How To Get A Dog To Take A Pill

To get a dog to take a pill, here are some methods. A common method is to hide the pill in food or a treat. This can make the pill taste better and be more appealing for them to eat.

Some effective foods you can try include cheese, peanut butter, or specially designed pill pockets. It’s important to make sure your dog actually eats the pill and doesn’t spit it out, so watch them swallow.

If your dog refuses to eat the pill in food, another option is to manually put it in their mouth. Lift their top lip and tilt their head back, place the pill at the back of their throat, then close their mouth and stroke their throat to encourage swallowing.

Always remember to reward your dog afterwards and provide plenty of water to help them swallow the pill. If your dog consistently refuses to take pills, consult with your veterinarian about possible alternatives, such as liquid medication or injections.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

There have been known struggles amongst pet parents in getting a dog to take a pill. This is probably the main reason why you’re even reading through this blog.

Luckily for most of us with the said challenges, there have been known tips and tricks in getting your dog to have their needed intake via these pills, without any of us losing an arm.

Why Do Dogs Need Pills?

If you have recently visited a veterinarian and they have prescribed pills for your four-legged friend, it can be for multiple reasons. It can be for simple medication, or even for extreme cases and several treatments.

When Can I Say That My Dog Needs Pills?

This is usually advised by your trusted veterinarian whenever you consult them for perceived health conditions. They can even recommend certain medications for your pooch whenever you bring them over for their monthly or yearly check-up.

Most of the time, your trusted licensed professional will give out certain recommendations on how you can include (or sneak and hide) the pills in your dog’s food. Although, there are some cases that certain pills need to be taken with an empty stomach.


How Can I Get My Dog To Take A Pill?

It’s not always just about special treats.

But before we proceed with the steps you can follow, it helps to always remember that providing pills to your pet should always be under the approval and request of your veterinarian.

Now let’s get right into it.

When you’re not mixing the medication into any of their food, it helps to make sure that the tablet or the medicine itself is tasty and good enough. There are some made readily available, and they do the job just as well as your dog’s regular medication tablets.

Another thing you can do is what worked for a lot of pet parents: mix the medicine in their food. This is assuming that they won’t easily sniff and identify that what you are feeding them is infused with the said medication. Any piece of food (regardless of diet) that can conceal the pill or tablet should help you do the trick.

Now, do note that these are just some of the things you may do if you have a cooperative pooch and if you won’t be having a hard time making your dog take the pills.

For uncooperative dogs, however, your approach must be different.

Some professionals utilize the useful features of a pill pusher. This works by pushing the pill to the back of your pet’s throat. Take note that this method will require a lot of practice.

Additionally, there are alternatives, such as chewable treats with infused medications. There are also pill pockets, one of the most famous methods.

There are also known liquid medications which are fairly easier to have your dog intake.

Another famous method is pushing the pill in a spoonful of peanut butter. It’s ideal to use the crunchy ones, so your dog won’t easily identify them.

It’s also helpful to know that your dog is most likely to accept the pill if he feels it’s a reward for doing something. You can try offering the pill after your daily dose of exercise with your pooch. You can also try giving it to him after he does his favorite trick.

Another trick is you can push the pill directly to the throat and not on the tongue, as the pills can sometimes be ill-tasting.

The Wrap Up

Whenever you are faced with the challenges of making your dog take their pill, you can always seek the help of a companion, and perform several known methods of making your pooch take their medication. It helps to reiterate that only give out pills when your trusted veterinarian advises so.

We hope this feature helped you out!

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