German Shepherd Boxer Mix: Boxer Shepherd Breed Information

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

It is believed that the German Shepherd and the Boxer are two dogs that are both trustworthy and reliable and are loved pets for families. The mix blends the Boxer as well as both the German Shepherd, to create the German Shepherd Boxer mix, sometimes referred to as the Boxer Shepherd. The highly intelligent dog is becoming increasingly sought-after as a dog that can be dressed up, and also as a mix taken in from shelters.

Due to their growing popularity There’s a lot of information to know if you’re contemplating inviting the Boxer Shepherd into your home. From his personality to appearance, to the type of is his training requirements to his grooming routine. We’ve covered everything you must know.

He is a spirited, intelligent as well as intense and determined, to be able to name some of the traits that characterize his. He’s definitely not for all people, but can you be the perfect match to be his ideal partner? Let’s find out.

German Shepherd Boxer Mix

Parent Breeds

To fully comprehend how to understand the Boxer Shepherd , and to understand what he’s all about, you need to know the details about his family members. He could be an equal mix of both parents or be 90% like only one parent. As he grows older the question is anyone’s speculation. Therefore, make sure you are a fan of the two breeds to be prepared to handle any Boxer Shepherd eventuality.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds have been consistently ranked being the 2 2nd most loved breed for a long period of. They are among the most sought-after working breeds for law police as well as search and rescue as well as other tasks. Because of his intelligence, loyalty, and lovable nature, he is an excellent pet for families with many.

In the past, he was thought to serve as herding dogs within Germany. He was a bit out of fashion following his time in the World Wars because of the stigma that was attached to everything German. However, over time, he found his way back into the spotlight.

As a working dog the dog is full of energy that requires a way to release it. Despite his intimidating appearance and a deservedly negative reputation the German Shepherd is an extremely sensitive dog that suffers from anxiety about being separated from his family members around. Many dog owners who are not experienced are hesitant to welcome the German Shepherd into their home and aren’t aware of what to expect. This could result in aggression if not addressed (which is the case for nearly every dog). The German Shepherd develops an intense bond with his primary caregiver , but is a loving member of the family. This is why the German Shepherd is very often combined with different breeds to test to find the ideal mix.


The Boxer is another well-known breed of dog that has repeatedly been ranked among the top 15 breeds of dogs. The Boxer is also originated from Germany and was bred to be an amiable variant of Bullenbeisser. It is believed that the Bullenbeisser was a ferocious canine that was hunted by wild boar, bears and bison for centuries.

The Boxer is less frightening, and along the way, he’s created a brand new image of the comedians of the canine world. He is fun and full of energy and a vibrant. He is fortunate to have the brave traits of the Bullenbeisser and is an excellent family guardian.

He’s another dog who isn’t happy being left to his own devices. Boxers form a connection to the entire family and have a love for children. They are intelligent however, because he has many exciting things to do, he doesn’t always pay attention at his owner. Due to their lively energy and easygoing personality It’s not uncommon to see Boxers to crossbred to other breeds in order to create a dog with a designer look.

Boxer Shepherd

The Boxer Shepherd is the mix of two of the most well-known German dogs. While the appearance and personality of mixed dogs cannot be assured, the Boxer Shepherd usually gets the most desirable of both.

He’s a gentler model of the German Shepherd, but a more loyal variant of the Boxer. We are here examine a typical Boxer Shepherd and we’ll get right into the specifics.


It is said that the Boxer Shepherd can be described as an energetic dog who simply likes to make his owners smile. He is a fan of being at the forefront of everyone’s attention whenever the family is together and loves to be involved in all family games. Be sure to give him the respect is due to him. If you don’t, you could cause him to be offended.

Because of this German Shepherd influence, he is not as sassy as the Boxer and won’t bounce off walls in the house. If you do give him sufficient exercise and exercise, he can be off-switch at night. So you can sit back with your new friend on the couch and not have to worry about how to entertain him throughout the evening.

He is extremely affectionate with his family and, despite his large frame and slender appearance He loves cuddling on the sofa time. He is thankfully, content to snuggle with anyone who will give him the most heavenly belly rubs in the evening. Instead of being focused on one person, he is more focused on the one who is his German Shepherd parent. There are no family disputes about who is the one to snuggle this dog and plenty of treats to bribe him!

He doesn’t share the same affection for strangers, however. He’s unfriendly to strangers similar to dogs like the German Shepherd, and he isn’t likely to jump around them to attract attention. You can expect him to bark when anyone walks onto your property. This makes him an ideal guard dog. If he senses that his family members are in danger, he’ll take action to protect them.

He’s extremely intelligent and requires a lot of mental and physical stimuli throughout the day. He also seeks out human interaction and, if he isn’t surrounded by it, he could be irritable and troublesome. This is why it is essential to place him in a home in which someone is in the home most of the time.

Size & Appearance

It is the Boxer Shepherd is a large dog that is between 22 to 25 inches in height and weighs between 50-85 pounds. The Boxer Shepherd is a slender and athletic dog that combines the roundness of the Boxer as well as the larger body that is characteristic of the German Shepherd. Both breeds have big ears whether they are they are erect or floppy, so you should expect large ears as well.

In addition to his height and size There are no assurancesas to what he’ll appear like. As you can see by taking a look at the photos from Boxer Shepherds included in the article They don’t follow any specific pattern. Within the same breed, they may appear to be different breeds in the same way.

The most effective way to know what the puppy is likely to be like as an adult would be to look at him in his puppy stage. While you must select the puppy you want based on his character and compatibility with the family you share with him members, for certain breeds it is also important to look good.

Coat & Colors

The fur coat on the Boxer Shepherds can be described as dense and doubly coated which means the dog sheds moderately throughout the year. It is also a large shedder in the times of shedding. The coat will be straight, and the length of his coat is likely to be medium to short. It will depend on the fact that his German Shepherd parent has a longer coat or is wearing a shorter coat.

His parents have dark hues and it’s likely that he’ll inherit the same dark hues too. There’s a chance that he’ll also sport some white or brindle. Some German Shepherds have an all-white coat as well as others may have blue hues that is nearly as uncommon. There’s a good chance your dog could be sporting one of these colors, or black, too..

However, when it comes to mixed breeds, the appearance can be a bit of a gamble however, you can be certain that they’re all gorgeous in their own unique way. This is the essence of excitement of mixed breeds.

Exercise & Living Conditions

It is believed that the Boxer Shepherd is a very active dog that requires at least an hours of vigorous exercise each day to stay healthy and content. Being extremely clever, he will like a variety of activities to avoid getting bored. He is a fan of mountain walks and is a fantastic running partner and enjoys playing with fetch as well.

To keep his mind busy and away from the chair it is recommended for ways to engage in brain games together as well as exercise. It could be teaching him new techniques or playing”finding the sweets beneath the cup’ game. Whatever you decide to play for him, as long as he’s in your presence, he’ll take pleasure in playing it. It will give you a break from the monotony of adulthood too!

It is said that the Boxer Shepherd is an big boy. Ideally for him, he’ll need a big house that has the ability to have access to his yard. He’s not likely to be a success in a tiny apartment I’m sure of it! Both his parents have grown up in the farmlands and wild forests of Germany and, with no clean air and fresh air, it’s likely that he’ll develop cabin fever.

He’s great with all families so long that they are able to keep him entertained. He’s gentle enough to be around children of all ages. Due to his size, it is essential to be sure to supervise him around children throughout the day. As long as you can keep him socialized and is happy with other dogs and pets as well. In general, he’s flexible so long as his requirements are met.


When you are working with for the Boxer Shepherd, you’ll need some patience. While he’s extremely intelligent due the Shepherd gene, he can be intolerant and is likely to become bored very quickly. The key is to begin the training process when you bring him back home.

This will show him who is the boss, and will instill obedience in him from a young age. Beginning him early will increase the chances of having a dog who is obedient in the future. Make training sessions brief and enjoyable and reward the dog by giving him snacks or toys to reward good behaviour. Because they’re quick to master, they are great at learning basic dog tricks..

Don’t give in to him because he’ll soon realize that he is able to take you in his paws and it’s not the best situation for you to find yourself in. The boy could be a bit diva, but hopefully, he’ll be a part of his father’s desire to please character that is characteristic of the Shepherd.

Since he is a guardian dog Because he is a dog that protects, because of his nature, he requires an early introduction to socialization. This is among the primary reasons you should choose an established breeder as they’ll start the process of socializing the dog when he is able to walk. Begin to introduce him the most dogs and people as you can and also new environments and loud sounds.


It is believed that the Boxer Shepherd is a relatively healthy dog that can enjoy an average lifespan between 9 and 11 years. It is generally more than purebred German Shepherd, and he will live longer than the average that comes with the Boxer.

These are some of the frequent issues to be aware of when looking at both the health issues of his parents:

The elbow and hip dysplasia Both of his parents have elbow and hip dysplasia which is a deformity of the elbow and hip joint sockets.

Myelopathy degenerative:both of the parents have a predisposition to this type of spinal disease. In the end, it can lead to paralysis as well as other complications.

Hypothyroidismhis boxer parents are recognized to have hypothyroidism. This means that the thyroid gland is unable to produce the normal amount of hormones, resulting in various symptoms and conditions.

Heart problems :his Boxer parent is known to be suffering from various heart ailments. The most common issues are aortic valve diseases as well as cardiomyopathy and subvalvular aortic narrowing.

Brachycephalic condition The Boxer’s parent has a face that is flat that can cause respiratory issues and other symptoms. It is possible that he will have the face that is flat like the Boxer. If the case is so, it could impact his life in the present and you must study the issue.


The Boxer Shepherd is likely to consume anywhere between 2 1/2-3 cup of meals each day. It will depend on the size of his dog, their energy levels and his the age of his dog. Follow the instructions on the package in accordance with your pet’s weight and requirements. Otherwise, you could end up with having a dog that is sloppy and this dog doesn’t require any additional weight to his joints or dysplasia issues.

Make sure you choose the highest quality food which you are able to afford. A premium food item can provide him with a an appropriate and balanced diet. A well-balanced diet will ensure that he is healthy and strong and could keep him around for a while as well.

Find a kibble that is specially made for large breed dogs. This is especially important in the early stages of puppyhood because they are designed to limit bone growth. Studies have shown that this can reduce the chance of him becoming a victim of joint dysplasia as well as other bone-related diseases. In general, since Boxer Shepherds are active breeds, and the Boxer Shepherd is an active breed, they’ll do better with a protein-rich dog food. Taste of the Wild contains a variety of recipes that are likely to work very well for your German Shepherd Boxer mix.


It is believed that the Boxer Shepherd’s grooming regimen will depend on the coat that is his inheritance. If it’s short, like the coat of his Boxer parents, then he’ll only require a brushing every week to keep his coat looking fresh and shiny. If it inherits his Shepherds coat, he’ll need to brush every week at least once to avoid matts.

It is recommended that he be cleaned once every 8-12 weeks to ensure that he is smelling and looking fresh. Other grooming procedures like nail clipping and cleaning are similar to every other pet. Clip his nails as and as you feel them pounding on the floor. Also, brush his teeth at least once every week.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Finding an accredited breeder is crucial in getting a healthy puppy. Find one with an official website or one that has a lot of positive reviews from customers. Breeders who are good will invite you to meet their pups as well as their owners. They will also guide you through all you should learn about the new life with him.

The cost of a Boxer Shepherd is in the range of between $600 to $1,000. If you see an animal for lower than this, it could be a sign that they’re part of an animal breeding facility. While a cheaper price may seem appealing, the pups may not be healthy and will result in higher costs for vets in the end.

Rescue & Shelters

The idea of rescuing the life of a Boxer Shepherd can be another possibility worth considering. While he’s a harder to locate in rescue shelters but the chance to save every dog you can will be worth the waiting once you locate the one.

If you are unable to locate any local rescue center, make sure to look for rescue organizations that help specific breeds and mix. There is the American German Shepherd Rescue Association provides a list of German Shepherd rescue centers across America as well as the All Over America Boxer Rescue lists dogs available for adoption. Both aid families in the rescue of their breeds as well as other breeds, such as those of the Boxer Shepherd.

As Family Pets

  • Boxer Shepherd Boxer Shepherd is extremely playful and loves spending time with the family.
  • He is extremely loving and loves being the center of attention.
  • Boxer Shepherd Boxer Shepherd can live with young children as well as other pets of the family.
  • He is very protective of his home and family.
  • Boxer Shepherd is a shy dog. Boxer Shepherd is reserved with strangers.
  • Due to this, they make excellent guard dogs.
  • He is physically active and requires an hour of intense training each day.
  • Boxer Shepherd is a very intelligent dog. Boxer Shepherd is very intelligent.
  • Boxer Shepherds require to be watched throughout the day.
  • He is a heavy shedder with moderate weight and requires regular grooming.
  • Boxer Shepherd Boxer Shepherd needs early socialization to make a good pet for the family.

Final Thoughts

This is all you should be aware of regarding Boxer Shepherds. Boxer Shepherd and what you can anticipate from the dog as a pet for your family. Boxer Shepherds are a happy breed who love nothing more than getting involved in family fun and bring everyone to laughter. They’re also huge fans of snooze-time on the sofa too!

He is a great family dog However, keeping this in mind it is essential that he be placed in a home with a family that has patience to teach and interact with the dog well as a puppy. He’s a hybrid of both his German Shepherd and Boxer world. Overall, he’s an extremely well-balanced dog that is a joy to have at home with the family.

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