Pomeranian Prices: How Much Do Pomeranian Puppies Cost?

The cost of a Pomeranian can vary greatly, depending on factors such as the breeder, the pedigree of the Pomeranian, its size, and the location where it is being sold. A purebred Pomeranian typically costs from $600 to $1,500.

However, Pomeranians from well-known breeders with champion bloodlines can cost up to $4,000 or more. Some teacup Pomeranians, which are smaller and much rarer, can cost between $1,000 and $6,500.

Do note, these are approximate figures and the actual price may vary. It’s also important to factor in the costs of veterinary care, food, grooming, and other expenses necessary for maintaining the health and happiness of your pet.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

*. Though a Pomeranian may be the right dog, aren’t sure how much Pomeranians are worth ?. This article will examine the Pomeranian price and factors that affect them. The average cost for a Pomeranian ranges between $800 to $2,000 but can get even more costly for champion lines.

If you are interested in adding a Pomeranian dog to your family, first consider the price of the dog. You’ll also have to think about the cost of getting all the supplies that you will need to give your dog a happy home. You will also have ongoing costs that you need to pay as your pup grows up.

We’ll discuss all these things starting with an estimate of the Pomeranian cost. Next, we’ll discuss the factors that impact puppy costs as well as other hidden costs you need to take into consideration when budgeting for your new pet. We will end by discussing some ways you can save money while still caring for your Pomeranian.

Pomeranian Prices

The Short Answer

A Pomeranian can be obtained from a breeder for anywhere from $500 to $6,000, though they are most commonly seen between $800 and $2,000. The price of special poms , such as the black pomeranian , can be higher.

On top of that, expect to spend at least $1,000 that first year for the initial costs of dog ownership like dishes, toys, bedding, and healthcare, and the cost of raising a puppy. Every year after that, the dog can cost between $1,000 and $3,200.

These estimates do not include non-typical or emergency costs like pet deposits, specialty equipment or non-routine treatment. A pomeranian, a smaller breed than an English Mastiff , will cost less than a Bullmastiff .

Factors that Impact the


So why are there so many variations when it comes buying a Pomeranian dog? Because there are many factors that can influence it . These factors include puppy quality (health), where your puppy is adopted, and the color of their coat.


The biggest influence on the .price of a dog’s “quality” is its health, personality, and behavior. Although quality doesn’t necessarily reflect a dog’s health, personality or behavior, it does impact the price. Quality refers to the ability of a dog to perform well in conformity competitions, and to the potential for it to produce similar dogs.

Pet quality Poms are purebred dogs that have a fault that makes them unsuitable for the show circuit. These dogs can still make great pets , and they are much cheaper than show-quality dogs. These dogs can still be used to compete in obedience or agility trials, and they can also be trained as therapy or service dogs.

Faults & Health

Reputable breeders will give you a list with the dog’s defects and the results from health testing . This will help you understand why your dog is a good pet. They will usually either spay or neuter your dog after you buy it.

If sold (many breeders prefer to care for these dogs), pets quality serious health conditions dogs are usually marked down in price. However, good breeders will have higher requirements for the homes these dogs go to to ensure they are properly cared for.

Show quality Poms are the most expensive and can cost even as much as $10,000. These dogs conform to breed standards, can compete in shows, and can be bred to produce more show-quality Pomeranians.

The price of each group is affected by the dog’s conformity to breed standards and pedigree. The more detailed health history , as well as the dog’s breeding and competition history, all have an impact on the cost of adult dogs.


Location and location are more important than real estate. where a breeder lives will have a profound impact on how they price their puppies.

Breeders must be able pay their expenses. To continue breeding, breeders must charge more if there is a high cost to live . To meet the regulations, breeders who live in areas that have more regulations for the breeding of animals must raise the prices of their dogs.

The market in a particular region can also make a difference. A high demand from Pomeranians results in higher prices, particularly if the demand Poms have larger wallets. However, prices can drop if there are many competing Pomeranian vendors ,.

Time in Year

The “where” is crucial, but it’s equally important that the “when”. People are seeking canine companions on warm-weather trips and walks in the late spring to late summer. breeders responded by raising their prices in warmer months .

On one hand, the demand is lower during winter and the rest of the year. breeders respond by lowering prices in order to meet the demand and not have to keep unsold puppies.


We call breeders “breeders” because they are the most common way to find a purebred Pomeranian especially if you want a puppy ,. But they are not the only way. A rescue group can also help you get a Pomeranian. We will start with breeders.

As we said above, when you buy from a breeder, you can generally expect to pay between $1,000 and $3,000.

This usually includes registration, or the paperwork necessary to register, a Health Guarantee, age-appropriate vaccinations, microchipping and lifetime breeder support. Early socialization is also included. Spaying or neutering are usually included for Pomeranians who will be kept as pets and not breeding or showing dogs.

A breeder who has more experience and a track-record of producing high-quality dogs will charge more than a novice breeder or one that produces only pet-quality dogs.


Animal rescues are a lot cheaper and adoption fees typically range between $200 and $400, though there are many adoptable Pomeranians for less than $100. Although adoption fees don’t usually include genetic testing or registration paperwork they often include costs for spaying/neutering, age-appropriate vaccinations, and microchipping.

Although rescue dogs are not usually covered by a guarantee of health, many animal rescues will help you cover unexpected and expensive medical treatment should you not be able to pay for it yourself.

Pet Stores

Puppies purchased from a pet shop are often more expensive than those bought from breeders, despite the fact these puppies almost exclusively come from puppy mills or other low-quality breeders.

These puppies are poorly bred to prevent health problems. Although there is usually a guarantee of health, this usually applies to a very limited range of situations. It usually promises the replacement of the dog you love and not the care it needs.

Do not buy dogs from pet shops. These dogs will not only be more expensive upfront but they will often end up costing you more in the long-term, both financially and emotionally.

Coats, Sex & Age

Pomeranian coats are available in many colors and patterns. Solid and multi-colored coats . are more expensive than . rarer colours like blue, purple, and black are more expensive than the common colors of red and orange.

Female Pomeranians are typically more expensive than male because there is more demand.

Adults are usually less expensive than ,, but show dogs that do well can be very costly.

Other Costs

Buying a new dog is not the only cost. It is important to ensure that you have all the necessary supplies to care for them .

This includes food for your Pomeranian, treats, bowls, toys, a kennel, a bed, a leash, a collar, a harness, a tag, potty training supplies, basic grooming supplies, cleaning supplies, and any storage and organizational items you need for all these things. You must ensure that your home is dog-proofed prior to their arrival.

You will need to cover your initial healthcare once you have adopted your Pomeranian. This covers a check-up and any additional vaccines. Also, microchipping, spaying and neutering are all options. You should register your dog in a training class immediately. This will help your dog become a well-socialized, obedient pet.

All told, taking care of your Pomeranian during the first year of their life can an additional $1,000 to $1,700 on top of the cost of the dog itself. The cost of supplies, and healthcare will determine where you fall within this range. It all depends on where you live and what supplies you buy. There are many options for dog food, bedding and toys.

Ongoing Ownership Fees

Other costs will continue for the rest of your Pomeranian’s lifetime. As soon as you’re done with them, food, potty bags and treats, grooming supplies , and cleaning supplies, must be replaced . Bowls, collars and toys wear down over time, so they must be replaced.

Dogs require continuing health care such as annual physicals, vaccinations up-to-date, and tick and flea protection. To help you afford all that, you may also want to purchase pet insurance. At an average cost of $50 per month, you can expect pet insurance to run around $600 a year, but get your own quote to see if you could get a better price.

Each additional year that you own your Pomeranian, you can expect to spend a total somewhere between about $1,000 and $3,200 for typical expenses.

This does not include emergency medical care, or other costs that aren’t quite consistent and universal. These expenses can include dog walkers, pet sitters, deposits and pet deposit. This is the purpose of the next section.

Possible Extra Costs

In addition to all the essentials that we have just mentioned, there may be other items you need or want to purchase. A pet deposit or rent may be required if you live in a rental. You may need to pay a licensing fee to get your Pomeranian.

If you don’t mind your pet being left alone, you will need to pay doggy care or a dog walker . If you are traveling with your dog, you may need to hire boarding services or a pet sitter . You may need to purchase additional items, such as a pet passport, a TSA-approved carrier and a car harness if you are traveling with your dog.

Emergency vet visits can cost $250 or more and often cost more than $1,000. Other medical problems may also require hundreds to thousands of dollars. Pet insurance can help to offset some of these expenses.

Hypertext0_ pets can sometimes cause damage to our homes .. It is possible to spend thousands of dollars to repair or replace the damage. It doesn’t matter if you spend a few dollars on a chewed up roll of paper towels, or thousands to replace a broken TV. Pet-proofing is a great way to prevent this. The costs for Pomeranians, however, are very small. While this will reduce potential damage, don’t underestimate the bravery and determination of Pomeranians when pet-proofing.

Lastly, budget for any special activities that you would like to do with your Pomeranian ,. The most common equipment is boots, life vests and strollers. There are additional costs if you want to show your Pomeranian. These include registration and grooming fees, as well as admission fees.

How To Save

There are many ways to make sure you don’t spend more on your Pomeranian. Rescues can be cheaper than dogs purchased from breeders. It’s worthwhile to pay more upfront if you decide to get a Pomeranian puppy from a breeder. This will enable you to purchase a Pomeranian bred from genetically-tested parents. Breeders of Pomeranians will have done a thorough health check to reduce the risk of expensive health problems later.

An adult dog is usually more affordable. It also allows you to avoid expensive puppy medical care and potty training equipment. It is also possible to wait until the breeding season before purchasing your Pomeranian. You will have fewer options and can choose a less popular color or pattern.

If your area has high living costs, don’t be afraid of looking for Pomeranians outside your local area. Be sure to factor in travel costs as well as transportation costs for the dog. These hidden costs can make it difficult to save money. You should also meet the Pomeranian and its parents before you buy it.

Savings on Supplies

When it comes to equipment buy puppies prior to you purchase your puppy. This will enable you to compare prices and purchase items as they are on sale. Buy in bulk later on. You can buy replacement supplies before you actually need them. You can save money by purchasing replacement supplies in advance.

Saving money is great. While it is important to be aware of your budget, the most important thing in life is having a happy and healthy companion .. Your Pomeranian will be with you for many years if you take good care of them.

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