German Shepherd Border Collie Mix: Shollie Breed Information

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Quick Summary: The German Shepherd and the Border Collie are both excellent sheepherders. The German Shepherd Border Collie Mix, also called Shollie, is the result of breeding German Shepherd and Border Collie dogs. Shollies can either be medium-sized or large dogs, depending on their parents. As this dog breed is very active, keeping them cooped up in a house for too long is not a good idea.

The German Shepherd and Border Collie mix make the intelligent and protective Shollie. Both parent breeds are excellent sheepherders who protect livestock. These two hardy working dogs are often compared to each other – they make one of the most well-trained and resilient breeds. In fact, they are often seen in rescue missions and police enforcement.

Border Collies are great sheepherders and will stare down a sheep than bite. The Shepherds’ military background makes them more like sergeants. Shepherds can intimidate sheep to the point of causing them to run.

The Shollie is a large dog that can be socialized with other animals and is highly trainable. Your puppy will become more like their Border Collie parent and be more accepting of you as Alpha. Shollies are naturally working dogs. They love big open spaces and lots of other animals.

These loving, hardworking dogs are suitable for most families as companion animals. This guide will take you through the day-to-day life of the Shollie.

German Shepherd Border Collie Mix

German Shepherd and Border Collie Breed History

We will assess the history of both breeds to see what type of mix is created when a german shepherd and a border collie are bred. For sure, this combination is full of energy and enthusiasm.

These two breeds are extremely compatible and have very few negative personality traits. The only exception is their restlessness when they’re not properly trained. If you train them well, they will be your faithful companion.

Being a designer dog is a good option for many breeds. Because German Shepherds are prone to health issues, it works well. You should keep in mind that not all designer dog breeds have to be purebred. Some crosses may require a more even split. Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect.

German Shepherd: An Overview

German Shepherds are a very popular breed due to their intelligence. They are known for their hard work ethic and are frequently used in police and military exercises. They can also be used as guide dogs, trauma dogs, and in search and rescue missions. They are fearless and will defend their family with all of their might. They are active and athletic, making them an ideal companion for active families.

This breed needs exercise and work to keep them occupied. You’ll need to carve out at least 60 minutes a day to keep them tired out, otherwise, you’ll be buying new furniture and household goods as your GSD tears them apart with pent-up energy. They are great lap dogs who love their families. They can be very protective of children so it is important to start training and socializing them as soon as possible.

These dogs shed a lot, so you should be ready to sweep up all the dog hairs around your home. You’ll want to stay on top of grooming regularly and make sure you are using a de-shedding tool like the ShedMonster or Furminator to keep hair shedding down. This is especially important during the summer when their hair sheds.

If you are looking for a faithful friend, the Shepherd is for you. Just make sure you train them daily. They’re a large breed and can weigh up to 80 pounds for a male. They are short-lived like most big dogs, and may only live until 10. There are many colors available, including white which is quite controversial.

Border Collie: An Overview

Known as the world’s best herding dog, Border Collies were bred for farm work around the border between England and Scotland. To tend to their flock in a hilly region, farmers bred their own dogs. They are often confused for Aussies.

The Border Collie was loved by Queen Victoria. When the sheepdog trials began in 1876, sheep were brought to London for a demonstration. Soon after the Border Collie was bred, two distinct breeds of Collie were created. The first was the working breed. The second was more domestic.

Border Collies typically have a black-and-white coat but can also be seen in red or white. They are considered to be the smartest dog breed, right next to German Shepherds and Poodles. They are intelligent and easy to train. However, you will need to keep up with their high level of activity. You should be ready for the possibility that your dog will chase you and your cat around on bicycles or in moving cars.

Collies also possess what is called “the stare.” They stare at whatever they are trying to herd until they move. You’ll find a loyal, hardworking, and loving dog if you are willing to let them dictate your every move. They are long-lived at about 14 years and weigh anywhere from 30 to 45 pounds. Because border collies are intelligent, they are often crossed with breeds like the labrador to create other “designer dogs.”

Shollie: An Overview

The origin of this breed, like many designer dogs, is not known. These dogs were probably bred together to be the ultimate working dog. Most mixed breeds originated around that time and became popular in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

You will be amazed at how fast Shollies are to train. Border Collies can be suspicious of German Shepherds, even though they love them. Although the Shollie has a Border Collie parent, they will love their offspring if they are socialized properly and accepted as part of the herd.

Shollies are naturally curious and enjoy sniffing out new sights and sounds. They might get frustrated if they don’t have work to do. You might end up with a delinquent dog if you don’t exercise them often.

A Shollie could be housed in an apartment. However, you should take them outside for at least one hour per day.

The Shollie will not steer you wrong in intelligence or hard work. They are very loving and compassionate if you can manage their activity level and herding tendency. Play with them often to keep them entertained.

Nutrition and Food

Big dogs need a lot more nutrition. You should ensure that their diet consists mainly of protein, fats, and low carbs. For optimal health, it is better to provide them with natural or organic foods. If you wish, you can give them whole foods such as vegetables and meat.

The vets recommend that you give your Shollie 3 cups of food per day. However, it is better to pay attention to how many calories the food contains than how much.

The average price to feed your Shollie will be around $30-$50. To reduce the chances of them becoming bloated, feed them multiple times per day with smaller amounts.

Training Tips

Have I mentioned that the Shollie has high ntelligence yet? Because they are so intelligent, they are easy to train. Your Alpha status will instantly be recognized by your Shollies and they will happily follow you around. They are easy to socialize with and enjoy playing in dog parks and meeting new dogs and people.

Positive reinforcement is the best way to train any dog. Your dog will not be able to take you to task for scolding them. They will become resentful and difficult to train. You can train your dog quickly by giving them toys or treats for a job well done.

These dogs should learn obedience training as soon as possible. This will help them distinguish between right and wrong. Dogs will look up to their alphas to get guidance. They are more likely to obey if they perceive you as an authority.

Large dogs can be trained to go outside because they have larger bladders than average. They are also able to be left alone for longer periods of time than the average dog, even between potty breaks. Make sure to socialize your dog when they are young so that they can trust others.

Exercise Needs

The German Shepherd Border Collie Mix is not a good choice for being cooped up in a house for too long. To ensure they don’t become bored, you should take them outside as often as possible. This will prevent them from tearing down your home. They need to be stimulated, and they require at least one hour of playtime each day.

When they are well-trained, they can become the perfect lap dog. They love to sit on your lap and enjoy a good book. They love to spend time with their loved ones. They prefer big backyards and large spaces, even though apartments are acceptable.

Shollies can be outside for extended hours – they are work dogs! However, they can get sick if they are left outside for too long. Therefore, make sure that your dog has a warm and comfortable place to sleep, preferably on the couch next to you.

Appearance and Maintenance

The German Shepherd Border Collie mix can be either a medium-sized or large dog, depending on the parent. The large variant will be around 80 to 90 pounds, while the medium-sized variant will be significantly smaller at 40 pounds. To accommodate their growth potential, it is best to have more space. They are usually tall at 15-24 inches.

The color of the Shollie is determined by their parent. You could see them in the German Shepherd colors or the Border Collie look. There are many options – they can be bi-colored, tri-colored, and rarely pure-colored.

Shollies are not hypoallergenic as they shed a lot throughout each year. To keep their hair healthy and free from mats, you should brush them twice a day (at the very least). To keep your Shollie’s fur trimmed, take them to the groomer once a month.

Pay attention to their ears, and also their nails. It is important to check their ears for any signs of infection. Every two to three weeks, trim your puppy’s nails.

Health Issues and Diseases

Common health issues for large breeds include allergies, hip and elbow dysplasia, skin irritations, and eye diseases. While these problems won’t affect them when they are young, they can become a problem as they age. Keep them svelte so that they don’t become bloated or have health problems.

Hip dysplasia can run in the family, as both dogs are susceptible to it. While keeping them healthy will help in the short term, it is a good idea that they are fed supplements and food to strengthen their joints.

Another option is to take your dog swimming to get exercise. It will not only make them tired faster but also takes the pressure off their joints. You can also get doggy braces, but your dog won’t love them!

Family Pets

Shollies are some of the most versatile working dogs. But are these hard-working herding animals the right choice for your family? See the checklist below.

  • The Shollie is an intelligent, loving, and loyal breed.
  • They are fond of herding people and animals.
  • They may be temperamental with children but will warm up to them.
  • They are unlikely to bite, and would instead stare down their competitors.
  • They require a lot of room with a large backyard.
  • Don’t think about adopting this breed if you live in a small apartment or condo.
  • Grooming requirements are high, and they need to be brushed at least once a day.
  • They will also need to be professionally groomed to manage their coat.
  • Expect to de-shed your home with a grooming tool quite frequently to manage hair.
  • Shollies shed a lot – so expect to bring out the vacuum all the time to clean up their hair!
  • Playful, active, and a high herding behavior – they’ll want your attention at all times.
  • Don’t let them get bored, or they might damage your property.
  • A soft-hearted hard worker is just one of the ways to describe this breed.
  • They have the instinct to protect you and the family, and they head nudge to prove it.
  • For a medium to large dog, they have few health problems with the exception of hip dysplasia.
  • Watch that their weight stays at a healthy number, so as to avoid heart and lung problems.
  • Ask for the parents’ papers to get a genetic overview of your pup’s health. This is also great for determining the temperament of the puppy as well.

What do you think? Are you a good match for the Shollie? Continue reading to learn how to locate one.

Breeders and Puppy: Prices

The Border Collie and the German Shepherd are both very popular dogs so it shouldn’t be a problem to find a breeder. Although Shollies may not be as popular as their parents, there will always be a breeder in a major city.

A well-bred Shollie will cost you $475 to $950, which is pretty pricey for the size of the dog. Higher-priced pups will have papers, but the less expensive ones will not.

Shollies, aside from their hips, are generally healthy and well-behaved. You can also search for rescues in your local area if you don’t want to buy from a breeder. For information on rescues and breeders in your area, contact your local Border Collie and German Shepherd clubs.


The intelligent german shepherd border collie mix requires a loving home that will provide for their daily activities. You should take your dog for a walk every day. It is important to pay attention to your dog and give it a lot of love. Because of their ease of training, Shollies are one the best large dogs. They are very friendly and will get used to you quickly. The Shollie and Collie are great working dogs that can herd sheep or cattle. They are reliable and love to work. They thrive on large areas of land and farms. A Shollie is easy to get if you have all this. It’s possible to live in a city with a Shollie – just pay attention to their needs and you’ll have a loyal companion for the rest of your life.

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