German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix: Breed Information

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

It is the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is often called”the Golden Shepherd, and that is what we’ll refer to him throughout this piece. He is a lively playful and affectionate dog that is incredibly smart and loyal. He is fairly easy to take care of when you have an active family that can provide him with exercise and company.

Although he might inherit the German Shepherd’s protection however, if the dog is well-socialized at an early age, this characteristic can be controlled. The aim for this breed cross was to blend the general friendliness and affection that is characteristic of dogs like the Golden Retriever, with the devotion and loyalty that comes from GSD. GSD.

Although there’s no way to know that any breed of mixed breed will develop when they get older in comparison to purebreds however, it is a fact that the Golden Shepherd makes a excellent pet for families. We’ll continue so that you’ll be able to learn more about the background of the breeds that are parents and what you can expect from adopting this breed.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Parent Breeds

The term”designer dog” is not new, however the practice that involves breeding two different purebred breedshas been in use for many centuries. But it has been gaining popularity over the past few years. It not only gives pet owners a greater choice of a perfect pet for their family and also expands the gene pool of their dogs, which has been known to produce stronger and healthier pets.

It’s also becoming extremely popular for people to “customize” your breed, in the hopes of inheriting the best characteristics of the two parents breeds. Certain traits have been passed down through genetics from purebred parents that can’t be trained. Breeds such as those of the Golden Shepherd both a great alternative and a riskier gamble in the case of temperament.

To better comprehend the mix, it’s essential to know better about the parents of his. There is also an article that compares between the German Shepherd and the Golden Retriever So why not expand your knowledge by reading this article as well.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever was developed in the Scottish Highlands during the 19 the century. The creator of the Golden Retriever, Lord Tweedmouth I, was fascinated by breeding animals, as well his creation of the Golden Retriever was his most well-known creation.

The America Kennel Club (AKC) first recognized the Golden Retriever in 1932 and since, his popularity has increased, and while the Golden Retriever is still utilized for hunting but he’s now often found in homes with families and that use them for companion dogs. If you are in the unlikely situation that you don’t know about or haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the Golden Retriever before, then make sure you check out one of the most popular Golden Retriever Instagram fan accounts. They offer an everyday dose of Golden Retriever goodness every day to its 1.8 million followers.

The Golden is a wonderful breed that is ideal for families with children and is extremely well-liked across the United States. The Golden is described as charming, smart and loyal, and that’s where the Golden Shepherd is able to inherit his sweet and gentle nature. Goldens are incredibly loved by the fashion-conscious dog breeders and are admired as their breeds, including the Goberian as well as their Golden Retriever Corgi mix.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd was originally developed to be a herding dog in Germany in the 19 century century by an German Cavalry officer. They arrived in America prior to they entered the World Wars, but it was not until later that the breed became popular. In America the focus was placed on appearance, not being conforming to breed standards which is why breeders have created different breeds from German Shepherds. German Shepherd, including the King Shepherd and the Shiloh Shepherd. This was a way to create a dog that was more similar to that of the first German Shepherd and one that is a bit healthier.

It is true that the German Shepherd is still the most well-known dog in the field of protection however, he is a fantastic pet for the family. In the unlikely possibility that you’ve not met the German Shepherd before, then make sure you check out the ” German Shepherd World‘ Instagram account where you will be able to see how beautiful and cute they truly are.

It is said that the GSD can be described as brave, confident and intelligent. This is where the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is able to inherit his noble and brave characteristics.

Golden Shepherd

It is unclear what year the initial Golden Shepherd was created, however, it is believed that he did be a descendant of America. The Golden Shepherd isn’t recognized as an breed by any Kennel club, but he is recognised as a breed by the International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR), and breeders and owners are able to apply for registration since 2009.

His parents are currently holding the bronze and silver medals in the AKC popular contest, you can be sure that he’s going to be a unique mixed dog So let’s examine his characteristics and assist you in finding out if this is your dog’s soul mate.

In this article , we are going to discuss what we consider to be the standard German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix. Being a mixed dog, there is a possibility that there may be minor variations with certain puppies.


This German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is an social and friendly dogwho enjoys being in the center of family and have a lot of fun. He is a good companion for everyone in the family, and isn’t solely focused on his master, unlike the other dogs of his GSD parent. He also is friendly to strangers and other people and is not absent. However He will usually inform his master that someone is in the gate area with one or two barks however this is more of an invitation rather than an alert. If your family members are in danger immediately the dog will not hesitate to safeguard his family..

It is said that the Golden Shepherd is energetic and energetic This could lead to destructive tendencies when he’s left in a secluded area for too long or is bored and agitated. But, so long as you take care of his needs for exercise, the Golden Shepherd is always ready for playing play in your backyard. He also inherited his detective instincts through the family of his German Shepherd parent. The curious dogwill likely be able to find his escape route through fences in the event of even the tiniest gap.

Since he is an avid social butterfly, just as the Golden Retriever parent, and the most loyal of dogs as the German Shepherd parent, this dog is dependent on human interaction. He is intensely connected to his family which means it’s likely that he suffers from severe separation anxiety. This is why it is best never be on his own longer than couple of hours If this becomes an everyday occurrence, then you should not choose the Golden Shepherd is not the dog for you.

Size & Appearance

The Golden Shepherd is a large dog that measures between 21 to 26 inches in height, measured from the paw to the shoulder. The Golden Shepherd weighs between 50 to 80 pounds. The mix is strong-bodied, with a large chest and a sturdy frame. He’s a bit longer than his height however he shouldn’t be able to have an inclined rear as those of the German Shepherd.

It is believed that the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is more wild in comparison to his Golden Retriever parent. The ears of this dog will be big and triangular. They will either sit erect or lay along his jawline. He is likely to have an extended and long tail and big paws. He is likely to have large dark eyes and a large muzzle that reaches to the top of his skull.

Coat & Colors

Their double coat is medium-long to long in length and will be dense and thick. If your German Shepherd parent is a long-haired German Shepherd, then it is probable that the fur will be longer as well. Due to his long double coat, he’s an moderate shedder and this is the reason, he isn’t considered to be hypoallergenic.

It is believed that the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix’s coat is black and tan, gold dark golden, solid dark black, or solid brown. Ultimately the dog will be any color from either parent however there doesn’t appear to be a common color. It is possible that he will inherit facial markings of the face of his German Shepherd parent.

Exercise & Living Conditions

It is believed that the Golden Shepherd is a high energy dog that requires at minimum 60 minutes of exercise every daily. If you want to exhaust him, the exercise should be challenging and not just a walk for an hour. Being a smart dog He will require an array of workout activities and activities. This will keep him physically active. If there is a chance of inheriting his Golden Retrievers fascination with water, he’ll also take a dip or two in the local water or playing with fetch, and then taking his master on an extended jog through the woods.

Since he’s so smart and smart, he’ll require to play a range of brain-based games to keep his brain engaged all day. Sessions for training are a great way to keep him entertained. It helps him to discover new techniques and when they are integrated into a routine can help in achieving the discipline. Ball-throwing machines or treats-filled puzzle toys are a excellent way to keep his brain active.

Since he’s large and strong, we suggest that he live in a house with the ability to have a huge backyard. Although he enjoys taking a nap in the afternoon and most of time in nature and in the air. He’s not the best fit for tiny homes or apartments in the absence of an exercise facility. If he’s well-socialized as a puppy and is able to be socialized, he will be able to thrive in a household with multiple pets. Just make sure that you give him your fair amount of attention. He also does well with children. Due to his strong stature He is more comfortable in the presence of younger children who he is unable to hit with his feet.


It is the Golden Retriever GSD mix is extremely clever, and keen to delight the owner. This combination makes an ideal dog to train. It is more likely for him to be enthused by the praise of his master or win an award than eating treats. Make sure you buy tennis balls to give him a reward. Training based on rewardsis the most effective method to teach a dog. Particularly one that is keen to be praised, adhere to this approach.

Although he’s said to be less secure in comparison to the German Shepherd parent, there is a possibility that the trait will be passed down to him. It is crucial to get him involved in socialization at an early age. Introduce him to people who are not familiar with him with different genders, ages and sizes as early as possible. Instruct him that if guests are invited onto the property by the master, then ensuring that they will always be a good friend. is essential. It is essential to invite other dogs on the property too, to ensure that the dog does not become overprotective.

Despite his genius however, he needs an solid and steady instructor. This mix needs someone who will not let their training lapse. This dog is a headstrong breed and will not learn commands unless you instruct him to keep up with the training. If your dog is likely to become a pet for the family make sure you teach your entire family the commands you expect to hear. This will ensure that his instruction is uniform and doesn’t get difficult.


It is believed that the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is an fairly well-behaved pet. Thanks to hybrid strength, he has a higher life expectancy than either of their parents. In the average, his life span is between 10 and thirteen years. Since he’s a new breed of designer, there aren’t any recommended health tests. It is recommended to examine the health of his parents to gain an understanding of what the potential dangers he could be exposed to.

Your dog could have a predisposition to hip and elbow Dysplasia. This is the abnormal development of the joint that is affected, and in time, can lead to painful arthritis. It is also possible that the Golden Shepherd can also be more likely to be afflicted by a range of eye diseases, including Progressive Retinal Atrophy or Pigmentary Uveitis. It could eventually cause complete blindness. The dog is also susceptible to heart issues like sub-aortic Stenosis. It is often diagnosed in the case of an abnormal heart. It is crucial to stay current with Veterinarian examinations, since this issue is not able to be diagnosed by itself. The patient is also susceptible to degenerative Myelopathy which is a condition that affects the brain as well as the spinal cord. It causes immobility in the lower part of the body.

Golden Shepherd Golden Shepherd is susceptible to gastric torsion, sometimes referred to as bloat. This is when the stomach turns following a meal, usually prior to or following vigorous exercise. While this might not seem like a serious issue, it’s an serious condition that can be usually fatal. If you suspect that your child suffers from bloat, you should take him to the Veterinarian immediately.


Golden Shepherds Golden Shepherd will consume, in the average, about three cups of meals per day. It is contingent on the level of activity they have. If your dog is more sedentary, then he’ll require less food, but If he’s always moving around, you may require more. High-quality food targeted at high-energy dogs is recommended.

It is a medium to large breed that could be vulnerable to Gastric Torsion. Due to this, it is recommended to feed him the recommended amount of food over at least two consecutive meals. You also shouldn’t feed right away prior to or following vigorous exercise.


It is said that the German Shepherd Golden Retriever is quite demanding in terms of grooming. This breed requires brushing between 2 and 3 times per each week. You’ll want to maintain this routine to keep their medium-to long coat shiny and healthy. The dog sheds moderately especially during the shedding season. In this period, he’ll require a daily brushing routine in order to make sure his hair stays in check and your sofa free of fuzz. If you’re not a lover of hair from dogs on your clothes or around the home, you might be interested in a different breed.

The Golden Shepherd With his enthusiasm and energy levels is more likely to become dirty and muddy on walks. It is recommended to bathe him at least once every 6-8 weeks. This will help maintain his cleanliness, but you should try not to scrub too often because you could damage the natural oils of his skin. The other grooming practices are similar in terms of frequency and cost.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

The internet will be your most reliable companion during this hunt. A lot of Golden Shepherd breeders come up in the first few pages on any website. Although it is simple to locate a breeder it is crucial to locate a reliable breeder. Look for a breeder that will make sure the health of the puppy over everything other things. Review their reviews and visit them in person , with their puppies.

The cost of the cost of a Golden Shepherd puppy is anywhere between $800 to $1000. If a breeder is offering puppies that are significantly less or more expensive than this amount be wary. It could indicate that something is wrong. The majority of breeders who are reputable will have the Golden Shepherd with the IDCR. Request to see the parent’s papers to confirm that your puppy is from a healthy lineage.

Rescue & Shelters

The local German Shepherd or Golden Retriever rescue center is the most likely location to locate an Golden Shepherd. If they don’t have one Some rescue facilities have waitlists. They will inform you when they bring a dog in, and give you the chance to adopt your ideal dog.

As Family Pets

  • Golden Shepherd Golden Shepherd is a friendly and social dog that can be found with anyone.
  • It is possible that the GSD Retriever mix may still have the protective streak, making socialization crucial.
  • He is a lively dog that needs to be kept in a family that is active.
  • You’ll have to ensure at least one hour of physical activity per day.
  • These dogs are smart that require training and activities.
  • Games like puzzles are fantastic in order to keep your child’s mind busy.
  • He should be put in a bigger home that has access to a backyard enclosed.
  • He’s moderate shedder with a medium-length coat.
  • He’s not the ideal dog for those with allergies to dogs.
  • He’s more suited to families with children of a certain age because of his size.
  • The Golden Shepherd is happy to be a part of the family pets.
  • He is a very loving and affectionate dog that must be part of an animal family.
  • He’s not the most ideal breed to be left on his own for long periods of time.

Final Thoughts

The Golden Shepherd is a wonderful dog with the perfect doggy balance. He is not only social, friendly and entertaining however, he’s also smart and dedicated towards his loved ones. If you think a Golden Retriever or German Shepherd is a good fit for your lifestyle There’s no reason to think that you shouldn’t. Golden Shepherd won’t!

Access to a yard is recommended for dogs like the Golden Shepherd. If you don’t but your dog is exercised regularly and supervised, you can anticipate to have a dog that is well-behaved. Be ready for any characteristics can be inherited from either parent as well. If you are able to handle the physical exercise and have a few health concerns This mix should be a perfect fit for your family.

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