Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua Mix: All About The Jack Chi

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

It is the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is often referred to by the name of Jack Chi. It is also known as the Jack Chi. Jack Chi is an relative newcomer to the dog breeder scene and is an amalgamation of a purebred Jack Russell terrier and a Chihuahua. It is believed that this Jack Chi hybrid first appeared in the late 1980s or early 1990s in the time they were being bred to provide companionship.

This breed is full of energy, but isn’t the ideal mixed breed dog for every family. If you’re on a busy work schedule and have to keep your dogs in the house all day long it’s probably not the dog for you. In any case Jack Chis are regarded for their affection, friendliness and bright. They are always ready to a challenge with their beloved owners!

Are these mixed breed dogs the perfect pet for your needs? Let’s look at the breeds that are parents, and all other aspects of the Jack Chi that you’ll need to know about before you decide to take one home to join your family.

Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua Mix

Parent Breeds

Designer dogs are an expression that was invented to refer to a dog which was developed by crossing two purebred dogs.The concept behind crossbreeding is to create an animal that is healthy and hardy with a few of the traits of its parent breeds and characteristics. If the cross succeeds it will be able to counteract the negative traits of one of the breeds’ parents can be masked.

It’s impossible to tell which parent will have the most influence on the puppy’s appearance and personality. You could get a puppy who looks more similar to that of the Jack Russell terrier mom but exhibits the character that of Chihuahua dad. It is important to remember that certain health issues could occur in both the breeds’ parents. This means that the pups may not be as healthy as you believe. Now that you know more about breeders, you’ll want to learn more about the breeds that are their parents.

Jack Russell Terrier

It is believed that the Jack Russell is an energetic, active dog with a high prey drive, particularly when small furries like squirrels and rabbits are involved. This is because the dogs were designed to hunt and kill vermin, which includes the fox. Therefore, any small or furry that escapes in pursuit is thought as fair game to the vivacious dogs!

It is known that the Jack Russell breed loves to dig, and it can be destructive as well. They are known as of being barkers. This could be a problem for the Jack Chi, because the Chihuahua is also a yapper! Jack Russells require plenty of stimulation for their minds and physical activity to keep him occupied. Their sharp minds makes them difficult to train.

The Jack Russell is a small and slender dog that measures approximately 13 to 14 inches tall at the shoulder, and weighing Between 13-17 pounds. Healthy and robust The Jack Russell can live for as long as 18 years. They’re also popular dogs to mix with other breeds, such as for instance, the Beagle Jack Russell Terrier mix.


The small Chihuahua is part of the toy group. Despite its small size, the Chihuahua is a huge personality! Chihuahua is a big dog! Chihuahua is Mexico’s symbol of national pride however, it is most likely to be more well-known as the pet who is the purse companion of numerous celebrities. However, the Chihuahua isn’t a shy lap dog! They are called “armpit piranhas” as they are known for being extremely protective of their owners.

The Chihuahua breed is a relic of the pre-Columbian times in which they were loved as pet dogs. Today, these playful small dogs remain loved by families. One thing to remember for potential Chihuahua owner is the fact that these adorable puppies are confirmed yappers. Chihuahuas are often combined with different breeds to create other breeds that are designer dogs. A few of the most popular breeds are Chihuahuas that are Chihuahua Yorkie mix or the Chihuahua Pom mix.

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

It is said that the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix has earned the reputation as a friendly and lively crossbreed. As we’ve said, the pups are often known as”the” Jack Chi. Jack Chis vary in size, from eight to 18 pounds , and reaching up to 15 inches in height. It is believed that the Jack Chi is a relatively healthy dog Both breeds are very affectionate.


A Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is well-known for its bright energetic, lively, and determined puppy. However the temperament of your Jack Chi will be influenced by the characteristics your puppy acquired from or from either parent.

It is said that the Jack Russell is an incredibly enthusiastic dog, while Chihuahuas are more laid back. Chihuahua is more relaxed. If you find that your Jack Chi puppy takes more after his Chihuahua parent, it could aid in balancing certain aspects of Jack Russell’s excessive. But, be ready for a dog who loves doing work.

It is common for Jack Chi to be a dedicated dog that loves spending time with its human family. Unfortunately, this Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is susceptible to experiencing separation anxiety when left on its own in a confined space for too long. This can result in large amount of barking and yapping and could pose an issue when you live near your neighbors or reside within an apartment. Additionally, Jack Chis could be very destructive when they are overwhelmed or anxious when they are they are left to themselves.

It is important to note that the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is generally not a threatening dog however, the breed can become irritable when playtime gets too rough. This means that it Jack Chi unsuitable for a family with children that may lash out at the dog or treat the dog rough, even if inadvertently.

The majority of Jack Chis are well when they are with dogs of other breeds, if you keep your puppy socialized while you’re still young.

However, care must be recommended if you are planning to introduce the Jack Russell Chihuahua mixture to the other pets within your home. It is believed that the Jack Russell was used for hunting small prey animals as well as vermin. The dog’s instinct for prey is still strong and should you have a Jack Chi takes after his Jack Russell parent, you might find that your family pet rabbit or cat is considered to be fair game!

Size and Appearance

It is the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix’s appearance is influenced by the traits which the puppy inherits from its parents. It is estimated that the Jack Chi grows to around 10 to 15 inches tall with a weight range of between 8 to 18 pounds.

All Jack Chis have a long neck and a body with a lot of muscle particularly in the hindquarters. The head is typically triangular like the head of the shape of a Jack Russell, whereas the eyes are big and round similar to the eyes of Chihuahuas. Chihuahua.

It is believed that the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix has ears that are either pointed and erect similar to the Chihuahua or the floppy ears of those of the Jack Russell. Jack Chis are generally short-legged and have a curly tail. Jack Chi usually has short legs and a curly tail.

Coat and Colors

Jack Chi Jack Chi typically has a thin, dense coat. Their colors include Black white, Brown, Cream, Golden, Fawn and Chocolate. Tri-colored and bi-colored varieties are also common typically with black and brown as well as black and tan white and black as well as white and brown, dark brown and light brown. There’s a chance this puppy will carry this colour gene which the JRT parent could have. It is believed that the Jack Russell Chihuahua breed is known as a very low shedder and grooming requirements are not a problem.

Exercise & Living Conditions

It is said that Jack Chi is a playful young dog who requires regular exercise to keep him active and healthy. He also needs to stay out of trouble! Along with taking at least two walks per every day Your Jack Russell Chihuahua mix will have a blast playing with you. The Jack Chi will be equally content playing with other dogs at the dog park, or playing in a secure yard.

Another excellent way to exercise the muscles of your Jack Chi is to teach him dog sports like agility, or go out to a walk together with the family. The owners of Jack Chis who take after their Chihuahua parents should be aware that the thin-skinned dogs do not handle cold weather too well. Make sure you provide your dog with a warm jacket for exercising outside in the cold winter months.


It requires patience, perseverance, and time to learn to train the dog you have named Jack Chi. It is recommended that you begin your dog’s training on the first day. It is believed that the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix has an imposing personality, and allowing your brand new pet to be in charge right from the beginning will cause problems later on in the future.

It is said that the Jack Russell is, by nature an aggressive dog that prefers to be at the top of his group. This, along with Chihuahua’s obstinate tendencies makes these dogs difficult to train. When you are training your Chihuahua ensure that you be consistent and firm, however, always employ positive reinforcement techniques, instead of punishment.

To prevent your bright active dog from getting bored, make sure to make sure that your training sessions are shortand don’t repeat yourself. A Jack Russell is a born escape artist, with a well sensitive ability to smell. If you are planning to hold classes at your home, ensure to keep the Jack Chi on a leash or make sure that your fence is secured!

Jack Chis are fond of digging. Therefore, you’ll have to teach your dog to think of the backyard as the place to indulge in his love of digging, not on your couch, your children in the sandbox or even the cat’s litter tray! It is true that the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix can occasionally be aggressive and defensive with other dogs and humans as well. You can prevent this undesirable behavior by introducing it early in socialization.


The Jack Russell Chihuahua-mix could inherit health issues genetically from both of his parents. This is why it’s crucial to know about the conditions that could affect both the Jack Russell and the Chihuahua. The most common health issues associated with the Jack-Chi are Patella Luxation Hypoglycemia, Cardiac problems Legg-Calves-Perthes’ disease, and collapsed tracheas.

The majority of mixed breed dogs are healthier than purebred dogs especially because their poor genetic characteristics are often neutralized by the other parent breed, which results in less frequent health issues. However, this isn’t always however, and is an advantage of adopting the mixed breed dog.


The typical adult Jack Russell Chihuahua mix will consume around 1 cup of premium dry dog food each day. While that may appear to be a significant amount of food for such tiny dogs they are very active, and they consume calories quite quickly. While puppies who are teething may prefer soft food, it is recommended to always give the adult Jack Chi dry kibble. Why? Small dogs may be affected by dental overcrowding.

This condition may let plaque and bacteria build up between the dog’s teeth, eventually leading to gum disease (gum disease) that can cause canine periodontal diseases. Kibble (biscuits) are a great way to cleanse the dog’s teeth while they break down the food, which removes the potentially dangerous plaque.


It is believed that the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix has an extremely short, thick coat that sheds less. This means that you don’t have to spend long hours cleaning your pet! Make use of a brush with a hard bristle for grooming the coat of your Jack Chi once or twice every week. This should suffice for keeping your pet looking sharp and keep the coat as well as skin great shape.

Every week, you should check every week, examine your Jack Russell Chihuahua dog’s ears to look for any indications of infection. Clean them with an earbud cleaner as well as warm water. Maintain your dog’s teeth in good shape by cleaning them with a dog toothbrush and a special pet toothpaste at least once a week. These can be purchased at your vet or from the best pet stores. The nails of your Jack Chi should be cut short enough so that they do not click on the floor when your dog walks. If you’re not sure about cutting your dog’s nails, consult your vet or nurse to do it for you.

As Family Pets

  • It is the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is ideal for those who have an active family that includes older children.
  • Children of all ages and Jack Chis typically do not get along, since Jack Chis can be irritable.
  • Small dogs aren’t an ideal choice for families with children who are small because these dogs are smaller.
  • You’ll need plenty of time to spare because these dogs need lots of exercise.
  • Jack Chis can suffer from separation anxiety, and is not a good fit in a home when by himself.
  • Jack Chi Jack Chi can inherit the extremely strong prey drive that is characteristic of Jack Russell.
  • It is something you should be aware of if you also have small pets like rabbits, cats, and other animals of the same kind.
  • Jack Chi Jack Chi is a low shedder that has a moderate grooming requirement.
  • However, the Jack Chi sheds, which makes it Jack Chi unsuitable for a home with pets that suffer from allergies.
  • It is believed that the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix can be stubborn and easily distracted.
  • This makes this breed difficult to train, and is best suited to an experienced family of dog owners.

Finding a Breeder

It is believed that the Jack Chi is a fairly established crossbreed. There are a number of breeders in the United States you can find through an easy Google search. But, it is important to investigate the breeder or kennel to ensure they are reputable prior to committing any money. Make sure to visit the puppies and their owners before making a final decision.

You can also look into social media sites and connect to others Jack Chi fans who may be able to direct you to an experienced, reliable breeder.

Puppy Costs & More

The cost for a Jack Russell Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix puppy ranges from about $200 and $750. The cost will vary based on the location in which the breeder is located and the gender that the pup is born, as well as the show record of the puppy’s parents. But, be cautious about purchasing an Jack Chi puppy that’s available for sale at a bargain price.

Cheap puppies are usually sourced from breeding facilities that are large in scale, referred to as “puppy mills.” Puppies from mills are produced in large numbers to take advantage of the current trend of popularity for a specific breed of designer dog. Puppy mills’ dogs are usually kept in poor conditions and rarely checked for health. It is possible to make an expensive error in the event that you’re Jack Chi puppy proves to be sick or has acquired any health issues through his parent. Therefore, you must purchase the puppy through a trusted breeder.

It is crucial that you have the opportunity to visit the kennels of the breeder and get to meet the puppy’s family members and parents. In most cases, you will gain a better understanding of the temperament of your puppy by having a conversation and interacting with the parents. Additionally, you will gain a better understanding of how large or small the dog of your choice will end up being. Be sure to request the breeder to show you the puppy’s parents’ health certificates prior to paying any money.

Rescue and Shelters

If you’re not interested in the stress and hassle of bringing a puppy home Why not offer an forever place to an unloved Jack Russell Chihuahua mix from an animal shelter or rescue center. It’s true that the Jack Chi isn’t the most popular crossbreed for designers, but you might be fortunate and find a dog who is looking for a new place to call home.

You might get the opportunity to adopt an Jack Chi on a “try before you buy” basis for one month. This is often offered at local rescues, when you offer the opportunity to foster the dog. It’s a fantastic method to determine if the dog is a great match to your family. You’ll also have the option of returning your pet to the shelter if you’re not in a good relationship.

Final Thoughts

If you are a very active family who would appreciate the exercise and training of an energetic, loyal and affectionate dog, then this Jack Russell Chihuahua mix might be the perfect fit for you. It is possible that the Jack Chi could also be the best choice when you reside in a small or apartment home. But, they tend to bark, which can cause problems for your neighbors!

Additionally, children rabbits, cats and other furry creatures aren’t the best companions to Jack Chi. Jack Chi, as the breed is often lacking in tolerance and has a large prey-drive. It is said that the Jack Chi is a low shedder that doesn’t require any grooming. However, they shed all year long and wouldn’t be a good fit for those with allergies in their household. Now, you have all the facts you require to determine if you think a Jack Russell Chihuahua combination could be the best fit to your household. Best of luck with your search!

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