English Mastiff vs. Golden Retriever

The English Mastiff and the Golden Retriever are both excellent dog breeds, but they have distinct characteristics. The Mastiff is a large, strong and intelligent breed known for its protective nature, while the Golden Retriever is renowned for its friendly, intelligent, and devoted disposition.

Golden Retrievers are more active and require frequent exercise, while English Mastiffs are less active but still enjoy regular walks. Golden Retrievers are easier to train; Mastiffs can be stubborn and may require more patience and consistency. Both breeds are generally good with families and children.

In terms of grooming, Golden Retrievers require regular grooming due to their thick, water-repellent double coat. On the other hand, English Mastiffs have a short, straight coat that requires less maintenance. Overall, the decision between an English Mastiff and a Golden Retriever will depend on factors such as your lifestyle, living situation, and personal preferences.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Do you have to decide from the English Mastiff and Golden Retriever as your new pet? The two dogs are very different, yet they have some commonalities. Both puppies can do well when they are placed with the right person. However, if they are placed when they are placed with the wrong person they could create more issues than they resolve.

A Golden Retriever is the more popular out of both breeds, however, this does not mean that it’s the best choice to choose. Yes, Golden Retrievers are more suitable for those who are first-time dog owners and they require less space. However, they require plenty of exercise than most people believe. Mastiffs are a great guard dog, however they are also less loyal and more drooly.

This article will help you discover about both of these dogs that are great for families. From how their personalities and appearances differ and the kind of exercise they require and what their nutrition needs are, and so on. Let’s take a look at the kind of family the pups needs, and how you can fit into the picture.

English Mastiff vs. Golden Retriever

Breed History

Looking into the background of the breed of dog is essential in understanding their history. It will not only reveal the origins, but it can help you understand the way your dog will function an ideal pet for your family. Both dogs were created for different reasons It’s crucial to know what traits they might have prior to welcoming one to your home.

English Mastiff

It is believed that the British Mastiff is a descendent of one of the most ancient dog breeds around the globe. In the journal of Julius Caesar in the year 146, he wrote about massive, powerful Mastiffs who protected in the British Isles and just how impressed by them he was. He then took the dogs home to Rome to show off their amazing ability in the ring of battle against lions and men. Of course they were bigger than the dogs we see today.

Then, we move to medieval England, and noble landowners utilized the dogs to defend their estates and hunt large game. As you could imagine that the Mastiff is a big eater. In those World Wars, their numbers decreased to 14 as families could not afford to feed them. Fortunately, American breeders sent their specimens to England and breeders were able to recoup their losses.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) places the English Mastiff among the top 30 most loved dogsout of the 197 breeds. They are among the most loved gentle giants of the canine world. Additionally, Mastiffs, with their soft, yet protected nature are well-known dogs that mix with other breeds..

Golden Retriever

It is said that the Golden Retriever is one of America’s most beloved canines. They’re what pops into the mind of many families when they imagine their first pet of the family. Their story began much later than the Mastiffs and they came in their home in the United Kingdom in the 19th century.

Gamekeepers were looking to create the ideal firearm dog. A docile, hard-working dog capable of capturing quarry without causing damage. and joining in with the family at night to cuddle and play.

They are very special, and it didn’t take long before they traveled around the globe. They first came to America during the early 20th century, and have always been a hit with hunters and families alike. They’re also frequently selected for therapy and assistance work as well.

Additionally, they are well-known faces that are often seen on big screens like Bud in the movie ‘Air Bud as well as Comet in the movie ‘Full House. For a long time they have been named the third most loved dog breed in America.


The two puppies are completely different in their appearance. This is often the first thing families consider when deciding on which breed to choose. It is the Golden Retriever is a proportionately constructed dog breed that is sporty but gentle in appearance. It is a Mastiff is a massive breed that has a huge head, a chunky butt and a long tail that is painful when it wiggles. People who aren’t familiar with the breed may think that they are scared of the Mastiff is a feared dog.

It is said that the Golden Retriever is a large puppy. They weigh between 55 to 75 pounds and stand at least 24 inches tall from shoulder to paw. However Mastiffs can be up to thirty inches in height and weigh between 120 and 230 pounds..

This is a huge difference in size that could instantly stop families from welcoming the Mastiff to their home! The biggest Mastiff ever recorded was a whopping 343 pounds, which means they could weigh more than that.

The coat of the Golden Retrievers is long and thick in comparison with that of the English Mastiff’s coat, which is shorter and tighter on his physique. The difference in their coats is a major distinction when it comes to grooming and we’ll walk you through in our grooming section.

Golden Retrievers have only one color available that is, of course, any gold shade. The shade can vary from deep red to nearly white. The Mastiff is some more range of colorsand includes brindle, apricot and fawn choices and without or with masks of black.


The temperament of the two breeds is quite similar, but also distinct. However, there are more differences between the two breeds. This is a fantastic method to guide families in making a decision between these breeds of dog. In spite of their differences they both are great family pets. They’re just slightly different kinds of homes and families. Let’s begin with the similarities.

It is said that the Golden Retriever is a sweet puppy, as is it is a great pet for the Mastiff is a truly gentle giant. They are extremely affectionate and loving and love cuddling just as much as the Mastiff. There is only one difference: the Golden can comfortably sit on the majority of sofas for families. In contrast to the Mastiff which can easily fill up the entire sofa himself. It is worth considering the amount of space you have for the Mastiff If you prefer your own space.

They’re both adorable family pets. The Golden is always ready to play at any time you wish to, and is a wonderful dog companion for children. The Mastiff loves to play games, but he’ll choose to play games when you can lie on your lazy back for a good portion times. Additionally to that, the Mastiff can bring a lot of fun into the home of his family members with his clumsy and dopey behavior.

In the Home

They are also equally committed as well as loyal towards their family members however differently. The Mastiff is a protector and will protect his property if he feels that his family members are in danger. Golden Retrievers aren’t protective and are a bad guard dog. Allowing anyone to enter his house is not a good idea if it involves creating a new acquaintance. However, he is committed to the point that he enjoys spending each day with his family.

The Mastiff’s defense side could be a problem when the dog isn’t socialized properly when he is a puppy. He may not only be excessively protective, but he may be even more determined. This makes it nearly impossible for you to teach him. Mastiffs should be best kept with skilled dog lovers who are able to make the most of dogs that are potentially challenging. Golden Retrievers are an excellent choice for those who are first seeking a relaxing introduction to the world of dog ownership.


The two breeds are completely different in their requirements for exercise. This is often an important factor to consider for families who are trying to decide between the two. A typical British Mastiff is a comparatively low-energy dog breed that only requires 30 and 45 minutes of consistent exercisingevery day. Mastiffs are famous for their efforts to stay away from their routines too!

Comparing with that of the Golden Retriever, who is an energetic dog breed. They require at minimum 60 minutes of vigorous training each day. This should be challenging and plenty of fun to burn off their mental and physical energy. It’s rare to find Goldens that not take an opportunity to explore. In the end, the dog needs a family that is willing to take their dogs out for exercise, no matter the weather.

Whatever their differences in energy regardless of their energy levels, regardless of their energy levels, they each require energy all day long to stay healthy and happy. Also, they need to stay staying out of trouble! For despite their beautiful appearance, they can also be aggressive and destructive when they are bored.

Dog toys are an simple , yet effective method to stimulate their brain. It is a simple but effective way to stimulate their brain. Golden Retriever will require a range different toys that challenge him to stimulate his canine brain. Also, the English Mastiff is sure to be awed by an sturdy XXL toys to chew on until the heart’s satisfied.


Training is another aspect where the two breeds are quite different. They are very different in their training. Golden Retriever is the prime canine for assistance, therapy as well as other roles in the workplace. This is due to the fact that the Golden is a dog who trains like the ducks on the water. He is eager to please, smart and eager to learn. Naturally, the Golden still requires to be trained. However, novice dog owners should not have any issues dealing with the Golden.

A Mastiff from England is a lot harder to handle and needs an experienced and patient dog owner. The Mastiff is a stubborn dog and will do training at his own pace and not yours! Even after you’ve “trained” the dog, you will encounter times that the dog truly isn’t able to obey. But, with the right dog owner Mastiffs can be friendly and obedient. But not always!

A crucial part of the process of training for both these boys is socialization. They will learn how to be social and feel comfortable in it as well. Therefore, take your puppy out to meet the most people, dogs and other new people that you are able to. Socialization can be a regular part in the training process for the Mastiff depending on the strength of his guarding instincts are. However, socializing your dog is the most effective way to reduce the risk of excessive protection.

It is believed that the positive reinforcement method of training is the most effective way to teach both men. The only difference is that Golden Retrievers will likely be driven by toys, praise, and treats. While the Mastiff will likely be driven to exercise when they have tasty treats on the table. However, it’s not advisable to overfeed your dog with endless snacks!


The good news is that both puppies are generally healthy breeds of dogs. But, as with all purebred breeds, they are susceptible to certain illnesses due to genetic influences. The massive Mastiff is expected to live for a period of between 6 and 10 years, as opposed to the Golden one, which typically lives between 10 and 12 years. While you cannot ensure the healthiest puppy by working in conjunction with an experienced breeder will improve the chances that you will have a healthful puppy absolutely.

Breeders who are responsible for the Golden as well as the Mastiff will be tested for the same ailments. The most common and frequent are hip dysplasia and elbows. It is therefore essential to inquire about their parents’ scores for their elbow and hip. They also are susceptible to various eye diseases and eye diseases, including the progressive atrophy of retinas as the one that is most prevalent among both breeds. Mastiffs are more susceptible to eye conditions. Mastiff is also at a higher risk for entropion, ectropion as well as the cherry eye.

Both breeds should be screened for heart issues. Dilated cardiomyopathy as well as subvalvular aortic narrowing are the main issue for these breeds. The early detection of heart issues implies an excellent chance of addressing the condition and avoiding potentially deadly heart attack. Another reason is that you must keep your dog healthy and fit by exercising regularly.

Unfortunately, the incidence of cancer is much higher these breeds than many other breeds. Particularly, Golden Retrievers. The Golden breed has the highest percentage of cancer in comparison to other breed of dog. Research has shown that it is the highest among American Golden Retrievers when compared with European genetic pools. Make sure you talk with your breeder about the possibility of cancer that is in the family. However responsible breeders shouldn’t breed dogs with cancer.


It is believed that the English Mastiff consumes the most than the other two dogs due to his size. This can result in a an enormous difference in the cost of food for the month. The typical English Mastiff could eat about eight cups of meals per day.

This is in contrast to the Golden breed, which typically eats about three to four cups of dry dog food each day. It is important to not feed either breed too much however, with a little experimentation and guidance from the packaging of the kibble, you’ll be able to figure out the best way to do it within a matter of minutes.

Both of them require feeding a food specifically designed to be suitable for larger dogs because the food is specifically designed for large breed requirements. This is particularly important in the early years of puppyhood, as the large breed puppy food can aid in controlling bone growth, which reduces the risk of developing skeletal issues like elbow and hip dysplasia.


The two dogs have a distinct grooming routine. Mastiffs have a long and smooth coat that only requires brushing every other week to make sure that they look and feel the most attractive.

Goldens are an significantly more rigorous grooming routine and require coat regularly groomed. Also, every day in the shedding season! If not, his long, curly hair will get matted, and you’ll be awash with hair within your home.

Both require bathing every 8-12 weeks to ensure they are fresh as well as odorless.The Golden is likely to require more frequent bathing than Mastiff because of his long hair. Make sure to use a dog-specific shampoo. While the coat of a Mastiff is usually easier to maintain to maintain, he compensates for it by shedding extra saliva. If you’re a dog-drool-phobe then you should be cautious before inviting a Mastiff to your home.

Puppy Prices

The cost of a purebred dog typically is around $1000 for any breed. But, the price could increase significantly based on the breeder you decide to collaborate with, the location you live in and time of the year as well as the bloodline that runs through your pup. However, prices could be less if you decide to adopt either one of the Golden or an Mastiff.

There are also life-long expenses to take into consideration when purchasing puppies. The English Mastiff is larger of the two, it requires all the XXL amenities, as well as additional food, it is generally more costly for medical and insurance expenses. It is also important to keep in mind that the Golden has a few more years longer than the Mastiff. Whichever breed you pick you must be able to care for your dog regardless of what life throws at your Fido.

Final Thoughts

Golden Retrievers may be the most popular breeds However, English Mastiffs are just as beautiful and charming. The Mastiff requires more space as well as a more attentive and knowledgeable owner, and plenty of food. Golden is the more active breed. Golden is the most active of both breeds, and more easy to train.

In the end, both dogs are fantastic dogs that make great pets for families. However, as you can see in the comparison above there are some major differences that could make one dog more suitable to your family and you than the other. Whichever breed emerges the top, you’ll have one of the most loving dogs you could request.

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