Pug vs. French Bulldog

The key difference between Pugs and French Bulldogs lies in their physical characteristics and temperament. Pugs are usually more sociable and energetic, while French Bulldogs can be more reserved and calm.

In terms of appearance, Pugs traditionally have a round face with deep wrinkles and a curled tail. French Bulldogs on the other hand, have a square head, loose, wrinkly skin and a short, straight tail.

Both breeds are generally easy to groom and have similar lifespans, which is typically around 10-12 years. They both make for good companion dogs and adapt well to both apartment living and houses with yards.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

It is said that the Pug as well as The French Bulldog are well-known canines that are loved by people across all over the world. They are distinctive in their appearance and lively personalities They are loved by people of all ages, Royalty, the hip youngsters, and relaxed elderly alike.

They’re very similar in terms of size, health issues and adorableness. Although it is the smaller of two breeds however, the Pug is much larger and more energetic than French Bulldog and requires more focus and stimuli throughout the day.

While it’s not 100% certain but it is believed that the Pug was utilized in the creation of French Bulldog.

Pug vs. French Bulldog

Breed History

They have a very distinct histories and the Pug being significantly older that those of the French Bulldog.


It is believed that the Pug can be described as an old breed that dates back to thousands of years ago. He was loved by Chinese the Emperorswho were known to have a fond affection for small, flat-faced dogs. Only those chosen by the King could own him as a pet , unless you were fortunate enough to be given him by The Emperor.

The Pug was later a common citizen after Dutch travellers returned to the Netherlands and he was to be a huge hit with Royalty as well as locals. There is even speculation that the Pug helped save from the death of a prince and, as a result was he the official symbol for the House of Orange.

He is also referred to by the name of Dutch Mastiff because there’s plenty of heart and fighting in this dog. It is believed that the American Kennel Club (AKC) has placed him at 28 from 193 breeds that are found in America. They are a favorite breed that crosses to other breeds such as those of the Corgi as well as the Pug and Chihuahua. Chihuahua.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog’s journey started with Nottingham England, and not France as his name implies. This toy Bulldog was popular with lacy traders of central England and was eventually an symbol for the lace traders. As they saw that the need for their services decreased, the lace makers moved into their home in the French countryside. The breed also became an instant success there, and, over the course of time, it was crossed different breeds, including the Pug.

America has saved his famous ears by insisting that they were the correct kind, and not the rose-shaped ear that was popular in the beginning of the 20 century. century. Since then, he has been a popular breed due to his cute characteristics and a jolly personality, as well. AKC currently places his breed as being the fourth 4th most popular breed of dog in America. The breed is also often confused with Boston Terriers.


The Pug as well as French Bulldog are similar in size. French Bulldog are similar in their size The Pug being short at 10-12 inches while the Frenchie weighing 11-13 inches. Despite being similar in height however, they differ in weight. The Pug weighs just 14-18 pounds while French Bulldogs weigh between 14 and 18 pounds. French Bulldog weighs 20 to 28 pounds. The extra weight mostly takes the form of muscle which is why he’s larger in comparison to the Pug.

Despite both being tiny toy dogs, they each have distinctive characteristics that distinguish them. Particularly, the Pug is distinguished by its tiny floppy ears which drop down while they are both large. French Bulldog has large bat-like ears that arouse the attention of. The Pug has a flat, face, with wrinkles that extend to the muzzle. The wrinkles extend beyond the nose, and even up to his forehead. In a similar manner to that of the French Bulldog also has a smooth face, though not as smooth and certainly not as wrinkled.

In addition to the obvious characteristics In addition to the obvious features, in addition to the obvious features, Pug has A curly tail and it is the French Bulldog has a shorter tail. It is the Pug is the only dog with two coats that are fawn or solid black with black mask. Rarely you’ll find White or Leucistic colored Pug. It is a Frenchie is available in 11 colors of coat, nine that are given by the AKC. The coat of the Pug has a moderate in size and extremely dense and coarse. The Frenchie is extremely small and silky hair. Due to their


They Pug as well as The French Bulldog are both extremely affectionate and friendly with their families and friends, as well as strangers and all other animals; everybody is their playmate, whether they wish to or don’t! They are excellent with children and other animals, not just due to their size but also because they’re gentle, and accepting of their owners. Due to their small size they are frequently combined to form the Frug which is an Frenchie Pug mix.

Due to their sociability and seek out companionship and interactions, they are both often diagnosed with the anxiety of separation. Despite their tiny size they can cause havoc on your furniture if they are unattended for too long or aren’t sufficiently stimulated. If you are worried that you could be able to leave them in a quiet space for extended durations, then neither one of these breeds is suitable for you.

Both share both a humorous nature and love to be the focal point So you are sure that you will have some laughter with these adorable pups! A lot of Pug parents claim that their puppies tend to maintain their personality of a puppy until they reach adulthood, and never truly get over it while they are more likely to be a Frenchie tends to grow more mature as he ages.

Pugs are a bit quieter. Pug is more inactive as those of the French Bulldog and is needier in terms of their attention needs. The Pug is also known to be more vocal in comparison to those of the French Bulldog, which may be an issue to take into consideration in the event of noise limitations. Pugs do have less bark that Boston Terriers however, and they are frequently compared to.

In addition the continuous sniffing and sniffing can be a part of your time together with the Pug as well as the Frenchie Some people love it, and others find it annoying and you need to decide whether you are able to handle this behavior. Flatulenceis especially heightened in breeds with flat faces, and according to research their motto is “sharing is caring” so prepare yourself for the smell!


The Pug is thought to be an moderate-energy dog that needs around forty minutes of exercise per day. He is a fan of scooting around and play, and is quite the fast Gonzalez! In addition to his regular workout, he needs energetic games like tug of war , or general fights, as well as mentally stimulating activities like learning new techniques. Don’t fall for the illusion that this dog is not in need of fitness, as he requires a lot for a dog of his size.

However it is true that it is true that the French Bulldog is less active and is thought of as an energy-sapping dog. The French Bulldog will require thirty minutes or less per day, and he can be quite content to relax and rest in between.

Both dogs, due to their flat faces and health issues are not able to do very well with humid or hot temperatures therefore their needs for exercise must be adjusted during a hot day, more than your typical dog. Morning and evening walks in cooler temperatures is the ideal time to take with them both. However make sure to keep an eye on their movements as well as keep them in a kennel when needed.


Both the Pug as well as both the Pug and French Bulldog are intelligent despite their love of silly antics, and they learn commands quickly. But, they’re also recognized as determined when they wish to be, which means you must be perseverant and persistent.

Both breeds require an early interaction to make sure they’re at ease in all environments and with everyone and all animals. If you are able to learn to master this at a young age, then you’ve set the stage for the stage for a better life for you and your dog. Make sure that every interaction is as pleasant and positive as you can, and when your dog has behaved well or displayed good behavior, make sure you give them treats and lots of verbal praise.

If you’re planning to train using a harness, make sure to get the right harness appropriate for the Pug as well as it’s the Frenchie.


Both the Pug as well as both the Pug and French Bulldog are prone to an lengthy list of health issues in comparison to the typical puppy. The most significant health issue they share is the Brachycephalic Syndrome, which is caused by their flat faces which can cause problems with breathing and temperature control.

Furthermore The Pug is also susceptible to:

Eye Diseases

The Pug is prone to a variety of eye conditions like corneal ulcers and pigmentary Keratitis proptosis, progressive the retinal atrophy, as well as dry eyes. Since it is the case that Pug has large eyes that bulge they are more susceptible to eye injuries of all kinds.

Skin Allergies

In general it is the case that the Pug is prone to sensitized skin and is also susceptible to certain skin conditions like demodectic mange, staph infections yeast infections, as well as Cheyletiella skin dermatitis.

Pug Dog Encephalitis

It is the result of an inflammation of the brain tissue that causes seizures and pain. These symptoms are cured by medication, however, it can reduce their life span significantly. This is a condition that is only found in the Pug.

In addition to Brachycephalic Syndrome and the skin problems mentioned above In addition to the skin issues described above, Frenchies are also concerned with: Frenchie has also been afflicted about:

Ear Infections

Because of his big ears, it is easy for him to catch all gunk. As because of this it is more susceptible to a wide range of ear infections and other issues. Make sure you clean your ears at least once per week. They can also be susceptible to frostbite therefore invest in Frenchie ears warmers, sometimes referred to as the bat’s hat!

Intervertebral Disc Degeneration

Also referred to as IVDD It occurs when a disc inside the spine of a puppy breaks and may cause extreme amount of pain or complete paralysis.

Like any dog If there’s something that you’re not certain about, make sure you consult your vet. Since these dogs have more health problems than the typical dog, it is essential to conduct your own study into their issues and get a complete understanding of of the issues, specifically those with Brachycephalic Syndrome, since their less than average health is bound to impact your daily life in the future.


Both the Pug and French Bulldog eat small portions of meals. The Pug consumes approximately one cup every day, while the Frenchie consumes around 1.5 cups every day. Both the Pug and Frenchie are prone to eating anything that they get their hands on, so you must first be aware of the amount of treats you offer them and, secondly, make certain to keep food items away from the dogs.

Due to their wide range of dermatitis and skin allergies It is essential to inquire with your Veterinarianabout the most suitable food to provide them with, since they might require specialized diet to ease the symptoms.


It is important to remember that the Pug as well as The French Bulldog require occasional baths at least once every two or three months is sufficient provided they don’t become too dirty from exercising. Avoid washing more frequently than this, because you could damage the natural oils in their coats and make sure you make use of gentle products.

Due to wrinkles and folds in their skin, they frequently are prone to releasing an unpleasant smell of caninesif not properly cleaned. The wrinkles on their skin require particular care, such as cleaning using cotton buds and specific products to prevent skin infections at low.

A pug needs to be groomed every 2 to 3 days every week, while the Frenchie is only required to brush every once to ensure that he is healthy. Both shedwhen the seasons begin to get warmer, however they shed more frequently in the Pug sheds additional because of his thicker and more dense hair.

Puppy Prices

The Pug cost in the range of $1,500 to $6,000 while the Frenchie is slightly more expensive and ranges between $1,800 to $8,000.

About 81% of French Bulldog litters are born through Cesarean because of their physiology. Therefore, the additional medical care and expertise are the reason for their slightly higher cost.

Because of their health concerns It is essential to buy a puppy from an reliable breeder who will make sure that strict breeding methods are followed so that you can be sure that your puppy will be as fit as he could possibly be. Make sure you request all relevant health certificates.

Final Thoughts

Both the Pug and the French Bulldog are crowd-pleasers and hearts-warmers! They are adorable dogs who are incredibly charming and have distinct appearances. They have a lengthy list of health issues that could be a problem however, when you’re well-prepared, medications and care will, most of the time be able to ensure that they can be managed.

As long as you’re willing to put in the effort and cash, they’ll be happy to fill that tiny canine-shaped hole that you have in your life!

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