Numerous factors influence the development of your dog, but we applaud you for taking the time to study, so that you know what you can be expecting. So, you can ensure that you are providing your dog with the highest quality treatment.

Make sure you bring your dog to regular checkups with your veterinarian. This way, you will be able to easily determine if your dog is on the right track to reach the best potential for growth.

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