Golden Retriever Siberian Husky Mix: Goberian Breed Information & Puppy Prices

The Golden Retriever Husky Mix, also known as the Goberian, is a unique blend of two popular dog breeds: the Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky. These dogs typically have a friendly, energetic nature and a luxurious coat that echoes both of their parents.

They require moderate to high levels of exercise and mental stimulation due to their intelligent, active parent breeds. The mix is likely to be incredibly social, loyal, and loving, which makes them excellent family pets.

Because of their Husky lineage, they may exhibit a stubborn streak at times, making consistent, positive reinforcement training critical from a young age. On the health front, they often live between 10 to 15 years and tend to be generally healthy, although they can inherit some health issues from their parent breeds such as hip dysplasia, eye conditions, and heart problems.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Are you looking for an adorable dog like that of the Golden Retriever, but maybe one that is more lively and plays the role of a class clown? Look at no further! There’s a reason for that! Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky are beautiful dogs. Both breeds share similarities and have some distinct differences. So if you mix them up, you’ll get even more adorable pups that are big, fluffy , soft, and loving with a wild and playful side!

It is believed that the Golden Retriver Husky mix has gained a lot of attention due to his sweet disposition and attractive appearance. The gorgeous dog is called the Goberian. It is among the most fashionable designer dogs in the big block, and is already proving to be an absolute success!

There are purists of purebreds who don’t like purebreds being transformed into designer breeds however, whether they regardless they’re there to stay.So let’s examine his characteristics to determine if you can accommodate him in your house and, more important, in your heart.

Golden Retriever Siberian Husky Mix

Designer Dogs

The demand for designer dogs has risen dramatically in the past decade all over the globe. The term “designer dog” even though it sounds extravagant, is actually the result of pairing with two dogs of purebred to produce a desirable puppy product. In this instance, it is the Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky are the purebred parents as is Goberian is the designer puppy. Goberian can be described as the designer dog.

While some purists aren’t keen on this method however, it has its advantages. Your dog will not only be a little healthier due to this process called hybrid vigor (which needs a different discussion entirely!) However, the end result is the characteristics of both breeds into one fluffy ball that is ideal for those who aren’t sure which breed to choose between. Another dog that is very similar to that of the Huskador which is a Labrador Retriever cross to Siberian Husky. Siberian Husky, so be sure to look him up even if you’re not entirely sold on the Goberian. If you’re seeking a smaller dog then Husky Inu is a good choice. Husky Inu is another option.

To fully comprehend the Goberian puppy, it is essential to know a bit of his family, as well as their traits of personality.

Golden Retriever Overview

The Golden Retriever was developed in Scotland during the late 19th Century as the ideal gun dog. A Scottish Nobleman created him by breeding a variety of different breeds of dogs, and over the course of a few decades, it was the Golden Retriever was born. He was not only immediately a hit with hunters from all over the globe due to his soft mouth ability, but he also became one of the world’s most loved pets for families. It was the Golden Retriever became particularly popular in America as the 38 fourth President, Gerald Ford, and his stunning Golden Retriever, Liberty frequently appeared on television and became the ideal pet for families!

A Golden Retriever can be described as a gentle soul who enjoys a nice stroll with his owner, however, he also enjoys coming to the couch and cuddling up front of the TV. He is gentle with children as well as the elderly and is frequently employed as an therapeutic dog due to his calm nature. He is also extremely smart and determined to delight his master. He is an excellent all-rounder, and is very adaptable to the majority of families.

He’s always been a well-loved dog and in the year 2019 The American Kennel Club (AKC) classified the dog as being the 3 3rd most loved canine in America.

Siberian Husky Overview

It is believed that the Siberian Husky is an ancient breed of dog, and was created in Siberia to be the first race car, able to transport light loadsover vast areas of icy terrain at a high speed. His speed, energy and endurance were unbeatable however it wasn’t until 1925 that he was famous. Balto was one of the Siberian Husky, led a group of dogs over six58 miles of frozen terrainto provide an antidote that saved lives and, in the process, he saved countless lives from the deadly spread of Diphtheria. Balto is among the most famous dogs ever and has had numerous documentaries produced about his life.

He has not only been considered a top working dog, but he’s always been adored for his affection and ability to be an loved pet for the family. The Husky is a lively dog that needs to be housed by a happy family, otherwise, he can become extremely unruly and miserable. If he’s content, then he’s an adorable dog who likes being the centre of attention, and will entertain all with endless entertainment and fun. There’s no boring moment when you have the Husky in the house!

Since Balto has increased his knowledge of the breed , he has been a popular pet for families and, in 2019, Balto is listed to be the 14 most popular breed by the AKC. the most loved breed according to the AKC. It is also a popular mixed breed dog and a very popular mix that is the border collie-husky mix.

Goberian Hybrid

Of course it is true that the Goberian is likely to inherit the traits of both of his parents and his parents are very different in appearance and temperament which is why it is anyone’s guess as to the traits he’s likely to inherit. The one thing they share is the fact that both are loving and devoted to their immediate family members, and also with strangers There isn’t any lack of affection there! The Goberian is among the most affectionate and loving dogs in the world, and the Goberian is the perfect example of the phrase “a man’s best friend’.

While this article will include all current information available and relevant information about the parents of each Be aware the fact that it is no breed standard which means there is always the possibility that he won’t be a 50/50 mix, or even influence the way you want to. While the genetic lottery remains unknown, let’s look at an in-depth review of what is to be expected from the Goberian.

Puppies & Costs

The Goberian will be an entire litter of four to six puppies. Each pup will differ from the other, and will have an array of characteristics and looks that are inherited from parents. The traits can vary widely in the same family. This is why it is crucial to get to know the puppy prior to bringing the pup home to make certain that he is a good fit for you and your lifestyle. In general, every pup will have a look that is more like one of the parents instead of being an all-over mix.

A puppy can cost between $500 to $1,500. There are a few elements that influence the cost like the place of the breeder as well as the demand for their breed (of of which, the Goberian is very popular) However, the most important aspect is their appearance. For instance, if they are modeled after the appearance of their Siberian Husky parent and have two eyes that are different colors and two different colored eyes, they are more likely to be at the higher side of the spectrum. The most well-known look is to make him look similar to the appearance of his Siberian Husky parent, but with a distinct yellow hue derived of their Golden Labrador parent, and with various colored eyesthrown into the mix.


It is said that the Golden Retriever and the Siberian Husky are both extremely smart dogs. They are both extremely intelligent. Golden Labrador loves to please his master, which is the reason it is a joy to train. On the contrary, Siberian Husky is a dog that has a lot of independence. Siberian Husky is very independent and is not suitable for those who are new to dog ownership. Therefore, because of this the ability to train a Goberian is completely dependent on the characteristics the dog inherits.

Whatever the case, the best method to combat his potential stubbornness is to start training in a straight-forward manner. First, early socializationis essential. Expose the Goberian to the wide range of dogs you can, big and small, quiet and exuberant, and attempt to make every meeting as enjoyable as you can. If you are planning to train your dog in crate ensure that you purchase the right crate for what size you want for your dog. If your dog is a model of his golden retriever parents, these crates are the perfect match.

The Goberian responds well to positively reinforced instruction. As there is the possibility that he could be a bit independent, obedience training can be a great way to establish the fundamental rules and demonstrate to him who is the the boss. Also, make sure that training sessions are enjoyable and short to avoid him from becoming bored.

Exercise Requirements & Living Conditions

It is believed that the Golden Retriever is considered to be a medium-to-high energy dog. The Husky is a high-energy dog, even if it’s not very extremely energetic! What you can be sure of is that the Goberian will be an high-energy dog that requires at minimum 60 minutes of intense exercise each day.

If you believe that the Goberian inherits his Husky parents’ energy, then you can be sure that if he isn’t getting sufficient exercise, he’ll either ruin your home or flee it or both. For everyone else make sure you be sure to give him the exercise he needs before you allow him to enter your home. They have been known to dig tunnels and leap 6-foot fences easily So, you should be ready for this!

The most effective way to exercise is to mix the Golden Retriever’s love of fetching objects from the water, along with the Husky’s passion for running. If you’ve got local lakes, or perhaps even your own swimming pool if you’re not afraid of him dipping his paws in the water, then playing with the water is likely to be his preferred form of exercise.

Due to their energy levels, they are best suitable for a house with a garden, instead of an apartment, because they’re more likely to develop cabin fever. But, that stated, they are capable of adapting to their surroundings and, as long as you exercise them regularly, this shouldn’t be a problem.


The Goberian males, as well as females, are between 22 to 24 inches from shoulder to paw They be between 35 to the weight of 80 kilograms in weight. They are therefore are thought to be medium-sized to large-sized dogs. Like most dogs females are at the lower end of the spectrum, while the males are on the larger range.

While their height variance isn’t too significant however their weight is an even greater variance and this can influence other aspects like the cost of food and cages and whether the dog is suitable to a family with a smaller size or if you’ll be able to carry an overweight 35-pound dog on your bike, but not an 80-pounder! Like any designer dog you must determine what your goals or limitations are, and then preparefor any eventualities.


In general, the Goberian pup is expected to live from 10 and 15 years and is generally healthy. It is known for a mixed breed puppy is healthier and more resilient puppy when it comes to health issues. This is a great thing to the Goberian.

Like any breed, there aren’t standard breeds, nor are there any the recommended health tests associated with it. Therefore it is best to examine the parents’ health issues and be aware of the signs. For more information on this, you can refer to the Golden Retriever National Breed Club has provided the suggested tests for health here as well as the Siberian Husky National Breed Club has listed their recommended test in this article. In the end, both parents have Hip Dysplasia and need an Ophthalmologist examination which is why there are two areas to keep an eye on.

A reputable breeder will be able to provide you with his parents’ medical certificates to prove that they take care of the wellbeing of their design puppies seriously. Do take the initiative to inquire to meet the parents of your puppy. As with everything in life, information can be power. Therefore, make certain to conduct a thorough research on potential breeders to make sure they are ethical and trustworthy.


The Goberian will consume about two to three cups of meals each day in at least two distinct meals, and of course, this is dependent on whether he’s more calm than the calmer Golden Retriever parent, or extremely active like the Husky parent.

While following the directions on the packaging of the product is recommended but speaking with the Veterinarian regarding your dog’s particular requirements for nutrition is the best method to make sure you are getting precisely what he requires.

Coat & Colors

While most designer breeds are in a variety of their parents’ colors typically, they are a light golden color. Goberian is lighter golden in hue and has dark or light markings that are like those of the Siberian Husky, and often comes with the Husky mask. However, it could depend on the hue the parents of their dog are. For instance that Goberian Golden Retriever on rare occasions is red and, if it were the parent of Goberian Goberian There is a possibility that the Goberian could be have a more warm yellow.

The Goberian comes with a medium-length double coat that protects them from cold weather.


The Goberian is not typically sheds a lot like the Siberian Husky parent, and therefore his grooming needs are similar to those of dogs of the general population. A weekly brushing in the absence of shedding season is required in the shedding season, and it is necessary to brush him every day to ensure that his coat is manageable. A bath every six weeks is ideal for him and dental cleaning should be done at least once a week.

As Family Pets

Perhaps, you know what you can expect from the Goberian puppy Let’s review the information below to determine if the Goberian will fit with your family, you, and the way you live.

  • He is a very happy and lucky dog who is flexible to his family.
  • The Goberian who has high-energy parents, requires at minimum 60 minutes of daily exercise.
  • He is extremely social and therefore is not a good guard dog.
  • The Goberian is extremely loved and affectionate.
  • If he follows the example of his Husky parents, he’ll also be a bit cheeky and silly.
  • He is a gentle and loving person with children, so long as they’re not too small or young.
  • Be sure that your children aren’t too small to fall over by his bouncy nature.
  • Goberian is a very friendly animal. Goberian is also extremely comfortable with other animals.
  • He’ll be a great fit in a household with multiple pets If he’s been well-socialized.
  • He’s a medium shedder, but he’s not hypoallergenic, which means it isn’t a good fit for an animal-friendly household.
  • Goberian is a medium-sized dog. Goberian is a medium-sized dog that requires space to run and play.
  • If you are unable to take on a daily walk then he’s more at a bigger home.

If you believe that the Goberian is a perfect match for your family and you Then you must begin your search by researching reliable breeders.

Finding A Goberian Breeder

First, you should begin your search on any internet-based search engine and you will see you will see a listing of Goberian breeders will appear at the top of your search results. Contact them directly to gain an understanding of them and their company If you are at ease, you can visit them before you make a payment on a puppy. A good breeder will never force you to buy an animal before you have met them.

Additionally, you could talk to breeders of or both the Golden Retriever or the Siberian Husky While they might not be aware of any Goberian breeders but they will likely have a friend who does.

Like any puppy you purchase, do your research on the breeder and ensure that they’re trustworthy and ethical Ask around and review them and request to see his parents as well as the health certificate of their pet. If any breeder is unwilling to provide this, or you feel uncomfortable and decide to leave, do so.

Rescue & Shelters

A puppy is a huge commitment, and the Goberian isn’t any exception. It is typical for new pet owners, or owners who don’t want to undergo the process of training a puppy on their own to adopt dogs from rescue shelters which are older and usually house-trained. If this is something that interests you, contact the local rescue centres and inquire about Goberian puppies. There are rescue facilities which are specialized in Golden Retrievers as well as Siberian Huskies. So, the likelihood of getting the perfect Goberian in these homes is higher.

Final Thoughts

Overall all, the Goberian is an extremely adorable designer dog that is getting more and more popular throughout the globe, and with good reason. The dog is confident and devoted with his family and will love your company and lavish you with affection and lots of kisses. He is serene, but it is also fun and lively. The Goberian truly is the perfect combination of both!

His parents, both of them are adored pet owners, so no matter what genetic mix that the Goberian inherits, you will definitely be an unforgettable experience with your dog!

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