Pitbull Terrier Chihuahua Mix: Chipit Breed Information

*. If you are looking to add a dog to your family, the pitbull Chihuahua mixture might be a good choice. The pitbull Chihuahua mixture is an unusual mix breed that was created from crossbreeding two purebred Chihuahuas and an American pitbull terrier. These pups are lively and full of life. They make a great choice for active families looking for a fun, sociable pet. The pitbull Chihuahua is also known by the names Chipit and Pithuahua. The pitbull Chihuahua combination would make the ideal companion dog for you and your family. This is a rare breed that is more likely to be found in shelters or rescues than from breeders. We take a closer look at the breed and answer the most frequently asked questions by potential Chipit owners.

Pitbull Terrier Chihuahua Mix

Parent Breeds

A pitbull Chihuahua mix breed is often called a “designer puppy” when two purebreds mate in a deliberate manner. Crossbreeding is a way to create designer dogs. It was first proposed twenty years ago. Crossbreeds are generally healthier and live longer than purebreds. Many supporters of the purebred believe that too many crossbreeding can lead to a decrease in the gene pool. This could have adverse consequences for certain breeds. Mixed breeds seem like a good idea. Crossbreeding has its drawbacks.

First, it is impossible to predict which parent your puppies will choose. You could end up with a pitbull mother and a Chihuahua father who look very similar to your puppy. Second, health conditions that are common between the parent breeds can be passed to the progeny rather than being bred out. Before we dive into the Chipit mix, let’s look at each parent breed in more detail.

American Pitbull Terrier

The U.K. and Ireland are the origins of the American pitbull terrier. Back in the 1800s, breeders began experimenting by crossing old-style bull-baiting dogs with lightweight terriers to produce a smaller-framed, less aggressive dog.

These early hybrid dogs made the crossing across the Pond to America with pioneers and immigrants. They were used for hunting, herding and companionship. These early canine migrants are the direct ancestors to the American pitbull, terrier that we now know.

The American Kennel Club does not recognize pitbull terriers as a breed. This is due to the fact that the breed is known for being used as an attack dog and has been bred by criminals. The breed is also restricted in certain states in the United States.

For example, dogs that have five or more pitbull traits are banned in Kearney, Missouri. People’s mistakes or deliberate training can make the pitbulls aggressive. A well-socialized and properly trained pitbull can be as happy, friendly, and safe as any other dog breed. Mixing pitbulls with other breeds , is common. Some of the most popular mixes are the lab Pitbull mix , and the pitbull mix ..


The American Kennel Club categorizes the small Chihuahua a toy dog .. The Chihuahua may seem like a quiet lap dog. You would be wrong. Also, the Chihuahua is a confirmed barker and can be something of a menace if you have near neighbors who like a quiet life!

The Chihuahua can be seen with celebrities and wealthy people all over the world as a popular purse dog. Mexico’s National dog ambassador is the Chihuahua.

Don’t let cuteness fool you, these adorable little guys are known as “armpitpiranhas” and can be quite feisty. The Chihuahua is not one to be taken lightly and will not tolerate being clumsy or unwanted attention from other dogs. Chihuahuas are popular mixes, sometimes by planning and sometimes not. Other popular chi-mixes include the chiweene or the yorkie chihuahua mix.

Pitbull Chihuahua Mix

*The pitbull Chihuahua is a lively and social dog. This rare crossbreed, also called a Chipit or Pithuahua, is mentioned previously. The Dog Registry of America, Inc. (IDCR) and the International Designer Canine Registry(IDCR) recognize the Chipit. The American Kennel Club currently does not recognize the breed.

A Chipit can grow to be up to 20 inches in height to the shoulder, weighing up to around 20 pounds. This is an estimation, and some Chihuahua pitbull Chihuahua mix can grow smaller than this, if they are more dependent on the Chihuahua parent. Chipits are generally healthy and are quite long-lived too, often making it to 13 or 14 years of age.


The Chipit is a living wire! These dogs are happy to live an active life, and they love being able to share it with their family. The pitbull Chihuahua combination could be the right choice for active children who enjoy spending time outdoors.

You should be ready to spend lots and lots of time with your Chipit. They need to be entertained and exercised as they can become destructive when bored. The Chipit can bark a lot, especially when he is alerting his owner to strangers on his property.

The pitbull Chihuahua is a small breed that can be adapted to living in an apartment. However, he is most happy when he has plenty of space to run around and play. The Chipit would be happy in a place that has a yard or garden where he can run and burn off his excess energy.

Chipits can be very loyal to their owners. They may become defensive when they see a danger. It is important to socialize and train your pitbull Chihuahua puppy mix from the beginning.

Although there is some evidence to suggest that American pitbull terriers are more likely to bite than other breeds, those statistics can be misleading. False reports of bites can be made due to confusion or misidentification. Irresponsible owners may be attracted to pitbulls because of their reputation as vicious bruisers.

Both the Chihuahua and the Pitbull are intelligent, confident breeds. You could find it difficult to train one of these puppies.

Size & Appearance

The appearance and size of a Pitbull Chihuahua Mix will depend on the parent that the puppy is most fond of. The Chipit typically grows up to 20 inches tall at the shoulder, weighing in at up to 20 pounds. Chipits are muscular, short and broad with a short neck. Many Chipits inherit the short feet, large ears, and thin muzzle from the Chihuahua.

The distinctive pitbull head is often accompanied by the Chihuahua’s apple-shaped head. While this head can be adorable in some people, it may look disproportionately small or large in others. It’s difficult to predict how your puppy will turn out until he matures. This is what makes adopting a mixed-breed pup so exciting!

Coat & Colors

The Chipit breed’s coat type can be very different. The Chipit breed’s coat type can vary greatly depending on the Chihuahua parent. Puppies with short coats will often have a short, shiny coat similar to pitbulls. The Chipit pups may inherit the long-haired Chihuahua parents’ coat. It’s easier to find a Chihuahua with a shorter hair than a long-haired purebred.

The pitbull Chihuahua breed will generally be black, white or tan. Merle is the only color you won’t see. This mix can be made in different lengths and styles.

Exercises & Living Conditions

The Chipit is full-of-energy! Your pitbull Chihuahua mix will need to go for at least 2 walks each day. You can also keep your dog mentally stimulated by taking him for a few play sessions every day. This will prevent boredom from developing. Don’t think your dog will lose energy as he ages! Even senior pitbull cross dogs have plenty of energy!


*The pitbull Chihuahua/pitbull Chihuahua hybrid is intelligent and must be trained properly. He should not become dominant in the home. When training your Chipit, positive reinforcement is the best way to train him. It is not easy to train the Chihuahua because they can be stubborn. This can be combined with the energy and strength of the pitbull. The pitbull Chihuahua combination is not recommended for dog owners who are new to the breed.


The life expectancy of a Chipit is typically between ten and 13 years on average, although some pups can live longer. The pitbull Chihuahua breed is generally a healthy one, but there are certain health conditions that can affect them, such as Hypoglycemia and Hip Dysplasia.

Patellar Luxation: Patellar luxation is an orthopedic condition that’s often seen in small dogs. Patella luxation is a condition that occurs after injury or trauma. It causes the kneecaps of one or both dogs to become dislocated. This condition may also occur in puppies as young as six months of age.

Hypoglycemia: Many small dog breeds, including Chihuahuas, can suffer from a condition called hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a condition where the dog’s blood sugar levels drop too low. This happens most commonly after an exercise session, if the dog is hungry, or if there’s some other exciting event. Your vet should be contacted immediately if you suspect your dog may have hypoglycemia.

Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is a common genetic condition in many breeds of dog that affects the hip joints, causing malformation. This causes the hip joint to become disintegrated, resulting in painful and chronic arthritis. Minor cases of hip dysplasia are manageable with medication, but more severe cases may require surgery.

Heart Problems: Although pitbulls are not prone to heart conditions, there are two cardiac problems that can affect Chihuahuas. Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) and Mitral valve disease. PDA is a condition that is diagnosed after a puppy is born. It causes a problem in the blood vessels of the heart that can cause it to not close properly. Fully grown dogs can develop mitral valve disease. This happens when blood flows backwards through the heart valves, putting the heart under significant strain.

Collapsed Trachea: The dog’s windpipe or trachea is a muscular tube that is supported by surrounding rings of soft cartilage. The dog’s trachea runs through his neck to reach the lungs. When a dog pulls on a collar or choke-chain, it can cause tracheal collapse. Many small dogs are born with weakened or deformed tracheal cartilage. This can cause the windpipe to collapse and interfere with the dog’s ability for breathing.


*The Pitbull Chihuahua Mix doesn’t need a fancy diet. They will eat high-quality, appropriate dog food. While the Chipit will eat canned and wet dog food occasionally, kibble is best for your dog. It’s likely that because this mix is so active, it may need a food that’s fit for a normal-sized breed and not a food that’s engineered specifically for chihuahuas. *)Kibble (dry biscuits), helps remove plaque and bacteria from dogs’ teeth while they eat. This can help prevent the development of gingivitis and canine periodontal diseases. Keep your dog hydrated throughout the day, even if he is eating dry food.


The pitbull Chihuahua breed generally has a glossy, short coat that doesn’t require much grooming. To keep your dog looking great, brush him twice per week with a stiff-bristled toothbrush. The Chipit is a short-haired dog, but he can shed moderately, so he wouldn’t be a good fit for a home with allergy sufferers.

As Family Pets

  • The pitbull Chihuahua mix makes a fabulous pet if you have an active lifestyle.
  • The Chipit is a friendly, affectionate, and loyal dog.
  • You will need to have plenty of free time available to spend exercising your Chipit.
  • These dogs do require lots of physical and mental stimulation to prevent boredom.
  • The pitbull Chihuahua mix can be quite a dominant personality.
  • Early socialization and training are essential.
  • The Chipit is the perfect size dog for apartment life.
  • However, access to outdoor space is essential for these lively, energetic pups.
  • The pitbull Chihuahua mix has a low-maintenance coat that doesn’t need much grooming.
  • These pups do shed continually throughout the year.
  • A Chipit is not a good choice for a home with allergy sufferers.

Puppy Prices

These dogs are often found in shelters and you won’t usually find licensed breeders. These are often the pups of two stray dogs who end up mating. There isn’t a lot of demand for Chipit puppies compared to other designer breeds.

Prices for puppies will vary depending on where they are found. Usually if you are adopting from a Rescue, you can find these pups from $100 all the way up to $500 depending on the organization. If you find a designer dog breeder, expect to pay upwards of $800 for this mix and you should always check the papers of the parents if they are being marketed as a designer dog with purebred parents.

Rescue, Shelters

The pitbull Chihuahua/mix is not an easy breed to find, but you may just be able to find one of these dogs in desperate need of a home. Many non-profit websites offer a wide range of puppies that are looking for loving homes. This mix may be available at your local shelter.

*Some rescue centers offer a program that allows potential owners to adopt dogs for a period of time on a trial basis. If you feel the dog is a good match for your family, then you can apply to adopt him formaly. If you and the dog don’t get along, the shelter can be returned to him until a better home is found.

Final Thoughts

A pitbull Chihuahua/mix might be the right dog for you if you are looking for a playful, energetic, and happy pet to add to your active family. Although Chipits are friendly, loyal, and social, they can be difficult to get along with other dogs. If he inherits the Chihuahua trait, the Chipit may be a yapper.

*The Chipit does not require a lot of brushing to maintain his glossy, short coat. These pups can shed which could pose a problem for allergy sufferers. Now that you have a better understanding of the Chipit, you can start your search for the perfect companion dog for you!

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