Siberian Husky Pitbull Mix: Pitsky Breed Information, Puppies & More

The Husky Pitbull mix, also known as the Pitsky, is a crossbreed between a Siberian Husky and an American Pitbull Terrier. This hybrid dog breed inherits traits from both parents, making it a strong, energetic, and affectionate companion.

Pitskys can possess various combinations of traits from their parent breeds. Their coats may range from short to long fur, and their coloring can include a variety of shades. They are generally medium to large dogs, with males being larger than females on average.

The Pitsky’s temperament often exhibits the strength and determination of the Pitbull, combined with the energetic, friendly nature of the Husky. They are typically intelligent, trainable dogs that can adapt well to active families or individuals. However, they may need consistent training and socialization from a young age due to their strong and energetic nature.

It’s important to remember that Pitskys, like all mixed breeds, can have varied characteristics and the description above presents a generalization. Always look to interact with and understand an individual dog before adopting or buying.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Mixed breed dogs are not more or less than purebred dogs, and there are many deserving mixed breeds waiting for rescue in centers all over the nation. Also, there is a rising trend of ‘designer’ breeds which are a deliberate mix of two breeds. This article we’re going to examine the Pitsky pitbull, also known as the pitbull mix that is husky.

Although it is true that the Husky as well as the Pitbull are often being compared to each other They are a great mixed breed dog for owners who are unable to choose between the two. If you’re buying a mixed breed dog it is important to ensure that you’ve chosen an ethical breeder. you must also think about whether the breed is suitable to your life style.

There is no guarantee on the temperament and traits of every dog. They are all unique and a lot depends on how they’re trained and socialized. However, knowing the characteristics of both of the breeds that are crossed will assist you in getting a better understanding of what you could get.

Siberian Husky Pitbull Mix

Breed Histories

When we refer to “Pitbull” when we talk about ‘Pitbull’ in the article above, we’re discussing the dog that is most often associated with the term: Pitbull is the American Pit Bull Terrier. When people talk about Pit Bulls, there are several breeds that are commonly grouped in the same category which includes Staffordshire Bull Terriers as well as those of the American Staffordshire Terrier and other bully breeds such as English as well as American Bulldogs.

The term Pit Bull now often has unjustly negative stigmas to it, mostly as a due to the fact that it is related to strong breeds that have typically been fostered by reckless and often cruel owners who use pit bulls for fighting or to show status.

The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) was initially believed to be the identical dog to Staffordshire Bull Terrier. American Staffordshire Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and these powerful dogs were utilized to bait bulls and dogs for dog fighting during the late 19th century of the United Kingdom.

Some breeders were looking to develop companion dogs, they Staffordshire Bull Terrier became a particular breed around the time of 1930s, as well as it was recognized by the AKC acknowledged as the American Staffordshire Terrier in 1972.

The American Pit Bull Terrier was not considered an individual breed in the AKC however it was recognized accepted by both the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the Continental Kennel Club (CKC).

Responsible breeders are now focusing on enhancing their characteristics as friendly dogs that love people instead of the combative dogs of the past. While the breed has an unjustly negative reputation in certain circles, there is an increasing awareness of their benefits, and they are becoming more well-known companion dogs. They also enjoy popularity when they crossbred with other dogs such as the Labrador.

Siberian Huskies are a breed with a completely distinct history. They are frequently considered to be one of the oldest breeds of dogs around the globe. Their more recent background ties them to breeding to transport people and provide warmth and companionship to indigenous tribes within Arctic Siberia.

They were spotted by visitors to Alaskans They later brought them to America. United States in the early 20th century. They were used for Sled dogs in a competitive and working capacity.

This breed became registered by the American Kennel Club in 1930. Over the years their popularity slowly increased, and they are today considered to be among the most sought-after breeds of America. The AKC classified their breed as one of the 14th most well-known breed in 2018.

Huskies are also popular choices for other breeds of dog that are designer such as the huskador, which is an husky mix with the lab and the pomsky, which is pomeranian and husky mix or even a Horgi , which happens the result of a cross the Husky with Corgis.


Like any mixed breed it is possible to get a distinctive and unique appearance dog. It is possible to have an average-sized to large-sized strong dog. Both breeds are extremely strong and, particularly the APBT especially so. They are both extremely athletic and have lots of stamina. they are typically within the same weight range, which is around 35-60 pounds.

It is also unlikely to find a dog that has long coats that require frequent grooming in order to prevent mats or tangles in check. They are likely to shed however. Huskies are known for their excessive moulting, and they have a dense double coat. And even though the APBT is an incredibly shorter one coat, they do still moult.

The color of your Husky Pitbull Mix could end with a unique color too. Husky breeds are typically white and grey, however they also come in white and brown as well as white and sable, and white and red. Sometimes, they are only white or black.

The APBTs, on the other on the other hand, are available with a wider range of colors, including black white, fawn, brown blue, red and brindle.

Personality Traits

The Husky Pit Bull Mix will typically be a breed that loves being with humans. Both breeds are loved by humans, and the APBT especially so.

The breed is commonly called the “Nanny Dog” because they typically are close to their families. They act as comforters and protectors despite their size they are generally sensitive and loving with children.

It is important to keep in mind that even the most gentle pets should have their own space and children must behave in a manner that is appropriate when around them. Every dog is challenged to the limit, and an attack from one that has such strong jaws can be fatal.

Dr Sophia Yin has produced a simple, easy and useful infographic. It also includes additional tips to introduce children and dogs.

Although Huskies are known to be generally affectionate however, they can also be extremely boisterous, and occasionally hyperactive. If your mix exhibits more husky traits, they might not be the best fit to homes with young children, as they can effortlessly smash into.

Both breeds typically possess a prey-driven instinct and are not for a home that has smaller furry companions. A careful introduction and proper management might be necessary if you intend to keep them in a home with cats.

Huskies are frequently referred to by their nickname of the Houdinis of dogs. They are masters of escape and, when they are allowed to explore, they’ve been known to climb 6-foot fences or even dig beneath them easily. A safe garden with careful surveillance is advised.

It is known as the American Pit Bull Terrier, although generally very friendly with humans, can also be aggressive with other dogs (a result of being bred as fighters).

Sometimes, they are great with their dogs at home in their home, but not so great with other dogs and sometimes, they are most suitable for an exclusive dog-only household. Socialization early and continuous training can also be a major factor in the probability of being able to get along well with dogs from other breeds.

The breeds are not likely to make a great guard dog. Their love for humans makes them more likely to seek to cuddle the postal worker than to defend against him.


Both breeds are recognized for their intelligence and speed to master. They are both tolerant of positive, non-forced training methods.

Huskies are known to have an independent, stubborn streak, but perseverance, consistency and continuous training are expected.

They also have an animal that is well-known for their need to explore and generally do not have the greatest recall. If you decide to allow them off leash freedom, you’ll have to invest a significant amount of effort into recall training. There are some dogs who do not have complete freedom outdoors unless they are in a safe field or in an extended line. If that’s the situation, then ensure that your dog gets extended walks, plenty of opportunities for enriching sniffing and the chance to explore with a longer leash and plenty of exercise.

It is believed that the American Pit Bull Terrier is recognized as a breed that is prone to separation anxiety when left for long periods of time. Because they are so close with their families and friends, they can be anxious when they are left on their own. It is possible that you will need to spend more time preparing the amount of time they’re left and must be given plenty of fun and enriching toys, and plenty of physical activity to keep them occupied both physically and mentally.

Both breeds, especially the APBT are strong jaws and are known as chewers. This is yet another reason why they should be properly enhanced, and should be able to access a variety of very robust chew toys that are interactive and durable.

In the event that you find that your Husky Pit Bull mix is not a fan of other dogs, you might require counter-conditioning and desensitization plan to help them to comprehend that other dogs are good for them and they don’t have to be afraid or frightened of them. This also helps them understand that a more calm and peaceful response is recognized as a reward.

It is also possible to train your dog to make them comfortable wearing a muzzle. In certain States Breed-specific Legislation requires APBTs and breed-specific mixes wearing a muzzle when walking in public areas.


The Husky Pit Bull Mix will probably be the best fit for homes that have an active life style. The two breeds have a reputation to be active, driven and full of energy. They aren’t likely become a pet who is content with just only a couple of short walks along the street or to parks in the neighborhood. This can lead to them feeling under-stimulated and, as a result, showing problematic behaviors.

Huskies are known to love to run, and they are frequently involved in the game of canicross (running in tandem with your pet pulling forward using a harness that is specially designed). The APBT isn’t a slouch also, and they are excellent sports dogs for competition when provided with the chance.


Although this breed isn’t going to require costly visits to a groomer for extravagant haircuts However, it will likely leave your house looking pretty hairy. Should they be born with the thick hair of the double-coat Husky You should be ready for the annual blow-outs as hair is everywhere.

In this period it is recommended that they have regular grooming using an effective tool for deshedding like the Furminator. It is also important to be on top of your vacuum cleaning. In the absence of molting, a thorough brushing out once or two every week is likely to suffice to keep pitsky’s coat and skin in good shape.


Both breeds are considered to be pretty healthy, but there are a variety of inheritable diseases which each breed is associated with.

If you’re buying puppies, you should find an animal breeder who has had parents and mum health checks to ensure that there is less chance of passing these diseases to.

The Husky Pit Bull Mix could inherit conditions from one parents, so it’s important to be aware of are the most common ailments they may be susceptible to are.

Husky Health

Eye Issues:The breed is associated with several eye issues, including cataracts (although this is more likely to happen when they get older, and it is possible to treat this through surgery), cornea dystrophy (although it doesn’t significantly affect your quality of life) and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). While PRA can lead to blindness, dogs are able to enjoy a high standard of life when they are provided with the proper assistance to adjust to the changes.

Hypothyroidism: A thyroid that is underactive is more common in huskies than in many other breeds. The condition can be treated with medication after it is identified. The signs that your dog might be suffering from this disease are rapid weight growth, a decrease in coat and skin condition, as well as general fatigue.

hip Dysplasia: This is an illness that occurs due to the hip socket developing in a way that is not normal. It typically gets worse, and in severe instances, surgery may be performed to improve mobility and ease discomfort.

Pitbull Health

Skin Allergies: This breed is especially linked to skin allergies and allergies. They are susceptible to becoming afflicted with Canine Atopic Dermatitis and other environmental allergies can trigger this. It is usually an ongoing condition that requires careful treatment to prevent flare-ups from occurring. This could include taking regular medication baths, wearing special allergies-friendly sweaters while on walks, and removing potential allergens from your immediate surroundings.

Testing for allergies is becoming more widely used, however most dermatologists are aware that the results can be not conclusive or accurate. In extreme cases the hyposensitization treatment can be administered by an expert vet in order to get rid of any allergic reactions. It involves having your dog given the allergen in small doses frequently over a period of time to build up immunity.

Similar to Husky Husky The APBT, too, is also linked to the development of hypothyroidism and hip dysplasia.


Every dog, regardless of the breed, must be fed a premium and properly portion-controlled diet and Husky Pit Bull Mix Husky Pit Bull Mix will be no different.

If they’re an active dog, perhaps involved in dog-related sports such as Canicross, then a special effort must be put in to ensure that the food they eat gives them enough energy and the right nutrients to support their activities.

Finding a Half Husky & Half Pitbull Mix

It’s a sad reality it is that Pit Bull and Pit Bull mixes are among the most frequently-used breeds that are located in shelters for rescue across the United States. This is because of the sheer number of people who take these dogs for ill-informed motives, but as a result of the stigmas that are imposed on the breed, and obviously, due to breed-specific Legislation that imposes restrictions and rules regarding ownership.

Do not overlook these dogs at the shelter, however their affectionate, loyal natures mean that they are APBTs and mixtures of them, could be wonderful family pets when provided with the right environment as well as training and socialization.

If you’re considering purchasing a puppy and there aren’t any accredited breeders registered for Husky Pitbull Mixes, it is essential to conduct your own study.

The increasing the demand for rare crossbreeds indicates that there are a lot of untrustworthy breeding facilities and puppy mills out there seeking to make a quick profit. Dogs are usually kept in arid conditions, with no adequate socialization and health care, or even proper nutrition.

Make sure you see your pups with their mom in a secure, comfortable setting. Do not agree to meet anyone in a parking lot to pick up a puppy!

Your puppy should be at minimum eight weeks old and fully weaned prior to being able to be able to return home and should have undergone a vet check and a medical record from that to verify their age.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an animal that is comfortable living a full and active life and is steadfastly loving and loyal to their familymembers, then the pitbull mix might be the pet for you. They might not be for a family with children as they have a potential for strength and enthusiasm.

It is also possible to be ready to work extra hours in training, especially in regards to recall.

Although you and your Husky Pit Bull Mix could be a good companion for other dogs, it is important to be prepared for careful introductions. They may be the best fit to be the sole dog in the family to show all your love and affection to.

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