17 Pomeranian Mixes

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

. The Pomeranian , an adorable and strong toy breed, has quickly become a favorite choice for those who are looking for a companion that can relax on their laps and take in their affections. They are a popular breed that can be mixed with other breeds. This has led to many cute Pomeranian mix-ups.

This practice, designer dogs breeding ,, has seen a rise in popularity over recent decades. It has resulted in hundreds of improved mixes for families to consider. All potential dog owners should make sure to adopt before shopping. There are many mutts available at your local rescue, including Pomeranian mixes .

The Pomeranian brings tons of spunk to any hybrid. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on 20 Pomeranian mixes that might make the perfect companion for you and your family. Let’s have a look.

Pomeranian Mixes

Pomeranian Mixes

Pomeranians make up the most loved small breed dogs of the United States. They are soft and fluffy, with rabbit fur soft. It is almost impossible to resist touching them when they come within reach. They are a popular crossbreed parent for purebred dogs, due to their smaller stature and beautiful coats.

A shelter is a great place to search for and .find a Pomeranian mixhtml1. Sometimes, two purebreds are accidentally bred together and they end up in shelters. You will also find some rare Pomeranian mix breeds, which you will need to purchase from a breeder. Although they can be a little more expensive than purebreds ,, many of these crossbreeds are very sought-after. Let’s jump in and look at 20 of the most popular crossbreeds you’ll come across.


Breeds: Bichon Frise and Pomeranian

The Bichonaranian is a intelligent, devoted companion dog . Because both parents have very high maintenance coats, this small dog will need to be groomed frequently. You will find that your Bichonaranian adopts features from both parents, but it is up to you to decide which parent breed will prevail.

The Bichonaranian is a good companion in both an apartment and a house setting. They love their owners and are loyal. Bichonaranians can become obese if they are not careful about their exercise and food intake.


Breeds: Husky and Pomeranian

The Pomsky is one the most loved Designer Dog Breeds on the market! The reality is that Pomskys in real life aren’t as small as they appear on the internet. On average, a fully matured Pomsky will weigh between 20 and 30 pounds, making them a medium-sized dog.

The Pomsky is friendly and loves attention. Pomeranians are a stubborn breed so Pomskies need to be taught well. Pomeranians can bark, which could be problematic in apartments. Overall, this is a lively and adorable breed that can be an excellent alternative to those who like the look of Husky but would prefer a smaller sized Husky mix.


Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier and Pomeranian

*The Jack Pom, Pom-A-Jack, or Jackaranian. This spunky puppy is a cross between a Jack Russel Terrier (or Pomeranian) and a Pomeranian. They are considered a small breed and will most likely mature at 6 to 14 pounds and have a thick, double coat. This hybrid is known for their devotion and alert nature, but they may have a tendency towards barking.

Taking after the Jack Russell parent breed, the Jackaranian is very active and playful. They are happy to be entertained, stimulated and spend time with their family. We do not recommend this breed for people who travel frequently or have very hectic schedules. This breed will get along with most family members, regardless of age or gender. However, they can be wary of strangers so it is important to socialize them often.


Breeds: Yorkshire Terrier and Pomeranian

The Yoranian (also known as a Yorkie Pom) is a Yorkie-Pomeranian hybrid. This tiny, but strong dog is great with all ages. Young children should be gentle with Yoranian puppies as they can become injured if they are handled rough. They are a wonderful family dog!

This alert dog is very bold and can be protective if not allowed to meet people outside their immediate family. Yoranian owners should train them properly and give them boundaries to avoid becoming dominant and spoiled. They are a loyal and loving companion. If they take after their Yorkie parent, expect a pup that likes to bark. They can also come in smaller packages if bred with a Miniature Yorkie.


Breeds: Chihuahua and Pomeranian

This Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix can be recognized by a few different names: Chi-Pom, Chiapom or Pomchi. They are lively, happy dogs and can be very energetic. They are good with children but should be supervised as they can be easily injured. Pomchis will have expressive eyes and fine bones.

The Chihuahua is a feisty dog that isn’t afraid to voice or even nip distressing or upsetting feelings. This tendency may be passed on to the Pomchi. It is important to give your Pomchi positive training and boundaries. You should allow your Pomchi to cuddle up in your lap, as this is their favorite place!


Breeds: Miniature Poodle and Pomeranian

The Pompoo, also known as a Pomerdoodle, is a popular Poodle mix between a Miniature Poodle and a Pomeranian. This pup will likely be small as it is rare to see a Pom with a Standard Poodle. They are a sweet, friendly dog who is good with children and can be a great family pet.

The Pompoo is a confident dog that will make you smile as they dance around. Their thick, fluffy, and elegant coat will make them look very royal. This breed is easy to train and very friendly. This breed can be shy, so they may be a little afraid of strangers. However, lots of socialization and exposure to new people and environments will help.


Breeds: Pekingese and Pomeranian

A Peek-A Pom, also known by the Pominese, can be described as a cross between a Pomeranian and a Pekingese. This breed is more independent than other on the list. Although they can be trained easily, they are not easy to train. However, their bold nature can cause them to be stubborn. They will need patience and consistent training.

The Peek-A-Pom requires very little grooming or exercise. Their coat is hypoallergenic, meaning they require little activity to keep their hair trimmed. The Peek-A-Pom dog is very small. They are not suitable for children under three years of age, but they make an excellent companion for adults and older children.


Breeds: Boston Terrier and Pomeranian

This Boston Terrier and Pomeranian mix known as a Pomston is a lively and lovable little hybrid dog. They love children and are active dogs. This mix generally weighs between 7 and 15 pounds and are minimal shedders, great news for apartment dwellers or those with limited space. They thrive on stimulation and mental stimulation and are very active.

The Pomston is not able to be left alone for too long and needs to be surrounded by people who will give them the attention they need. They are well-known for their intelligence and loyalty. They are a loyal and trainable companion.


Breeds: Shetland Sheepdog and Pomeranian

A Poshie can be described as a combination of a Shetland Sheepdog, and a Pomeranian .. This charming mix, also known as a Sheltie Pom, is generally a small-to-medium-sized dog. They are likely to sport a thick, double coat but its a 50/50 chance if they will favor their Sheltie or Pom parent’s features. This mix is great as a companion lapdog but they can also be independent. They are less likely than other mixes to experience separation anxiety.

The Poshie is an energetic pup. This trait comes from their Shetland Sheepdog mother . They will require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. They are able to be cautious around strangers and won’t hesitate to raise the alarm. The Poshie is an intelligent dog. It may take patience and time to overcome their stubborn nature, but once they get it under control, they will be quick learners and will respond well to obedience training.


Breeds: English Cocker Spaniel and Pomeranian

This mix between two very popular dogs, the English Cocker Spaniel and the Pomeranian, is sure to produce a wonderfully agreeable pup! Cockeranian (also known as Cocker-Pom) is a beautiful breed. The Cockeranian is a small to medium-sized breed that will have the double coat of a Pomeranian and the ears of an English cocker spaniel. Potential adopters should consider how hard it takes to maintain their coat.

The Cockeranian is equal parts playful playmate and loyal lapdog . You will get the best of both with this breed. If not properly socialized and trained, these dogs can be very vocal and develop inappropriate barking behaviors. This breed is extremely loving, willing to please, and highly trainable.


Breeds: Schnauzer and Pomeranian

This lively mix is also known as a Scheranian Pomanauzer and Schnauzeranian. For our purposes, we will call this Mini Schnauzer and Pomeranian mix the Pom-A-Nauze. This is a tiny pup that weighs in between 3 to 15 pounds but that does not mean they have a small personality.

They are affectionate and social, and would make a great addition to any adult-only family. We don’t recommend this small breed to families with young children due to their fragile stature. Older children can be an excellent companion to the Pom-A-Nauze if they have been taught to care for small animals with kindness. They are intelligent, attentive and just want to be with you.


Breeds: Shih Tzu and Pomeranian

What do you get with you mix the low energy yet loving Shih Tzu and a Pomeranian? It all depends on who you ask. This amazing companion hybrid is also known by many other names, such as Pomshi, Shih A-Pom or Pom-Tzu. The Shiranian usually weighs between 4 and 15 pounds, however, they generally fall on the smaller end of that scale.

Many Shiranians have friendly, intelligent personalities. This trait is what owners have come to expect of this hybrid. They love to be with their loved ones and are affectionate. If left alone, they can become anxious or distressed. They should be a top priority in the family. They can be quiet and are not as prone to barking as other dogs on the list. A Shiranian is a great companion dog for families who are willing to show them the love and affection they deserve.

La Pom

Breeds: Lhasa Apso and Pomeranian

The La Pom is an smart, eager mix of a Pomeranian and Lhasa Apso. These tiny dogs generally weigh between 7 and 15 pounds. The La Pom breed is very intelligent and eager to please. They are highly trainable and can be trained in agility and obedience. Their double coat will need to be maintained and groomed frequently.

The La Pom is a laid back dog. While they love to play, they feel most at home snuggling up with their human. This mix can experience distress if they are separated for long periods. Potential adopters should make their La Pom part of the family, and give them lots of love!


Breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Pomeranian

The Cavapom is an affectionate hybrid. It’s the result of crossing a Cavalier king Charles Spaniel with a Pomeranian .. They are affectionate, playful, and have moderate energy. This adorable little dog is intelligent and very personable. These dogs are easy to train with positive reinforcement. Their friendly and joyful disposition will keep you smiling.

Because of their fragile bone structure and small size, the Cavapom should be closely supervised by small children. You should keep them on a leash as they have a natural prey drive for small birds and other small animals. Cavapoms are very adaptable and can adjust well to apartments as long as they get lots of love and attention.


Breeds: Dachshund and Pomeranian

The Dachshund is popularly used in designer dog breeding so, of course, we have a Dachshund and Pomeranian hybrid on this list known as the Dameranian. This hybrid is also called a Pomaweenie and a Poma-Dach. This nickname was given to the Dachshund by the Wiener dog, a Dachshund nickname. The small to medium-sized dog is extremely cuddly and will likely bond with one person. If you are looking to adopt Dameranian puppies as pets for your entire family, this should be taken into consideration.

The Dameranian is known for their friendly and outgoing nature. Although they get along with animals and people, Dameranian can sometimes be territorial. If left alone, they can bark and become anxious. It is an incredible experience to form a close relationship with an animal. This is what will likely happen with the Dameranian. To ensure that they are well-adjusted, it is important to introduce Domeranians to stimuli and other people.

French Pomerdog

Breeds: French Bulldog and Pomeranian

The French Pomerdog is a hybrid of a French Bulldog, and a Pomeranian .. This breed is small and easy to care for, making it a great choice for apartment dwellers. The French Pomerdog doesn’t need much space and can live in a small area. Their coats tend to shed a lot, especially if their Pom parents have a dense and fluffy coat.

Both parent breeds are known to be loyal companions . Although they are friendly and have a happy disposition, they can be feisty at times. This breed can be prone to dominance and may suffer from “small dog syndrome.” They should be trained and given boundaries. This little puppy will thrive if given the right structure.


Breeds: Maltese and Pomeranian

The Malitpom is a mix of two favorite toy breeds, the Maltese or Pomeranian .. You will not find a calm pup with both of the parent breeds’ barking tendencies. You will have a gentle, sweet, and loyal companion. Although this alert dog will be petite in stature, don’t tell him! Their courage is not affected by their size, they believe. You should monitor their bravery around larger dogs. They can be a great watchdog and are alert.

We do not recommend placing Maltipoms in homes with young children. They are fragile and can easily become distressed if they are handled rough. A Maltipom can also be suspicious of strangers, defensive of their family members, and socialization at a young age may help.

Final Thoughts

Pomeranian mix can be great companions because of their small size and strong personalities. Pomeranian mix dogs are a great choice if you want a small, mobile, and adaptable dog that is not too small but still has a lot of personality.

We recommend that you check with local rescue and shelter organizations before you turn to for-profit breeders. Many Pomeranian mix dogs are looking for loving homes. They also wait in shelters to find their forever families. Both dog and adopter can find rescue a rewarding experience.

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