Golden Retriever-Pitbull Mix Traits & Facts

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

The Golden Retriever-Pitbull mix is an energetic breed which requires regular physical exercise as well as mentally stimulating. It is equally important that they get the right education and socialization starting at an early age. Pitbulls are often criticized for their aggression, but keep in mind that the dog is not to be blamed. The owner is always to blame.

It is the Golden Retriever is considered to be a great pet for families, which makes the mixed breed dogs a great option for novice dog owners. But, it’s essential to know the background of the Pitbull and the best way to deal with any aggression. Training for basic obedience should start early.

With the amount of activity the breeds of both parents are You might consider enrolling your dog in agility or obedience sports activities. We’ll go over everything you need you need to learn about this amazing mixed breed, so that you are aware of exactly what to expect.

Golden Retriever-Pitbull Mix


It is virtually impossible to determine the exact origins that led to this breed, which is known as the Golden Pitbull. Therefore, it’s recommended to study the breeds that it is a descendant of to understand its history.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever’s story starts in Dudley Coutts’ Marjoribanks, was born around 1820, and is from Scottish descendance. He was passionate about breeding dogs and meticulously recorded his observations in his leather-bound diary in the Kennel Club in England.

The year was 1865. Marjoribanks took a stroll with his son when he spotted the name of a dog Nous in the street. It was gold-colored. This was quite unusual at the time as the black breed was considered to be superior to the others, and were generally discarded.

After purchasing Nous as a pet the breeder, Marjoribanks crossed him with an Tweed Water Spaniel called Belle. The result was an aquatic retriever dog that was capable of hunting both on land as well as in water. The first litter, which was born in 1868, was one of the first Golden Retrievers that existed.

Marjoribanks continued breeding Goldens until his death, however his legacy remained strong even after his death.


The Pitbull breed has its roots to the beginning of the 19th century in the United Kingdom. They came from the Old English Bulldogs, who were utilized for bull-baiting. In essence, this dog was trained to attack an animal for hours, until the animal fell to the ground.

The year was 1835 when Britain banned bull baiting. Then, people began ratting in which a horde of rats was thrown into pits ( where “Pit” Bull is derived from) and the public placed bets on which dog would kill the majority of rats within a certain period of time.

Ratting and dogfighting both required greater agility and speed So the people would cross Bulldogs and Terriers to create the first Pitbull Terriers.

British Isles immigrants came to the United States just before the Civil War, and Pitbulls were transformed into “American” Pitbull Terriers. Pitbulls were dogs that could be used for all sorts of purposes. They were employed for herding cattle, protecting livestock, and protecting families from threats. They were so adept with children that they were dubbed”the Nanny Dog.

The media, however, did not see the Pitbull’s real nature and portrayed them as a threat. This is the reason why the stigma surrounding Pitbulls is so prevalent now. But any dog trainer will inform that aggression is not the fault of a dog; it’s always the result of how humans have raised him.


Although you don’t know the results of an unmixed breed There are some generalizations that you can make.

Golden Retrievers and Pitbull Mixes are designed to be companions for families. They are therefore prone to anxiety about being they are left for long time. If you are working long hours and you leave your dog at home, it might not be the right dog for you.

If you are planning to take your dog out frequently, crate training is essential. Familiarize your dog with the crate as soon as you return home. The crate should be associated with positive experiences like food, treats, and the feeling of relaxation. Do not close the door of the crate when you have an anxious or nervous dog. Selecting a crate specifically designed specifically for the Golden Retriever or one that is suitable to Pitbulls. Pitbull will work for this breed.

In addition, this breed is going to probably require plenty of exercising. Both Golden Retrievers and Pitbulls are work dogs, and require both physical and mental stimulation. Plan long vigorous walks at least every other day, in addition to physical exercise. While they share many similarities, the two breeds have a lot of differences.

To keep your dog entertained, think about placing treats in the house or scheduling an obedience class or purchasing a set of puzzles to play with your pet. Naturally, with the intelligence of both parents breeds, your dog will be able to pick up things swiftly. The structured learning sessions that begin at an early age can help develop an obedient, well-trained adult dog.

Due to the fact that it is extremely protective, Pitbull is and how secure it is, this cross could be an excellent watchdog. They are conscious of their surroundings and can bark to warn you of any activity near the door. This is why socialization with strangers is essential so that your dog is aware of when to notify you and when to stop.

This breed is known for its strong prey-seeking instinct. Therefore, be cautious when you keep him with small animals or cats. Introduce them to each other gradually, and do not leave them alone.

Size & Appearance

The dog is generally medium-to-large-sized and stands anywhere from 17-24 inches at the shoulder. The dog weighs between 50 and 80 pounds.

Due to the muscularity of both breeds the mix should be able to carry itself with ease and possess plenty of muscle tone. The Golden Retrievers are susceptible to overweight, so spare the treats and ensure that your dog is eating a balanced diet. Making sure he gets the exercise he requires will help to keep him fit and strong.

Coat & Colors

The coat color of your dog is likely to be any combination between colors like the gold, yellow, and cream shades that are characteristic of the Golden Retriever and the white black, blue, as well as the brown shades of Pitbull. The coat is often curly, however at other occasions, it appears shorter and straight.

A longer coat may require regular maintenance. If your coat is longer you should equip yourself with an slicker brush and groom every week, or perhaps daily to prevent excessive shedding. Golden Retrievers have long coats that shed all year long.

Exercise Needs & Living Requirements

Adult Golden Pitbull needs regular vigorous workout. Try to get 40-60 minutes every day, which includes things like running or swimming. Remember that a dog who is tired is a healthy dog. If you don’t provide your dog enough exercise, it will be exhausted and in destroying your home and possibly to nothing.

The dog in question is an amalgamation of two working breeds. You should consider enrolling your dog in more organized exercise like agility or obedience or even fly ball. This is a way to use the physical and mental capabilities of breeds.

Most of the time, mental exercise is more demanding as physical activity. If you’re working your dog regularly (make sure that it’s not too hard!) as well as playing with your dog, however he’s still very rambunctious It’s time to concentrate on your mental exercises.

They can be puzzle toys such as hide and seek, obedience, or any other activity that makes your dog focus on his thoughts. If you choose to use games for dogs, they can play by him, while you do some work.


Like any dog training, it is essential to start in the early hours. Begin with the basics of obedience such as sit, sit, down, remain, go, leave it and come, then walk on a leash. Puppy dogs are sponges and are able to master these techniques from as early as eight weeks old.

For a puppy it is essential to keep the training sessions brief and to use positive reinforcement. Dogs get bored easily and their minds begin to wander. The training that goes beyond this threshold can cause you and your dog to be unhappy.

Potty training is simple due to the agility and aplomb that this dog breed has. This is another reason why the crate can be useful. Dogs aren’t happy when they contaminate “their” area, so placing your pet in a crate while you are not around can help prevent any accidents that aren’t expected.

If you’re training your dog, ensure you let him go:

  • The first and the last thing of each day
  • After meals, naps and even play sessions
  • In intervals depending on age

Remember that one month of age is equivalent to one hour bladder capacity. For instance, a four-month-old puppy could keep his bladder in place for as long as four hours. The rule of thumb is that dogs shouldn’t last longer than four or six hours without having a bathroom break, no matter how old.

Start socializing your dog on when he returns home. Begin slowly introducing him to new species of animals, people and even environments. It is essential to bring your pet to as many different places as you can, starting from shopping malls to other home owners and even the pet park.

You can also play music when your pet is eating or playing to get him familiar with scary sounds like sirens, fireworks, cars engines, and so on.

Be aware that puppies aren’t completely protected from dangerous diseases such as Parvovirus until they reach 16 weeks old. Talk to your veterinarian and don’t take puppies less than 16 weeks old to areas frequented by a lot of dogs, like pet stores or dog parks.


Like any dog there are health issues to take note of. These are some of the frequent concerns for Golden Retriever-Pitbull mix:

Hip Dysplasia

If the hip socket doesn’t adequately protect the bone of the thigh, it may dislocate. Hip dysplasia sufferers are often in discomfort and may begin to limp. hip dysplasia can be very common in big canines and is a congenital condition, therefore regular hip examinations are essential.

To help to prevent the development of hip dysplasia, keep your pet at a healthy weight and stay clear of high-impact exercises till the bone have fully formed typically about 24 months. This means running long walks agility, long hikes, or any other physical exercise that strains the bones. If you’re particularly concernedabout joint pain, you should consider joint supplements such as the glucosamine.

Elbow Dysplasia

As with hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia is a condition that occurs in the case that an elbow joint is misshaped and pops out of its socket. It is extremely painful, and a dog suffering from the condition will be unable to move and may have trouble getting up. He will be painful, stiff and joint could expand.

X-rays are essential for an accurate diagnosis. The treatment is based upon the seriousness of your situation. In less severe cases the corrective treatment might be effective, however you might require surgery in more serious instances.

Heart Disease

The symptoms could include coughing, exercise intolerance and falling. If left untreated the heart condition can lead to cardiac failure.

The diagnosis of heart disease can be difficult. Physical examinations can detect any heart murmurs or irregular circulation of blood through the heart. Contrarily the other hand, an ECG or x-rays are required to identify the specific type of heart disease , or whether heart failing is present.

Eye Problems

The hereditary disorders include the condition known as ectropion (droopy eyeslids) or the condition known as entropion (where the eyelids roll backwards). The presence of ectropion can be common for certain breeds, however anything that is more severe than that may require intervention. Both conditions cause inflammation, and entropion may cause corneal ulcers or infection.


The mix requires around 1,600 calories a day, spread across 2 meals. Puppy puppies require more nutrition as they get bigger older, generally, they eat three meals.

A high-quality, high-quality kibble designed for active, large pets is the ideal option to feed your GoldenBull. Calorie will go up or down based on the age, gender, and the level of activity your dog has and you must be sure to monitor his. Make sure you don’t overfeed this breed. Overfeeding can cause problems such as elbow and hip dysplasia, as well as the possibility of developing cardiac problems and heart problems, which is why it’s crucial to ensure that your dog is lean. Food for dogs that is specifically designed specifically for pitbulls or designed specifically for Golden Retrievers is perfect for your dog.

Here are a few kibbles you can think about (remember that both senior and puppy dogs require specialized food):

  • Bully Max 30/20 High-Performance Dog Food (535 calories per cup)
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Duck Recipe Dry, Grain-Free Dog Diet (416 calories for a cup)
  • The Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food (370 calories per cup)

Beware of artificial fillers and inferior ingredients.


Long coat dogs like those of the Golden Retriever need weekly or regular grooming to keep their coats smooth and get rid of dead hair. This can also help reduce excessive shed. Get a slicker brush and train your dog to become used to having their hair brushed with treats. For coats with shorter lengths it is recommended to groom your dog once per week. is fine, but not important. Utilizing a curry comb made of rubber assists in loosing dead hair and also stimulates the hair follicles.

If your dog’s ears are floppy similar to the Golden Retriever, be particularly attentive to checking and cleaning the ears to avoid infections. Cut nails and clean teeth often. Dogs are susceptible to developing gum disease and teeth when oral hygiene isn’t a part of your daily routine.

If your dog begins to smell or look dirty, it’s the time to take an bath. A regular visit to the groomer will help with this issue and are especially beneficial for dogs with long hair. Groomers can trim and style the coat of your dog so that it looks gorgeous.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Since it’s a crossbreed, it’s almost impossible to locate breeders who specialize in this particular hybrid. A simple Google search might yield certain results. However, you have to be extremely cautious. When searching for a breeder, conduct stringent due diligence. Are the premises well-maintained and spacious? Do they have health screening reports for their pets to show that there aren’t any congenital issues in either parent? What kind of agreements are they able to outline in the sale bill? Make sure you are aware of the details now to avoid costly issues later on.

Mixes like this could come from breeders who are not high-quality or, more importantly, puppy mills. They are likely to come with congenital illnesses and severe behavior problems in both instances particularly in puppy mills. This is also true for purchasing pets from pet shops. Steer away from this at all cost.

Rescues & Shelters

Due to the distinctive nature of this breed It is not easy to find a rescue that is that is dedicated to it is a challenge. There are however many Pitbull and Golden Retriever rescues out there with this breed. Selecting a dog randomly at a shelter could be dangerous. There are a lot of behavior issues that are difficult to resolve. The best part about rescues is that they take time with their dogs and are able to better integrate them in your home.

Show your rescue dog of choice with a list of the requirements for your pet. This includes:

  • Energy level
  • Tolerance to being left to oneself
  • Conduct around children, dogs or cats. animals
  • Obligation requirements
  • Agreeability
  • The willingness to try new methods
  • Everything that is important for you, your loved ones and friends

Here are some options to think about:

As Family Pets

What can you expect to see from the Golden Pitbull:

  • Extremely active and requires regular, intense workout.
  • It generally is a good companion for other pets However, it has an instinct to hunt and is therefore a danger to smaller pets.
  • Loves kids.
  • It requires a house with an enclosed yard as well as not suitable for apartment buildings.
  • The most prone for separation anxiety and separation anxiety, it will not be a good fit for families that are often absent.
  • requires as much brain as physical exercise. Consider obedience, games for children, or hiding and search.

Final Thoughts

The Golden Retriever-Pitbull mix is a dog with a distinct personality that is smart as well as loyal and fun. They are great with everyone and enjoy being with family members. They are guard dogs that will warn you of dangers.

This breed requires regular exercising however, it is easy to train and is suitable for owners who are aware of the background of the Pitbull. With its negative reputation the dog must be an example of the Pitbull side. If properly socialized and supervised at home The Golden Retriever-Pitbull mix is the ideal pet for families.

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