Italian Greyhound vs. Whippet

Italian Greyhounds and Whippets are both dog breeds that are known for their agility, speed, and slender bodies. Italian Greyhounds are generally smaller and more fragile than Whippets, with an adult normally weighing around 7-14 pounds compared with the Whippet’s 15-40 pounds.

Italian Greyhounds may be a bit anxious and are known for being sensitive, needing plenty of companionship. Whippets, on the other hand, are generally laid back and enjoy relaxing at home when they’re not exercising.

Both breeds require moderate exercise and love to run, but Whippets are typically more active and need more exercise, while Italian Greyhounds will be happy with a few short walks and some playtime. In terms of lifespan, Italian Greyhounds tend to live longer, typically 14-15 years, compared to a Whippet’s average lifespan of 12-14 years.

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It is believed that the Italian Greyhound and the Whippet are two very similar dogs which is due to the fact that they’re both direct descendents of their bigger counterpart that is the Greyhound. Sometimes, they are also crossed, which results in the well-known Whippet combination.

There are however some distinctions that distinguish them from each other. One of the most noticeable differences is their dimensions and size, with their size, with the Italian Greyhound being tiny toy breed and the Whippet being a medium-sized dog.

If you’re here to help you determine which breed is best suited to your needs as well as your needs, or you’re just here to get yourself an education in dog training take a look at the finer points of their distinctions and similarities.

Italian Greyhound vs. Whippet

Breed History

The Italian Greyhound and the Whippet are direct descendents from that of the Greyhound However they have different stories. Whippets are often confused with the Greyhound despite the fact that they’re two distinct breeds. It is the Italian Greyhound is easier to identify, solely based on the size of the dog (it’s significantly smaller than the two other breeds).

Italian Greyhound

It is believed that the Italian Greyhound is believed to originate from the Mediterranean regions about 2500 years back. In the 16 the century, his popularity increased in Italy because small dog breeds became regarded as an important wealthy symbol for the aristocracy as well as the upper classes which is why they were highly sought-after. This is where they were given their name as”the” Italian Greyhound. He first became registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1886. It was America who prevented the breed from extinction in the conflict-stricken European areas in both World Wars.

It is the Italian Greyhound is the smaller of the sighthounds however, he’s nonetheless incredibly fast and powerful. It was initially used as a small game dog but is more often used in homes with families as companion dogs. It is reported that the AKC has placed his at 73 3rd most loved dog in America in the present, and because of his size and small size, he is amidst the other breeds of toy.


It is the Whippet Whippet is an large dogthat is fairly new to the world of canines It was created as a breed within the past few centuries of Victorian England. It was designed to possess similar characteristics to the Greyhound however, he was designed to be much smaller in size, and that is why he got his name, “poor man’s Greyhound.’

The theory is that he was born by breeding Greyhounds and long-legged Terriers. The Whippet is smaller in both size and weight, yet the Whippet still had the ability to hunt rabbits due to his speed of up to 35 miles per hour. While his predecessor was the Greyhound is still able to claim his title of the fastest dog in the world, Whippet is the fastest dog. Whippet has the distinction of being the fastest-accelerating dog.

The breed first arrived in North America in the early 20 the 20th century to be utilized in hunting and dog racing. He is currently one of the the most loved breed of dog in America as per the AKC.


First of all, firstly, the Italian Greyhound and the Whippet differ greatly in dimensions and size. The Italian Greyhound is between 13 and 15 inches in height, measured from shoulder to paw, while the Whippet is 18-22 inches in height. It is estimated that the Italian Greyhound weighs only 7-14 pounds in comparison to the Whippet which weighs between 25 and 40 pounds which is an increase of 22 pounds in the average of the two breeds.

That’s where the distinctions end in regards to their appearance. They are similar in appearance. Italian Greyhound is simply just an enlarged model of Whippet! They share the same long , arching back and legs that resemble deer. They also have a small skull supported by an swan-shaped neck. Both have large, round eyes with dark shades and a muzzle that is narrow, and small ears that resemble roses. The features of both should be dark-colored like the rims of his eyes and nose.

Both have a short and smooth coat that appears shiny. Both have a broad range of coat colors. and the complete breed norm for the Whippet declares that the color of his coat is not important and that he can be seen with brindle markings however, it is the complete breed standard for the Italian Greyhound states that the breed is not permitted to wear any brindle markings any way.


The Italian Greyhound and the Whippet are very similar in nature, and have gentle breeds with an serene manner of speaking. If you’re looking for an animal that is quiet and doesn’t bark frequently and is calm, then these two dogs certainly meet the criteria. They are the most cuddly companions, because they’ll happily lay on the couch for hours if you let them.

They are an excellent companion for young children because they are gentle animals. They are extremely affectionate with their immediate family members; However, they are known to be a bit shy around strangers. Due to their shyness they don’t like being left to themselves for prolonged durations of time. They are also often afflicted with separation anxiety.

Despite their inactivity however, they are famous for their brief bursts of energy They are renowned as canines as the zoomies. Zoomies can last for between five and ten minutes. they can be described as speedy running around the house in circles, jumping up onto couches, and then getting into floors.

If you own one of these, then you shouldn’t put sentimental or expensive ornaments on the side of the unit, because when they receive a massive case of zoomies, they could accidentally hit them! Holly Whippet Whippet clearly demonstrates the zoomies on her video and can be a fantastic source of fun entertainment for all the family.

As sighthounds, they can chase smaller animals with little warning, if any even though they’ve not been hunted or raced before. This is why they must not be let to run loose in public areas and your yard must be secured and fenced in because they are able to leap over fences. This is why they are only suitable for households with no other small animals like rabbits or guinea-pigs, since it is against the D.N.A for them to pursue their prey. They are not famous for their chase of cats, in contrast to their larger Greyhound cousins.


Despite their hunting and racing background, many are shocked to discover that they aren’t very energetic dogs. They’re very relaxed (borderline in their slumber) and only require brief sessions of vigorous exercise. They are moderately energetic dogs that would love taking two walks per day. If you’ve got access to an area that is reinforced or a play area, then they are they going to love a trip to let their hound energy go! Lure coursing is the ideal method for them to let their energy go by chasing an electronic object that triggers the unpredictable of wild animals, but in a safe and controlled setting.

Of course it is true that it is true that the Italian Greyhound being much smaller than the Whippet will require less exercise. The Italian Greyhound will get about twenty minutes exercise every day, while the Whippet will require around forty minutes every day. Your dog should remain calm and quiet at home. the best method to guarantee this is to take them for walks often.


It is true that the Italian Greyhound as well as the Whippet are usually difficult to train because they are self-sufficient and sometimes stubborn. They’d rather spend an afternoon of leisure watching films instead of participating in training sessions. This is why beginning early training in obedience is essential to incorporate the basics in discipline and daily routine even if they’re not at all interested. Training sessions that are short and enjoyable are recommended, and even if you think you’re not making progress with your dog, keep working to keep going and remain constant.

The fact that they are both timid implies that it is essential for their being socialized at an early age to ensure that they become at ease with humans as well as animals, and in unfamiliar environments. It is also essential to ensure that they are taught the positive reinforcement techniqueis used during their training. Otherwise the nervousness they experience will spread into their family members and their master.


It is believed that the Italian Greyhound as well as the Whippet have some common health issues as well as distinct health problems.

Whippet National Breed Club Whippet National Breed Club suggests that he be examined for the following things:

The Brainstem Auditory Evoked Reaction Test Also called BAER, this test is designed to determine the normal hearing level in both ears.

Ophthalmologist AssessmentHe should be examined for a variety of eye diseases, including progressive retina atrophy.

Cardiac Evaluation– heart disease is the most common cause of death in whippets who are older.

The Italian Greyhound National Breed Club suggests that the dog undergo an Ophthalmologist evaluation similar to that of the Whippet and also the following concerns:

Hip Dysplasia This can be described as an abnormal development in the joint of the hip that can lead to painful arthritis.

Thyroid Assessment This thyroid gland regulates all hormones and metabolism, and may result in a variety of health problems if it does not function properly at a regular level.

The Luxating PatellaSimply it is a kneecap dislocated that can cause pain and discomfort.

Since they’re both thin and have thin skins, both are both prone to hypothermia and frostbite and hypothermia, which is the reason, during winter months, you should purchase a dog coat to prevent this. In addition, both are susceptible to anesthesia and, therefore, should they need to see a vet and need any kind of procedure, make certain to inform the vet of this.

Although that the Italian Greyhound being predisposed to a few health issues and a shorter lifespan, they will live slightly more over the Whippet.


It is believed that the Italian Greyhound will eat between 1/2 to one cup food each day, while the Whippet consumes slightly more , at 1-1/2 cups of food per day. They will eat having a snack or two during the day, and it is recommended to monitor their food intake to ensure that they don’t get too large for their small frame.

The dogs are not at risk of being overweight due to their genetics. Both dogs enjoy running and run, so ensure that you provide your dog with plenty of space to get the proper sources all day. Because both dogs have higher metabolisms, you are able to feed them, but you’ll need to monitor their eating habits.


They Italian Greyhound as well as the Whippet are extremely low-maintenance when it comes to their sleek and short coats. Whilst they do shed, they do so in a small amount and, as such they only require brushing every week. They don’t need to be bathed frequently either and a bath every two months or so should suffice. Both have extremely thin skin, so when cleaning them, be sure to be aware of skin infections and treat them accordingly.

Due to their jaws being narrow due to their jaws being narrow, due to their jaws being narrow, both Italian Greyhound and the Whippet suffer from dental issues, so their teeth require brushing with dog toothpaste at least once a week. This not only keeps their breath smelling fresh and fresh, but it also helps prevent other periodontal issues.

Puppy Prices

The cost for the Italian Greyhound, being the most affordable of the two, begins at $500 while the price of the Whippet begins at approximately $800 and both come from a reliable breeder. However, in the event that you are looking for puppies with a specific champion bloodline then you could spend higher than that, ranging to several thousand dollars.

For more information on breeders with a reputation for excellence For more information on breeders who are reputable, you can refer to the Italian Greyhound Club of America provides a list of reputable breeders across America and the American Whippet Club.

Final Thoughts

In general they both Italian Greyhound and the Whippet are extremely similar breeds because they share a common ancestor with each other through their common ancestor and their ancestor, the Greyhound. They are so alike they are almost identical. The Italian Greyhound looks like the younger sibling and the Whippet is his elder brother. The difference in size that’s often the most important aspect for potential owners since their temperaments are similar as well.

As the bigger version The Whippet requires a little greater exercise as well as food than Italian Greyhound, and he is much more agile should you let him off leash!

Both are incredibly fun with their five minute zoomies, but they are calm and gentle throughout the rest of the day. And they are both equally wonderful pet companions for the family!

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