9 Old English Sheepdog Mixes

There are many variations of English Sheepdog mixes, each one with unique characteristics derived from their parent breeds. Here are a few examples:
– The Sheepadoodle, a mix between an English Sheepdog and a Poodle, is a large hypoallergenic breed known for their intelligence and friendly nature.
– The Border Collie and English Sheepdog mix creates a highly energetic and smart dog that needs active mental and physical stimulation.
– The Australian Shepherd and English Sheepdog mix is a versatile, well-rounded breed with keen work ethics and a friendly disposition.

These are just a few mixes, and the temperament, size, and appearance can depend greatly on the parent breeds. It’s also important to mention adopting from a responsible breeder or rescuing from a shelter to ensure the health and wellbeing of the dog.
These dogs, like any breed or mix, will thrive in loving, supportive homes where they can get plenty of exercise, attention, and care.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

. The oldest breed of English Sheepdogs is the also called the Bobtail ,. They’ve been around for hundreds of years . They aren’t the most well-known breed, but they are a classic breed that many people will recognize due to their shaggy and large size. These dogs are capable of enduring harsh weather and rough terrain.

Presumably they were first bred here in England. There are conflicting stories . These dogs are adorable and wonderful. Everyone who has met them is fondly familiar with their loving, gentle personalities .

The Sheepdog’s striking appearance, friendly demeanor and herding ability make it an excellent choice for mixing with other breeds .. Many of the characteristics that distinguish an Old English Sheepdog parent from their mix will be found in mixes that include one Old English Sheepdog. Their fluffy, long coats are often complemented by their warm and gentle personalities. You may notice that your OES breed will be eager to herd others everywhere. Let’s look at the most popular Old English Sheepdog Mixes you will find.

Old English Sheepdog Mixes

Old Deerhound Sheepdog

Breeds: Scottish Deerhound and Old English Sheepdog

Combining a Sheepdog with a Scottish Deerhound creates a unique mix that is as individual as their looks. Due to their heritage, this breed is very energetic , and will need a responsible owner. Although this can be difficult for pet parents, the Old Deerhound Sheepdog’s loving and gentle personality makes it worth it. They are devoted to their families , and they are very versatile as pets. Old Deerhound Sheepdogs are naturally good guard dogs. However, they love to snuggle up with their families after a hard day. They are great with children and other pets , and make a great family dog.

Because both the Old Deerhound Sheepdog and its parents were bred to do difficult jobs, it is only natural that their highly mobile require daily exercise. This dog will require multiple play sessions during the day. It is a great way to keep your dog active. A combined total of around 180 minutes per day may sound like a lot, and it is!

This mix is for owners with a lot to spare and previous experience with dog ownership. These dogs are large . They will require a large home with a fenced-in yard that is large arge for their comfort. They can have fun and play whenever they want and it will help to avoid boredom pangs.

Springer Spaniel Sheepdog

Breeds: English Springer Spaniel and Old English Sheepdog

This mix combines the English Springer Spaniel and the Sheepdog. These dogs are stunning and will make everyone stop to admire their unique appearance. They will need to be groomed often in order to keep their beautiful appearance. The dog will be loyal to you. However, this can seem like a good thing. Both parents breeds are quite protective of their families so they might become aggressive if they’re confronted with someone they don’t know.

They are trusting of their owners and will calmly relax when they see their pet parents being friendly with guests. They must be socialized as soon as possible to avoid bad behavior. They are very intelligent and , trainable, so it is a good idea for you to start training them immediately.

Your Springer Spaniel Sheepdog is likely to be as active as their parents, as they are both active breeds that spend a lot of time outside. To give your dog an exercise program that stimulates both their mind and body, try to get at least 1.5hrs of exercise each day . This dog is smart and needs exercise to keep them happy. You don’t want them to turn your favorite shoes into their chew toys!


Breeds: Poodle and Old English Sheepdog

Most breeds mixed with the Poodle tend to be very smart dogs with playful and bright personalities. Your Sheepadoodle will likely be the same, with the added benefit of the OES’s gentleness; this makes them a great choice for an emotional support or therapy dog. They make great family pets.

Your Sheepadoodle will spend time with children and adults. However, you should supervise any new interactions with your dog. They get along with other pets in your household. Because they love to play and are eager for new experiences, they can be a good companion for a fur sibling. You won’t have to worry about them getting along with other pets as quickly as possible.

These dogs are smart and intelligent, so you must give them fun activities .. They are prone to destruction if they become bored so they should be entertained often. You can take them for walks every day and train them early. Precocious puppies can be kept from becoming intelligent by this. This mix should have a large, fenced in yard where they can run and play to their hearts’ content.

Old Border Sheepdog

Breeds: Border Collie and Old English Sheepdog

Your Old Border Sheepdog is a product of parents who were raised to herd sheep and other livestock. You can expect strong herding instincts in them. Most dogs mixed with the Border Collie are incredibly intelligent and very well-suited to a working lifestyle. They are happy to be the center of attention, as long as they get enough exercise.

These dogs may do better with older children than they would with younger ones. Proper exposure to smaller children can help dogs develop patience. It’s the same for other animals. Your Old Border Sheepdog may want to be the only pet , but proper training can help them get along well with other pets.

This dog is very energetic and will require daily walks of at most one hour. There will also be plenty of playtime, along with shorter walks. They can be very demanding, but their bright and friendly personalities make it worth the effort.

Because they are intelligent, make sure you give your dogs games and tasks every day to keep them busy and away from boredom and frustration. They can be housebroken in smaller homes if they get enough exercise. This mix is best if they have a large, enclosed yard.

Old German Sheepdog

Breeds: German Shepherd and Old English Sheepdog

Another mix of herding dogs and sheepdogs is the Old German Sheepdog. The Old German Sheepdog is a breed that grows to about the same size as its parents and has big personalities and brains to match. As with most German Shepherd mixes, they are very smart dogs who will need vigilant owners. They may become bored and start wreaking havoc if they are not taken care of. These dogs are sweethearts and will still love to be petted and cuddled.

They love to be with their families and do great with children .. They will soon realize that they don’t like being alone so it is important to not leave them for too long . If you leave your Old German Shepherd alone, the German Shepherd may howl and cause trouble for neighbors.

As the Old German Shepherd’s parents were herding dog , they would be happy living on a ranch or farm where they can guard and herd sheep and other animals. You can still live in the city with your Old German Shepherddog, if you don’t mind this. You should make sure they are getting outside as much as possible for exercise. You should take your dogs for at least an hour each day. But, you should also include playtime and other activities. They are more comfortable in large homes with lots of space, but you can still keep them as long as they get enough exercise.

Siberian-English Sheepdog

Breeds: Siberian Husky and Old English Sheepdog

Another highly activated dog is the Siberian English Sheepdog. Both parents are working dogs. The Sheepdog’s job of herding can be difficult, but the Siberian Husky is a demanding job. He must pull sleds through the harsh terrain of Russia in extreme weather conditions. As such, most Husky mixes need a lot of food to stay energized, and high amounts of exercise to stay satisfied.

Your Siberian-English Sheepdog is likely to be very similar. These dogs are outgoing and will require a lot from their families. These can be very dependent but their loyalty and devotion make them truly special dogs. They are great watch dogs because of their alertness.

Give your Siberian English Sheepdog lots of exercise each day . They will need roughly 180 minutes of playtime and exercise, with a good 60 of those minutes dedicated to a long walk each and every day. They thrive in large, fenced-in backyards that allow them to run and play freely. Dogs simply need space to run and play. Frustration can lead to destructive behavior. Do your best to keep your dog happy and engaged so that they don’t dig holes in your yard.

Great Danish Sheepdog

Breeds – Great Dane and Old English Sheepdog mix

While Sheepdogs are fairly large dogs in their own right, adding a Great Dane to the mix will surely make a Great Dane hybrid of epic proportions! This mix will likely be smaller than their Great Dane parent , and have a shaggier Sheepdog coat.

Their intimidating size makes them an good choice as a family watchdog ,. Both parent breeds are very protective of their territory. These big babies love to spend time with their family. They are not happy to be left alone and can easily cry if they feel lonely. Your Great Danish Sheepdog gets along well with children , and other pets. They are an excellent choice as a family companion.

The Great Danish Sheepdog is happiest in large homes with a large yard .. Their energy levels are high and they need to exercise daily. If they don’t, they can become bored and destructive. Although it can be hard to keep up with a large dog’s pace, training them early in puppyhood is a great way for them to learn to behave. This gentle giant breed is very willing to please and it is easy to train them.

Saint Bernard Sheepdog

Breeds: Saint Bernard and Old English Sheepdog

The Saint Bernard Sheepdog is another huge mix. The Saint Bernard parent dog is a huge one, so expect the mix to be similar !. Both Saint Bernard Sheepdog and Saint Bernard Sheepdog are working dogs. The Saint Bernard Sheepdog is known for herding skills while the Saint Bernard Sheepdog is a classic example of a rescue dog. You’ll find that this gentle Saint Bernard hybrid will have incredible patience and the softest heart.

They will be a very loving mix and they will make a wonderful family pet. They are easy to socialize , especially when they’re young. They can be great guard dogs due to their loyalty to their families and their intimidating size.

Your Saint Bernard Sheepdog will need a lot of space to stretch their legs. Walking is essential for their joints. They are not as energetic as other breeds on this list, but they do have a low energy need. Saint Bernard’s laid-back personality helps to ease the Sheepdogs’ desire for outdoor exercise. However, they should still get plenty of playtime and are best for homes with large, fenced-in yards in which they can enjoy a peaceful nap in the afternoon sun.

Old English Labrador

Breeds: Labrador Retriever and Old English Sheepdog

It is no surprise that the Labrador Retriever is America’s most beloved dog. They make beautiful hybrid dogs when they are mixed with other breeds. The Labrador Retriever is loved for its gentle and fun-loving nature .. When paired with the Sheepdog, the result is the Old English Labrador: a Labrador crossbreed who is playful and happy-go-lucky, but tenderhearted and protective of their family.

They will be larger dogs than their Labrador parents ., but they will likely have a longer, fluffier hair. They are great for outdoor work, but they also make great pets.

Keeping your dog happy will not be difficult as they are very easy to handle . However, it is important to keep your Old English Labrador on track with their high energy levels. They are most comfortable on homes in the country with lots of space to run and play ,. However, they can also thrive in modern settings provided they get enough exercise. Go for walks with them and ensure they have lots of play time.

Retrievers love to play fetch, and they also love being in the water. Your pet’s Sheepdog side may not like swimming so it is best to keep them on the ground. These dogs love to have fun , and their greatest desire in life is to spend every day with their owners.

Final Thoughts

An Old English Sheepdog parent will make some very adorable and exciting mixes .. People who are lucky enough to own one will realize that these dogs are unique but they are just as affectionate, bright, and loving as any OES. You will get a unique dog by having the other breed. You’ll be amazed at how much space these once-in-a lifetime dogs take up in your home and yard. But you will also find that the space they take up inside of you is greater. It is worth your time to have them.

We hope you find the information on Old English Sheepdog Mixes useful. Your beloved dog deserves to be loved and protected no matter what breed they are. They’ll always be sure to reward that love with everything they have to offer… just be prepared for a little nudging in the right direction- they are Sheepdogs after all!

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