17 Greyhound Mixes

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

The Greyhound is among the most distinctive dogs around, sporting a an imposing silhouette that instantly makes you recognize. Their look is different from the appearance of other popular breeds. Greyhounds have a distinct appearance. They are nearly always slim, sleek and graceful creatures with a body that suggests they’re excellent runners. They’re right in that assumption . These dogs are a joy to run with.

They were created to hunting and they are one of the most agile dogs in the world. But, you might be shocked to learn that the majority of Greyhounds are happy to lay around instead of running around in the park. The sighthound is a great family member, since they are gentle, loving dogs. They are very peaceful and love spending the entire day with their family members.

A lot of prospective owners want for a relaxed and easy dog. Although the Greyhound is a great dog It’s not uncommon for owners to mix the breed with other breeds to create a more distinctive dog. It is common for this to result in attractive and intriguing hybrids. We enjoy the process of having a dog that is unique We have identified 20 most renowned Greyhound breeds for your consideration and enjoyment.

Please note that all photos show the dog that is mixed with the Greyhound and not of the actual hybrid dog. They’re so unique it was a difficult finding photos that we could publish!

Greyhound Mixes


Breeds: Husky and Greyhound

The Grusky is often an animal with balanced energy requirements, considering the fact that Siberian Huskies are extremely active, while Greyhounds tend to rest. But their personalities blend extremely well. Gruskies are smart, friendly and gentle dogs that make wonderful companions for many families. They are often very fun, and with the right socialization at an early age they are great companions for children. It is important to teach to eliminate the urge to prey from them when you have pets that are smaller at home. It’s not that difficult to train the Grusky. Their quick thinking skills and desire to please makes them extremely capable of being taught.

Because the Grusky is an extremely flexible dog, they are able to be comfortable in a variety of places, including apartment buildings. But, they are awestruck by the outdoors, so ensure that you get them outside whenever you can. They are prone to desire to explore, so make certain that they are in a safe yard even when they’re not at your home. Take advantage of the hour-long walks every day by adding many different things to help keep the dog’s desire to exercise under control, and also to keep off boredom.

Greyhound Shepherd

Breeds: German Shepherd and Greyhound

If you’re looking for an dependable new companion for your family, then consider your options with the Greyhound Shepherd. German Shepherds are well-known for being extremely loyal and a bit serious. This is a perfect match with the gentle nature of the Greyhound. You get an amalgamation that is elegant and relaxed. They are also accommodating to every member in the household. They also have a lot of intelligence and easy to train them and make friends with them. It is important to focus on their education early to encourage the right behaviour. This will help them prepare for life alongside other pets and children that live in the same home.

The Greyhound Shepherd has more demands for energy than a normal Greyhound will. But, they don’t require a lot of vigorous training. They prefer to have short sessions of exercise each day, rather than a long single session. This is why it’s an ideal idea to place all members of your household in a rotational schedule for caring for your Greyhound’s energy requirements. It’s not any effort to wear them out. They are content to lay in the sun instead of engaging in any strenuous activity.


Breeds: Labrador Retriever and Greyhound

You can get a truly adorable dog from the Greyador because they are derived from famously loving parents, the Greyhound and the Labrador Retriever. Both breeds are renowned for their warm hearts as well as their sharp minds and excellent sensitivity to their owners emotional needs. That makes Greyador an ideal choice for families looking for an intelligent and sensitive pet. They make great pets for families because they have a long patience with children of all ages who can be aggressive. Greyhounds are able to know when to step away when they find the situation uncomfortable, and you do not have to be concerned about sudden aggressive behavior. However, their affectionate nature requires them to be close to their owners always. A long period of time spent alone could cause severe episodes of separation anxiety.

Greyadors tend to be more energetic than normal Greyhounds They require around 60 minutes of exercise every day. They are intelligent dogs that appreciate variety, which is why you should think of ways to engage them in addition to their regular walks. The Greyhound that you have in your Greyador was developed to hunt and therefore your dog might have a prey-driven drive that makes walks challenging when they encounter an animal that is small and chasable. The early training they receive in their lives could be the key to a change in behaviour, so make the most of the breed’s intelligence as soon as you can.


Breeds: Beagle and Greyhound

Both the Greyhound as well as Beagles were bred to hunt, which gives them an advantage in hunting down small animals. Although this is ideal for an avid hunter, it may not be the best choice for homes with pets that are small. It is good to know that training the behavior of your Greygle to behave is relatively simple, due to their intelligence. It is important to begin them young in order to get use of all their education. Once they’ve calmed down, you may discover that they are one of the most loving you’ll ever meet. When they’re bored, Greygles love nothing more than spending time with their dog’s parents and showing their total love for them. Make sure you pay them plenty of love, as they will show you the same.

The Greygle isn’t a fan of vigorous exercise, but they require a safe yard in which they can play whenever they feel the need to. Go for walks that last about 30 minutes per day. This will make exhausted and ready to relax. Be sure to not let them off their leashes as the dog has an amazing sense of smell and is eager to chase any scent that they can find.


Breeds: Corgi and Greyhound

One of the most interesting mixes in this list comes out of Greyhound as well as Corgi parents. While the Greyhound has a tall figure, leaner, and elegant, Corgis are short, soft, and chubby. It’s impossible to tell the characteristics of your Greygi looks like until they’re right in the front of you. But, as both breeds are extremely friendly and friendly, you can be sure that your Greygi has a similar appearance, and an easy disposition and a deep affection for their family. Due to the Corgi’s endless desire to play the mix is much more energetic than a typical Greyhound. They are able to adapt well to different ways of living. If you’re seeking a pet to live with in your home This could be the right dog for you.

However it is true that the Greygi needs a bit of exercise each day. They are affluent, and although they may be comfortable in a city environment, it is still important to go out whenever you can. Regular walks of about 45 minutes per day is enough to keep them happy. But, as we’ve said that dogs are a joy to play with. Make time to play and have fun with your pet, whether at home or in the park. Gifting the kids Greygi toys is also an excellent way to keep them feel happy.


Breeds: Saluki and Greyhound

The Greyluki is a dog that has incredible ability to run. Both of their parents are they Saluki as well as their cousin, the Greyhound, were designed to be hunting dogs, and needed to be quick to capture their prey. If you are a hunter for fun The Greyluki could be the ideal companion to take you out into the wilderness. Because it is the case that Saluki has a smaller size than the Greyhound The Greyluki is a more smaller dog. They don’t require a lot of space and are content in smaller spaces. They are extremely well-behaved and intelligent dogs which makes them easy to train. The speed of their thinking as well as agility makes them ideal for outdoor work. They love working outdoors and appreciate, so make sure you give them tasks each day.

The Greyluki has more energy than your typical Greyhound. They require about 60 minutes of exercise per day. It is possible to mix more intense activities during your walks. Playing fetch, hiking or simply letting your children show off their talents by running around the park. Because of their intellect, it is essential to give them activities to engage them as frequently as you can. If they are left to their individual devices, they could become bored and restless, and vent their frustration on your possessions. A dog who is tired is a happy dog therefore, make sure you tire your Greyluki out each day.


Breeds: Pug and Greyhound

Although this combination of Greyhound as well as the Pug may seem odd in appearance, considering the way their parents appear like The Grug is a wonderful dog with lots of affection to offer. Greyhounds are incredibly laidback animals who enjoy spending time with their family members. They’re the same as pugs however they also are completely hilarious. You’ll notice the Grug is just as funny as their name suggests. They’re likely to be a fan of everyone in your life and enjoy to be the focal point throughout the day. It’s nevertheless a good idea to socialize and train your dog while they’re still pups, however. The tendency of the Greyhound to pursue its prey could be transferred onto your dog. This could cause havoc in households with smaller animals. If you can show the dog a strong leadership style and discipline, your Grug may be more inclined to follow your instruction.

If you prefer an easy-going lifestyle, then the Grug is the perfect pet. The Grug’s parents do not necessarily require intense fitness. Walking them for walks for about 30 minutes per day is enough to satisfy their desire for exercise. However, you must keep an eye on your dog to determine the time they are keen to play. Make sure to play whenever you can. This keeps them in good spirits and content.

Mastiff Greyhound

Breeds: Mastiff and Greyhound

The Mastiff Greyhound is usually an enormous dog, since both of their parents are big. They are strong and muscular, with all the agility that you would expect from a normal Greyhound. Although they may appear scary, in reality they’re very affectionate and loving pets that are ideal for families that have space. They love to forget their size, and will often put all their weight on your lap as if to snuggle. They are at peace even when confronted by a host of annoyances, since they’re extremely compassionate. It shouldn’t be a problem to introduce them to young children or pets in your household particularly if you get them to socialize with them at an early age.

They are gentle giants who are active dogs once they realize they’re ready to play. Make sure to pay attention to their needs to exercise. They require an hour of vigorous walking every day, and plenty of time for play in between. Because they’re so big they require them with a large and fenced-in backyard where you can let them stretch out whenever they need to. Make sure that your yard can accommodate their size, since they aren’t a good fit in smaller homes.

Border Greyollie

Breeds: Border Collie and Greyhound

It’s no surprise that the Border Greyollie is one of the smartest dogs in this list. It’s normal that they’re intelligent because the Greyhound parent is incredibly smart. Add the famously smart Border Collie into the mix, and you’ll have an artist in your possession. They are also clamoring to play all through the time. Their big personalities cause them to be a daunting option for new pet owners, but the time and effort they to care for them is well-worth it. The dog breed is always trying to be with you in all that you do, because they are extremely loyal pet companions. They are great pets for families with children because they love playing with their family members and keep up with their enthusiasm.

Border Greyollies sadly are not happy living in a small apartment. They are Border Collie parentage dictates that they have large, wide areas to move about and work. If you reside in a rural location with a huge, enclosed yard, you can have this dog very content. Because their energy levels are very high, get your dogs for walks that last at least 60 minutes every day. Give them plenty of the time and space they need to play and be part of the fun as often as you can.


Breeds: Boxer and Greyhound

The Greybox is a Greyhound’s passive nature and adds enthusiasm and courage that comes from it’s boxer. It is possible that the breed is more secure than normal Greyhounds but still retains the friendly and bright personality that is what makes Greyhounds loved initially. The genetics of the Boxer make Greyhounds Greybox much more exclusive, and they are a bit intimidating to watchdogs when properly trained. But, don’t be intimidated by their massive frames and serious looks. The Greybox is a adorable dog who is always eager to show their love. Introduce them to other people from the beginning and you’ll see they are incredibly friendly with cats, small children and other pets that reside in the same home.

The Greybox has a high need for energy however, they are not as demanding than the average Boxer’s. They enjoy different types of exercise, therefore, they will mix in more strenuous activities such as walks, sprints at the park, and game of fetch. Greyhounds are aware of when it is appropriate to play and they can do well in even smaller living areas. Make sure you take them outside regularly for a stretch, as well, and you’ll find that your Greybox will be content.


Breeds: Dalmatian and Greyhound

The two Dalmatians as well as Greyhounds are graceful dogs which make them proficient at the feats of athleticism. When you combine the two you’ll get an elegant dog with a sleek shape that’s a little larger than the Greyhound’s. It is also possible that they’ll end up sporting spots on their fur, which is cute. This breed is a great pet that thrives in homes where they will receive lots of attention. If you are able to socialize them they will get along well with children of all ages. But, it is important to be aware of all interactions your children have with your Greymatian like you do for any dog.

Greymatians are very active and are always up for a game. Take care of their needs to have fun by providing them with plenty of activities to engage in. Games, toys and even tasks are effective ways to keep them entertained and free from harmful behavior. Add in walks of about 50 minutes per day, at a fast speed. Greymatians don’t like tiny homes, therefore they need a large and safe area to play around in a wide area.

Grey Retriever

Breeds: Golden Retriever and Greyhound

Bring some Gold to your Grey with this gorgeous mix that is gorgeous and charming. It is also affectionate. Gold Retrievers as well as Greyhounds share similar personalities , in that they are both intelligent and loving dogs who enjoy playing with their families. But, you might discover it that the Grey Retriever is much more active than a normal Greyhound. This makes them a great pet for families who can match their jovial, sunny energy. Grey Retrievers are a great choice for families. Grey Retriever is easily attached to pets and children that live in the same home. They are easy to train and interact with due to their easy-going nature and their intelligence.

Make sure you allow ample space for the Grey Retrievers to play and exercise. They’re a lively dog that is always looking at their next challenge. They walk them every day for about 60 minutes, and then add time for more vigorous exercises. The dog loves playing games at the dog park with their canine companionsThey have plenty of them due to how adorable they are. But, they’re also happy to play in the yard, as long as it’s enclosed to ensure the safety of their pet.

Irish Wolf Greyhound

Breeds: Irish Wolfhound and Greyhound

It is believed that the Irish Wolf Greyhound is a product of parents that are quite alike in their personalities, and have the same athletic ability. This results in a mix with a calm and stable temperament. the same gentleness that you’ve come to associate with the Greyhound however with added fun for extra enjoyment. Since the two parents are hounds that were bred to hunt, it’s probable that your IWG will inherit a strong prey drive. If you don’t teach to be different at an early age it could be an issue for small animals living in or surrounding your home, such as pets. The IWG’s wisdom allows you to teach the IWG what they can and should not do.

The Irish Wolf Greyhound is going to be more active than a normal Greyhound So, you must be ready to meet their energy requirements. It is important to assist the dog stretch their long legs by taking a walk every day. A minimum of one hour is suggested for this breed. If you get them socialized enough at an early age, both you and your IWG will enjoy a lot playing with other dogs in the park. Make sure you satisfy their desire to play with other dogs to keep them entertained and stimulated mentally.

Jack Russell Greyhound

Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier and Greyhound

The final combination on the list is that of the Jack Russell Greyhound is an excellent companion. They share the same sociability as the Greyhound but with more enthusiasm and energy than their counterpart, the Jack Russell Terrier. But, they are extremely strong-willed, and they can be stubborn when it comes to training. Be firm in your lessons together can be a great method to help them respect your authority. They are a lot of fun even when it’s not acceptable. Inspiring them to stop their negative behavior isn’t that difficult because they’re extremely intelligent dogs. They also have gentle, loving hearts, and are committed to their families. This breed is always eager to show you how much they cherish you.

Be sure to get your dog socialized at an early age because both breeds possess a strong prey drive, which can be seen in this mix. The Jack Russell Greyhound has high energy requirements, as well. Make sure you go for long walks. 60 minutes per day ought to suffice if you walk at a fast enough speed. It is also possible to give them the physical and mental exercise they require by playing fetch in the park, and letting them run through the fields before grabbing their frisbee or ball.

Greybull Pit

Breeds: Pitbull and Greyhound

We are awestruck by our Pitbull mixes, which is why Greybull Pit Greybull Pit is absolutely no exception. It’s not even difficult to accomplish, since they’re extremely open to new experiences thanks to their quick thinking and accommodating personality. This combination was designed to be both agile and powerful however, if you like to ask them questions, they’re more content to cuddle with you rather than engage in excessive exercise. They’re extremely affectionate and protective towards their families which makes them a great option for a dog to watch.

They don’t require much physical activity, but they must be active enough to keep their bodies and minds in good shape. It is possible to do about 45 minutes of exercise each day, divided between playing time and a vigorous stroll. Dogs with these breeds can become over their heads and become too eager to play. If they aren’t given the things they desire, they could be inclined to engage in destructive behavior like any dog would do when they are bored. It’s not that difficult to do enough to keep your dog entertained. Games, toys and even tasks are great methods to provide your Greybull Pit a workout while keeping their minds busy.


Breeds: Poodle and Greyhound

The curly coat of the Poodle with the sleek coat of the Greyhound creates a fascinating mix with the Greyoodle. The result is a soft dog with a wavy hair texture and sparkling eyes of the Poodle and the long body that is characteristic of the Greyhound. Beware that this dog is not without lack of intelligence. The confidence they have in their abilities could lead to an uncontrollable streak. Making sure they are taught to be disciplined at an early age will significantly reduce any problematic behaviour they are likely to exhibit. They aren’t the most patient of people. of patience, and prefer to be in families comprised of adults. They are also a great companion for older people. It is crucial to socialize your puppy when you intend to keep them in a home with children, as well as other animals. However, they possess an extremely loving character and love to be with their owners. They are awe-inspiring and want to be loved by you every single each and every day.

Poodles are usually big packs of energy, whereas Greyhounds are extremely chilled-out dogs. The Greyhound you have is likely to be much more energetic than an typical Greyhound but not as active as the Poodle could be. It is a good idea to take them to exercise each day. Walking walks of about 40-60 minutes are great and even more enjoyable if you incorporate games and other activities. Try in keeping your Greyoodle engaged. This can help reduce frustration and boredom, which they are susceptible to develop.


Breeds: Whippet and Greyhound

The Whippet as well as the Greyhound are recognizable S-shaped dogs with long legs and slender faces. They’re elegant dogs that were specifically designed to run at the highest speeds. But the Whippet is an average-sized dog, which makes them much less than the Greyhound. So, you can anticipate to see your Grippet will be smaller in size , too. In terms of personality the Grippet is a great candidate to make the perfect pet for the family. They are bright, cheerful and extremely affectionate. But, you must ensure that they do not stifle their instinct to hunt as much as they can to keep smaller animals feel safe within their midst. This can be achieved by training them and socializing the animals well at an early age.

The Grippet is more active than the Greyhound and you must plan to give them 60 minutes of exercise each day. Their ability to run at high speeds, along with their drive to hunt, could make them difficult to walk. Make sure you train properly to make your everyday walks more comfortable and safer. They don’t require a home with a large yard, since they can easily spend time inside. But it’s an excellent idea to give them an area that is safe for them to play in, provided that the fence isn’t long enough to allow them to leap over.

Final Thoughts

Greyhounds are among the most gentle breeds of dogs available. They make excellent pet for families and make great companions because they can easily adapt to various living conditions. This makes them an excellent option for a wide range of families that range from rural areas that have lots of land, to apartments with smaller living. Because they are a friendly pet with plenty in intelligence, novice owners don’t have to put in a lot of effort to make their lives with their Greyhound pet a pleasant one.

Mixes and breeds may share some similarities, but every dog is a unique species. However, if you’re planning to bring an Greyhound mix to the family, it’s always recommended to take an image of what their behaviour could be like. So, you’ll be able to be better prepared for what they might require and ensure that you’re giving them the best possible treatment. Do your homework to ensure they live an enjoyable and healthy life.

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