Mountain Cur Dog Breed Traits & Facts

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

The Mountain Cur is an energetic and fun-loving dog. He’s a hard-working dog who enjoys chasing small animals, particularly squirrels and Raccoons. He requires at minimum 90 minutes of vigorous daily exercise, or else it could turn into a dangerous and threatening dog. He needs a strong and confident master to train and socialize his puppy years. He is also extremely attached to his immediate family. He’s not a good fit for every family. But, he could make an excellent pet if he is with an appropriate person. Many people believe they are they are the same breed. Mountain Cur and the Black Mouth Cur are the identical breed. But, they’re two distinct breeds of dog.

For more details about this breed, the Black Mouth Cur visit the website.. There sixteen Cur breeds. Let’s take a closer look at this breed of dog Mountain Cur and see if this dog is the one for you.

Mountain Cur Dog


The only thing we know about the Mountain Cur is that European immigrants, mostly thought to come from Spain who took him into the Southeastern regions in America to settle mostly in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia and, according to the old saying”The rest is history!

The Mountain Cur was used as an both hunter and a guard dog However, he was a master in both. The people who settled in the area were too busy with their lives and the demands for their family members to devote time monitoring and documenting the dog’s breed.

In the 1950s, when their numbers plummeted Four breeders came in and in the year 1957 they established OMCBA. Original Mountain Cur Breeders of America (OMCBA). Then, in the year 2005, in the year 2005, Mountain Cur was recognized as an official breed . The steps to protect this unique breed were initiated.

In the beginning there were Five Mountain Cur bloodlines: McConnell McConnell Stephens York, Arline, Ledbetter McConnell, Stephens and McConnell. Based on the five bloodlines, the OMCBA created a new bloodline and named it”the Robert Kemmer Stock Mountain Curs.. This bloodline formed the basis for the United Kennel Club’s Mountain Cur. While breeders may use the term Mountain Curs under their bloodline names, they’re all in the end the same.

The UKC has acknowledged Mountain Curs as a breed since 1998. Mountain Cur as an official breed since 1998 however, it is not recognized by the American Kennel Club still does not recognize it, and therefore Mountain Curs can only be registered with the UKC. They’re now more sought-after than ever before thanks to the OMCBA’s efforts however they are an undiscovered and rare breed.


Mountain Cur Mountain Cur was originally bred to hunt small vertemin however, the most well-known trait is the ability to track squirrels as well as Raccoons. The Mountain Cur is an a tree-loving puppy which chases animals to trees, and allows his master to kill the animals.

The most well-known hunter across America’s Southeastern American states due to his speed and barking signals. This guy is a Fantastic hunter ,. He will never forget his desire to pursue small mammals, so be prepared to chase them around the yard or in the open.

If you’re looking for to have the Mountain Cur to be your hunter or pet for the family, you’ll be able to enjoy a lively, energetic dog . The pocket rocket’s enthusiasm and intelligence are unparalleled. The dog is a ferocious one who needs plenty of physical exercise, mental stimulation, and interaction with his family. Anyone considering a family needs to be prepared to provide this. This extremely fundog to play with is one to consider.

Mountain Cur Mountain Cur isvery loyal to his estate and family. It is something that any prospective owner needs to be aware of. Mountain Cur is a noisy barker who will warn anyone who attempts to gain access to the estate. Mountain Cur must greet his master when he enters the gate so that Mountain Cur knows that he’s an ally. Socialization and training early can reduce the need for protection.

Size & Appearance

Male and female Mountain Curs have medium-sized breeds. They range from 16 to 26 inches from shoulder to paw They weigh anywhere between 30 to 60 pounds. His legs are slim and long and he’s athletic. Mountain Cur is a little smaller than his height which allows him to hunt. He also is a strong runner.

The neck of the Mountain Cur is sturdy with a slight arched. It is a large skull that is flat on top. He has medium-sized ears which hang to either the jawline or either. The eyes of his are big and dark. The edges of his eyes are the color of his nose. His A straight, naturally-docked tail It is the most popular however it could also be shorter.

For more details on his appearance, look at the UKC’s complete breeding standards.

Coat & Colors

The Mountain Cur has a double-layered coat. The two layers of his coat are shorter as well as near to the body. The coat of his can be smooth or rough.

Mountain Cur Mountain Cur can be a range of colors, such as blue, brindle, brown red, yellows blonde, cream and buttermilk buckskin, which is a light gold hue. You can pick to be black, with the brindle or tan marks throughout the body. White markings are able to be applied to the body. But, it is not allowed to exceed one-third of his body , according to the breed norms.

Exercise Requirements and Living Conditions

The Mountain Cur is a high-energy dog that requires at minimum 90 minutes of exercise every day in order to meet his requirements for exercise. It is important to note that the Mountain Cur is a working dog that should be taught to hunt or, at the very minimum get an opportunity to stay at home. The Mountain Cur is also a wonderful running partner.

If your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, he’ll tell you know. Devastating noises and excessive barking will soon be an everyday part of your life in the event that you do not provide sufficient exercise for your dog. If you don’t then you may consider adopting a different breed.

Due to his energy and energy, he needs to be placed in a large to medium-sized home with access to a large yard with a fence that is reinforced. He’s not the best fit to live in apartments and is likely to develop cabin fever.

Although he would love snuggling at night with his loved ones but he would rather spend the majority of his time outdoors searching for the next squirrel. Mountain Cur is not willing to sacrifice having an outdoor space.

Be cautious, however. Mountain Curs are extremely smart. Mountain Cur is smart enough to know how to unlock and unlock doors and latches. Therefore, make sure that all latches are locked and secured. They’re also known for their excellent digging machines,. This is why it’s crucial to ensure they exercise regularly.

They are great pets for families, but they have to be part of the appropriate family. He’s not a great choice for a home that has multiple pets. He is not tolerant of any other dog unless he’s been raised by them. There are no other animals like rodents or cats. They hunt him and has been reported to cause deaths in other pets of the family.

While Mountain Curs are believed to be a good choice for young children, some Mountain Curs families have reported the fact that their pets are ideal to older kids,. They have been known to not accept children younger than. He is a wonderful pet for families, and is happy with any family who has the appropriate people.


Mountain Cur Mountain Cur is an intelligent dog who is keen to please his master,. This combination is a dog’s owner’s nightmare when it comes to training. He is a determined and fierce dog. Therefore, he requires an experienced and strong master. Mountain Curs requires the use of a pack leader,. If he believes you’re not capable of the job the leader will end your contract.

Mountain Curs are known for not liking the hard work and, therefore, while they may require a strong leader, he needs one who is kind and patient of him. The person in question requires positive reinforcement training. If he thinks you’re yelling at him for doing something wrong, he could be able to hide behind you.

Since Mountain Cur can be naturally securedof his family, training in obedience should begin at a young age. Mountain Cur should be socialized with breeds of every size and with people. The more frequently that you allow him into new situations the more comfortable the dog will grow and reduce the chance of him becoming overprotective and aggressive.

Mountain Cur Mountain Cur is a top snorer who can detect the coldest scents. But his enthusiasm and determination to delight his master is more remarkable. The ability to turn off his eyes is the reason hunters select him as their mate. He is smart and loyal enough to follow his master. The majority of hunting dogs, such as those like the Beagle and Bloodhound are not possess this capability. This skill must be introduced to the Mountain Cur right from the beginning if you plan to utilize the Mountain Cur as a hunting dog.


The Mountain Cur is a extremely healthy breed due to the OMCBA. Breeders who were responsible were permitted the right to breed their dog, which significantly decreased or eliminated any breeding. The lifespan of an average Mountain Cur is around 16 years which is an impressive amount of time for a dog of this size.

The most common health issues reported are the possibility of deafness that is usually due to the accumulation of mites and wax in the ears that are long and floppy. It shouldn’t be an issue as long as the ears are cleaned at least every week.

Another issue to be aware of could be the skin allergy that could be caused by long-term exposure to water in humid regions. When the Mountain Cur is into the contact of water be sure that he’s completely dry.

While he could be afflicted with other health issues However, Mountain Cur is generally healthy. Mountain Cur is generally one the healthiest dog breeds

around the globe.


Mountain Cur Mountain Cur will consume two meals a day,. Since he’s so active it is essential to eat as much as he can before, during, and after exercising to prevent the bloating .

It is recommended to feed him premium kibble that is designed for medium-sized dogs with high energy to ensure that he gets the calories and nutrients that he requires.


Mountain Cur Mountain Cur is an easy dog to groom. While he has a double-coated coat, the shedding isn’t as apparent like other dogs. To keep him healthy and beautiful, he’ll require brushing every week, to improve the flow of blood and increase shine.

He’ll only need bathing when very dirty, which is why taking a bath every two or three months is sufficient. Spray or use dog wipes to wash him after he has hunted. They can be bought in any pet store.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

Search engines will show results when you enter “Mountain Cur Breeders” into their search engine. It is the most popular method of finding breeders. However, You must conduct an extensive research on them, reviewing their reviews and meeting their pups. It is essential to buy an Mountain Cur from an accredited breeder to ensure their health. Puppy mills that are not vetted could create Mountain Curs with dogs of different breeds. They could also create unhealthy Mountain Curs from puppies they purchased at a bargain price, which could cause them to become sick.

There are also specific social media groups like The United Mountain Cur Association and other groups, and they are a good place to start asking members for recommendations from breeders.

The median price for an Mountain Cur puppy is around $450. If they come of a prestigious or original bloodline, they could be sold for much more.

The price of a puppy is contingent on the location you live in. It might be cheaper to buy an Mountain Cur puppy if you reside within the Southeastern States, where they are the most sought-after. There are numerous breeders in the region in comparison to those on the West Coast.

If you have any questions regarding breeders who are trustworthy and trustworthy, the OMCBA is the best location to ask.

Rescues & Shelters

The Mountain Cur Rescue organization keeps their website updated with the possibility of adopting Mountain Curs, and mixes states-by-state.

Keep in mind that many rescue groups depend on word-of-mouth to help promote Mountain Curs looking for their forever homes. Make sure to visit the group on Facebook above and connect with others in the group.

As Family Pets

  • The Mountain Cur must be placed in a family with an active family.
  • It is recommended to give him at minimum 90 minutes of intense training every day.
  • He would be a great fit in a big house and should have access to a huge and secured backyard.
  • If he is not raised with a pet, he must be the sole pet in the family.
  • There shouldn’t be other animals, such as rodents or cats.
  • The Mountain Cur is a great choice for families with older children.
  • The Mountain Cur has proven to be extremely trustworthy and protective of his family.
  • He’ll love cuddling with his master after an exhausting day’s work.
  • The Mountain Cur most happy when he has work to complete, like hunter or agility classes.
  • Mountain Cur Mountain Cur is not hypoallergenic despite it being a high shedder.
  • He’s not the best dog for households with dogs that have allergies.

Final Thoughts

The Mountain Cur is a very demanding dog that requires more attention and training than the average puppy. While he’s not ideal for all families, he can be a wonderful pet. You’ll enjoy a long-lasting friendship with your animal if he checks every box and you’re sure you can check all of his.

The Mountain Cur is an adorable dog that is a wonderful pet for the family.

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