23 Police Dog Breed

There are many breeds of dogs that are specifically trained for police work. Some of these breeds include the German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Labrador Retriever, and the Boxer.

These dogs are chosen for their intelligence, obedience, and physical strength. The most popular police dog breed is the German Shepherd, known for its disciplined work and strong sense of smell.

Belgian Malinois are also quite popular due to their agility and endurance, and Labradors are known for their friendly nature and ability to detect drugs and explosives with their strong sense of smell.

Conversely, Boxers are highly energetic, quick to learn and have excellent tracking abilities. Other breeds used for police work may include the Doberman Pinscher, Bloodhound, Beagle, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

In almost every country Police are everywhere to ensure safety. Police are there for well-being of the people, and the military is there to safeguard its citizens. Military personnel and police officers receive extensive training to become proficient in their job. But, they’re humans and may occasionally require a bit of assistance. Certain breeds of dog that are highly trainable are usually well-suited to the kind of work.

Because dogs are always reliable and possess a high chance of success in a variety of areas It’s no wonder that there are breeds of dogs that are well-suited to police and military tasks. It is important to keep in mind that there aren’t all breeds that excel for police work or military service. But, dogs have been in law enforcement or military service for more than 130 years. This has allowed our dog companions a long time to get used to their work.

Military service dogs and police dogs are employed to perform a variety of tasks. Certain breeds are more active, employed in threatening, chasing criminals, or even fighting in extreme situations. Some are more suited to investigations, and have the ability to play roles in sniffing out contraband and drugs as well as bomb detection and searches and rescue tasks. Let’s look at the most well-known breeds that can be used in this manner!

Police Dog Breed


A Rottweiler can be described as a large and imposing dog that can tell the moment something is in danger. They are both an amazing pet for families as well as an excellent security dog. The loyalty and innate ability make them ideal for police duties, but their intimidating appearance can also help!

Similar to the Boxer Like the Boxer, the Rottweiler was also used during the two World Wars as a messenger with the ability to move from one location to the next with the latest news.

The Rotties remain calm and calm when they are required to be, but they seem to always be aware of the right time to escalate an issue. They’re extremely skilled and are able to learn quickly. This is why they’ve had a variety of positions over the time they’ve worked in the force of police. Their flexibility makes them extremely efficient and a reliable friend for those who work with them.

Belgian Malinois

It is believed that the Belgian Malinois might appear like the appearance of a German Shepherd, but they’re a bit smaller. However, they share the same gorgeous eyes that could cause any criminal to quake in their shoes! Additionally, their smaller size allows them to run faster than the GSD.

Belgian Malinois are highly intelligent and a high level of obedience, which makes them a breeze to train for the majority of tasks. They are a must-have for the police force and the many tasks they are able to perform.

They are awe-inspiring when faced with danger, which makes them a great option for missions that require more care. They’ve also discovered a place within the army. In the past, they served as medicine dogs and messengers during their time during the World Wars. Particularly they were used as medicine dogs. Belgian Malinios, whose name was Cairo, played a significant part in an infamous US army mission.

American Pitbull Terrier

It is believed that the American Pitbull Terrier’s service in the military dates back up to World War 2. It is believed that the American Pitbull Terrier has a number of different breeds that are often grouped together however they aren’t really the identical dog. This is why Pitbulls are a shambles that is mostly unjust. They do have a knack to intimidate, but there’s no reason to let them behave in a way that isn’t trained. They are able to use their defense skills to their advantage when they’re properly treated.

This is why many police departments have begun to employ these dogs to carry out their duties. Pitbulls are big, tough dogs that can run quickly and are incredibly bite-sized! There’s no doubt that these dogs are terrifying even though they’re often referred to by the name of “nanny dogs” because of their affection for their family.

Pitbulls can also be useful for non-frightening police or military duties. This is a good thing, as it provides the basic requirements for relationship with the police or military in the police station. They are extremely affectionate dogs who are loyal to the people who love them. They also enjoy an amazing bond with their human companions. The amazing and multitalented dogs are also great at rescue and search missions.

German Shepherd

Perhaps the most famous Police dog can be most likely the German Shepherd. They’re considered to be the most sought-after breed of police dog. This isn’t surprising their intelligence is in the top 3 places among all dog breeds! They are extremely intelligent and easily trained to perform a variety of tasks.

They are dedicated, skilled and incredibly committed to the success of their mission. The German Shepherds are extremely loyal dogs that make an excellent companion with almost any team. They also have a great deal of intelligence and can pick up the latest commands very quickly.

In addition to this German Shepherds are designed for work in the police force. They’re muscular, large bodies that are able to make any criminal look like a tiger. They’re also naturally quick They were breed to herd sheep and must work quickly to keep everyone in line. Their combined ability to be a good dog, their obedience and athletic ability combine to maintain them among the top police breeds of dogs.

Doberman Pinscher

It’s no surprise that the Doberman Pinscher has earned fame for being a loyal and skilled guard dog, and it’s that they’d be great in police work as well! They’re one of the most intelligent dogs around the globe with a rank of around 5th in the rankings of dog behaviorists. Their loyalty and intelligence makes them an ideal dog to train.

Due to their ability to train They’ve been able to take on a variety of police positions across the globe, including direct police work security, and searches and rescue. Their strong frames are lean and slim, which makes them great runners who can definitely catch criminals that think they’ll be able to escape!

It’s important to know that there aren’t nearly as numerous Doberman Pinschers on the force nowadays. This is due to the fact that they’re an very expensive breed and there are breeds that are less expensive that can perform similar to them. Nowadays, they’re often located in homes where they’re loved by their families with the same fervent love they’ve always enjoyed.


The Boxer is a peaceful and dependable dog that can be employed in a range of duties throughout the military… as well as around the world! They’ve been around for a long time as working dogs. They been in service during the two World Wars. They swiftly moved through the battlefield to transport supplies and messages from one location from one location to another.

Boxers were able to excel in this job because they are exceptionally agile! Being naturally athletic allowed them do their job effectively, which is the reason they are regarded as heroes of war.

They also have a ferocious appearance that frightens criminals kinds of backgrounds. This is the reason they’re still employed in the field of police today in spite of other breeds being more sought-after. Boxers are intelligent dogs that are adept at being able to adapt to any circumstance. Their flexibility has made them useful members of a variety of police and military task teams.

Labrador Retriever

It might be a bit surprising to see that the Labrador Retriever on this list, but they’re absolutely vital to many police tasks. They’re not intimidated in any way; the most loved canine on the market in America is recognized as charming, loving and smart. Their intelligence is what makes them crucial when it comes to the field of law enforcement. They are extremely loyal and are able to follow the rules of training.

Their primary function in the police force is that of an animal tracker. They are incredibly nosey and are able to uncover numerous leads in areas where there were none. Labs are excellent at finding explosives and illegal drugs.

Their experience as water retrievers can be useful in situations when you have to help someone out of the waters. They are gentle enough to perform the task without causing harm to the victim as well. In the end, Labs are certainly very well-behaved dogs that are well-deserving of their position in many tasks of service.


A dog that you might not have heard of is the Briard which is one of the French type of breed that was originally developed for herding and security. Briards are extremely loyal and are excellent police dogs due to their inherent protection nature.

Briards are a different war breed that has served in locating wounded soldiers and assisting in bringing them back to the safety of. They are a good option for teams that require dogs for search and rescue operations.

The Briard is a highly sensitive animal and is always in a position to inform their team of dangers lurking in the dark. They are frightened as well will put their lives in danger to protect other people. This is why they are highly sought-after by police officers who have selected to work with them in the field. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of Briards; they might appear cute and soft, but they are in fact business!

Springer Spaniel

One of the tiniest dogs featured on this listing is an incredibly skilled and efficient Springer Spaniel. They were originally bred to hunt, which makes them safe when the situation becomes stressful. They possess an instinctual obedience which lets them be taught with ease. This is particularly useful when they are used in the role of police dog.

The most valuable attribute this breed can offer in the field of police is their well trained ability to smell! Springer Spaniels are accustomed to finding game, but they do not have any issues making use of this ability to locate items that can be helpful to police.

The truly versatile Springer Spaniel is good at the detection of narcotics and bombs, in addition to searching and rescue. They can be crucial in locating new evidence in addition to help find the criminal. They may appear small and beautiful however, they are extremely skilled in their work.

Giant Schnauzer

Schnauzers are among the most intelligent and most beautiful dogs in the world. They’re adorable and beautiful. Giant Schnauzer is not an exception. However, their size is what makes the difference, making them an ideal option for military and police tasks. They’re not the most aggressive breeds however they’re big enough to frighten. They’re among the few dogs that are employed by the Air Force. They utilize their senses to spot unusual smells that warrant further investigation, and also to search inside for objects that might be suspicious.

They have an amazing sense of smell that allows them to smell out every kind of contraband. They’re great security dogs that are capable of identifying the location where illegal weapons, explosives, and drugs could be hidden. Schnauzers are also extremely athletic and enjoy working in a patrol. When they are done with their day, they are an excellent companion in and out of the field. Their friendship and loyalty can’t be beat!

Cane Corso

The massive, powerful Cane Corso can be an excellent option as police dogs. They are a descendant of Roman war dogs, and excel in both defense and attack. They are loyal dogs that are who are eager to go about their work and complete their duties correctly. This is why they are effective in many types of police duties.

Cane Corsos can be highly frightening dogs. A glance at one of the dogs (especially when they’re angered) can make the most vicious criminals tremble in terror.

Cane Corsos are extremely athletic and are often adept at chasing criminals and then tying them down until police arrive. They also possess extremely acute eyes; Cane Corsos are vigilant and excel at patrolling. They are also great in protecting the station or any other location or object that requires security.

English Cocker Spaniel

Another stunning Spaniel breed which has provided the most valuable assistance for police personnel is that of the English Cocker Spaniel. They are elegant dogs that are very athletic They are able to move from point A to point B and do it at the fastest speeds. This is due to being breed to chase game during hunts.

What makes them unique is their superior ability to smell. They can detect all sorts of illicit substances including explosives, firearms and even illicit drugs.

Cocker spaniels are excellent when used in airport security. Their simple appearance easily takes people off of their guard! They’re excellent guardians of justice when properly trained and that’s always the case. The English Cocker Spaniel is extremely smart and are able to respond positively to well-trained training. They can be trained to perform almost everything and are proficient in their work. Don’t be fooled by these dogs just because they’re beautiful!

Bouvier des Flandres

The Bouvier des Flandres is a Belgian breed of dog that has served with distinction during the wartime. In times of war, they served as messengers, and they carried items between bases. Their size and bulk made them an ideal choice to helping to pull ambulance stretchers to the injured.

This makes them an excellent working dog, not just for military, but as well for police. They possess a great moral sense and are loyal to their group, in this instance the police force.

They look like huge fluffy balls of sunshine which is what they are often. But, they possess an intense protective instinct that allows them to protect their property, places and even people with surprising ferocity! Be careful not to be on the dog’s negative side, since they possess strong jaws and a powerful bite. They’re definitely intimidating when they’re around you, which makes them essential dogs to be used in the K9 unit.


Beagles are tiny dogs however they possess an incredible sniffing capability that is comparable to the Bloodhound! They are a fantastic police dog. The breed is not as loyal like the other breeds on this list, and are certainly susceptible to their egocentric mind. this is due to the years of being raised to hunt and chase prey.

They are adept at identifying odors. They are able to perform a variety of different scenting tasks. When the situation has turned to the grisly, they’re adept at locating evidence and frequently are a major factor in the process of cadaver retrieval.

In addition, Beagles use their superior noses to guard security at airports. Within the US, Beagles have sniffed out more than one hundred thousands of pounds of food items that were not inspected by authorities! They are incredibly adept at spotting other types of contraband as well. While they’re small cute, friendly, and loving dogs, don’t let their abilities to be taken for to be taken for

German Shorthaired Pointer

It is the German Shorthaired Pointer is another dog that stands out on this list. It is also breed to hunt. They’re extremely athletic, with their slim figures and strong legs, making them adept in running at high speed. They are also great swimmers. They’re smart, respectful and are always willing to please their instructors. This helps in teaching them how to perform their duties simple and quick.

They are devoted and affection for their pack but they’re not the most effective police dog when fighting criminals. But, they’re adept at spotting everything from illicit substances to crucial evidence at the scene of a crime.

This makes them ideal for airport security as well, although they may not be as frightening to criminals as other breeds of dogs. They are nevertheless capable and confident dogs that can use their noses to benefit of all!

Akita Inu

The Akita Inu might appear like a fluffy, toasted marshmallow but are actually extremely elegant dogs that make formidable allies for police forces. They’re naturally protective, which makes them excellent guard dogs to keep individuals, places, and objects safe.

Akitas are fearless. Akita is a fearless dog and they are willing to leap into danger to protect their owners. Akitas are observant and detect anything that could be wrong It’s simple to tell that something is not right because they rarely bark unless they’re concerned about something.

They’re extremely smart and loyal and intelligent, which is why they’re an excellent option for military or police tasks. They’re most well-known as officers in the police force of their home country of Japan and have very little usage in other countries. We believe that their innate talents will shine in the next few years and we’ll see more of these amazing dogs in our local law enforcement agencies.

Border Collie

With their athleticism, protection nature, and the best intelligence of any other breed The Border Collie is sure to be a great police dog. They were originally designed to herd and therefore, you can you can expect them to be extremely quick… Their speed of running is no joke!

However, they’re not the most well-known police dog at the moment. There aren’t many currently active Border Collies on the police force, but those who are present are extremely skilled. Border Collies have been proven to be adept at spotting smells that are suspicious. Their keen senses allow them to be aware of when something isn’t right, which makes them excellent in keeping an eye on their surroundings even during stressful situations.

The instinct to herd is protective and makes them adept at protecting things important. The speed of movement of Border Collie can also make them effective in their patrol duties. Although they’re smaller than the majority of dogs and cute, they have plenty to offer the police force!

Belgian Tervuren

A rare breed of dog with an inherent ability for working in the police force is Belgian Tervuren. Their wolf-like look is extremely intimidating, which is why they’re great dogs to work in the field and dealing with criminals. But their skills go well beyond being an impressive crimefighter. They are also extremely courageous dogs that are not afraid to risk their lives in the interest of advancing the cause or helping one of their colleagues.

In addition, they possess extremely sensitive noses that help in the search for potentially dangerous contraband. They’re an ideal option for security at airports because of this however, many police districts keep them in their kennels because of the excellent services they provide. Their loyalty is what makes them an excellent work dog with a great the ability to be a companion during long hours on patrol. This breed is an extremely under-appreciated police dog, but we would like to have many more in the near near future!

Dutch Shepherd

One of the most impressive breeds of police dogs are one of the most popular breeds for police dogs is Dutch Shepherd, hailing from the Netherlands. It is possible to think that it for the Dutch Shepherd for the German Shepherd due to the similarity with regards to their looks. Although they’re not as well-known like their famous cousins but they’re still excellent breeds that were developed to be effective at herding. They are, therefore great in protecting and guarding and defending themselves, which are essential abilities to have in the field.

They are as determined and equally determined like the GSD. They are able to complete the tasks that are given their way to the best of their abilities. They are adept at following and acting as an animal guardian wherever security is required. Dutch Shepherds are also trained to be defense dogs, helping their fellow colleagues in difficult circumstances. Their sturdy shape allows them to excel at intimidating, too.

Basset Hound

If you look at the cute Basset Hound, you’d probably think they’re an affectionate and gentle dog. It’s true, but you must also realize that they are fantastic police dogs due to their ability to smell! They are the Basset Hound is another incredibly skilled sniffer dog that is often used to detect ground scents. They’re not as well-known than other scent hounds in the force of police, however they’re still an excellent option for a variety of task police forces.

They can be able to track an array of objects that range from explosives, lost objects to drugs. They are also useful when searching for evidence or in locating dead bodies. Their sharp noses enable them to work in a variety of ways in law enforcement agencies.

Basset Hounds do not have the same energy and enthusiasm as other hounds, such as the Beagle. However they do have a relaxed temperament is preferred when working on more serious projects such as looking into the scene of a crime. France employs their Basset Hound extensively in their police job. It’s not surprising since the Basset Hounds are French in the end!

Rajapalayam Dog

The last pet that we’ve included on the list is the majestic Rajapalayam Dog. They’re most well-known as officers’ dogs within their home country of India however, they’re so good that we must discuss them as well! Rajapalayams are sighthounds with an acute vision that allows them quickly spot the signs of something being off.

The breed was initially created to increase their effectiveness as appropriate hunters but it has been proved useful in police work. This makes them excellent for border patrols; they typically help to guard the boundaries in Kashmir. Kashmir region.

It is believed that the Rajapalayam is a big dog with a strong form that is able to intimidate those who have ill motives. They are committed to their owners and do not enjoy being with strangers. This makes them more effective at protecting the tasks they were given. Although they’re not as well-known in the police force as they were in the ago however, the Rajapalayam Dog is still a great dog in their work. They are a faithful partner at work as well as while relaxing in the stations.

Australian Shepherd

It is believed that the Australian Shepherd is in fact, an American breed that is bred to provide complete herding perfection. Australian Shepherds possess amazing athletic ability that allow them to run after their herds at a record speed Imagine them chasing criminals the same way!

They are extremely active and do extremely at work in the field. Patrol work is a natural thing for the dogs, since their initial mission was to guard the area to ensure their animals secure. They are medium-sized dogs that have a lot of experience in various aspects of police work. They excel in retrieving and be useful during search-and-rescue missions.

The Aussie’s extremely protected nature is what makes them skilled in securing people and objects If there’s one thing they excel at, it’s keeping their surroundings secure! Although they’re not particularly violent dogs however, they can make a statement. They’re an excellent choice when you require extra protection in tense circumstances.

Golden Retriever

It is the Golden Retriever is another dog that is popular and you might not think would perform very well in police work. Despite their affectionate and friendly nature they’re actually amazing when they are used in forces of law enforcement!

They excel at finding explosives, dangerous weapons and other substances, which makes them ideal for airports as well as other locations that require this kind of service. But, as you could imagine, their friendly smile and friendly personality are not enough to make them suitable for work that requires more effort, such as securing a lawbreaker!

However it is true that it is true that the Golden Retriever is an athletic and intelligent dog that can perform almost every task that is non-aggressive you can train them for. They’re particularly adept in searching and rescue and these large, gentle dogs can be the key to saving the life of a person!

It is because of their endurance and determination to finish their job. They might not be the most popular members of the force however, they’re outstanding public servants that certainly deserve to be praised.

Final Thoughts

Although we’ve provided 25 of the top breeds of dogs for military and police work There’s no doubt that in the near future we’ll see many more varieties. The mixed breed dogs are bred to have specific characteristics which are great in the role of service dogs. When you next encounter a police dog make sure you pay them a congratulation (just not pet them) for the great job they do to ensure our safety!

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