17 German Shepherd Mixes

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

It is said that the German Shepherd is a firm beloved of the family and is currently ranked as the second most adored breed across America as per the American Kennel Club. The German Shepherd was initially employed for Herding Dog in Germany however it was quickly realized that he could be a great protection dog that has performed well in military and police functions across the globe. Due to the popularity of the breed and popularity, it is no surprise that the German Shepherd mix is one of the most popular mixed breeds, intentionally as well as intentionally.

A German shepherd is said to be strong intelligent, brave and courageous. If you are familiar with him as a family pet, you will know that he’s an extremely very affectionate and loving breed who loves his family. It is also a big dog that requires plenty of space inside and out of the house, but also requires a lot of exercise to help burn off the energy.

The trend of designer dogs has led to a variety of breeds being mixed with different breeds, and the GSD is no exception. Below are twenty of the top 20 well-known German Shepherd mixes, so let’s take a look and have a an in-depth look at each one!

German Shepherd Mixes

German Shepherd Mixes

The concept that the dog is a designer, that is, the mating of two distinct purebred dogs has been in existence for a long time, but recently it has gained popularity. Given that being the German Shepherd being one of the most well-known purebred dogs around, it was just an issue of time before there was enough German Shepherd mixes to write about.

Like any mixed dog, you cannot not be sure of the traits the pup will inherit, therefore it is crucial to ensure that you study both his parents to ensure that you’ll love every one of his traits regardless of the outcome.

Check out twenty of the most loved German Shepherd mixes, and some of the most bizarre mixes that are surprisingly effective.


Breeds: German Shepherd & Border Collie

It is said that the Shollie can be described as a beautiful puppy that will typically adopt the color of the German Shepherd with his dark brown hues, but sporting hair that is finer and longer that of The Border Collie. Very rarely will this dog have a single shade and you should expect a range of shades, and he could have the blue eyes that are so bright that are characteristic of the Collie. He’ll measure anywhere from 15-25 inches tall and can weigh between 40 to 90 pounds based on the parent he chooses to adopt after more.

The Shollie is an extremely smart dog that needs to be kept busy throughout the day, whether it through training or agility classes, or even long walks, which is why it is essential to place him in a family that will provide both mental and physical stimulation throughout the day. The Shollie is also extremely intelligent however he can readily follow your instructions when you’re an experienced pack leader Be careful to ensure that he isn’t outsmarting you! Collies are known for herding their families and if he is born with this characteristic, keep watchful of him when you are around kids or any other animal.

German Anatolian Shepherd

Breeds: German Shepherd & Anatolian Shepherd

A distinct shepherd-dog pairing This combines an Anatolian Shepherd with the German Shepherd dog. What you’ll usually receive when you mix the dogs is one that’s larger than the GSD however less than the Anatolian Shepherd. The mix needs early socialization and must be taught as early as you can from the time of the age of puppy because of their indomitable streak.

It is likely that you will find an animal that loves to run around, and also protects their space. The majority of these breeds isn’t violent, however they may bark to alert you when visitors arrive. This breed of German Anatolian can get up to 28 inches tall and will typically weigh between 50 to 100 pounds dependent on the breed of parent it aspires to more.


Breeds: German Shepherd & Rottweiler

It is important to note that the Shepweiler is an excellent professional dog that is renowned for its protection and guarding abilities So, he definitely must be trained and socialized at a young age by an experienced pack leader who will take the reins. If you believe you are able to step up to the role and be a good leader, then you should consider the Shepweiler is among the top guard dogs that we have listed. They can reward you by providing the most protection and love. If you’re not certain, he could be a troublemaker and unruly so don’t be taking him lightly. However, with his dedication is his massive heart, which is filled with sentimental love and devotion to his family of humans.

He’s a formidable looker like his parents. He is expected to weigh between 50 and 100 pounds, and could go to 135 pounds, therefore you’ll need plenty of room for him. He’ll almost certainly be black and brown in appearance, but will have the markings of both parents and is a great option for those who want a puppy with a unique appearance!

Golden Shepherd

Breeds: German Shepherd & Golden Retriever

It is said that the Golden Shepherd breed can make his way into anyone’s heart, so prepare to be captivated by him. He is prone to inherit his mother’s Golden Retriever’s gentle nature and German Shepherd’s loyalty, so you can expect to meet a loyal friend within this Golden Shepherd. The Golden Shepherd’s protection can be a bit variable however, generally speaking, the Golden Shepherd is less secure as those who have the German Shepherd, which makes him more accessible at the gates for your loved ones.

It is believed that the Golden Shepherd is a large dog that will range between 21 to 26 inches tall and weigh anywhere between 50 to 70 pounds. He is longer than taller and whichever color he chooses, it is likely to be lighter-colored with the golden shine.

Bernese Shepherd

Breeds: German Shepherd & Bernese Mountain Dog

It is the GSD Berner Mix is sometimes referred to as the Euro Mountain Sheparnese, is an absolute attention-grabbing animal, so be prepared for to be surrounded by people passing by. He is between 23 to 28 inches tall and weigh between 75 to 110 pounds. He is among the largest German Shepherd mixes on this list, which means you require a large space for him. Also, you can expect to see lots of hair which he sheds all through the year, but should you be able to see the dog’s hairy carpet and he is the perfect warm water bottles!

He is incredibly loyal and is likely to never let you go out of his sights and that’s why the name is the Velcro dog. When you’re with him, he’ll give you plenty of hilarious entertainment due to the Bernese Mountain Dog genes, with the unstoppable enthusiasm that is characteristic of his German Shepherd. He is a wonderful family member that everyone will enjoy.


Breeds: German Shepherd & Labrador Retriever

It is believed that the Sheprador is an exceptional dog due to the fact that his owners take first and second places at the American Kennel Club popularity contest. He’s an active dog that will require at minimum one hour worth of vigorous physical exercise and not just a walk for an hour. With his parents’ work experience, it is highly likely to be the case that Sheprador will be in love with water. So, treat him to a day of play at the local water and the Sheprador will be your forever friend.

The Sheprador can weigh as much as 90 pounds and can be measured at least 26 inches. He’s a big and robust dog with a strong frame that you won’t be able to see under his coat! His parents shed moderately to heavily therefore you can expect him to be similar and therefore he’s not suitable for families that have allergies to dogs. The color of his coat will depend on the color that of the Labrador parent, however it is expected that he’ll sport dark, golden and black shades.

Gerberian Shepsky

Breeds: German Shepherd & Siberian Husky

It is the Gerberian Shepsky can be a amazing dog especially when he has the vibrant blue eyes that are characteristic of the Husky and the dark color that is characteristic of the German Shepherd. If you are a fan of the wild and wolfy look and have the calm temperament of a domestic pet, this one is for you. He is a big dog with big ears and a soft coat which you’ll need to groom every day. He can reach the height of between 22 and 26 inches, and weigh anywhere between 45 to 80 pounds.

The Gerberian Shepsky is an adorable dog who is very vocal and you can anticipate lots of canine chatter and noise from him. It is a delightfully dopey pet that can give your family and you with endless entertainment. To unlock this part of him, he must be fully exercised for at least at least 90 minutes a day So he has to be a part of an active family. a unhappy Gerberian Shepsky is an extremely unhappy dog and you should prepare yourself for a shrewd and destructive dog if you do not. The Shepsky will also be secure of his family members and will be a loyal pet here.


Chow Shepherd

Breeds: German Shepherd & Chow Chow

It is believed that the Chow-GSD cross is a mix of parents that are alike in their personalities This means that his character is not just match, but very predictable, too. This is great for pet owners who aren’t keen to gamble with their genes. He is incredibly loyal and independent. He is also secure, while also being very affectionate towards his human. Chow Shepherds are incredibly loyal, independent and protective. Chow Shepherd is known to be very aloof around strangers and therefore don’t expect to get to know anyone outside of his pack in a short time.

The coat of this fluffy dog comes by the coat of his Chow Chow parent, so If you don’t like the dog hair that adorns your clothes then it’s best to choose a different German Shepherd mix entirely. The breed sheds moderately all through the year, and due to his coat, he’s for colder climates as warmer climates. He is likely to be brown or tan-colored and will have facial markings reminiscent of those of the German Shepherd. It is probable that he weighs between 60 and 85 pounds and be about 26 inches tall and will be ever so slightly less than the German Shepherd

German Ridgeback

Breeds: German Shepherd & Rhodesian Ridgeback

The German Ridgeback isn’t suitable for everyone, as are the parents of both his siblings. He needs a family who will guide him to obedience and keep his training throughout his adulthood, or else the dog could become disruptive and unpredictable. A strong leader for the pack is essential, but If you’ve had the ability to stand up for yourself or think you are able to take on the challenge The German Ridgeback could be the right dog perfect dog for you. Secure, independent and respectful is the best description of this dog’s character however, he also has the touch of affection and affection that is limited to his human family.

It’s an uneasy situation in regards to his appearance. All you can be sure of is that he’ll be a big dog who requires plenty of space in and out of the house. He is expected to weigh between 70-90 pounds in weight and measure between 26 to 28 inches tall. Naturally, this man is likely to appear brown or tan-colored with black marks scattered on his body, however it’s not known if they will inherit the huge ears that are floppy that are characteristic of Rhodesian Ridgeback as well as the huge ears that are erect that are characteristic of the German Shepherd, and sometimes there is a chance that he has both!

New Shepherd

Breeds: German Shepherd & Newfoundland

It is believed that the New Shepherd is probably the most popular mixed breed that is on the list, and space is a must for this dog. He is expected to weigh between 90-140 pounds and can reach up to 28 inches tall. The guy is taller than he is tall and is quite large for his size. He’s also a hairy man with a thick double coat, and you can expect an abundance of sheds throughout the entire year. It is probable that this man will have a mix of brown and black, with dark eyes and highlights.

Despite his size, He will be a great cuddle on the couch and would will love to lay on you even more. He is probably one of the most comfortable lap dogs in this list. He also has a love for children and is often referred to as a pet sitter If you have children older than can handle his size then you’ll be able to find the perfect family friend in this dog. He is a water lover, due to his Newfoundlands parents’ work as a lifeguard and deckhand and it is also likely that he also has partially webbed feet and a swim in the local water is highly recommended!

German Australian

Breeds: German Shepherd & Australian Shepherd

It is said that the German Australian is one of the top herders and if it’s an animal that can be herded that you’re looking for, then this is the best options. He’s extremely smart and if you’re not making him an sherding animal then he’ll require lots of mind games that will keep him busy all day. It is highly likely that he’ll also be extremely cheerful and sociable, so you can expect an animal that loves being the centre of attention, but who is committed to his family.

A German Australian will have a beautiful coat, sporting the brown and black colors that are typical of his German Shepherd with the likelihood of merle colors appearing sporadically scattered across his body. As with the majority of Aussie mix It is likely that he’ll have fine and straight hair that is dense, and you can anticipate this dog to shed moderately all through the entire year. He’ll be smaller and slim compared to German Shepherd, and will weigh between 50-80 pounds and measure Between 21- 24 inches shoulder to paw.

Saint Shepherd

Breeds: German Shepherd & Saint Bernard

Another big guy on the list. You are likely to see him weigh somewhere between 85 to 140 pounds and stand between 28 and 30 inches tall. He’ll have lots of hair that is fluffy, usually with the color of the Germans Shepherd parent, and streaks of white on his body. Expect heavy shedders and possibly a little bit of drool in the mix.

The guy is smart and loyal, yet very laid-back It is anybody’s guess on which parents’ energy levels he’ll inherit however, so long as you promise him at least an hour per day and he is extremely content. He is a faithful and sweet person who will give anything to his family. Devote is the most appropriate description of him.

Alaskan Shepherd

Breeds: German Shepherd & Alaska Malamute

It is believed that the Alaskan Shepherd is another loyal and brave dog that is known for being independent and sometimes aloof. But, with early socialization and training, he could be a calm and well-behaved dog due to his intelligence. You just have to put the effort into it early. The dog is also known for being a loyal pet to his primary caregiver more than his entire family, therefore this trait is suitable for all members of the family, since it isn’t everyone’s favorite.

Beautiful, big and fluffy is the best description for this dog. With the appearance of the Alaskan Malamute, and the color and size that are characteristic of the German Shepherd, he is an impressive dog. He’ll measure between 22 and 25 inches tall, and will probably weigh anywhere between 60-85 pounds. He will need to be placed in an active family , too.

Corman Shepherd

Breeds: German Shepherd & Corgi

It is said that the Corman Shepherd is sly little dog with plenty of love and energy to share So, expect him to win the hearts of every person you meet! His parents are part of the herding community and he’ll be full of energy stored inside that tiny size of his.

Like all Purebred Corgis as well as the majority of different mixed breed corgis, If he isn’t a fan of someone, expect him to be very vocal. It will pass once the new stranger could be the perfect playmate for him. He’ll measure anywhere from 12 and 15 inches tall, and will weigh between 30-60 pounds This guy is among the smaller breeds in this area and is therefore best suited for smaller households.

German Wolf

Breeds: German Shepherd & Wolf

The Wolf is an animal that is not a dog that is domestic This breed is unpredictably. They’re beautiful creatures however, their use as pets is highly controversial and is illegal in certain states. They are certainly not suitable for all. Like most hybrids of wolves it is an extremely rare pairing and you should are aware of where you’re buying your dog. It’s not often to find a wolf that is mate with the German Shepherd, so this is typically a deliberate choice when it occurs. This means that you must purchase from a reliable breeder and ensure that you are allowed to possess at least a certain percentage of a wolfdog in the state of your residence or in the local municipality.

Before you can welcome one of these animals to your home, you have to be prepared to dedicate your entire life to him. You will also need acres of land that is secure If you don’t meet all the criteria then you must consider another mix dog in this list, since this isn’t a pet to be taken lightly. If you want to know more about whether this is right for you, take a look at the International Wolf Center.

Beagle Shepherd

Breeds: German Shepherd & Beagle

It is said that the Beagle Shepherd adorable and sweet that is concerned about you and your family, but also for everyone else who he comes across. He may be a bit cautious at first, but it will soon be over when he realizes that there could be some fun to be enjoyed by wannabe friends. If he is able to inherit his Beagles characteristic howling, then you’re in for some fun, or maybe headaches, depending on how you look at it.

He’s one of the smallest dogs on the list, which means it is a good fit for smaller apartments or homes so long as he does the exercise. He weighs between 20 to 70 pounds and be able to reach 24 inches tall.

Visit the Beagle Shepherd breed profile to find out more about the breed.

German Sheppit

Breeds: German Shepherd & American Pitbull Terrier

It is said that the German Sheppit can be described as a dog who cherishes his family members very much and so much that he is likely to be prone to separation anxiety, therefore, he must be put in a place with enough time to spend the majority of their time with them, or else you can expect to have a very aggressive as well as destructive pet. If this is something you could provide for him, then you’ll be blessed with an one of the most loving and sweet canine souls with you and will be determined to delight his master. The Pitbull parent is often referred to as a nanny dog, so you can be sure that he’ll have an affection for children within the family. Like any Pitbull cross, make sure to read the local laws.

The German Sheppit is estimated to weigh between 40-80 pounds in the average and be 18 to 24 inches tall and therefore you can anticipate to see him as an average-sized dog. It is probable to be the case that you will notice that the German Sheppit will look like his Pitbull parent more as compared to the German Shepherd and will have a strong frame visible through his less slender as well as shiny coat. It is probable that he’ll be similar to the colors of Pitbull and the German Shepherd.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an avid German Shepherd lover but want something different from the very well-known dog This list will give you many healthy and balanced mixed breed GSD’s to choose from. Although this list isn’t completely complete and there are many others GSD mix breeds (like those of the Shepnees or the Boxer Shepherd) that we did not go into detail about We believe these are the most common GSD crossbreeds that you’re likely to encounter.

If you love the parents of both his siblings, you will surely be able to steal his heart. Just make sure you have enough time to put into training, exercise , and lots of cuddles in the evening. We always recommend adopting before you buy!

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