19 Pitbull Terrier Mixes

Pitbull Terrier mixes are a combination of American Pitbull Terrier and another breed. These mixes often result in a high-energy, affectionate dog which is known for its loyalty and athletic nature.

There are many kinds of Pitbull Terrier mixes such as Pitbull Lab mix, Pitbull Boxer mix, German Shepherd Pitbull mix, and many more. Each mix has a unique blend of characteristics inherited from its parent breeds.

The temperament can vary depending on the other breed involved, but typically, these mixes get along well with children and families. However, they need regular exercise and mental stimulation due to their high energy levels.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Quick Summary: The Pitbull Terrier is both loved and hated. Those who know them best insist that they’re one of the sweetest and most loving dog breeds out there. If you want to get a Pitbull mix, there are tons of options to choose from. This article will present you with brief overviews of 19 Pitbull mixes. The Pitbull Terrier can be pretty exciting when crossed with the Labrador, Husky, Boxer, Beagle, and Dachshund. Your next canine friend could be one of these crossbreeds, so good luck!

The American Pitbull Terrier is one of the most beloved and controversial breeds. However, statistics are clearly against the Pitbull when it comes to bite incidents and statistics. Still, many Pitbull enthusiasts argue that these stats represent many other breeds that get classified as Pitbulls.

It’s sad that every year, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized, and 40% of them are some type of Pitbull mix. For those who love this breed, we have compiled a list of some of the Pitbull crossbreeds that you might see at your local shelter.

It’s clear that these Pitbull Terrier mix dogs are gorgeous. Fans of the breed also say that they’re actually sweet and charming if they have a loving home and are properly trained. If you’re keen on rescuing a Pitbull mix, there’s a good chance that you will easily find one of these dogs if you prefer adopting over shopping. 

Pitbull Terrier Mixes

Pitbull Terrier Mixed Breeds

Below we’ve compiled a list of 19 common and not-so-common Pitbull Terrier Mixed breed pups. These pups are bred from 2 different breeds, so there is no guarantee that their temperaments or activity levels will be the same. It is recommended that you introduce your dog to other pets and family members before bringing him home.

If you are able to foster a dog with a rescue, it can be a good option. Many mixed-breed pups end up in rescue homes and need a foster home until they find a permanent forever home. Fostering can be a good option to help your dog learn how to get along with your other pets before you decide to adopt him.

Let’s look at some of our favorites and give you more information about each one. Keep in mind that this list is not all-inclusive, and there are a few other breeds that we have left out, like the Pitbull Corgi mix and the Pitahoula.


Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and Labrador Retriever

The Labrabull is one of the most popular pitbull mixes out there. This breed combines the best of both the friendly Lab and the loyal APBT dogs. Labradors are popular canine companions in America and Europe. And while the APBT is a controversial breed, this cross is very popular.

The Labrabull can behave more like one parentage depending on the breed it is bred after. The Lab/Pit mix is a sweet, active, and affectionate pup who will be loyal to its family but may be reserved around strangers. If socialized, they can get along with other pets.

This is one of the most common mixes found in today’s Pitbull rescues or animal shelters due to how common the parent breeds are.


Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and Siberian Husky

The Husky is one of the most beautiful breeds. Their beautiful, ice-blue eyes will charm any dog lover. So what happens when you cross the Siberian Husky with the APBT? You get a wonderful pup who is eager to play in the yard or at the beach. People will often ask you, “What breed is this ?”

You may get a Pitsky with a blue-eyed combo, making this breed even more striking looking because it won’t look like a standard husky. As Huskies are naturally active, the APBT can provide energy.

This amazing mixed-breed dog is hard to beat.

Pitbull Boxer Mix

Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and Boxer

The Boxer is America’s most beloved dog breed. They are wonderful family dogs because of their playful and light nature. Because the APBT comes packed with energy as it is, it’s likely your Boxer Pit mix will also have the same traits, and consistent energy outlets will be needed in order to keep this pup under control.

The Boxer is more reserved with strangers than other APBTs. As such, it’s important to socialize them early on. The mixed breed will look closer to a purebred pitbull. This is due to the fact that the parent breeds look very similar. The Boxer Pitbull Mix is a wonderful family pet if you have the energy and time to exercise it.


Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and Beagle

The Beagle and American Pitbull Terrier mix is called Beaglebull. This mix is slightly unpredictable because the Beagle can be extremely laid back and family-friendly, even though they have not yet reached puppyhood. On the other hand, the Beaglebull may need to exercise during their youth,  and they will become more relaxed as they get older.

Depending on which breed your Beaglebull takes after, you will likely have a stubborn dog on your hands that will require patience and a firm yet calm hand during training.

It is important that your dog see you as the leader of the pack. Otherwise, it can be difficult to get them to follow basic commands without some reward.


Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and Dachshund

The Dachshabull is one of the more unique and interesting breeds on this list. The Doxie is not often crossbred with larger breeds such as the Pitbull. Similar to the Chihuahua crossbreed, the Pitbull will often end up with the smaller breed.

What do you get if you cross these two? The result is an interesting mutt who wants to receive lots of love! In fact, a viral video on Youtube took off when an active Dachshund was mixed with a Pitbull, and the result was extremely interesting!

It is likely that you will end up with a dog who loves cuddling and has some swag!

Aussie Cattle Pitbull

Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and Australian Cattle Dog

What do you get if you cross a dog that was originally bred to herd cattle with a loyal, tough, and durable dog? A high-energy, ready-to-work pup! The Australian cattle dog, which is a lively breed, requires you to be able to entertain and keep it happy. The Aussie Cattle Pitbull breed is unique and will need a special owner.

The temperament of any of these mixes will vary depending on the parent. Both breeds are energetic and need to be exercised regularly. The pup will love any work you give it. This includes keeping the livestock safe and patrolling the farm.

It’s a great addition to your family, but if you live in a smaller house and don’t have a yard, make sure there is enough space to exercise the dog.


Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and Border Collie

The Borderbull is a mix between the Border Collie and the Pitbull. The extra energy in the Border Collie will ensure that the dog has plenty of energy. It’s likely that your Borderbull will need less exercise as it ages, but the reality is that you’ll be adopting a breed with high exercise needs.

The Border Collie is a shepherding breed, while the APBT was bred to hunt rats and bait them. These 2 breeds are both active and intelligent.

The Borderbull is a great choice if you have a big yard or plenty of space to run. Borderbulls can be loyal and willing to listen. You may find that your Border Collie pup is more interested in agility training and any other training.


Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and Chihuahua

The Chipit can be equal parts crazy and adorable. You can get a unique breed when you combine the genetic makeups of the parent breeds. Because of how they were raised, the Chihuahua can be one of the most assertive breeds. Many Chi-mixes inherit a certain attitude from their ancestors.

The APBT is an energetic dog, so adding the Chihuahua to the mix can make it more challenging. You might end up with a Chipit who is a couch potato.

The temperaments of all dogs are different (especially mixed breeds). One thing is for sure – the Pithuahua is a unique dog that will need a very unique owner.

Golden Pitbull

Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever Pitbull mix is a more delicate balance of American Legend combined with the stout attitude and heart of the APBT. These breeds are sweet and playful and make a family-friendly combination. The Golden Retriever is a top dog in America. They are wonderful dogs and seem to love everyone. They are one reason why they are one of the most popular dog breeds in America.

When you mix an APBT with the Golden Retriever, you’re likely to get a very friendly mix that is full of energy. Although the Golden Pitbull will likely be shy around strangers, if it follows its Golden Retriever parentage, he will more likely greet everyone who comes to your house.

Proper socialization is a must for any breed – and it also holds true for the Pitbull-Golden Retriever crossbreed.


Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and Pug

The Pugbull is a mix between the Pug and the Pitbull. This combination is quite interesting as you will likely end up with an energetic little dog who is feisty and full of energy. The Pug is a loving and affectionate cuddler who loves his owners. The mixed breed Pug will likely exhibit the same temperament but with more intensity than a standard Pug.

The dog’s coloring will take after the parent breeds, and there’s a chance you’ll even see an all-white color, like the Leucistic Pug.

This mixed breed is not that common. The pug is smaller, so there are less chances of it crossing paths with the Pit. This breed is usually created when the pug is the father and the APBT the mother. Usually, the APBT will be on the smaller size, as smaller Pits can be in the 30-pound range.

This is a very fun breed that will make people wonder what breed you have when you go to the dog park.

Great Danebull

Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and Great Dane

Are you looking for a mix of loyal and reserved with big, lazy, and playful? The Great Danebull might be the dog for you, as long as your home can allow for a dog of this size.

Great Danes can be massive and will likely be bigger when combined with Pitbulls, but it is still likely that this breed will be larger than an APBT standard, depending on its parents. Great Danes are fond of a comfy bed and lots of space on the couch. If you decide to bring this mixed breed home, plan ahead to make sure they have plenty of room.

It is crucial to socialize your dog early with this breed. Danes and Pits are smart dogs who can get along with other pets if socialized and trained.

German Pitbull

Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one the most popular breeds of dog in America. It is not surprising to see a cross between the APBT and the German Shepherd. It’s possible that your German Pitbull will take more traits from one of the parent breeds than the other.

GSD/APBT mixes are part of the working group. This means that they will likely need tasks to help them feel fulfilled. German Pitbull puppy energy levels will be very high but decrease with age.


Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and Rottweiler

The Pitweiler crosses one of the most popular “guard dog” breeds with one of the most loyal terriers in existence. The end result is a breed that’s reserved and guarded around strangers yet also extremely loyal to their family. Sometimes the Rottie is included in the “dangerous” breeds, which means it shares the same trait with the APBT.

The Pitbull’s loyalty lends itself to this mixed-breed pup. When assessing temperament, it will depend on the parent of this breed. Both breeds can be reserved around strangers, so it is important to socialize them early.

This is a smart, loyal, mixed-breed dog that will make a great family friend if you take the time to train it properly.

English Pitbull

Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and English Bulldog

The English Pitbull is a mix of the English Bulldog and the APBT. The English Pitbull is a loveable mix that often has the heart of a family member in the English bulldog. If you decide to adopt this mixed breed, you will need to train your dog well as English Bulldogs can be stubborn.

This pup will bring you equal amounts of love and frustration during your training. If you’re able to train your dog well, you’ll have a loving companion for the whole family.


Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and Doberman Pinscher

If you’re looking for a dog that can patrol your home well, the Doberpit could be the right breed for you. You’ll have an alert but reserved dog who is tolerant of strangers, depending on the parent breed.

Granted that every dog is unique, it is important to socialize your Doberpit early if they are going to be around children or other pets. The Doberpit can be an excellent family pet and protector if you have the time and patience.

Saint Pitbull

Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and Saint Bernard 

Want a Pitbull Mix that is extremely large? The Saint Pitbull is a mixture of the Pitbull and Saint Bernard. Because the Saint Bernard is such a large dog, this breed is bigger than any other. The Saint can reach 150 lbs, and larger Pitbulls can break 80 pounds themselves.

This breed loves to pull, so if you plan to train on a harness, make sure you pick one that’s specifically made for Pitbulls. Still, this breed is a bit more gentle than others because the Saint is naturally more mellow.

It is of utmost importance to take into account the breed’s size. You will also need to prepare to clean up any drool that has accumulated on your furniture. You should always have a towel with this mixed-breed dog.


Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and German Shorthaired Pointer

Get ready to get some energy! This mix is full of love and life. The German Shorthaired Pointer is an energetic breed that was originally bred to be a hunting companion. The APBT was bred to bait rats and has the energy required for this task.

This mix can drive you crazy if you don’t have enough space or a large yard. This breed is best suited for families with lots of green space.

Pointers are usually pretty friendly with everyone, so you’ll have a nice Pointerbull mix of friendly and active in one energetic package.

French Pitbull

Breeds: Pitbull Terrier and French Mastiff

The French Pitbull is a mixture of the Dogue De Bordeax or the “French Mastiff” and the American Pitbull Terrier. The French Mastiff has a similar temperament to the English Mastiff and is able to produce similar levels of energy. This pup is a good mix of the APBT and has a lower energy output.

Overall, this dog can make a great addition to any family. This mix won’t be as big as some of the other breeds on this list, but it still has the chance of reaching 80-90 pounds.


Breeds: Pitbull and Akita

An interesting mix of two extremely alert breeds, the Pitkita is a mix that will confuse most dog lovers questioning you on the breed. The Japanese national dog, the Akita, is protective by nature. The Akita is a well-known family protector, but it is not the most socialized dog.

Mixing an Akita and Pitbull will create a powerful mix that can protect your family. It’s important to socialize your rescue pups early on and to introduce any pets to the family. Failure to socialize your dogs early could lead to behavioral problems and put you in a difficult spot as a pet parent.

This breed is not recommended for new dog owners. This mix is best if you are patient and firm in your training.


While the American Pitbull Terrier can be a wonderful breed, the mixed breed Pitbull Terriers will give you plenty to talk about when you take your Pitbull mix to the dog park. They are less likely to have health problems and can calm down some of Pitbull’s more active traits.

They will inherit some of their parent Pitbull traits, so if you intend to train them, make sure you pick a crate that can handle a Pitbull’s activity levels!

Overall, you can’t go wrong with adopting any of these breeds. It’s also often cheaper to adopt than to buy from a reputable breeder.

These mixes are often found in local shelters. We encourage you to consult with local rescues and shelters before adopting your next dog. We hope this guide will help you to find your next Pitbull Terrier mix!

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